My 2015 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Favorites

So I finally got to watch a live red carpet this awards season. The red carpets are always my favorite parts. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know the ins and outs of high designer fashion, I barely know how to pronounce some of these designer names. But I can be a girly girl at times. I enjoy getting dressed up and picking out and pulling together an outfit. There is something so fun about experimenting with your look and trying new things. Everything from the hair, to the makeup, to the accessories, to the nails, to the dress, to the shoes. It’s a lot to go through, and it takes time. It’s sometimes exhausting, but fun, really fun. So I definitely appreciate everything these women go through to bring us their amazing and stunning red carpet looks.  With that being said, I will love to share with you some favorite looks of the night and why they stuck out for me. In no particular order…

Giuliana Rancic– E! News Host & Fashion Police Co-host


In Mireille Dagher

I think wearing red on the red carpet is one of those ironically beautiful things. I love the lace and how it compliments the sheer chest. I really love the red lip  (surprise surprise) and minimal jewelry, the dress really did the talking. And the fact that she darkened her hair really gives the red a warmth.

Gina Rodriguez


In an *eco friendly dress as part of Suzy Amis Cameron Red Carpet Green Dress campaign w/ designer Manon Gabard

So Gina is like my new girl crush. She stars on The CW’s “Jane The Virgin” and I just really love how pure and organic her acting comes across. She just seems so humble and the show is so amazing. Really clever and something new to television. I love everything about this look. She looks like a Latin Princess. She was the first star I saw on the red carpet and I knew she would be a favorite. I love the color, I love her hair. I’m a big fan of the side bun. And I really love how simple the jewelry is, it matches the simplicity of the dress but adds just enough sparkle. And her makeup was just so sleek and subtle. The only thing was I wish I found a picture of her shoes. I wonder what she went with. My guess is a strappy silver heel.

America Ferrara – “How To Train A Dragon”


In Jenny Packham

America how I’ve loved you since “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and then in “Ugly Betty.” I feel like she reminds me a lot of Gina Rodriguez. I like this dress a lot, I like the flow, and the sheer overlay, and the ombre effect. I love the belt and her earrings. And I can’t tell if her clutch is burgundy or just mirrored the color from the carpet. But either way, it works. However, I’m not too crazy about the cleavage. I think the different layers on top make it look kind of messy. I think the cleavage would have been more effective if the sheer layer wasn’t there, just on the top. The sheer on the bottom is gorgeous. And lastly, I’m not too much a fan of the middle part and the loose hair tuck behind the ear bit. (I noticed Reese Witherspoon did it too) But I do think America pulls it off for this look.

Cate Blanchett


 In Maison Margiela Couture by John Galliano

I have to admit I debated putting this is my favorites, but the more I looked at it the more I just fell in love. Black is classic. I love wearing black. But I also try to stray away when I’m going to bigger functions. Just because I feel like I wear it enough on a daily basis. But that aside, this dress is so simple, so chic, and clean cut that I can’t deny it. It’s what appears to be a velvet material and the arms have this fringed, tethered effect that make it edgy and then that makeup and that messy hair, oh I love it! Let’s not forget about the only piece of jewelry Cate is wearing, that crystal, turquoise blue statement necklace. It matches her best natural accessory; her eyes. Just gorgeous, really.

Jamie Chung – “Big Hero 6”


In Yanina Couture

This dress was just visually enjoyable. She looked like a pretty firework display.

Dakota Johnson



In Saint Laurent

So since “50 Shades of Grey” came out, she has been the “it” girl. I like this dress on her. I like the simplicity of her pony tail and how the dress is so sleek and simple when you look at it from the front. But then she turns and you see the sexy slit and the strappy sexy silver sandals that tie in her one shoulder silver roped embellishment. I love that she went for the red lip too! She really tied this whole look up. 😉

Margot Robbie


In Saint Laurent

So like I said before I tend to look down upon black dresses at these functions because I just feel like there are so many colors of the rainbow to showcase at these amazing events, that black just seems too predictable. But the more I kept looking at this dress and this whole entire look, I just fell in love. I love the flowy, relaxed look of this, it doesn’t swallow her figure up either. The sheer long sleeves and the plunging swoop of a neckline is just so effortlessly classy. I adore the way the dress kind of pools onto the red carpet at the bottom. I love the black with the red lip, it’s a sure fire combination in my book. And her hair is so bold and blonde and the cut is so blunt, I think it just makes the look punky and edgy. And last but not least the statement piece hanging around her neck, is a steal. Absolutely gorgeous.

Jennifer Lopez




In Elie Saab

JLo the woman we had all been waiting for. JLo can never do wrong. I LOVE this dress and this look. For most people I feel like this color would wash them out, but not JLo if anything it just enhances her youthfulness and her glowy skin. I love the beading embellishment. The belt synching her waist, makes the flowy princess feel, more sexy and sophisticated. I love that everything; the dress, the accessories, the makeup, the nails, were all kept in this nude color tone family. I don’t think anything else would have worked as effortlessly. She looks like a Latina princess. Absolutely stunning. And the fact that she added a long flirty ponytail and some sheer pink lip gloss, makes the look even more breathtaking. I ADORE THIS. I do however, think she could have covered up the girls, just this once. Not that I don’t like the neckline, because I think it gives the sweet princess look some sexy appeal. Which when you think of JLo sexy appeal is right at the top of the list. But I just felt like from the side view I was sold and then she turned and I was like oh boobs in my face. I didn’t expect it and I felt like she didn’t need it. I thought the dress would have been equally beautiful if it was a straight across neckline with some beading.

Jennifer Aniston– “Cake”


In Versace

I like this dress on Jennifer. I like the sweetheart style, I like how it’s sheer toward the legs, I love the slit. And I love her simple makeup, to go along with her simple colored dress. However, my only issue was her hair. I just wanted to see a little bit of a wisky wave. Not too much, just something. She’s been doing this normal straight, no fuss, no muss hair do and I’m just like I need a little oompf ya know?

Um epic <3

Um…epic ❤

Emma Stone– “Birdman”


In Elie Saab

Emma, Emma, my sweet little Emma. I cannot with this dress. It is perfection and I adore it. The color, the long sleeves, the slit, the beading, those what I can only assume are like diamond wrist cufflings, the matching colored heels, the hair color, the hair style, and that orangey red lip. To die for. It’s amazing and the back was just completely open, which gave it a sexier, younger look.

Scarlett Johansson


In Versace

I love this color. I love the fit. I love the deep v-neckline and how it accentuates her bust without needing cleavage. And I don’t know if that’s a necklace or it’s a collar to the dress, but it is amazing. I love this look.

Katie Cassidy

87th-annual-academy-awards-arrivals-1[1] (2)

In Julien MacDonald

I feel like we’ve seen this type of dress many times. But I always love this style. I just think it’s a way to look sexy, and chic, but still be girly and covered up. I love the design pattern and I love the zipper detail on the forearms. That definitely funks it up. And I appreciate how Katie styled her hair and went for a dark wine red nail color. She reminds me of that old Hollywood glamor.

Well there you have it my top picks for fashion at this year’s 2015 Oscars. The only thing I wish was different was that we would get to see their shoes. I mean I get it it’s the Oscars, it’s glitz, it’s glamor, it’s floor length gowns. But I mean if you can’t show off them heels, why the heck are you wearing them. Put me in my moccasins any day! No one’s gonna see anyway and maybe you won’t have to worry about tripping. 😉 Just once I wish a mega star would roll up on the red carpet in a no name dress. Just like oh I’m wearing this dress from the thrift store I got it for $20. That would be amazing. I mean the amount of money these starlets walk around wearing is just insane, and for what, one night? And to be uncomfortable in the audience that you have to sit in for 3 plus hours. Hell no, I’d be like… flowy dress it is. No fitted, too tight to breathe crap for me. Who’s with me?

All kidding aside these ladies looked amazing, and it’s so empowering how fashion can be such a beautiful way of expressing oneself.

*I do not take credit for any of these images*


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