Let us wake up inspired

ignited by visions

Arrested dreams we hold

so big

so grand

so close to the soul

Such beauty in this stillness

For a brief moment you forget

Who you are

Where you are

And allow yourself to just be


So often we drown ourselves in worry of…

what comes next and…

what are we doing?

where are we going?

And we view stillness as a road block

as a self loathing sin

But sometimes stillness can be beautiful

Moments can take your breath away

and breathe life into your lungs

All at the same time

Too busy

You might miss it

Trees growing tall

Cherry blossoms meeting

spring for drinks


Sunshine brightly shinning

Air soft and sweet

A new beginning

Open your eyes

Wake up

Welcome the new day


*I do not take any credit for any images used.*

And now I leave you with this gem…from my musical soul reaching out to yours!



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