A Message To Justin Timberlake

tour end *** I posted this little tid bit on my instagram yesterday to honor Justin Timberlake on his incredible tour and I thought I’d share because it gave me an idea for a blog post.***

For the past 2 years I have gotten the chance to fall back in love with an artist who I have always admired. Ever since his video explaining he was ready to release new music to the release of suit & tie to the release of both albums to the tour I have been on this non stop wild ride. Over the 2013-2014 period I was blessed to have been in the audience for three of his shows and they were all phenomenal. Justin Timberlake you are a true legend in the making, there’s a reason why they call you the next Michael Jackson. Best of luck as you close out your 2 year tour with these last 2 shows. Vegas is lucky to have you. It’s been an amazing time making fun memories with this album…and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. But not before you take some much needed time off! Pros need rest too. P.S. Congrats to you and @jessicabiel … I hear you’re gonna be a daddy 🙂 @justintimberlake

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Over the past 2 years Justin Timberlake has been touring for an album or rather two volumes that brought us hit songs suit & tie, mirrors, tunneld0be34997949ed92fd3586225283d319 vision, take back the night, tko and not a bad thing, along with videos. To the many magazine covers, tv appearances and awards shows we finally got to see him nominated for his own music yet again and see him grace the stage for performances and acceptance speeches, to a 2 minute mini *NSYNC reunion. It’s been amazing to see Justin Timberlake make his return to music. Below you can follow my past two years as a mega fan girl for The 2020 Experience….or what I’d like to call the greatest return to music…ever! Wow man when you come back you really come back!  Looking back at all these posts makes be feel so great, that I have them to always look back on and remember. It was around the time of when I started this blog, that Justin announced his “come back.” I had been waiting tirelessly but it was definitely all worth the wait. Read along and follow my fangirl journey!


He’s Ready…Are you?

The Year of Justin Timberlake *legends of the summer tour review* – did I call it or what?

The Justin Timberlake Madness Begins

Justin Timberlake…nuff said

The 20/20 Experience Review Tracks 1-4

The 20/20 Experience Review Continues with Tracks 5-8

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My 2020 Experience…Volume 2

In recent Justin Timberlake fan girl news… *2020 tour concert review including track list*

Get Ready With Me For, Justin! *includes 2020 tour concert vlog*

Love Never Felt So Good

Love Never Felt So Good Comes To Life

Oprah’s Master Class with Justin Timberlake

The 2013 American Music Awards



*It wasn’t all hugs and kisses though…but we got through it 😉

Nsync Fans Rejoice! (please be true, please be true)

Slowly Recovering…

“Feud” Update

Ok…um, found my soulmate

25 SIGNS you may be obsessed with Justin Timberlake ***uh ya think? 😉


That last one pretty much sums up this obsession and tops this post off perfectly. I bet you were reading this thinking “man this girl is obsessed,” well I already know that and I am fine with it, I have accepted it so ha! No shame here my friends, no shame. I think I called it when I posted my “Year of Justin Timberlake” piece….but it was more like 2 years 😉 So hats off Mr. Timberlake and the TN kids, thank you for the music, and for the memories, we love you!….now go get some rest…you’re gonna need it! Daddy duty will be calling your name soon enough 😉 (I know I know he hasn’t confirmed…but let’s be honest here people. More on that when he does actually confirm!)


Shout out to a man who knows what hard work means! 2 years touring the world, giving fans a true experience, I can safely say I myself even witnessed history in the making. Only having to cancel/reschedule at most a handful of shows due to illness, he kept it going night after night. He’s shutting down Vegas tonight for the last show of The 2020 Experience world tour. I was at opening night for this tour and I can’t believe he’s been back 2 years already! Go out big tonight JT…and then go soak in some Epsom salt hahaha (just try not to wait another 7 years for the next one, huh?)




*I do not take credit for the Justin Timberlake images used in this post most are credited to       Justin’s facebook and JustinTimberlake.com*

Here’s to the next chapter J.T. … can’t wait!

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