2015 Grammy Award Highlights

I’ll be honest I didn’t get to watch the full show. I have been seriously slacking this award season. grammy award statuetteHaven’t really caught any. And the red carpets are my FAVORITE part, but I just either keep forgetting or am just not home to watch. In other news The Walking Dead came back from it’s winter hiatus on the same night and that’s kind of a big deal in my house. So I have to go where my loyalties lie. And no I do not have DVR, I’m just not that fancy. Besides the Grammys are covered from every angle, The Walking Dead; if you don’t watch it live social media will ruin in for you. But I did try and catch bits of the Grammys by going back and forth during commercial breaks. However, to be honest I don’t think I missed that great of a show. From what I gather, it was kind of humdrum despite being packed with performances, which gave the winners little time for their speeches. And nothing makes me more anxious then watching someone accept an award and have them being forced to wrap up by the dreadful music kiss off. It makes me squirm in my seat and feel embarrassed for that person. It’s just rude! So I’m glad I missed that. Haha. But I did catch a few moments, and I’m going to share  some of my favorites with you.

Winners/Acceptance Speeches

Sam Smith won big last night closing the night with 4 Grammys; Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year (and although he won over Ed Sheeran and my girl Taylor Swift) I do think Sam is incredible and deserved it! Happy Days!

57th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Sam Smith’s last speech…

taylor-swift-and-sam-smith-with-grammy-award-2015-1423445775-custom-0[1] The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

He’s amazing, he’s like the male version of Adele. Stay With Me = “Someone Like You”? Doesn’t it just make you want to clock his ex boyfriend over the head with a frying pan, because I do….but hey like Sam said, the heartbreak got him 4 Grammys! (hmmm so wonder he and Tay Swift are besties? 😉 I recall her making a similar speech, oh Harry Styles you were wrong to let her go!) Congratulations Sam, we are so proud!


Stay With Me– Sam Smith ft. Mary J. Blige


I love their voices together, it’s so soulful and Stay With Me is a song that just gives you all the feels no matter who you are or who you fall in love with. Gay or Straight, this song tears at your heartstrings.

Thinking Out Loud– Ed Sheeran ft. John Mayer & Quest Love (from The Roots)


I swear John Mayer on a guitar is just ridiculous, the guy is talented. But I have to admit I adore when it’s just Ed and his guitar and his loop peddle, but granted “Thinking Out Loud” has more production involved and it was the Grammys so he had to keep in fancy and upscale, I guess. It’s just once I watched (and rewatched and rewatched AND REWATCHED) Ed’s Live in Dublin Show it’s very hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that he can’t always be a one man band. It’s just that there’s something so personal about him and his music that when it’s just him there’s this amazing delivery and a really sincere connection with him and the audience. But needless to say I did love it. I mean come on John Mayer on guitar and Quest Love on drums… like, what? Very cool.

The Fashion

Ms. Taylor Swift hung on the mic last night and served as a presenter, but she did so in a stunning two tone; turquoise/teal hi-low, Elie Saab flowy gown. Absolutely gorgeous.  Her Lorraine Schwartz accessories were funky aqua/crystal blue big statement earrings, a funky statement ring to match and some simple fuchsia rings to tie in those fuchsia Giuseppe Zanotti heels, an amazing combination. Taylor tied up the look with a subtle smokey eye, and a nude lip paired with her simple straight hair with a sweeping side, which really made the look very high fashion chic, she let the dress be the focus, yet she wore that dress, it didn’t wear her. She looked amazing. I loved the colors and how the dress fit her. How the dress was short and sexy to show off her long lengthy fangirl dancing legs, but than flowy in the back to make her look like a Grammy red carpet walking princess. I can only imagine how beautiful this dress must have looked on the red carpet. It was definitely my favorite dress of the night. She may not taken home a Grammy but she won best dressed for me for sure! And she brought her best friend as her date, and danced her little heart out as usual which in my book makes her even more of a freakin’ Queen. Later Beyoncé. Tay Tay Do your thing girl.

image[1] taylor-swift-at-the-2015-grammy-awards[1]


Taylor-Swift_-2015-GRAMMY-Awards--04-300x420[1] Taylor-2015-Grammys-taylor-swift-38119970-600-841[1]



Taylor-Swift_-2015-GRAMMY-Awards--16-662x864[1] imagesG40DWB0Y

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet


 taylor-swift-grammys[1] taylor-swift-dancing-grammys-2015[1]

*I do not take credit for any images or videos used*


2 thoughts on “2015 Grammy Award Highlights

  1. Ms. T. Swift looked HOT!!! That dress is gorgeous and I love how she is her wonderful nerdy self even at award events. The best interview I’ve seen – admittedly, I haven’t seen too many – is definitely her on the Graham Norton Show with John Cleese, this appearance sealed the deal for me. (If you’re interested, full episode or clips should be on YouTube)

    I love your attention to detail on the fashion side of things. It’s definitely something that I, as a sometimes fashion writer, aspire to get right… correction: probably SHOULD work on getting right. Lady, you got it right! Tiny paragraph = totally inspiring!

    From what I’ve read so far, I’m really enjoying your blog so I’m going to head back to the start and have a read through past posts. I apologise in advance if I end up commenting/liking a multitude of posts – not spam, just insomnia 🙂

    Excellent post!

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