Spring 2015

So if you live on the East coast then you should know what a crappy winter we have had. And just as Spring rolls around, we are all singing our hallelujahs. Except stop right there friends. Because on March 20th, our beloved “First Day of Spring” was graced not with budding flowers, or chirping birds, not even a ray of sunshine was seen. No it was full on snowing. The age old saying about March how it “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” is a load of bull crap. My birthday is in the end of March and for the past I want to say 2 or 3 years my day has been freezing and just very un-lamb like. And quite frankly it sucks and I’m over it. Winter you here that, I’m over you. I think I speak for everyone when I say Winter, you are overrated. So forge ahead with me my friends and let’s hope this recent snow fall is the last of it. We need some Spring time happiness am I right or am I right? Just in case you were confused…I’m right. 😉

***The top 10 things I’m looking forward to this Spring***

Light Jackets/Kimonos

(I am so tired of bundling up and having to wear layers upon layers.)

shay-mitchell-twiste-son-look-casual-avec[1] bethany-mota-youtuber-halloween-costume[1]

Wearing Bright Colors

(I seriously have been in black and gray far too long. Bring on the Pastels!)


Spring Fashion/Accessories

(Ummm yes let’s talk about the new Essie nail polish colors that are bound to catch our eyes! And I can’t wait to break out my flower crowns!)

essie-spring-2015-nail-collection-w724[1] tumblr_nhovxpWGbI1s37gn9o1_500[1]


(Time of religious glory and spending time with family…oh and I get to make my God Daughter her Easter basket…I already bought everything and plan to do an Easter egg hunt with her. She’s gonna be so much fun to color eggs with this year!)

Easter-rabbit-eggs[1] imagesCADDFN1K

Sunshine and cool breezes

(The perfect weather balance, one that you can actually walk in and enjoy…better weather, better feels.)


Grabbing Frozen Yogurt with friends

(Because ain’t nobody got time for that in the winter!)


TV show premieres

(Finding Carter *MTV and Young & Hungry *abc family.)



Spring Break

(This no longer applies to me, but a bunch of my friends are teachers and some are getting their masters too so their Spring break is our time to see each other and catch up!)


Flowers and Trees

(The world just looks refreshed and happy again….nature’s way of decorating!)


My Birthday!

(I turn 24 this week, yes getting older sucks, but it’s definitely an excuse to celebrate with your friends and family!)


* I do not take any credit for any images *

Happy Spring!


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