Love Conflicted- Chapter 5

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Maggie’s apartment is a little brighter somehow. Maybe it’s because the shades are finally open or maybe it’s the presence of a friend to hold her hand during this heartbreaking time. Lily sits aside her on the couch.talking

Maggie: I don’t know Lil, something in me just can’t comprehend this. I feel like it’s not real. Half the time I can’t even get out of bed, and when I do well this is what I look like. It’s indescribable, how bad this hurts.

Lily knowingly nods and takes her friend’s hand.

Lily: Why don’t we take a walk? I’ll buy you lunch. The fresh air and carbs will do you good.

Maggie:(shrugging) Ok. Yea.

Lily: Yea?

Maggie: I’ve been living off of cereal. So…

Lily: Well then I think it’s time we change that, huh? Come on. I got ya.

Lily pulls Maggie into a side hug and leads her toward the door.walking

Maggie and Lily walk down the street toward a little coffee house. Its mid-day approaching night fall. People are walking about; busy and having places to go and people to see. Maggie hasn’t seen outdoors let alone any actual sunlight in a week. Her mind is still housing an out of body foggy feeling. But she can’t deny that it did feel good to be out. Maggie breathes in the fresh air, as her heart beats a little steadier having a friend in this.[1]

Lily ushers her into the coffee house, but as she does something wills her to take a scan of her surroundings. She notices a few parked cars, all vacant except one. She thinks for a brief second that it’s odd but then returns her attention to Maggie as they walk into the coffee house.

Coffee houseLily and Maggie are seated. And have ordered some Paninis and coffee.

Maggie looks around her eyes adjusting to the world again.

“Could she even do something like that, adjust to a world that Ricky is no longer a part of?”  She thinks, as she sips her coffee.

Maggie: You know even so, even after I got that call, I still felt…I feel  like he’s somehow still out there, and I know that sounds crazy but-

Lily: I don’t think it sounds crazy at all. In fact maybe he is. I mean you guys always had a really intense connection. You could always tell what was going on with him. Besides who is this Ian person anyway, who’s to say he’s telling the truth. Maybe there’s more to the story.

Maggie: Oh I know for a fact that there’s more to the story. He just can’t…or won’t tell me it. But please god let’s not go there. Please don’t put false hope in my head. I can’t lose him a second time.

Lily: Ok, ok. I know. I’m sorry. I’m just saying if you feel something, maybe there’s a reason. What does your heart tell you?

Maggie: (tearing up) That Ricky and I were nowhere near done. He’s the love of my life. (She shrugs) The time we spent apart, me trying to fight it, it was all useless. It was a waste of time, time I could have spent with him.

Lily takes her friend’s hand from across the table, and she smiles showcasing her true empathy.

Lily: I’m so so sorry that you’re going through all of this. I wish I could change it for you.

Maggie: You know I kept thinking why was I so calm about waiting to find out if I was really pregnant. I just kept putting it off. And you know not knowing is not my thing.

Lily: Yea, you’re not exactly a fly by your seat kind of girl. (She takes a sip of her coffee)

Maggie:(shaking her head) No, not at all. But the more I kept putting it off, the more I began to realize that it wasn’t because I was scared of it being positive…or scared of choosing to be with him, quite frankly my heart already chose him for me…I love him. I was scared that it wouldn’t be positive. And it wasn’t. I would have been ok with it being positive…I would have been more than ok with having a baby with him. I wanted that life…and not just in general… but with him. I always have. And now I’m never going to get to have that. And I wish I was pregnant, now more than ever, because then at least I’d have a piece of him with me forever. And maybe that sounds selfish but-

Lily: It doesn’t.

Maggie: I just- I can’t-

Lily moves over to the other side and hugs her friend tighter.

Maggie: (crying harder, and wiping her tears from her cheeks) I just keep thinking, did he know…I mean did he really know how much I love him?

Lily: He knew. Anyone who got the rare chance to catch a glimpse of your relationship, could tell. Trust me, he knew. And he loved you just the same.

The-Vampire-Diaries-3x14-Dangerous-Liaisons-HD-Screencaps-caroline-forbes-28981119-1280-720[1]Through the coffee house window, sits a man in a parked car, watching way more intently than any normal bystander should. The same car and man from before. He looks like he’s on a mission and upon comforting Maggie in her time of need, Lily takes notice. The man looks away.


Lily: Hey, why don’t I take you back home, ok? It’s getting late, you should rest.

Maggie: Yea I think I’ve had enough of the world for today. (She laughs with little amusement)

Lily leaves money on the table and ushers her friend out. As they leave Lily notices the car and the man inside are gone. She drapes her arm over Maggie’s shoulder and walks her home.

side hug

Lily is returning from dropping Maggie off at home and notices the same car from the coffee house is parked this time right across from Maggie’s building, adjacent to her apartment window.

Inside the car sits a man, talking on a cell phone, the conversation seems rather heated.

“She’s not alone, her friend came over…a blonde. No she’s not okay. No, she’s a mess. What do you expect? Whatever…look-”

Lily stops and stares at the car. She couldn’t hear what the man was saying but she had a feeling he’d been watching her and Maggie. And Lily was not about to let that cleavage

Lily walks over to the car and knocks hard on the window. The man gets startled and hangs up his phone quickly.

He rolls his window down, peering up at Lily.

“Can I help you?” He says.

Lily leans down, and comes face to face with a handsome, blue eyed man. Lily smiles brightly, her cleavage just enough to divert the man’s attention for a second.

normal_Revenge416-2456[1]Lily: (noticing) Eyes up here buddy.

The man slightly embarrassed, mentally kicking himself for being so obvious locks eyes with hers.

(Laughs) “Can I help you?” He repeats.

car window

Lily: Yea, you can…why the hell are you following my friend?

The man looks shocked at her clever eye.

Lily: Because I have to tell you if you’re supposed to be discreet, you’re doing a really shitty job. I spotted you from the minute I came over to visit her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lily: (glares at him) You’re never going to get rid of me with that lie.

“Look I can’t say anything-I’m just doing my job. There are serious things going on. I’m just trying to keep your friend safe.”

Lily: You’re Ian…aren’t you?

The man looks at her, unsure of what to say.

tumblr_n1vi73F5d11rjqfn9o8_500[1]Lily: (smiles flirtatiously) Your silence speaks volumes.

Even when she’s being bossy, Lily had this way of being sexy. The man remains tightlipped, which only frustrates Lily more. She huffs, opens the car door and gets in the passenger seat. The man looks at her in even more shock than when she first called him out.

car talk 2Lily: Let’s pretend I actually believe you. If you are this Ian person, that means you know what actually happened to Ricky. And in all honesty just the fact that little old me was enough to rattle your cage and throw you off your game, speaks for itself. If you ask me, I think there’s more to this story.

“With all due respect but I didn’t ask you,” He says.

Lily: (smiles) Minor Detail. (She shrugs) If you think I’m going to let you off the hook, without sharing, you are seriously mistaken handsome. But don’t worry I know how to keep a secret.

He looks at her…dumbfounded…yet again. This girl has some guts. I could be a psycho, He thinks.

Ian: (sighs heavily) My name is Ian. I work with Ricky. And I really am just trying to keep an eye on Maggie. There are a lot of unresolved things going on right now, and while you’re sitting here distracting me, she could be in danger.

Lily: (narrows her gaze) Fine, get back to work then. Maybe be a little more stealth about it, huh? Don’t need you drawing any extra attention, to an already delicate situation. But remember I’m onto you. And if you think I’m leaving Maggie alone tonight, you’ve got another thing coming. I don’t trust you for shit.

Ian: I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re smart not to.

Lily steps out of the car and turns to walk away, but stops.

Lily: (bends down to peer through the window again) Do you work or did you work with Ricky? Because you said and I quote “I work with Ricky,” as in present tense.

Ian: An oversight. I guess it’s been hard adapting. I’m sure your friend Maggie has made mistakes like that over the past week.

Lily: Hmmm? Interesting. Men in the CIA are always so keen, so on their game, their attention to detail can be astounding.

Ian is shocked at her knowledge. Lily was the only friend who knew about Ricky’s secret life. Lily was also the only one who got to truly witness how in love Ricky and Maggie really were. The rest of the world thought they were just casual acquaintances. It took work, but they both gave it their all, because they knew it was worth it, just to be together.

Ian: Can being the operative word. Loss will affect anybody, anytime, anywhere.

Lily: Maybe.

normal_Revenge416-2431[1]Ian: Besides, information like that in the wrong hands (he shrugs, looking her over) can be dangerous. You know a little too much, bright eyes.

Lily: Are you threatening me? Or flirting with me?

Ian: Neither. Or maybe both. Or maybe just the latter. (He smirks) I’ll leave it up to your interpretation. But don’t worry, I’ll keep my eye on you too, just in case.

Lily: (laughs sarcastically) Oh I bet you will. But I’d rather take my chances defending myself, you’retumblr_inline_mw9wffWYW51qfmnua[1] not exactly doing the best job. And in case you haven’t noticed I can handle myself pretty well.

Ian: Oh I’ve noticed. I guess I just wasn’t trained to deal with beautiful distractions.

Lily: Hmm, I guess not. Word of advice never underestimate the best friend, she’s always the one you need to get through first.

Ian: (smirking) I wouldn’t think of it.

Lily walks away back toward Maggie’s apartment and Ian’s eyes wander after her. His phone rings.

Ian: Hello?…Yea we may have a problem. I just met the blonde, she’s feisty that’s for sure….and did I mention that I can’t believe you’re making me do this…

tumblr_ne2ikuxL1a1tjodfqo1_500[1]In a darkened motel somewhere unnoticeable, sits a shadowy figure in a chair. A hand reaches for a nearby lamp, turning it on, Ricky’s face comes into view.

tumblr_mwq04o7S6O1qax2xho1_250[1]Ricky: I see you’ve met Lily. She’s a good friend. Don’t worry about her. Just a little while longer, and it’ll all be over…but until then, keep my girl safe. I’m trusting you. She means everything to me. (he says looking at a picture of he and Maggie from his wallet.)

tumblr_nk78h6LEta1tkuq2lo1_500[1] micky pic 3

To be continued…

 Did you think I’d actually leave you hanging?

Of course Ricky’s ALIVE!





#SpoilerAlert? 😉

Did you enjoy meeting Ian?

Nick Wechsler is my #dreamcast

Nick Wechsler is my #dreamcast “Ian”

lily and ian

Ian & Lily


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