This ones for the fellas…

Hi boys! So for the most part I gear my blog toward the female population because well I am a young woman and we have a lot of the same thoughts and interests. The feminist side of me knows that’s where my thoughts are most well received. But this one is strictly designed to help you boys GET THE GIRL….(and if the below tips don’t help you out, well there’s always the queen of girls everywhere; Taylor Swift…and her lyrics!)



1. Wink at her (its hot as hell if it’s well placed…don’t creep her out!)

2. Smile at her (share the warmth!)giphy[2]

3. Listen to her (I mean really listen, take an interest in her likes, in her mind.)

4. Compliment her…not just her physical appearance but her mind and her thoughts too!

5. Make her laugh…comedic relief is always good for those awkward moments!

6. Tell her how you feel…like… really feel.tumblr_mnv1i3b4k91stmjkwo1_500[1]

7. Value her friendships and understand that she has other important people in her life that need her just as much as you do. She will do the same for you.

8. Flowers- you can’t go wrong with flowers…(find out her favorites…that’s where her best friends come in.)

9. Respect her Family values. No matter what. That’s where she came from, if you like/love her, understand that’s who made her the girl you’re falling for.

10. Never tell her what to wear or how to feel or think. She has her own mind thank you very much. And she will return the favor.

Good Luck Fellas!

*Gifs from the movie “A Walk to Remember”

*I do not take credit for any gifs or images used*


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