Love Conflicted- Chapter 3

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Maggie paces her apartment in worry. It’s midnight and she hasn’t heard from Ricky since he left her earlier that morning for a job assignment. It’s been hours.

Maggie looks at her phone for the hundredth time. She dials his number yet again.

Maggie: Hi. Me again. Look I realize you are probably used to me not answering my phone and I get it. Maybe you are just trying to give me a piece of my own medicine. But here’s the thing. I’m kind of freaking out here, Ricky. This isn’t like you. It’s been hours since I last saw you, or heard from you. And you said you’d be over later. And I know you left to take care of something and I’m just, I’m really worried. Please call me back. I need to know you’re okay. I love you.

Maggie hangs up and rushes to the bathroom. She vomits into the toilet. Maggie sinks back onto the bathroom floor, leaning against the tub. Her eyes wonder over to the trashcan. She leans over to it and pulls it to her. Reaching into it, Maggie pulls out her pregnancy test. She takes a deep breath and flips it over.

-One bar- is clearly shown on the pregnancy test.

Maggie: It’s negative? she says confused

Before she has time to process her new revelation, Maggie’s phone begins to ring. She hurries to answer it.

The number is unknown.

“This has to be him,” she thinks.Haley-haley-james-scott-30606865-245-169[1]

Maggie: Hello? Ricky? Where are you?

Ian: Hello, is this Maggie?

Maggie: (heart stops) Who is this?

Ian: Ma’am, my name is Ian. I work with Ricky.

Maggie: Ok… well where is he? Is he okay?

At this point a million things are running through Maggie’s mind. Her stomach is in knots. Her heart is pounding. A nervous chill sweeps over her entire body. Something isn’t right, she could feel it. When it comes to Ricky, she could always feel if he was in some kind of trouble.

Ian: Ma’am I’m incredibly sorry to have to tell you this, but-

Maggie: But what? (she begins to shake)

Ian: Ricky was in the middle of an assignment and he was in an accident.

Maggie: What kind of accident?

Ian: I’m not in liberty to disclose that information.

Maggie: What the hell does that mean? You called me. I need to know what happened to my boyfriend!

Ian: All I can tell you is that he didn’t make it. I am sorry.

Maggie: What- no. No. You can’t tell me that. You can’t just say he had some sort of accident. An accident implies that it wasn’t intentional. Something tells me in your line of work everything is intentional. So you tell me what happened right now! Where is he?

Ian: I’m sorry. I just can’t. My sincere apologies for your loss. Ricky was one hell of a partner.

Ian hangs up.

Maggie is speechless.

She sits there in silent sobs as she crawls into a ball on her bathroom floor, her heart breaking into millions of tiny pieces.


To be continued…


I know this was a short one, but don’t fear, we’re building up here. 😉

  * I do not take credit for any images used in my edits or otherwise, or any gifs used. *


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