Writer’s Corner


 “Selfishly Humble”

Writers are a uniquely selfish yet humble bunch. We write to set our thoughts free. We write to make things make sense for ourselves. We write little bits of us and people we know or people we see around us into storylines without permission. We drag out inspiration from the slightest acquaintances. We write. That’s what we do. Yet we never actually consider or have the guts to call ourselves writers. Because maybe if we say it out loud, someone will judge us or worse we’ll judge ourselves for trying to achieve the nearly impossible; making a living off of writing. And yet here I still am, writing. And if you’re still reading this maybe you are too. So observe, feel, and write. Just keep writing. Even if it’s crap…something will come from everything you write. And whether or not you use everything you write doesn’t matter. Write anyway. The more you write the more you find out who you are.


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