Shonda Rhimes Gives New Meaning to Plot Twist.

So…am I the only one still freaking out over the How To Get Away With Murder season finale?


So many twists and turns. And just when you thought you could breathe, something insane happens to make your mind reel in confusion, fear, and well…sadness.

*******SPOILER ALERT….. I’m about to discuss specifics so if you still haven’t seen it… (It’s Monday people, I waited to post this until Monday…so if you really haven’t seen it and plan to, either stop reading or GET ON THAT!)*******

"Bitch, you better watch it."

“Bitch, you better watch it.”

Watch the Trailer below it doesn’t even hold a candle to the actual epic episodes!

The How To Get Away With Murder season finale was not only one hour but TWO, so you can imagine we have much to discuss. This is going to be categorized very loosely as a review, but it’s basically me spilling my frazzled emotions. Join me won’t you?

If you want the abridged version of my initial thoughts on the finale read the following tweets…

If you want the longer more emotional version keep reading!

Lila’s true killer was revealed.

Someone else was murdered.

And well there’s some sexual tension and Viola Davis well, being the incredibly badass Annalise Keating.

"I said, watch it."

“I said, watch it.”

This episode was a complete and total mind f*ck. Excuse my French. But I truly don’t know how else to explain it. I must have shouted HOLY SHIT! And OH MY GOD! At least 50 times, all while crawling up on my couch. I’m a very animated TV watcher. How else should you watch TV? I mean really.

Ok so let’s get down to business.

Throughout the episode we flash between several cases. The first case is who actually killed Lila? What actually happened? Has Rebecca been lying this entire time? Or did Sam really kill Lila and put her in that water tank? And it isn’t until the very ending that we actually find out the truth. Cliffhanger, bitches. 😉

Rebecca has her obnoxious lie game on point. As she twists and turns her stories inside and out, and the Keating law students begin to lose their minds. Wes begins to realize the girl he’s been putting his future, his heart, his life on the line for may have just been using him all along. Cue the term “sleeping with the enemy.” Wes starts to question Rebecca’s story (uh it’s a little too late there buddy, you already threw Sam under conviction for killing Lila and killed him in the process…so um…there’s that.) Laurel reminds him of Rebecca’s short temper and urges him to “act normal.” Because I am sure it’s the easiest thing in the world for Wes to have sex and whisper I Love You’s to someone he thinks is a killer. But then again….Wes is a killer too (he clobbered Sam who was nearly choking Rebecca to death). So um match made in heaven? or psycho girlfriend and a boyfriend who just so happened to save her life? You decide.
In the mist of this ongoing who killed who case. Who killed Lila? Sam or Rebecca? Wes killed Sam. (We knew this) But now we have to deal with poor Nate going to jail for Sam’s murder. Damn Annalise you are one crazy biatch! Setting up your lover to save your students asses. And did we mention Sam is Annalise’s husband, yes we know this. But let it be known Annalise always has a plan; a hidden agenda if you will. Not only does she surprise us with every crazy new illegal action, she manages to fix things and get shit done. And in the process help the people she cares about. Example 1, in an attempt to get Nate out of jail she has her right hand man; Frank order a beating on him in prison. But it fails when she finds out Nate was put into solitary confinement instead of being relocated. Example 2, Annalise has Bonnie and Frank call in one of the law students; Golden Boy Asher to schmooze the female judge on the case. Causing her to be thrown off the case, due to a conflict of interest. What a harmless conversation with a friend’s son met by the production of a few sneaky photos will do to a judge’s reputation. This in turn got Nate a new judge who let him out on bail. Annalise you get us every time. Annalise then tries to right her wrongs by going to see Nate to explain what she has done and why she is now trying to help him. She gives him a number of a lawyer who will win his case.


Now there’s current cases the Keating team is working on as well something about a pastor killing another pastor for molesting a young boy who ended up killing himself. So there’s that too. But in the grand scheme of things this case is really just the least of our problems. It’s a two hour finale, we know shit is going down, and it’s gonna be real. Shonda Rhimes doesn’t mess around.

Slowly but surely throughout the episode we get a true timeline of the events that led to Lila’s death. As true as the audience can believe them to be. Because this show will turn you out! They have lied to us, shocked the shit out of us, made us laugh, and made us cry…oh the rollercoaster of emotions! Seriously though what is behind the mind of one Shonda Rhimes, so depressing. You need a hug. Or a high five for being a damn good storyteller. Yea I’d high five you for sure. Never the less, in a rather shocking reveal, we see Rebecca’s story proven right; she didn’t kill Lila, but she did find her body and the evidence would have piled against her either way. But as Lila meets Sam on the roof (near the water tank) we see him confess his love for her, kiss her and then leave. Leaving us reeling with this new information that neither Sam nor Rebecca actually killed Lila. Instead we see Sam make a call to someone saying “I need you to do what we talked about, you owe me,” and a figure dressed in black choke Lila to death on the roof, reverse that angle and we see FRANK! What? Yes Frank, the same Frank that we’ve all secretly had a crush on, the same frank we think is both creepy yet hot for tumblr_ner6xvRiJO1sh0yuao1_500[1]getting his freak on with law student Laurel even though he’s done this with many other female students before her. But he seems to really like her. Frank, I actually liked you, and in a weird way I trusted you. I feel so betrayed! My money was on Bonnie as Lila’s killer or maybe even Annalise, just because I thought that would have been some crazy shit. Like what did Frank owe Sam? If anything Bonnie and Sam had some weird relationship that would have made more sense. But like everything in this show there are reasons we don’t even know exist. So it was Frank and now we know he’s a hit man. The very thing he got mad at Laurel for accusing him of. Laurel was right to dump his ass. What the even heck?

When all is revealed to the audience, Frank is still floating about all stealthy. As the Keating crew host their own trial for Rebecca. Wes struggles with whether or not to believe Rebecca. And they end up keeping Rebecca hostage in Annalise’s basement. In the end Annalise agrees no one has come up with a good enough testimony to convince her that Sam in deed did not kill Lila and that Rebecca did so she decides it’s time to let Rebecca go. The Keating gang begins to freak out worried she will go to the police. As they have all expressed their disdain for Rebecca and her web of lies. But as Annalise goes to free Rebecca we are welcomed by an empty basement and an open door. And Annalise wanting to know who freed her. All signs point to Wes. But I knew better, as it is later revealed that Annalise returned to the basement once again to find Frank. They discuss who did it? As the camera pans to a bloody and dead Rebecca in the corner hidden by some boxes. This I expected in a way. But I was still shocked too. I initially thought that it was Annalise who freed Rebecca and then I thought oh you know what maybe she’s hiding her and they’re gonna strike up a deal that will work for both of them. But no, boom Rebecca’s dead. Now Frank and Annalise do the whole I didn’t do it bit. Is that the kind of person you think I am? Yes Frank this actually is the person you are. We know this now. But Frank and Annalise were at the scene of the crime, so they would be a little obvious. So my money is on one of the kids. Wes already has Sam under his kill belt. Frank has Lila under his. And well Annalise may be the ringleader, but I just don’t think she has it in her to kill, at least not this early in the show…she is more of a fixer upper for the killers. And well all the kids (except for Asher) had a hand in helping Wes dispose of Sam’s body. My bet is on Michaela or Laurel for killing Rebecca. Laurel kept asking frank if he was going to “Take care of things” hence the whole hit man conversation. So maybe Laurel took it upon herself to take care of things. But she just doesn’t seem that diabolical. However, Michaela on the other hand has an evil streak. I can see it. Trying to be perfect for so long, in the mist of her trashy past is probably getting too much for her and she’s cracked. She even threated to “destroy” Rebecca. So hey maybe she did. All the kids are really just trying to cover their own asses so it could be anyone at this point. Or maybe Rebecca just overdosed on some Purple X. The same drug she gave her old dorm mate, that landed him in the mental hospital, poor Rudy. Yes Rebecca you may not be a killer, but you are a terrible person. R.I.P though.

working-together-how-to-get-away-with-murder-s1e2[1]While all the drama is going on in walks the beacon of light. The main reason I get so excited when I realize it’s Thursday night and How To Get Away With Murder is on. Yes, #coliver fans, I’m talking about the love story between our favorite men; Connor and Oliver. I don’t know what it is, but I just love these two. I blame Kurt and Blaine from Glee for making me obsessed with gay men in love. Haha. Hey, Love is love. The last time we saw Oliver and Connor, they were putting their “relationship” on hold. Why? Well let’s back track a bit… Connor met Oliver in a gay bar and hit on him only for the sole purpose of getting information for a case they were workingColiver-1-02-how-to-get-away-with-murder-37667329-245-170[1] on. When he found out Oliver was also a tech wiz and quite the hacker, he enlisted Oliver’s help with finding evidence for cases often. In exchange Connor was rather willing to repay Oliver in various scandalous ways. When we first meet Oliver you instantly have to like him. He is adorable, sweet, caring, and as time goes on you see how much he actually likes Connor. He’s kind of shy and slightly insecure but still has a really good grip on his self worth. Which silently kills us inside because we know Connor is a male slut, and hooks up with guy after guy, and we know Oliver is going to get hurt. And he does. All that being said Connor worms his

Asher being Asher.

Asher being Asher.

way back into Oliver’s on the night of Sam’s heinous death. The death and cover up all the Keating law students had a hand in (except poor insanely annoying Asher). Connor comes to see Oliver at 6 in the morning, a mess and clearly shaken; unable to breathe regularly. Oliver although upset with him for obvious reasons still lets him in, calms him down and lets him sleep it off. A few hours later Connor showers and feels slightly better, leaving a confused Oliver wanting some explanation. Connor lies and says he was high, and that he has a drug problem. This in turn leads to a supportive Oliver, who continues to hack for Annalise’s team on the side, and Connor begins to spend more time with him. It’s clear at this point how they both care for each other. But Oliver is still keeping Connor at arm’s length. He in some way suggests that Connor is hotter than him as a reason for Connor never introducing him to Annalise Keating and the other law students. Connor agrees to introduce him, but uses this as an in to let Oliver know he wants him back; “Fine I’ll introduce you, but what am I supposed to tell them, that you’re my maybe future boyfriend if you ever start trusting me again.” Boyfriend um, he said boyfriend, p.s. he also goes home to visit family during the holidays and tells his sister he has a boyfriend named Oliver. So um ahhhhhhh! But needless to say Oliver wasn’t having it just yet. Connor introduced Oliver to the kids at a bar later that night. Watch scene HERE. Drunk words are sober thoughts, Oliver. 😉 So back to the present, Connor and Oliver shine through the darkness and are essentially making out on Oliver’s couch. Only to have Oliver put the brakes on things and blurt out that they should get tested. A very reluctant but sexually frustrated Connor agrees. Throughout the episode we see a very nervous Connor, as he knows he has had many sexual partners in his past and isn’t always safe and smart about it. When Oliver finally calls him, Connor still doesn’t have his results as Oliver says he tested negative, Connor worries his doctor hasn’t left any messages for him because it’s bad news. However during his case work, Connor blurts out to Asher that his doctor called and he tested negative. When Connor comes home to a dark, silent apartment, Oliver is lying in bed crying. Connor finds out Oliver tested positive. And that my friends, out of all the big reveals was the one that affected me most, that really got to me. Everything seemed fine and then boom, heartbroken. I think for me this was the biggest shock, a quiet storm that snuck up on us just when we thought our love birds were in the clear to be happy and together again.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1s5fbwz6uzdwswgsssks0gss8_640[1]Yes I get Connor would have been obvious, but I honestly even as a writer, and an avid tv watcher, I did not see it being Oliver at all. I did not see this couple taking on this storyline at all. What a freaking twist. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s a story that needs to be told I guess. I’m interested to see how this will play out. I am eager to see how each of these big reveals will play out, but the Connor and Oliver reveal is what I’m most worried about. It was kind of vague as to what exactly Oliver tested positive for. They were tested for STDs and HIV. But during the guy’s conversation Oliver says “1 in 5 gay guys is HIV positive and half of them don’t even know about.” Watch scene HERE. So something tells me it’s HIV, but I’m hanging onto hope that maybe it’s just a curable STD. None of it is to be made light of though, regardless of Oliver’s diagnosis. What’s crazy to be is that Oliver is the

One of my fav scenes

Watch one of my fav scenes

monogamous one. And he seems like the very reliable, responsible type. After all it was his idea to get tested to be safe, because of Connor’s extensively colorful sexual history. And yet Connor skates by clean and poor Oliver tests positive. I guess this is just another lesson that it can happen to anyone no matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk. All I know is they better not slack off on this story next season. If they are gonna smack us in the face and leave us crying for weeks, they better tell this story and tell it well. And Connor better man up and be there for Oliver. Oliver has been there for him. HIV is not a death sentence. With modern medicine, people are still able to live their lives. Granted I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I’m just saying it is possible for Oliver and Connor to have a future. They just have to be educated and responsible and look at their options.


Watch Patrick’s speech @ 2:40 HERE

I’m a soap opera girl, and one of my favorites is General Hospital. Now I’m not exactly thrilled at the current storylines being told. But back in the day, there was a couple that lit up the screen; Dr. Patrick Drake and Dr. Robin Scorpio. A couple that was so in love, it would make your heart ache. Robin is HIV positive, she contracted it as a teenager, from her boyfriend who she was madly in love with. He later passed away from AIDS. But after Robin dealt with the terrible reality, she was able to see her options and get on the proper medication and in turn she was able to live her life, be a doctor, and have relationships. In walks Patrick, their relationship was rocky to say the least, but the way they handled her HIV story, between the two was amazing. He was so respectful and he was so in love with her. Watch a scene that gets the root of their storyline regarding Robin’s HIV medication. They even had a baby and got married, (in that order haha.) And yes their baby is happy and healthy and HIV negative. It’s proof that love conquers all. So I know Connor and Oliver have a long and tough road ahead of them. And they in a way seem like just kids. But they genuinely have a deep connection and I think that if Connor really loves Oliver, he’ll want to be there for him.

So I have rambled on for longer than I thought I would. Is that even a surprise to anyone here really? Michelle you need to learn how to get to the damn point. And if you don’t watch the show, all of this means absolutely nothing to you, and makes absolutely no sense. But if you’ve gotten this far, either way thanks for reading! 😉 Let’s go down the line. Sam is slime regardless. He still made the call to end a girl’s life, just so what- his wife wouldn’t find out, well she did, and he’s pathetic. Frank is hot as hell, but I’m scared of him now. Bonnie is still fishy, she’s definitely gonna kill someone sometime in this show’s future. Asher, poor Asher, just be glad you’re the only one not invited to the killer parties, although watch out for Bonnie and Frank, I feel like they both have secrets and you’re screwing one of them; Bonnie. Wes I thought we were friends, but I’m just not sure about you at all. Rebecca you pissed someone off, but I got to admit you were starting to annoy me too. Keating team, who dun it? And last but not least bow down to Viola Davis, a force to be reckoned with as she owns the role of Annalise Keating.


Shonda Rhimes, why must you do this to us? And now we have to wait all the way to the FALL for new episodes. This season only got 15 episodes…um why didn’t this show get a full 23 episode season? I mean ABC knows it’s a Shonda Rhimes show right? She basically owns their Thursday nights. There was no doubt this show was gonna be a hit! UGHHHHHH…… I cannot. I just can’t. Who else is with me? What was your biggest shock of the 2 hour season finale? I’m here for you, let’s talk about it.

The How To Get Away With Murder; episodes 1×14-1×15- “The Night Lila Died” & “It’s All My fault”

*the title of episode 15 is the same line Wes says when he is sitting in the staircase being consoled by Annalise. He admits everything; Sam’s death, and believing in Rebecca and taking her case to them was all his fault. But he also says he didn’t free Rebecca and that he doesn’t love her anymore. Annalise offers him her advice to believe the version of the truth that lets them all move on. Sam killed Lila. That’s the truth. And killing Sam was justified. It’s the truth they all need to believe. And in some distorted version of the truth, Sam did kill Lila. Full circle people, full circle.

Season 1 – *2 hour Season Finale

Aired Thursday, February 26, 2015 from 9-11pm on ABC

Watch the FULL episodes: Episode 14 & Episode 15

I came across this article about what needs to happen in Season 2 and I had to share!

* I do not take any credit for any images, gifs, clips, or videos used. *


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