The Uninvited Guest


When is it her turn?

Doesn’t she deserve it?

Isn’t she worth it?

Tired mind

Tired heart

We sleep

We slept

Like it’s a way of releasing art

And hopeful dreams

Awake inside

A mystical image

A man divine

When will it happen?

Boys will be boys

No clue no clues

Many a manly image

Cast in shadows

Hide your face

Hide your heart

Don’t take it personally 

He just wasn’t meant to be

Clever comebacks unsung

When there’s nothing you can say

When words escape or fail you

Remember the gifts that god gave you


It heals all wounds

The world just happens all at once doesn’t it?

And you never expect it

But no one said it would be easy

Just that it’d be worth it

You be the judge of your life

You make the choice to fight or flight

Trust your gut

Forgive but don’t forget

That’s not holding a grudge

It’s making sure it never happens again

Common sense

Not everyone has it

Not everyone can trust it

A doormat; something you step on when invited into a home

You wipe your feet and seek shelter from the storm

Never take advantage of a kind heart within a kind soul 

Kindness is far from weakness

Kindness is this world’s hope


“You don’t step into love, you fall in….head over heels.”

– Valentine’s Day (the movie)

*Happy Valentine’s Day to all! *Give someone you love a hug!*

*I do not take credit for any images used*





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