A Story of “The Man” & his “Nina”


(Quick Disclaimer: I am in no way commenting on Ed’s relationships or his rumored relationship with a certain other artist by the name Nina. I just love his music and thought  this could be a cool lyrical poem/short story.)

Give Me Love like her, he whispered in silent prayer.

Drunk on a memory.

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes.

A Photograph; a moment frozen in time.

Displaying an Afire Love so deep.

A love that could make One, Sing.

This is the start of something beautiful.

This love between The Man and his girl, a girl named Nina.

A love that makes you feel chemicals in your Bloodstream.

Color crimson in your eyes.

A heart beating so fast, your palms start to sweat.

But this wasn’t always so.

With every storm comes a rainbow.

A story of love.

Of hidden truths so scared to uncover.

There is a story behind All Of The Stars in the sky and all the smiles and frowns.

The stories that lie behind the eyes.

He’s falling for her eyes, but they don’t know him yet.

A story so sacred, Even My Dad Does Sometimes, cry.

Let’s Take It Back, to a time when The Man would sing songs like “I’m A Mess” and “You Need Me I Don’t Need You,” songs about heart break, songs that fought to mask the pain.

A cry to the world, a cry that is Thinking Out Loud in whispers.

A cry saying Give Me Love, Kiss Me like you wanna be loved.

People fall in love in mysterious ways.

She left.

But he caught her, before she became a Runaway.

And as her salted tears failed to dry, he wiped his Shirtsleeves under her eyes.

Don’t mess with my love, she said.

Heart in her hands.

U.N.I can build a Lego House in The City near the Tenerife Sea, he said.

Heart at her feet, hopeful.

With a view, a view that says without saying; Wake Me Up.

Inspirational visions at their door step, knocking.

This is their reality.

If things go wrong we can knock it down, the Lego House, we can knock it down, she said.

She was met with silence, not because The Man had any doubts, but because he didn’t.

He knew with absolute certainty, that he was in love.

Fast Forward time.

Photos and memories still capture that love.

Do you see the fire?

I See Fire, a burning eternal flame.

It may flicker, it may dim, but it will always stay lit, ignited.

A Small Bump ready to be born.

My how things have changed.

Wake Me Up Wake Me Up, he said.

Is this real?

A young boy meets a girl, in Grade 8 and they made their own version of The A Team.

Wake Me Up, Give Me Love.

Is this real? Or is this all in my head? He Said, She said.

Maybe we found love right where we are, They say, they sing.

Years Later…

They’re still going strong.

The Man and his Nina.

How many Ed Sheeran song titles did you spot?

**I do not take any credit for any images, videos, music or modified lyrics used.**

Listen to Ed’s “+” & “x”

Read Ed’s Lyrics HERE


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