Watch Her Walk Away

This short is gonna be a little loud, a little different. It’s not my typical heartfelt take on love. It’s a wee bit more bitter and I definitely use some explicit language here. But I still think there is an heir of inspiration deep within the bitter-field. 😉 What is a writer if not adaptable to all emotions? This one is frustration and angst. Enjoy the ride. And if it’s not your cup of tea, come back next week and I’ll have something nice and fluffy and full of love for ya.


So here we go…this is

watch her walk away poster

– A Short Story about a girl named Sarah and a boy named Clay and what happens when she learns she finally has her chance to say all the things she never got to…

meet clay and sarah

Sarah walks aimlessly down a New York City street.

She just bought her favorite cup of tea.

Decaf green with some lemon and honey for zing.

The sun is shining, her favorite soundtrack is playing in her ears.

Something fun loving, soft, soulful… but earthy as hell.

The kind of song you just get feel good vibes from.

The kind of song that will make you want to “dance in the street” while everyone on that street is watching.

It’s one of those days where your soul feels rejuvenated and all is right in the world.

And there’s a spring in your step and you don’t quite know why?

Sarah’s outfit is on point.

Her hair managed to cooperate this morning and she had just enough time to throw on some makeup.

It’s a rare occurrence.

But she’s convinced herself she doesn’t need it.

And she doesn’t.

No girl does.

As she saunters her way down the street random faces buzz her by.

And she is feeling like she finally has her shit together.

At least for today.

Then something wills her to stop.

A stare.

A feeling.

And she stills and turns toward the adjacent block.

She notices someone looking at her from across the way.

She squints.

She doesn’t recognize the person, but it is a man.

He waves.

She looks behind her, to find no one else returning his greeting.

He must be waving at me then she decides.

She looks back and waves in confusion, still unable to make out his face, damn near sighted-ness.

The man smiles and crosses the street coming over to meet her.

Just then Sarah realizes who it is and she turns away for a beat.

Her heart starting to beat faster.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Sarah: (to herself) Ok you have two choices here Sarah. Either you can run and you’ll always wonder, or you can stand your ground and face him.

Clay: Hey gorgeous! (He smiles coming up behind her) It’s been a while.

Sarah: (whipping around) It has. (She grins through a fake smile)

Clay: How the hell are you?

Sarah: I’m sorry, are we really gonna stand here and do this?

Clay: (in confusion) Do what?

Sarah: Act like it’s actually nice to see each other. Just because we happen to be on the same planet, living in the same city, and walking on the same street, doesn’t mean it has to be acknowledged.

Clay: Then why wave back? Why not just keep walking?

Sarah: Because I didn’t know who you were. And I was being polite.

Clay: You always did forget your glasses. (He laughs shaking his head)

Sarah: Oh just don’t.

Clay: Don’t what?

Sarah: Do this. This trip down memory lane. Don’t Clay…You were an asshole.

Clay: I know.

Sarah: And you hurt me.

Clay: I know that too.

Sarah: And then you left.

Clay: That was a mistake.

Sarah: Ironically enough it was the best mistake you ever made.

Sarah turns on her heel and walks away.

Clay: (calling after her) What does that mean?

Sarah: (turning back toward him) It means I’m free. I’m finally free. (She throws her hands up and laughs)

Clay: (in confusion) Free from what?

Sarah: You. After all this time I have wracked my brain trying to understand you, understand your side of it. Why you did what you did, and how you did it? But now seeing you I realize I don’t fucking care. I don’t give a fuck. And that is fucking liberating. So fuck you Clay. Fuck you and your condescending bullshit, and your misogynistic ways, and fuck your inability to grow the fuck up.

Clay: Sarah I-

Sarah: I’m gonna walk away now and you can watch me.

Clay stares after her dumbfounded

Sarah: Have a nice life…fucktard! (Throwing her middle fingers in the air as she glides off in perfect contentment.)

post-18785-Emma-Stone-middle-finger-stj4[1] post-18785-Emma-Stone-giving-finger-angry-ogH6[1]

Crushed it. Sarah thinks as she walks away.

Sometimes in life, you just need to have a sense of humor and say, “F*ck it.” 😉

-The End-

Emma & Adam; #dreamcasting

Emma & Adam; #dreamcasting

*I do not take credit for the images used in my edits or otherwise.*

*******QUICK BLOG NOTE! *******

Ok just wanted to say, for anyone keeping up with the “Love Conflicted” short I have been posting I was in the process of editing Part 4 (to be posted today,) but apparently this little sassy tidbit had been scheduled ahead of time and I forgot. So please enjoy “Watch Her Walk Away” instead. I will be back with the continuation of “Love Conflicted” next week; Monday. But feel free to catch up while you wait! 😉

Enjoy your holiday weekend! And keep writing, and keep feeling all the feels you lovely humans!

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Part 4 Coming Soon!


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