Send Up Green Balloons For Glenn!

***SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!***

Chris Hardwick meme

Haters gonna hate hate hate…

But I could care less you skeptics.

I knew it in my heart that Glenn is still ALIVE!!!!!!

glenn alive

Take a look at my own personal instagram campaign if you will, as I wrote Glenn on my wrist/hand for the past 4 weeks, in hopes that he’d be back with us soon. Captioning each picture “I got you babe.” Because my heart knew he was still alive. I know, #psychofan, but I take this shit seriously, no shame. Judge me. 😉

i got you babe glenn heartGlenn heartCapture 2Capture

I had to do something special to show my love for him. It served as my #goodluckcharm. I’d like to think I had a hand in the outcome 😉 haha.

As Sunday night’s Episode 7 entitled “Heads Up” of The Walking Dead finally revealed what we’ve been waiting to hear for the past 4 weeks, your girl was dancing and jumping around, screaming in her living room. Yup, I was in with the fans waiting on that dumpster, with no shame.

Today in honor of Green Balloons for Glenn (we’ll get to that,) you guessed it, I wore green to support my boys future homecoming!

green for glenn

Let’s break down the episode, Nicolas was in deed Glenn’s shield and protection. Well at least he was good for something in the end. Sorry Nicolas, but you know what you did. You tried to kill Glenn and mess with the well-being of the group too many times to be greatly missed. But I do think he in some way was meant to help Glenn to make up for everything. Terrible outcome, but definitely sparked a conversation.

People had their jokes about us believers.

Glenn dumpster

Saying we were crazy, saying there was no way that he could survive that zombie infested alley.


And although I admit it unrealistic that he did, Glenn has always been one resourceful dude. And he’s maintained his humanity but still manages to escape the craziest of situations.

The mind games the cast and creators of the show were playing with us, gave us little solace. Like the ambiguity they were throwing out “you saw what you saw,” “Glenn will come back in some way.” Maggie revealing she is pregnant. Removing his name from the credits. (Well his name is back baby! Right in its rightful place near the pocket watch Hershel gave him.) It’s been a crazy and emotional ride.


Right where you belong.

But as usual fans like us…we knew better, we had faith and we believed.

It was an interesting journey as the episode started we see a black screen and we hear the words “Thank You” uttered by Nicolas accompanied by the gunshot and the piercing feedback from it, as we are brought back to the alley of walkers that cornered both he and Glenn. We watch as Nicolas falls onto Glenn and it is he who is being ripped apart and shielding Glenn from any actual bites. Glenn slides his way up under the dumpster and takes cover, killing the nearest zombie forming a shield. And after waiting out the herd, for what seems like a day, he emerges with only a couple bumps and bruises. I have to say I thought he was going to at least have been bitten and that he would in turn need to chop off a limb. But he was A-Okay…which makes me thrilled.

The rest of the episode we see Glenn come across Enid, as she throws him a bottle of water. He goes after her to try and ask how everyone back home in Alexandria is doing. He asks what the noise was that swayed the herd, he asks about Maggie. I swear every time he calls Maggie his wife, my heart flutters a bit. It’s kind of the sweetest thing to hear him say that.


Throughout Glenn and Enid’s storyline we see the dad in Glenn come out. As he battles with her to come back to Alexandria with him. Saying things like “my wife wouldn’t want me to leave you.” Fighting her and her nasty attitude and even pulling a gun off her after she points it directly at him, because she doesn’t want him to try and save or help her. We get it Enid you’re a teenager, but chill with the dramatics, because it’s the zombie apocalypse and ain’t nobody got time for that. Shit needs to get done. Glenn said it best, “You point a gun at my head and I’m the asshole.” Haha Glenn you are going to make one awesome dad. He later mentions that he’s helping her not for Maggie anymore, but for what I can only assume is himself and the child he is about to have and its future. He goes on to tell Enid that they are not supposed to let the world die, and that you honor the dead (the people they’ve lost) by living.

We are brought to Maggie’s journey simultaneously as she takes watch overlooking the gate, waiting, hoping for a sign. She mentions that “this is the direction he would come from, and that if he were to send a sign, she’d see it from up there.” Rick joins her and gives her hope that she’s right. Maggie even makes mention to Judith and how she looks so much like Lori, her motherly instincts are already kicking in! As the episode continues on, we see Enid and Glenn try and find their way home, as they come to a hill overlooking Alexandria and the walker count keeps going up. Glenn and Enid accumulate quite a large amount of Green Balloons that were from the initial distract the walkers plan and use them to send up as a signal to Maggie and the rest of the group that he is out there and trying to get home. Maggie sees them and goes running, telling Rick “that’s Glenn.” This moment made my heart burst. I am a sucker for the Glenn/Maggie love story from that first moment he saw her riding on her horse in season 2.

green balloons a sign

This brings me to my next order of business. Now I don’t read the comics, I’d rather not spoil the show for myself. But in some shape or form the show does follow the comics at times. And in the comics, Glenn does in fact die. And he dies by the hand of a Savior named Negan who takes a bat to his head. It’s said to be one of the comic’s craziest scenes and deaths. And it was recently reported (during the emotional wreck we had to endure….seriously strategic timing) that Negan was cast and will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So there’s still that fear that Glenn’s death can only be a season away. Which would be hellish and quite frankly down right evil, for them to dangle that hope in front of us only to rip it away. But I guess that’s how things roll in the zombie apocalypse. But I will in no way shape or form be okay with that. Let it be known, I don’t want to go through this again.


There is another fear, hanging over our heads as well. And that fear is that something could happen to Maggie, in some twisted original death tradeoff.  As we see in the end of Sunday’s episode the watch tower comes crashing down, breaking their wall of protection down and allowing the walkers full access into Alexandria. No one is safe. And Maggie is seen running for her life in the promo for next week. Maggie better be okay! I can’t deal with this!!!!

The Mid-season finale is next week, and word to the wise people, do yourself a favor and WATCH IT LIVE! I’m so tired of people complaining that the internet ruins it because they say things before they watch it. 1.) Stay off the internet then. 2.)You only have yourself to blame. I’m a fan, and I need to talk about things that happen on this show!

New episodes are coming in February 2016, and the series has been renewed for a 7th season for October 2016 as if there was any doubt.

Now onto The Talking Dead.

Steven Yeun released a special message during a commercial break during AMC’s Into the Badlands saying;

“I’ve been following everything you’ve been saying and it’s meant so much to me to see all of your support and concern for Glenn, The Walking Dead has the best fans in the world and I’m happy to be back.”

And we are happy to have you back Steven! And can I just say to anyone who was disappointed by the fact that they kept Glenn alive, what the hell is wrong with you? His story isn’t finished, and you know you love him, so suck it up and enjoy the ride!

Yeun also finally posted on social media as well.

steven yeun thank you twittersteven yeun thank you insta

Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd was on The Talking Dead and discussed the insanity that went into trying to keep this storyline a secret. She told Chris Hardwick how each actor and everyone involved in the show were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Steven joked about how he didn’t get out much for the last few weeks, and that he ate a lot of takeout and his apartment looks like a hoarders. He also joked that he possibly lost some friends, because he wasn’t able to talk to them about the show. Steven mentioned how overwhelming the response has been, and how he barely knew how to address it, and that he felt bad that he wasn’t able to talk to anyone about what was going on.

He also spoke about how through social media we can all communicate and that with The Walking Dead and this current storyline they realize How they “affected a lot of people at once.”

Steven compared Enid and Glenn’s interaction of her throwing him a water battle in his time of need to his Walkie moment “hey dumbass” scene with Rick from Season 1. Which I thought was so true and really beautiful now that I think about it. And it’s beautiful to see that even though Glenn is always the guy to help someone out no matter who they are, to see him so aware of the fact that he’s going to be a dad and he’s trying to instill some kind of hope back into this young girl, is showing that he’s ready to take on this journey with Maggie. Yeun mentions Glenn wants to be able to tell his son or daughter that he did everything he could possibly do to maintain his humanity in this world. Let it be known that Glenn is the only original character that still hasn’t killed a human. As Yeun said on The Talking Dead that in the past seasons Glenn was fearful of creating a life with Maggie and now that he has seen Alexandria as a potential safe haven, it is only natural for him to want that start a life with Maggie.

baby glaggie

Baby Glaggie coming soon!


When Chris Hardwick asked about the storyline and whether or not the creators or actors would be worried that the non-death of Glenn would send the wrong message to the fans, Writer and Producer Scott Gimple said that they “wanted to tell a story of uncertainty this season, and that they wanted the audience to be (and feel) where Maggie is. I sure as hell did!

Yeun said Glenn’s fate was more about “sometimes even in this world the good guy can win.” I  absolutely love that and I just hope it lasts long. This whole ordeal has me doing a lot of obsessive researching to see how the world is reacting, I’m seeing a lot of hate on the fact that he’s alive, which is kind of an oxymoron because the world erupted when we all thought they killed him off. I mean who ever really wanted him to die? Who doesn’t love Glenn! I don’t get that, I mean who gives a crap if they fooled us, that’s storytelling and we still got what we wanted, screw shock value. I’m all for Glenn being alive! There’s definitely more to come.

On The Talking Dead they instead of giving Glenn an In Memoriam… The gave him an Un-Memoriam

They crossed out Glenn’s name and wrote… (Much like taking his name down from the memorial wall, like Maggie did two episodes ago.) As Hallelujahs sing aloud.

We are so happy you are alive! ….For now. (Ugh bite your tongue TTD)

I get the emotional rollercoaster, I understand coming from a writer’s perspective they are telling a story, and I respect that. Like I said, I will say YOU GOT ME GOOD and be happy he is alive. I admit I had my fair share of my angry tweets, but as a fan it’s only natural to have that knee jerk reaction to be angry with the writers and creators. As someone who loves television and loves to write and hopes to one day write for television this idea that this show was able to stir up something so grand in people and have fans talking across the board was a tall order and they managed to do it. And I think when you get that kind of reaction from your fans, even if they hatefully disagree with your story telling at the moment, to get that passionate of a response shows you must be doing something right.

We the fans, take this show seriously and we consider the original characters family at this point. Glenn is one of the few originals left, and it was hell to be in limbo for so long about what happened to him. But in hindsight, now that the pain of the unknown is in the past, we can laugh and say it was great storytelling in its own right and I appreciate them not waiting too long to let us in on Glenn’s fate. And I am extremely happy that they chose to give us what we wanted to see rather than shock us with an impromptu death. Because that’s essentially what the show is all about. That anyone can go at any time, regardless of backstory, or family, or love.

We can only hope we don’t get destroyed by next week’s outcome (as the symbol of hope for Maggie is tarnished by the collapse of the watch tower,) or later on in the series when Negan is introduced. We can only be joyful for the extra time we will have with Glenn and Steven Yeun’s portrayal of him. And hopefully from the reaction they received this time trying to kill Glenn off they realize killing our beloved Glenn isn’t acceptable. And just to throw it out into the universe, neither is killing Maggie, Baby Glaggie/ Gleggie, Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Judith or Carl.


You can exhale until next week my fellow TWD fans. And remember send up some green balloons for Glenn! Our boy is back!

green balloons

*I do not take credit for any Glenn photos or other TWD photos used.*


The Glenn Mystery Continues With New Revelations…

I’m giving you a warning now… if you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, do not read any further…if you do that’s your own fault…(Chris Hardwick-The Talking Dead Style)

Chris Hardwick meme



Ok you only have yourself to blame. 😉

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks for us Walking Dead fans (seriously wtf with that 90 minute Morgan episode seriously worst episode placement EVER the storyline would have been better received had you not aired it right after the faux Glenn death episode!), as we wait to find out the fate of our beloved Glenn. (The hunt for Sophia circa Season 2?) It’s too simple to say he’s dead or he’s a walker, I don’t understand people who think that he is. Yea I’m that girl sitting in front of the dumpster waiting on him to come out. 😉

Even The Talking Dead avoided putting his name in their weekly “In Memorium” segment. It’s just a very un-walking dead death for this type of character. We’ve seen that kind of human buffet done plenty of times to characters we care nothing about. Rule of thumb for this show is the more beloved the character is the more horrible the death. Strange logic I know, but I’ve heard it said. And I think they’ve proven true with Hershel and Beth. I highly doubt Glenn’s death will be this typical. And they wouldn’t drag it out so long just to have him have died right then and there, because than this is all a waste of time. Search for Sophia, was case in point enough. And they spent a whole season trying to reunite Maggie and Glenn in Season 4, they need something new.

Which brings me to why I am here today writing this, There are too many clues in this Sunday’s Episode 5 “Now” (and Episode 3 “Thank You”)  that makes me think he’s still alive and out there just trying to get home.

#1. No one believes he’s really dead.

Michonne later for you, girl, I thought you’d go searching! Rick has not given up. (oh yea he got out of that RV and hit the ground running, walkers in tote…OPEN THE GATE!)

Maggie goes to look for him, with the help of Aaron. (who else is starting to like that dude? *show of hands*)


#2. Some stupid Alexandrian writes a memorial wall and includes Glenn’s name to freak us out.


#3. Maggie wipes it off at the ending of the episode…

Even after her big speech about moving on despite not knowing Glenn’s fate. (I’ll explain later) SO yea GO MAGGIE, she still has faith. Aaron even says “When he makes it home, I just want to point out that Aaron or Erin is a good name for a boy or girl depending on how you spell it.” (Michelle or Michael is cool too, I’m just saying) 😉

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S06E05_1080p__2591[1] normal_The_Walking_Dead_S06E05_1080p__2642[1]

#4. Maggie is pregnant.

This is the big KAHOONA. I’d like to say I saw that coming but, I honestly didn’t. When she said it I was like WHATTTT??? Did I just hear right? My writer instincts should have seen this, I should have known the writers would try to make this situation even more tragic than ever, but I watch this show as a fan who still has hope Glenn is alive, so it was a surprise.  Maggie and Glenn have had scares in the past, so I didn’t see it coming. This speech is gut wrenching and heart breaking. You can tell she’s trying to be strong but she is losing the fight. I just think Maggie is shutting down. She has this blessing but she’s lost her father, her sister, and possibly her husband, and she has to face the idea of raising a child in this tragic world, alone. (although let’s be honest Daryl’s a good nanny… ;)) Guys I have to make jokes, it’s the only way to get me through his agony.

The picture Maggie is referring too…


Knew this was gonna come back and bite them and US in the ass. #BadOmen

So she’s pregnant and they’ve done this storyline with Rick and Lori to the point where Judith was born and Carl had to shoot Lori because she died giving birth to her. And then we got to see Rick lose his shit. I can’t imagine them doing this with Maggie and Glenn. Maggie has already shut down after losing all her family. Glenn and this baby are basically her life line at this point. I will say it yet again, Glenn has to live…and so does Maggie. (I wouldn’t put it past these writers to screw us all and kill off Maggie just when we see Glenn is alive…I would FREAK THE F-OUT!)

So here’s how I see things, I think it’ll be very repetitive if they have one of the two (Glenn or Maggie die). It’ll be too similar to the tragic story of Rick & Lori. (Although let’s be serious Lori wasn’t loved like Glenn and Maggie are.) But killing Maggie off at this point would be eerily like Lori’s death. So I think Maggie is safe, I hope so at least. She’s the last Greene standing and I think Hershel and Beth are looking out for her and Glenn, hence that ode to the pocket watch in “Thank You,” where Glenn takes the watch out that belonged to Hershel that was passed down to him.

#5. Hershel’s Pocket Watch.

There’s a reason for that. Hershel even says “when you become a father someday you’ll understand!” OMG that was a mega SIGN Maggie is pregnant dang I forgot about that! The writers plant little eggs EVERYWHERE. I swear you have to be a jet eye to notice all the hidden clues on this show! Or to remember all the things that date seasons back. However, I’d be pretty shocked if they introduce a whole pregnancy storyline again and have her actually give birth. So I’m kind of nervous about that. I think she should. Life does have to go on, and people do have to live. I mean I know it’s the zombie apocalypse but Glenn and Maggie have talked about it and Maggie was always on board, saying “I don’t want to be afraid to live.” In Season 4 Beth even tells Daryl she thought Glenn and Maggie would have a baby.  I mean who doesn’t love babies, right? 😉

When Maggie reveals the truth, we get this beautiful speech from her. And we see her fight her instinct to continue to look for Glenn. We see that in any other circumstance she would have, but now that she’s carrying their baby, and she’s uncertain of his fate, she knows she needs to protect what they created together. But you can tell that it is ruining her. And quite honestly as devastated as I was when she said “No, it’s over.” and wouldn’t let Aaron go out looking, I understood it. And I also know that Glenn wouldn’t have wanted her to either. When they thought she was pregnant the last time, he made her stay behind in the prison and not go out on a run for supplies like she usually would.


#6. Glenn was determined to get home.

What is unclear to me though, is if Glenn knew she is pregnant. At first it doesn’t seem like he did. But on The Talking Dead, it revealed that Glenn tells Maggie to stay behind in Alexandria while he goes out with Michonne and the gang to help with Rick’s plan of luring the herd of zombies away from them. And yes Glenn is protective but after everything the two of them have been through, I highly doubt she would agree to stay without him if there wasn’t a reason. Also in Episode 3 of this season “Thank You” the dreaded episode where it seems like Glenn “dies,” we see him tell Michonne “I have to get home,” which I realize means so much more now that we know Maggie is pregnant. So maybe he did in fact know.

#7. Alexandrian’s love story sounds a lot like Glenn and Maggie’s.

We also see the story of an Alexandrian and how he met his wife Betsy during the apocalypse and how he wanted to just make it home to tell her how much she changed him for the better. Of course he is bitten and still tries to fight and help the group as he wished to just make it home, even though he knows his fate. He writes a letter and tries to give it to Michonne, she neglects to take it, telling him he’ll get home. He ends up being consumed by the horde of walkers adjacent to the dumpster of terror that Glenn and Nicolas accompany. His letter goes unsent. The writers planted this eerily similar love story to make us question if Glenn will suffer the same fate of not making it home to his wife.

#8. The writers are trying to screw with us by removing Steven Yeun’s name from the credits since he “died”. In the credits when they pocket watch appears it’s usually accompanied by Steven Yeun, signifying Glenn’s character, but ever since that episode they have removed his name. Now I’d like to just point out that when Lori died her name remained in the credits, when Beth died her name remained in the credits. So I have a very sneaking suspicious that the writers are doing everything they can to mess with us, so that we think Glenn is dead.


How it usually looks…


How it’s looked the past two weeks.

 #9. Steven Yeun has been seen on set.

Um duh? Flashbacks my ass. He’s alive, the cast has been far too quiet on social media.

steven yeun

I still call bullshit. And I can’t wait til they reveal what really happened. With only 3 episodes left of 2015, and until the mid-season finale, I hear the reveal is right around the corner, Thank God! Here’s hoping we get a SATISFYING answer this Sunday, because we are losing our minds over here! And I am sure Maggie is too. Don’t worry girl, we got you, and Hershel is working his magic up in heaven, I’m sure of it. I think the writers need to understand some character deaths are just off-limits.

98cfe452a51e2b258efb81fd0f1b9112[1]  tumblr_mjxc2nQ9nC1rrljvio1_500[1]

baby glaggie

Baby Glaggie COMING SOON! (or is it Gleggie?)

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Love Conflicted- Chapter 10

Previously on Love Conflictedposter LC

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Ricky: Got it. We got him.

He reaches for his phone.

Ian is in his car with Maggie and Lily sitting in the back.

Ian: Hello?normal_Revenge416-2454[1]

Ricky: I got something, I need you to come by the hotel.

Ian: Ok Dave, I will consider that.

Ricky: (realizing) Shit Lily is with you both. Ok just drop them off and get here. Make sure your security guy can keep an eye out and double check the mic.

tumblr_mwq04o7S6O1qax2xho1_250[1]Ian: Ok Dave you got it.

Ian hangs up.

Maggie: Is everything ok?

Maggie and Ian exchange glances through the inner rearview mirror.

Ian: Everything is fine. Dave is just an old friend, needs my help with something. Shouldn’t take too long.

Lily: I thought you were hired to be Maggie’s personal bodyguard?

Maggie: Lily?

Lily: What? No. If he leaves, then what the hell…all this talk about keeping you safe…how it’s his job…laggie 3

Maggie: He is keeping me safe.

Lily: Something doesn’t seem right here. What’s going on? Why are you so calm?

Maggie: Just trust me everything is fine.

Lily: How do you know?

Maggie: Ok I don’t. But I’m choosing to have faith. That’s all I can do at this point.

Ian: Look Lily, I understand your concerns. But my friend Dave is working on a plan, he’s part of this whole keeping Maggie safe thing. And I need to meet with him. In the meantime, your building has security and I will be in touch.

Lily: Well why didn’t you just say so. (she rolls her eyes, and crosses her arms)

Ian: Because you’re infuriating and wouldn’t let anyone else get a word in.

Ian’s eyes lock with Lily’s through the mirror.ian and lily eye flirt

Maggie notices.

Maggie: (teasing a smile) Well… this outta be fun.

Lily looks away, blushing.

Ian pulls up in front of Maggie’s building, and gets out of the car.

Ian: Ladies. (he says opening the car door.)

Maggie gets out first.

Maggie: Thank you.

Lily follows locking eyes with Ian before looking away.

Ian laughs and follows them toward the building.

The three of them step into the elevator.

Maggie presses the button for her floor.

Within a few moments they reach her floor and exit the elevator, Maggie turns to Ian.

Maggie: Thank you for walking us up here, you should go help your friend Dave, sounds like he can use it. We’ll be fine. Won’t we, Lil?maggie meets ian

Ian looks at Lily, who stands there with her arms crossed. Avoiding Ian’s eyes.

Lily: Yup.

Ian: I don’t doubt it. But there are a few things I need to check on before I go. I have to scan your apartment, just to be safe.

Maggie: Oh of course, (opening her door she lets him in.)

Before following, Maggie leans over to Lily.

maggie teasing lilyMaggie: (whispering) Are you blushing? Is he making you blush?

Lily: (whispering) Shut up.

Maggie: Well…I don’t think I’ve ever seen the day.

Lily: Shut up.

Maggie: You’re in troubleee.

Lily: Oh yea ya think? Shut up and go, (she laughs shooing her into the apartment.)

Ian is walking around checking each room.

He leans down to turn on her lamp and subtly checks in on the mic he planted.


Maggie nods at him.

Ian: All looks good. You guys will be fine. Call me if you need anything. I won’t be gone long.

Maggie: Ok thank you.

Ian walks toward the door. He stops in front of Lily, who’s blocking the doorway.

lily and ian loveIan: Lily.

Lily: Ian. (she matches his tone, as she walks past him.)

He smirks and looks back at her before leaving.

To be continued…

tumblr_loaz6do66l1qe8bda[1] 3160702232_1_6_BohJbeCx[1]

Some interesting vibes between these two…what do you think will happen next?


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Love Conflicted- Chapter 9

Previously on Love Conflictedposter LC

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Maggie walks out of her building as Ian follows behind, driving along.

Maggie and Lily walk into a cute little restaurant and are seated.

Lily: So you seem to be in better spirits!

Maggie: Um yea. (she smiles, then catches herself) And no.

Lily looks puzzled.lunch millie

Maggie: It’s a mixed emotions kind of thing. I’m still trying to digest the fact that I have so much to still live for even though he’s gone. It’s definitely going to take some time. But I know one day I’ll see him again.

Lily: I agree. Maybe you just need something to take your mind off of things. A distraction.

Maggie: My thoughts exactly, which is why I’m thinking I’m gonna come back to work.

Lily: (smiles brightly) Really? (Maggie nods) Oh my god! The kids are going to be so excited. They missed you.

Maggie: Yea I’m excited too. I’ve missed their little faces. They always make me smile.

Lily: This is just, this is great. I’m so happy….as long as you’re ready. I mean this is what you want right? I didn’t push you or anything…right? I mean because I know I can sometimes be bossy and meddle a little too much-

Maggie: Sometimes? (she laughs) No. You didn’t push me at all. This is the right move for me. I’m sure of it.

Lily: Well in that case, you and I are celebrating this new improvement, this positive attitude. Tonight. You and me drinks? Dancing? What do you say?

Maggie: Um I don’t know…

Lily: Too much? Too soon?

Maggie: You know what? No, it’ll be fun.

Lily: Yea?

Maggie: Yea. Let’s do it.

Lily: Atta girl. (she raises her glass as they clink them in cheers.)

ian watchMeanwhile, Ian watches from afar.

A few minutes later, Ricky walks into his hotel room. He opens up his lap top and starts to work. His phone rings, interrupting his intense focus.

Ricky: Ian?

Ian: So I am sitting at the bar of some night club, because of what I can only assume was Lily’s idea… to go dancing and drinking tonight.

Ricky: Oh really?

Ian: Oh yea.chicago-pd-stepping-stone[1]

Ricky laughs.

Ian watches from afar, as the girls dance away. Drinks in their hands. And carefree spirits. Even though Maggie was still nervous about being away from Ricky, just knowing he is alive was enough to allow an instant calm to flood her mind. And she had great faith in their love and in knowing he’d come back to her.

Ricky: How many guys has Maggie had come up to her?

girls dancingIan laughs.

Ricky: At least 3, am I right?

Ian: 4…

Ricky: Ah. (he laughs)

Ian: She shuts them down pretty quick though. It’s kind of hysterical.

Ricky: That’s my girl. (he laughs) Maggie has been through a lot, she deserves to have a little fun.

Ian: All due respect but this is making my job really difficult. (he glances over to Maggie as his eyes wander to Lily who is dancing up a storm.) caroline-dances-in-well-always-have-bourbon-street[1]

Ricky: Ah, you can handle it. When it comes to Lily and Maggie, I wouldn’t expect anything different.

Ian: Oh thanks. Little warning would have been nice.

Ricky: Um…Pretty sure I did warn you.

Ian: Not enough. (notices the girls walking toward the back restrooms) They’re on the move….I’ll talk to you later.

Ricky: Keep me posted.

Ian: Will do. (he hangs up and follows them.)

Maggie: Oh my god, I have to pee so bad.

Lily: Me too, but I am not breaking the seal.

Maggie: Well if I don’t, I will pee myself. So I’m going.

Lily: Suit yourself.

Maggie: You coming in?

Lily: No, I’ll just wait out here for you.

Maggie: Ok.

Maggie walks into the restroom.

Lily stands outside the door leaning against a wall.Stefan-Caroline-stefan-and-caroline-19090647-500-282[1]

Ian turns the corner and comes face to face with his biggest distraction.

Lily: I knew you were here.

Ian: (rolls his eyes and huffs) Where else would I be?

Lily: I thought we decided you would be less obvious about stalking us.

Ian: I’m not stalking you. I’m just doing my job.

tumblr_inline_n3nw1ejxab1riocm8[1]Lily: You get flustered very easily.

Ian: I do not.

Lily: Of course you do. Look at you all riled up. Your muscles are all tensed. (she strokes his arms) Chill out. Relax. It’s a club. Have a drink. It’s supposed to be fun.

3160702232_1_6_BohJbeCx[1]Ian: I don’t drink on the job.

Lily: Ok fine I hear ya. Mr. Responsible.

Ian: Your friend’s safety is in my hands. How many times do I have to explain that to you?

Lily: Considering I just met you yesterday…let’s try it one more time.

Ian: I-

Lily: (puts a hand up, stopping him) I’m just messing with you. (she laughs) Look I know what you’re here for. And you obviously can’t seem to keep your distance (she looks up at him flirtatiously) so why don’t you just introduce yourself to Maggie. It’ll be much easier for you to blend in if you’re actually hanging out with us.

Ian: That’s not in my job description.

Lily: Ok fine. (holding up her hands) I will stop bugging you if you just hear me out…(Ian looks at her…waiting) I’m just saying I think it’ll be a lot easier for you to keep an eye on her. Keep your friends close…

Ian: And your enemies closer.

Lily: Oh so now I’m the enemy? (she laughs)51b0f853002d10fc50c4dd4d[1]

Ian: Well when you go around saying insinuating things and looking like that all the time, you’re basically a walking distraction. The sexiest distraction I’ve ever met. Makes it really difficult to do my job. So yea I’d say you could argue that puts you in the enemy category.

Lily: Well well, aren’t you smooth.

Ian: I wasn’t trying to be.

Lily: That’s what makes it sexy. (she raises her eyebrows)

Maggie comes out of one of the bathroom stalls. She walks to the sink to wash her hands.

Her phone starts to ring so she dries her hands quickly and takes it out of her purse. She doesn’t recognize the number, but smiles, answering it.

maggie phoneMaggie: Hello?

Ricky: So on a scale of 1 to your 21st birthday, how drunk are you?

Maggie: (laughs and smiles brightly) Mmm I’d say just about in the middle. You caught me at the perfect time though, I had to run to the bathroom, so I’m in here alone.

Ricky: What do you mean you’re alone?

Maggie: Don’t worry, Lily’s waiting for me outside. And I’m sure Ian is just inches away.

Ricky: (laughs) So I hear you’ve had quite a few gentleman callers.

Maggie: Oh did you.

Ricky: Mmm hmmm.

Maggie: (laughs) You know I am really not into this whole you being able to spy on my every move, when I can’t see you at all. It’s creepy.

tumblr_mwq04o7S6O1qax2xho1_250[1]Ricky: Creepy creepy, or like kinda sexy creepy?

Maggie: Is there such a thing as sexy creepy?

Ricky: Well let’s see. (clears his throat) Excuse me, but I’ve been watching you since you walked in, I can’t seem to take my eyes off you. And pardon me for being forward but I noticed you weren’t wearing a ring… Can I buy you a drink?

Maggie: Ok yea I stand corrected, there is such a thing as sexy creepy.

Ricky laughs.

Maggie: I miss you.

Ricky: I miss you too babe.

Maggie: I wish you were here with me.

Ricky: That makes two of us.

Maggie: What are you doing?

Ricky: Come on baby, you know I can’t tell you that.

Maggie: Oh right. Sorry.

Ricky: Don’t be. phone call

Maggie: Are you ok though? You’re someplace safe right?

Ricky: I’m ok, as ok I can be without you in my arms.

Maggie sighs.

Ricky: But yes I’m someplace safe.

Maggie: Well I’m glad.

Ricky: I’ll see you soon.

Maggie: Promise?

Ricky: I promise. I love you.

Maggie: I love you too.

Ricky: Bye gorgeous.

Maggie: Bye…oh babe…

Ricky: Yea?

Maggie: I’m pretty sure Ian and Lily are flirt fighting outside the bathroom door right now. (she laughs)

Ricky: Really? (he laughs)

Maggie puts her head to the door

Maggie: Yea. (she laughs) I think she just wants him to give up following us and just hang out with us. She thinks he needs to tell me who he is.

Ricky: I mean it does kind of make sense, and it would make his job easier.

Maggie: Should I just get the ball rolling?

Ricky: Yea that sounds like a good plan. Be safe.

Maggie: You too.

Ricky: Bye gorgeous.

Maggie: Bye.

lily and ian 4Maggie opens the bathroom door, exposing Lily and Ian in heated conversation.

Maggie: Hi

Ian’s eyes go wide.

Lily looks at him nervously.

Lily: Um Maggie, this is Bill he was just leaving, not interested buddy move along.

Ian goes to walk away.

Maggie: Ian, stop.

Lily and Ian exchange glances.

Maggie: I overheard you. Your voice travels, Lil, I’ve always told you that.

Lily: Damn it Lily. Whisper. (she slaps herself on the forehead)tumblr_inline_mpob7nJFhL1qz4rgp[1]

Ian: Maggie, I’m so sorry for everything- I

Maggie: Don’t be. I know none of this is on you. It’s nice to finally meet you Ian.

She extends her hand, he smiles and shakes it.

Maggie: Thank you for looking out for us. Shall we get some drinks?

Lily: Ian doesn’t drink on the job. (she glances at him, he smirks)

Maggie: Well if he wants to blend in, he can at least get a soda? Right?

Ian: Yea, I guess that works.

maggie meets ianMaggie: Good, now that we’re all acquainted…

She walks off toward the bar.

Lily walks after her.

Ian watches, Lily turns and notices. They both exchange smirks.

Lily: Come on wandering eye, if you’re lucky I’ll let you buy me a drink.

Ian: For the record, by eyes only wander over you.

Lily: Well you sure know how to make a girl blush. Don’t you?

Ian smiles.

Maggie watches from afar.

Ian’s eyes drift to her.

Lily notices.

Lily: Wow. I really am a distraction. (she laughs) I’m sorry I’m making your job so difficult. I know you’re just trying to protect my friend and I should let you.

3160702232_1_6_BohJbeCx[1]Ian: Ah so you’ve decided I’m trustworthy?

Lily: Well I mean I plan to keep a close eye on you. But I’d say I’m a pretty damn good judge of character. When I met Ricky, I knew there were some grey areas to him, but I could tell he was a good guy. I’m getting that same feeling here.

Ian: (smiles) Glad to hear it.

Lily: Well you should consider yourself a pro… two days in, and you’ve already learned my worst character flaw, I can be kind of infuriating.

Ian: (leans in and whispers) I don’t mind.

tumblr_inline_mgjbl9VPZc1rdzz0q[1]Lily looks at him, butterflies forming in her stomach.

Ian: Besides, flaws are what make people different, your flaw makes you beautiful.

Ian smiles, Lily looks up at him.

Maggie: (calls from the bar) Um am I drinking alone here, or what?

Ian: Coming. (He walks off toward Maggie.)

Lily turns around to watch him.

Lily: (to herself) Damn (she fans herself)tumblr_inline_nagc0o59T61so1xk1[1]

Back at the hotel Ricky is on his computer he’s been working for hours.

He types away ferociously, his eyes scanning the screen left and right.

High tech equipment is connecting to the laptop, running and scanning through files.

He squints and his eyes widen

Ricky: Got it. We got him.

He reaches for his phone.

To be continued…


* I do not take credit for any gifs, or any images used in my (crappy) edits or otherwise. *



Love Conflicted- Chapter 8

Previously on Love Conflicted…poster LC

Read Part 7 HERE

Ricky and Maggie stand there holding each other for their last few minutes together.

Ricky kisses her, and his phone rings.

Maggie frowns, looking away.

Ricky sighs and kisses her forehead before pulling his phone out and answering it.

Ricky: Ian, hey.

Ian: I’m downstairs, it’s time for you to go.

Ricky: I know. (pulling Maggie closer to him) I’m leaving now.micky 13

Ricky hangs up and looks down at Maggie.

She begins to tear up again.

Ricky: Hey, hey. (wiping her tears) Don’t cry, please. I’ll never be able to leave you like this.

Maggie: Well then-

Ricky: (cutting her off, with sympathetic eyes) Baby, I have to go. I know you hate this, I hate it too. I know you don’t understand what’s going on, and I wish I could explain it to you, but I just can’t right now. You’re safety is the most important thing and my being here could jeopardize that. I just had to see you once, I couldn’t take it anymore. (rubbing her arms)

Maggie: Well it’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who was going completely insane.

Ricky: Insane doesn’t even begin to cover it, babe.

Maggie smiles slightly and kisses Ricky.tumblr_mi7tm4nZFR1qf2r04o5_250[1]

Ricky: I don’t like my life without you in it. It’s unbearable. I love you. And I will be back. And I promise I will tell you everything and anything that you want to know, when this is all over with. And we’ll be together and we’ll be happy. And nothing will ever be able to tear us away from each other again.

Maggie nods, as she tries to put on a brave face.

Maggie: That’s a lot of Ands.

Ricky: Well we have a long list of things to do, together.

Maggie: Will you be careful? Please. Because I don’t think I could handle losing you a second time-

Ricky: Hey. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll even be extra careful, just for you. (he kisses her nose, sweetly) We’re too close to getting our forever, you think I would mess that up? (he smirks, looking at her as he leans in to kiss her.) micky kiss

Maggie: Is there any way… you’ll be able to contact me when you get wherever you need to go? I just want to know that you’re safe.

Ricky: I’m sure I can manage that.

Maggie smiles.

Ricky: I know this goes without saying, but I was never here. No one can know that I ever was. You have to continue on with pretending I’m gone. Just go to work, live your life. Pretend to miss me, (he smirks, wrapping his arms around her waist.)

Maggie: I won’t have to pretend. I love you so much.

Ricky: Back atcha. (arrogantly touches her chin, smirking knowingly)

Maggie: (playfully punches him in the arm) Say it back! You know I hate that.

Ricky: Like you don’t know I’m crazy about you. (smiles, cupping her face)

Maggie: (shrugs) Still, wouldn’t hurt to hear it again.

Ricky smiles as he walks away from her to finish getting his clothes. Putting on his sweater and his hat he stands near the door.

Maggie: Wow your walking away from me, without saying it, nice. (her hands are planted on her hips)

Ricky smirks, he spins around quickly pulling her into a kiss.tumblr_n4v1mrCksN1tn7ogjo3_1280[1]

Ricky: I love you.

He kisses her again.

After what feels like forever, Ricky pulls away.

Ricky: That was a bad idea.

Maggie:(confused) Why?

Ricky: Because now I really don’t wanna leave you.

maxresdefault[1]Maggie: So then don’t. Just stay. We’ll work it out together. I feel safer with you anyway.

Maggie kisses him willing him to stay, but Ricky pulls away once again.

Ricky: Maggie. Please this is for the best. (she kisses him) I can’t start this, if we can’t finish it. (he grabs her and kisses her yet again.)

Maggie: Whose fault is that? (she squints at him, challenging him)

Ricky: I know. And trust me if I had a time machine I would go back to the day I agreed to this job, and tell those guys to shove it.

tumblr_njbj3dSFOX1qk34klo2_540[1] Maggie kisses him again, as Ricky continues it, kissing her in between sentences.

Ricky: Ok ok, now I really have to go….If I don’t I won’t be able to stop.

Maggie: I’m ok with that. (she kisses him)

tumblr_niljqcmNIE1r3i2gwo3_400[1]Ricky: (sighs) Maggie you’re killing me. And making this 5,000 times more difficult than I thought it’d be, and I knew this would be difficult, but actually going through it, it’s…

Maggie: Ok. I’m sorry. (she moves away from him holding her hands up in mock surrender)

Ricky: Thank you.

Maggie: Go get outta here.tumblr_mqrm3ucVaQ1qfwu1ho5_250[1]

Ricky: (smirks, looking out her apartment door peephole) Cost is clear.

Maggie nods smiling.

Ricky goes to open the door then stops.

Ricky: Ok. One more, for the road.

Maggie smiles and rushes to him, kissing him.tumblr_nild51EDNo1qk34klo2_400[1]

Ricky: Ian will be here if you need anything, you call him, I put his number in your phone, speed dial #2. I’ll see you soon, gorgeous.

Maggie nods.

Ricky opens her apartment door, looking at her.

Ricky: (winking and mouthing) I love you (as he puts on his sunglasses)

Maggie: (whispers) I love you. (she waves slightly)

Ricky leaves and Maggie’s tears fall.

She takes out her cell phone.tumblr_mbuv0iZTz61qb6vb1o3_250[1]

Lily: Hey love…

tumblr_m838dr8fW01rr7350[1]Maggie: Hey…where do you wanna do that lunch…

Ricky makes it out of the building unrecognized, through the back entrance.

He passes by Ian and nods. Ian nods back. There’s an obvious, invisible code, these two share. Ricky takes out his phone and dials.

Ian: Hey…how was it?

Ricky: Awful to leave her, but amazing to see her. Pretty much the worst bittersweet experience of my life.normal_Revenge416-2456[1]

Ian: The sooner we fix this, the sooner she’s all yours again.

Ricky: Yea. I can’t wait. I’m heading back to the hotel. You’ll watch her?

Ian: Like a hawk.

Ricky: Thanks man. She knows about you, that you’re here. But she knows not to engage unless necessary. I can’t say the same for Lily. (he laughs) So you might wanna keep yourself prepped. Maggie will probably be meeting Lily for lunch soon. Just follow, keep your distance.

Ian: You got it. Hang in there.tumblr_n4yex1BeFp1qzogsfo3_500[1]

Ricky: I’m trying to.

Ricky hangs up and walks in the direction towards his hotel room; a man on a mission to fix things and get his girl back as soon as possible. Because in Ricky’s heart and mind he knew soon couldn’t come soon enough.

To be continued…


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Love Conflicted- Chapter 7

Previously on Love Conflictedposter LC

Read Part 6 HERE

ricky spies on maggie tumblr_nic86frUnA1rays90o2_500[1] kisss tumblr_ljoss25X7F1qg2pbdo1_500[1]


maybe eh

The sunlight casts a golden glow on Maggie’s bedroom, lighting up her face as it lay on Ricky’s chest. Ricky and Maggie lay in her bed, wrapped in each other’s arms. Maggie had dozed back off. Ricky is wide awake and can’t help but stare at Maggie. She’s the most beautiful she’s ever looked.

Ricky glances at the clock on her nightstand. His hour is almost up. He stares at Maggie, wanting to memorize every detail of her face.

How am I supposed to leave her? he thinks.

Ricky untangles himself from Maggie’s arms and makes his way out of bed. He grabs a pair of sweats and pulls them on, and heads into her kitchen for some coffee.

A few minutes later, Maggie wakes up. In a sleepy fog, she stretches her arms above her head, basking in the sunlight. She smiles to herself, looking to her side she notices the space near her is empty. She instantly feels sick. Her heart drops.

love scene

Maggie: No, no. (she whispers to herself, tears beginning to form, she covers her face with her hands and pulls her pillow into her chest, hugging it tightly, pulling her knees in.)

It was all a dream, she thinks.

Ricky walks in a few minutes later. He leans against the door frame.

Ricky: Hey gorgeous. (he takes a sip of his coffee)

Maggie’s head shoot up hearing his voice.

Ricky sees her face, and is instantly alarmed.

Ricky: Maggie, baby…what’s wrong? (he rushes over to her placing his coffee cup on her end table.)

Maggie shakes her head, Ricky sits next to her cupping her face, willing her to talk to him.

Ricky: Did you have a bad dream?

Maggie: Something like that.

Ricky: What was it? (he wipes her tears away with his thumbs.)tears reunion

Maggie: I just thought…I just thought maybe I really did lose you. And maybe everything that happened earlier was just in my head. (she looks down)

Ricky: Hey. (he lifts up her chin, to face him) I’m so sorry.

Maggie: I know. (she kisses his hand as it cups her face)

Maggie stares at Ricky for a beat.

Ricky: What? (he pushes her hair behind her ear)

Maggie: Oh. (snapping out of her daze) I just can’t believe you’re really here with me.

Ricky: I know, I missed you so much. (he leans in and kisses her)micky kiss 2

Maggie: So what happened…where have you been?

Ricky: I don’t want to waste time getting into specifics…

Maggie: Waste time-what do you….

Ricky looks at her with sad eyes, knowing very well she’s not going to like what he has to say.

Maggie: No.

Ricky: Baby-

Maggie: No! (she stands up abruptly, Ricky sighs not wanting her out of reach) No. I just got you back. And you’re gonna seriously try and sit here and tell me, you’re leaving somewhere again. Absolutely not!

Ricky:(reaching for her) I know that this is frustrating-

Maggie: Frustrating? FRUSTRATING? No. Ricky thinking you were dead this whole time has not been frustrating, it was debilitating. It was heartbreaking. It wrecked me! I fell apart.

Ricky: I know Maggie, baby, I know. (he takes her hands into his) It was wrecking me too. I hated being away from you. But it was the only way I knew I could keep you safe. With everything that happened I-

Maggie: Wait a minute. (starting to pull away from him) This was all your idea?

Ricky looks at her nervously, trying to pull her back to him.

Maggie: So you chose…to stay away from me? (she continues to distance herself) To make me think you were dead? This was all some elaborate story…

Ricky: Maggie…Maggie you have to understand, what I am up against, the kind of mind games and tricks this agency is all about.

Maggie: What happened? Just tell me what happened. Don’t I at least deserve that much?

Ricky: You deserve so much. You deserve to know the whole truth.

Maggie: And why do I get the feeling, that’s not going to happen here, (she says folding her arms.)

Ricky notices, he notices the sure fire sign, that she’s shutting down.

why didnt you tell meRicky: Don’t do that. Don’t put your walls up, not now. And please stop walking away from me. Do you know how hard it’s been not having you in my arms. Now that you are, don’t pull away from me, please.

Maggie: Are you kidding me? I have a pretty good idea of what you’ve been going through. (she huffs and rolls her eyes) What do you want Ricky? How do you expect me to feel.

Ricky: God. I just wanna- (he walks over to her, cupping her face in his hands he pulls her into a kiss)tumblr_nild51EDNo1qk34klo2_400[1]Ricky didn’t have anything else on his mind, other than being with Maggie. All their past mishaps, and arguments, were of no interest to him. He just wanted Maggie.

Maggie: (she unfolds her arms, and wraps them around Ricky’s neck) Ricky. I love you. And I am so incredibly happy and thrilled and just overjoyed that you are here and that you are alive, but you do not get to pull this on me right now. My walls are up because yours are. That’s what this is. I can’t give you everything in me, if you don’t do the same.

Ricky: You have me. I’m here.

Maggie: Yea for how long?

Ricky: (glancing at the clock, he sighs) About 15 more minutes. (he winces)

Maggie: (shakes her head) I can’t believe this is happening. Why would you come here, only to leave again…why not just wait until you knew it was safe for us to be together?

Ricky: Maggie, baby trust me, ok if I could stay and still fix things from here, I would. But there’s a lot that needs to be dealt with before we can be together. Before we can both be safe.

Maggie: What does that mean? Are we not safe right now? (she looks around her bedroom nervously.)

Ricky: Well let’s just say you’re covered, but I have quite a pretty penny on my head right about now.

Maggie: What! Like a bounty hunter type of deal? Ricky! Nothing your saying is making sense right now. What’s going on? You’re scaring me.

Ricky: Shh. Stop. I don’t want you to be scared. You don’t need to be scared. The less you know the safer you’ll stay. But I’m not here for any of that.

Maggie: Then why are you here?

Ricky: Why do you think? (he kisses her.) And I’m sorry I wasn’t here…for you… with the baby…micky kiss

Maggie looks at him, stunned.

Maggie: How do you know-

Ricky: I have my ways. (he smirks)

Maggie: Care to share?

Ricky: I had my partner, bug your living room. (he smiles sheepishly)

Maggie: You what? Who?

Ricky: Ian.

Maggie: Ian?

tumblr_mqrm3ucVaQ1qfwu1ho6_250[1]Maggie looks up at Ricky, she’s starting to connect the dots a bit.

Ricky: Ian’s a good guy. He’s the only friend I have helping me through this. He’s helping me clear this mess up. He’s also been the one looking out for you while I’ve been gone. He’s the only one I’d trust with your safety.

Maggie: Ok? And-

tumblr_ngeio0Dc4x1twe2lto1_250[1]Ricky: Maggie. I’m so sorry about the baby. I wish I could have been here with you. I hate that I wasn’t here for you. I wish you would have told me. I understand why you didn’t. But-

Maggie: Well (walking away from his arms) it doesn’t really matter much, I’m not pregnant so-there is no baby.

Ricky: It matters to me. (he grabs her hand)

Maggie looks at him, her eyes tearing up.

Ricky: Will you talk to me about this, please?

Maggie: I’d rather not.

Ricky: Why?

Maggie. Because I don’t want to talk about it.

Ricky: Why?

Maggie: Because it hurts.

Ricky: Maggie you know that we can always try again, right? We can try until it happens. This isn’t over.

Maggie: That’s not the point Ricky? The point is that I didn’t know that. I sat here for a week thinking you were dead. Thinking that I missed my chance. And I prayed for it to be a mistake for that stupid negative to be false. I wanted it to positive, because then I’d always have a piece of you with me, whether you were dead or not, whether we were together or not, I just wanted something that would connect us always.

Ricky’s eyes begin to tear.

Maggie: But you knew. You knew you’d see me again. You had the truth to hold onto. I had memories and pain.

Ricky: I’m sorry.

Maggie: I don’t want you to be sorry. I may not like what you did. But I do know that you love me.

Ricky: Ain’t that the truth. (he smiles through his tear stained cheeks)

Maggie:(softens her gaze) And I know that you wouldn’t have done what you did, if you thought  there was any other way.

Ricky: I just want to keep you safe. You’re the love of my life Maggie. (he smiles, tears rolling down his cheeks)

Maggie: (crying) You’re the love of my life too. (they kiss) And I’m sorry I wasted any time making you question that. I knew how much I loved you, but with your job-I was just scared.

Ricky: Yea I got that. (he brushes her hair from her face)

Maggie: This past week has been hell, I went over every last thing I said to you. I hated the way I handled things. I’m sorry I ever let you leave without giving you the answer you deserved. Without letting you know how much I still wanted to be with you.

Ricky: I knew. (he cups her face, smiling at her) I’m sorry too. But none of that matters now.

Maggie kisses him. tumblr_mi7tm4nZFR1qf2r04o5_250[1]

Ricky: When I heard about the pregnancy scare, I knew I had to see you.

Maggie: Well, I’m really glad you did. (she smiles through her tears)

Ricky smiles.

Maggie: I don’t wanna fight with you. Especially if  I only have you for (glances at the clock) 10 more minutes.

Ricky: Thank you. I love you so much.

Maggie: Come hold me until you have to leave.

Ricky smiles walking over to her and pulling her into a tight hug. He kisses her forehead. Maggie hugs him tighter, and looks up at him. He leans down and kisses her.

Maggie: You promise you’ll come back?

Ricky: I promise.

Maggie: You better. Because if you don’t I will hunt you down myself, and kick your ass. (she pushes him away, he smiles and pulls her into a kiss.)micky 13

Ricky: Trust me, nothing in this world, is going to keep me away from you.

Maggie smiles up at Ricky, and touches his face in adoration.

Maggie’s phone rings.

She picks it up, and walks back toward Ricky, who wraps her back in his arms.

Maggie: Hello?

Lily: Hey…how’s it going? How you feeling?

Ricky: (brings his finger to his lips, whispering) Shh.

Maggie: Better.

Lily: Yea?

kissesssssRicky smiles, kissing her neck, and pulling her closer.

Maggie: Yea. I’m much better.

Lily: That’s great. Do you want to meet up for lunch?

Maggie: Yea sure. I’ll call you back in a bit, ok?

Lily: Sure… tumblr_mwnz1pZSVz1qdoecso1_r1_250[1]

Maggie hangs up and kisses Ricky.

Lily hangs up too and looks at her phone surprised at Maggie’s sudden shift in mood.

Then returns her attention to the little kids running around her classroom, playing games and singing silly songs.


* I do not take credit for any gifs, or any images used in my (crappy) edits or otherwise. *


Love Conflicted- Chapter 6

Previously on Love Conflicted

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Due to sexual content

Due to sexual content

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This chapter is a little riskier than most…in regards to sexual content. But it’s rather timid, I think. This is just a slight warning. I find I censor things a lot on this blog, and in my storytelling, because I’m unsure how to proceed without it being received as a trashy, tacky, overly done love scene. I’m a writer, I have to bite the bullet some time and post a freakin love scene. If any of you read my other series Mysterious Attraction, you know I shied away from sex scenes, they were rather implied than actually spoken of, or described to any major extent. When the truth is I’m a romantic at heart (you guys know that), I believe in love and well sexual scenes are bound to come up in love stories. There’s just no way around them. As a writer I need to learn to write out of my comfort zone. So in this chapter things get a little sexy. Let’s all blush now and get it over with. We’re all adults here. (I hope) And hey if you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey (which you bet your ass I have)…this will be Disney rated in comparison. Haha. Enjoy!

tumblr_mwq04o7S6O1qax2xho4_r1_250[1]Ian stands outside a door. He scans the hallway, before knocking three times.

The door opens, and Ricky stands there.

Ricky: What are you doing here? Who’s watching Maggie?

iannnIan: Her friend Lily is staying the night. And I have an off duty friend keeping an eye on the building.

Ricky: What friend? Ian we didn’t agree to any extra people knowing about this. It’s supposed to be you. You’re the only one I trust.

Ian: Look the guy doesn’t have a clue what we’re doing. He doesn’t know about you. He just thinks he’s plain old security. I told him to just call me if anything suspicious comes up. Besides Lily is onto me. If Maggie gets wind of me. You’re screwed. We’re both screwed.

Ricky: Yea that makes sense. Did you have a chance to-

Ian: I only had a 1 minute window, while they were on their way back home, I snuck in, the mic is under her living room lamp shade. We should be able to hear anything they say, and anything that happens we’ll know about it. It’ll help us keep her safe.

Ricky: Ok good. Dial us in.

Ian pulls out some equipment from a duffel back he was carrying.ian and rikcy

He fiddles around on his laptop and soon Lily’s voice is heard, filling the small hotel room.

Lily: Here’s your tea sweetie.

Lily and Maggie are sitting in Maggie’s living room on the couch in their pajamas.

Maggie: Thanks. sleepover

Ricky’s head shoots up at the sound of Maggie’s voice.

Lily: Are you feeling any better?

Maggie: (laughs with dryness) This tea is much needed. But I can’t say it’s exactly a cure-all. Nothing is. He’s not here, and I can’t change that.

Ricky winces, hearing Maggie’s upset tone.00224_zps265b34a6[1]

Lily: What can I do?

Maggie: You’re doing it. You’re here. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have you here. You’re the only one who knew us, as an us.

Lily smiles taking her friend’s hand.

Ricky sits down in a chair, listening intently as Ian joins him.

Maggie takes a sip of her tea.

tumblr_nlrzsuE37S1txp1h4o2_500[1]Lily: Tell me a story.

Maggie: What?

Lily: Tell me a story about Ricky. About the two of you. Let’s remember him, let’s remember how much he loved you. How much you loved each other.
Maggie: I don’t know if I can handle that right now- (she chokes out, tears starting to form yet again.)

Lily: Ok, fine, I’ll start it.

Lily scans the room, and grabs a picture.

Lily: Ah what about this one? Tell me the story behind this night.

Maggie shakes her head.tumblr_mqrm3ucVaQ1qfwu1ho4_250[1]

Lily: You guys went to that fancy dinner party…the one that hosted your favorite author’s new book launch- or something? Right?

Maggie: Yea. (she smiles, taking the photo from her hand)

Ricky smiles knowing which picture.

micky 5

Ian glances over at his friend.

As the girls talk, the guys reactions are intertwined accordingly. Ricky is spying on his girlfriend, who thinks he’s dead. In his mind he thinks he’s just doing so to make sure she stays safe. A way to be there without actually being there. But what he finds out next, will make him feel a range of emotions.

Lily: (smiling) Pretty sure a lot more happened that night…if I remember correctly.

Maggie blushes and smiles, adverting her eyes.

Lily: Talk to me. Tell me. I know it’s hard. But I think it’s what you need. You need to talk about him. You need to grieve.

Maggie: (takes a breath) That night was the first night he spent here with me.

Lily: And was it amazing? (she teases her smile infectious)

Maggie: Lily you know this story. I’ve told you it before.

ricky and ian frieIan looks at Ricky who is smiling hearing her voice, but the sadness in his eyes matches the sadness in his heart for not being able to be with her.

Lily: Refresh my memory.

Maggie: Lily.

Lily: Maggie? Trust me on this okay. You need this. You’re trying so hard to suppress how he made you feel, because you’re hurting, but that’s just making you hurt even more. Let it in. Let him in. He won’t let you down. I promise you. Trust him. Trust his love. Trust his memory. That’s what’s gonna get you through this. Well that and tequila.

Maggie laughs.

Ricky and Ian exchange glances and small chuckles.

Ian: She’s good.

Ricky: She always is. Lily never questioned Maggie and I. It’s what I always loved about her. She’s the perfect friend to be helping Maggie through this. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Lily: So….(coaxing her on, to tell the story behind the photo.)

Maggie: The book preview ran late, and Ricky and I didn’t drive, because well there was a wine bar.

Lily: Duh?

Maggie: (laughs) And I was going to take the train home, but Ricky insisted on paying for a cab. He didn’t want me going home late alone. He walked me up to my apartment door, and I always thought that he had a hidden agenda. He had asked the cab driver to wait, but I could have sworn I saw him sneak and pay the guy before he left the car. As if he kind of knew it was gonna happen.

Lily: Ricky…you sly sly dog.

Ricky and Ian laugh.tumblr_nji5630ttC1tjodfqo2_500[1]

Ian: Did you?

Ricky: Hey… I was only going off of her leads.

Maggie: (laughs) No no. I’m pretty sure he was just going off of my body language. I wasn’t exactly keeping my hands to myself that night.

Ricky smiles and points at Ian.

Lily: So you’re the sly dog?

Maggie: No. I just knew what I wanted. And I wasn’t about to sit around and wait for it, when I knew it was what he wanted too. Sometimes we just get in our own ways, and we waste so much time. I was over it. I wanted him. He wanted me. So I dove.

Ricky’s eyebrow cocks up at Maggie’s boldness.

Lily: That’s my girl.

Maggie: So he walked me to my door, we kissed goodnight, and that escalated rather quickly (she laughs) and then before I knew it clothes were everywhere and it was just kind of… happening. And he was amazing and sweet and sexy…so so sexy. My god…Ricky is one sexy man.

Ricky and Ian are laughing.

Ian: Damn Rick. I’m just learning so much about you.

Ricky: (laughs) You shouldn’t be hearing this.

Ian: What Lily knows the story, and I can’t? (he kids)

Ricky: Well if you’re gonna listen shh, I’ve never heard her side of this story. (he smirks, listening intently)

Maggie: I just remember thinking, if I could pick one man to do this with, for the rest of my life. It’d be him. Hands down.

Ricky smiles.tumblr_nji5630ttC1tjodfqo1_500[1]

Maggie: There was something about being with him that electrified everything in me. It was kind of like taking a shot of tequila without a chaser, you know that flutter you get in your stomach, this was like that, but better. Way better.

Lily: That’s a new description, I don’t remember you throwing that one out the first time you told me this story. I would have remembered that. Damn that sounds hot. Phew. (Lily fans herself dramatically, as the girls share a laugh.)

Ricky covers his face slightly embarrassed but even more so pleased by Maggie’s description of their first time together. He never heard her describe it.

Lily: It was never just sex with Ricky. You know I don’t think you truly know what making love is, until you really feel every movement being made. You can get swept up in lust and miss so much. But love; it’s poetic, it’s gentle, it’s raunchy, it’s aggressive, it’s needy, it’s kind; all in one. And that kind of thing, that kind of feeling, that kind of connection to another human being, it’s once in a lifetime. And that’s how it’s supposed to be. Or at least that’s how it should be. We go through life, thinking we need to hop from one person to the next. In fear of settling down. That if we do that too quickly, it’s somehow against the rules. Well I’ve followed rules my entire life. And now at work, I set them. And I was tired of it. I was tired of feeling trapped. Meeting Ricky was the best thing that ever happened to me. He woke me up. He helped me live. And even though he’s gone, I am so glad I got to experience all of that with him.

Ricky’s eyes well up and he brushes his hands over his face.tumblr_niljqcmNIE1r3i2gwo3_400[1]

Ian: (noticing) Dude. I can’t understand how you can do this…do you hear her?

Ricky: Look I get that this sucks. Ok? That most certainly is not lost on me. But this is the only way I know that she will be safe.

Ian: It’s killing her.

Ricky: You don’t think I know that. You don’t think it’s tearing me apart, knowing that I’m hurting her. Knowing I can’t be there with her. It’s killing me. It is physically wrecking me. I’m half between delirium and losing my mind here, Ian. I’m not doing this just to do it. I’m doing it because I love her, and if anything were to happen to her because of me, I couldn’t live with myself.

Ian: I just- I know. But it’s not easy being the one who has to face it head on. I’m the one that had to tell her you were dead. I’m the one that has to see the pain on her face everyday.

Ricky: Dude, really. Not helping.

iannnIan: I’m sorry. But that feisty Lily nearly bit my head off. She’s onto us. I think she may even think you’re alive too. I may have slipped up in my choice of words.

Ricky looks at him.

Ricky: You are the worst CIA agent ever.

Ian: Ricky I’m sorry man she just caught me off guard, and she’s really kinda sexy, I kinda lost my cool for a minute. It won’t happen again. Now I know what to expect with her. I can be more prepared. I swear man, I’m so sorry.

Ricky starts laughing.

Ian looks at him confused.

Ricky: I’m messing with you. Look I get it ok? The right girl can distract you from anything, even the most important job. One look and you’re a goner. Trust me I know.

Ian: Is that what happened with you and Maggie?

Ricky: Pretty much, I was on an assignment, things backfired and I found myself in the middle of a disaster that I needed a break from. I happened to be in the right place at right time, and bumped into Maggie. Seeing her just kind of made everything else melt away. I didn’t even know her. But something in me knew I had to protect her.

Ian: Well Lily, she doesn’t need my protection. You don’t think she’ll tell Maggie what she suspects, do you?

Ricky: (laughs) She would never tell Maggie, not now. Not unless she was positive about the whole situation. That girl is tough. She looks out for her friends.

Ian: I can tell. I kinda like her though, she’s got something about her. I can’t stop thinking about her. (he grabs a beer out of Ricky’s mini fridge)

Ricky: Oh yea that whole feisty tough girl routine, that’ll reel you in quick. But Lily’s also a sweetheart. She’s been a really good friend to me and my girl. If you’re gonna look to go for her, be careful. Treat her well. She’s a good one.

Ian: Just like Maggie.

Ricky: Just like my Maggie. (he smiles, looking at the picture of him and Maggie)

micky pic 3

Ian: What’s that?

Lily and Maggie are chatting about Maggie possibly coming back to work their voices trail off in the background of the hotel, as Ian and Ricky continue to talk.

Ricky: (hands Ian the photo) This was like a week after we met. I took her to this concert she had been going on and on about, and I remember just looking over at her, and she was just bobbing to the music, singing along. And everything just kind of clicked for me. This girl was perfect. And life was simple. I was normal. And I knew she was the one. She was it. 30 seconds later, I told her I loved her.

Ian: Wait a minute and this was one week into your relationship?

Ricky: One week. 7 perfect days. Each one better than the next. (he takes a sip of his beer)

Ian: You didn’t think it was too soon? You weren’t worried she’d get freaked out and scared off?

Ricky: Why? I live my life by risks. I risk my life every day for stupid shit, that doesn’t even really matter to me. What did I really have to lose? The way I saw it, I had more to lose by not telling her. By letting her go without her knowing how hard I had fallen. When you know you just know. And seeing her, and being near her, getting to know her, I just knew.

Ian: So what’d she say?

Ricky: She laughed at first, I don’t think she knew I was being serious right away. Then the laughter turned into this kind of nervous giggle. (he laughs) Her nervous laugh, my god, it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see, or hear. She began to ramble about how she was caught off guard and how she didn’t know what to say, so I just grabbed her and kissed her. (he shrugs) I didn’t want anything from her. I just wanted her to know. I knew I was moving fast, so I really wasn’t expecting her to say it back. But 30 seconds later, she did. And I don’t think I have ever been happier. She changed my life.

Ian nods.

Lily’s voice cuts through their conversation like a knife.

Lily: Why didn’t you tell Ricky about the baby?

Ricky’s focus shifts and his head shoots up.ian and rikcy

Ian’s eyes go wide.

Maggie: I tried, but not hard enough. I just could never find the right time or place. There was so much going on with us. We were so up and down and I wasn’t sure I was even really pregnant. I didn’t wanna get things even more crazy complicated for no reason. Turns out I was right not to make a big deal about it, right?

Ricky: Oh my god.

He stands up pacing, starting to freak out.

Lily: You know he would have wanted to be with you, if he knew.

sleepoverMaggie: I know. But everything just happened so fast and I just never got to tell him it was even a possibility. And then when I knew it wasn’t anymore, it was too late. Now that Ricky’s gone and I know I’m not pregnant. It’s just too late. It’s too late for anything.

Ricky’s confusion is evident.

Ricky: (to Ian) Did you know about any of this?

Ian: No Rick, not at all. I just set up the mic before I came to you.

Ricky: Oh my god. She thought she was pregnant? I can’t even believe this. I can’t believe that I’m not there with her, for this. She’s probably freaking out… on another level now!

Ian nods knowingly.

Ian: Ricky, man. I’m so sorry. If I would have heard anything, I definitely would have told you sooner.

Ricky is pacing his hotel room, trying to decide something.

Ricky: I need to see her.

Ian: Ricky?

Ricky: You need to get me in there… I need to see her. I can’t let her go through this without me. Not this. This is too big.

Ian: You know what you’re risking right?

Ricky: I can protect her. I just need to see her. Ian, man, please. I just need a few hours.

Ian: Ok, I can get you in there. But you have to wear a disguise, stay hidden, don’t draw any attention to yourself whatsoever. And you can’t stay long. One hour tops.

Ricky: I got it.

Ian: You need to be careful Rick. I mean it. Otherwise all of this will be for nothing.

Ricky: I know. I’m so close to getting to be with her again, full time. I’m not about to ruin it. I’ll be careful. I’ll be fine.

Ian: Ok. But here. (handing him some things to disguise himself) I’ll drive.

Very early that morning around 5 am, Ricky makes his way toward Maggie’s apartment door. He’s wearing a black hoodie, dark jeans, a black beanie and black sunglasses.

He listens to the feed from Maggie’s apartment in his ear. Lily is just about leaving.

He hides in the shadows of the hallway.

Maggie opens the door as Lily exits the apartment.

Ricky catches a glimpse of Maggie. Her eyes all puffy and red. He just wants to rush over to her and take her in his arms and stop her pain.

Lily: I just wanted to run home to change before work. Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?

Maggie: Yes I’ll be fine.

Lily: You call me, if you need anything. Ok? Anything. Any time. Don’t hesitate. Ok?tumblr_ll0l3pdDDf1qakgyy[1]

Maggie: I will. Thank you Lil- I don’t know what I would do without you.

Lily: You’ll never have to find out.

The girls hug each other tightly, and then Lily leaves.

Maggie gets a feeling. She scans the hallway. Ricky hides back in the shadows away from her eyesight. Maggie shakes it off and goes back inside. She goes into the bathroom to take a shower.

Ricky carefully and quietly picks her apartment door lock, and lets himself in.

He hears the shower running. He looks around the apartment, taking off his hat and glasses. He’s walking around touching each picture of them as he does. He walks into her bedroom and sits on her bed. He brushes his hand over the soft blanket. He has a flashback of him and Maggie kissing the night they first were together in her apartment. He closes his eyes and remembers. He opens them and leans over to her vanity. He picks up her favorite perfume bottle and sniffs it. That’s My Maggie, he thinks.

ricky spies on maggie

Then he hears her voice. She’s humming a song. Their song. The song they first danced to. He smiles, following her voice. He walks into the bathroom. Her silhouette is shown through the shower door. Her body is perfect, he thinks. Ricky doesn’t want to jump the gun too soon. He doesn’t want to frighten her. He doesn’t want her freaking out and getting hurt. She thinks he’s dead after all. But he needed to be near her. He needed to touch her. And he couldn’t wait another minute. Ricky takes off his shoes opens the door slightly, climbing in, fully dressed.

Maggie feeling the draft and a presence turns to be met my Ricky’s lips on hers.

Maggie feeling the familiar body starts kissing him back.tumblr_nic86frUnA1rays90o2_500[1]

Ricky pulls away just enough to stare into her eyes.

Ricky: Hello gorgeous.

Maggie stares at him, dumbfounded.

Maggie: Ricky!

Ricky: Hey baby. (he smiles brightly)

Maggie: What are you-? How are you-?

kisssRicky: Do you really think I could ever leave you?

Maggie: But you-

Ricky: Shh. Just say hi- (he cups her face.)

Maggie: Hi, (she chokes out before he kisses her again, she wraps her arms around him, and he pulls her closer to him.)

Ricky unzips his sweater, while Maggie begins to help him disguard his clothes.

Ricky lifts Maggie up as he continues to kiss her, the water pours down over them. At that moment, whether Maggie thought she was just imagining him or not, nothing else mattered.



Well…Ricky and Maggie had quite the “steamy” reunion…(steamy…shower, get it? harty har har) What do you think is next for these two lovebirds? Are they out of the woods yet? And it was pretty timid stuff right? Nothing too crazy? I have to admit I was nervous to post this. But what the hell. Tell me what you think!

Find out where this love story goes next, when Love Conflicted  continues this Thursday! 😀

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Love Conflicted- Chapter 5

Previously on Love Conflicted…LC poster

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Maggie’s apartment is a little brighter somehow. Maybe it’s because the shades are finally open or maybe it’s the presence of a friend to hold her hand during this heartbreaking time. Lily sits aside her on the couch.talking

Maggie: I don’t know Lil, something in me just can’t comprehend this. I feel like it’s not real. Half the time I can’t even get out of bed, and when I do well this is what I look like. It’s indescribable, how bad this hurts.

Lily knowingly nods and takes her friend’s hand.

Lily: Why don’t we take a walk? I’ll buy you lunch. The fresh air and carbs will do you good.

Maggie:(shrugging) Ok. Yea.

Lily: Yea?

Maggie: I’ve been living off of cereal. So…

Lily: Well then I think it’s time we change that, huh? Come on. I got ya.

Lily pulls Maggie into a side hug and leads her toward the door.walking

Maggie and Lily walk down the street toward a little coffee house. Its mid-day approaching night fall. People are walking about; busy and having places to go and people to see. Maggie hasn’t seen outdoors let alone any actual sunlight in a week. Her mind is still housing an out of body foggy feeling. But she can’t deny that it did feel good to be out. Maggie breathes in the fresh air, as her heart beats a little steadier having a friend in this.[1]

Lily ushers her into the coffee house, but as she does something wills her to take a scan of her surroundings. She notices a few parked cars, all vacant except one. She thinks for a brief second that it’s odd but then returns her attention to Maggie as they walk into the coffee house.

Coffee houseLily and Maggie are seated. And have ordered some Paninis and coffee.

Maggie looks around her eyes adjusting to the world again.

“Could she even do something like that, adjust to a world that Ricky is no longer a part of?”  She thinks, as she sips her coffee.

Maggie: You know even so, even after I got that call, I still felt…I feel  like he’s somehow still out there, and I know that sounds crazy but-

Lily: I don’t think it sounds crazy at all. In fact maybe he is. I mean you guys always had a really intense connection. You could always tell what was going on with him. Besides who is this Ian person anyway, who’s to say he’s telling the truth. Maybe there’s more to the story.

Maggie: Oh I know for a fact that there’s more to the story. He just can’t…or won’t tell me it. But please god let’s not go there. Please don’t put false hope in my head. I can’t lose him a second time.

Lily: Ok, ok. I know. I’m sorry. I’m just saying if you feel something, maybe there’s a reason. What does your heart tell you?

Maggie: (tearing up) That Ricky and I were nowhere near done. He’s the love of my life. (She shrugs) The time we spent apart, me trying to fight it, it was all useless. It was a waste of time, time I could have spent with him.

Lily takes her friend’s hand from across the table, and she smiles showcasing her true empathy.

Lily: I’m so so sorry that you’re going through all of this. I wish I could change it for you.

Maggie: You know I kept thinking why was I so calm about waiting to find out if I was really pregnant. I just kept putting it off. And you know not knowing is not my thing.

Lily: Yea, you’re not exactly a fly by your seat kind of girl. (She takes a sip of her coffee)

Maggie:(shaking her head) No, not at all. But the more I kept putting it off, the more I began to realize that it wasn’t because I was scared of it being positive…or scared of choosing to be with him, quite frankly my heart already chose him for me…I love him. I was scared that it wouldn’t be positive. And it wasn’t. I would have been ok with it being positive…I would have been more than ok with having a baby with him. I wanted that life…and not just in general… but with him. I always have. And now I’m never going to get to have that. And I wish I was pregnant, now more than ever, because then at least I’d have a piece of him with me forever. And maybe that sounds selfish but-

Lily: It doesn’t.

Maggie: I just- I can’t-

Lily moves over to the other side and hugs her friend tighter.

Maggie: (crying harder, and wiping her tears from her cheeks) I just keep thinking, did he know…I mean did he really know how much I love him?

Lily: He knew. Anyone who got the rare chance to catch a glimpse of your relationship, could tell. Trust me, he knew. And he loved you just the same.

The-Vampire-Diaries-3x14-Dangerous-Liaisons-HD-Screencaps-caroline-forbes-28981119-1280-720[1]Through the coffee house window, sits a man in a parked car, watching way more intently than any normal bystander should. The same car and man from before. He looks like he’s on a mission and upon comforting Maggie in her time of need, Lily takes notice. The man looks away.


Lily: Hey, why don’t I take you back home, ok? It’s getting late, you should rest.

Maggie: Yea I think I’ve had enough of the world for today. (She laughs with little amusement)

Lily leaves money on the table and ushers her friend out. As they leave Lily notices the car and the man inside are gone. She drapes her arm over Maggie’s shoulder and walks her home.

side hug

Lily is returning from dropping Maggie off at home and notices the same car from the coffee house is parked this time right across from Maggie’s building, adjacent to her apartment window.

Inside the car sits a man, talking on a cell phone, the conversation seems rather heated.

“She’s not alone, her friend came over…a blonde. No she’s not okay. No, she’s a mess. What do you expect? Whatever…look-”

Lily stops and stares at the car. She couldn’t hear what the man was saying but she had a feeling he’d been watching her and Maggie. And Lily was not about to let that cleavage

Lily walks over to the car and knocks hard on the window. The man gets startled and hangs up his phone quickly.

He rolls his window down, peering up at Lily.

“Can I help you?” He says.

Lily leans down, and comes face to face with a handsome, blue eyed man. Lily smiles brightly, her cleavage just enough to divert the man’s attention for a second.

normal_Revenge416-2456[1]Lily: (noticing) Eyes up here buddy.

The man slightly embarrassed, mentally kicking himself for being so obvious locks eyes with hers.

(Laughs) “Can I help you?” He repeats.

car window

Lily: Yea, you can…why the hell are you following my friend?

The man looks shocked at her clever eye.

Lily: Because I have to tell you if you’re supposed to be discreet, you’re doing a really shitty job. I spotted you from the minute I came over to visit her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lily: (glares at him) You’re never going to get rid of me with that lie.

“Look I can’t say anything-I’m just doing my job. There are serious things going on. I’m just trying to keep your friend safe.”

Lily: You’re Ian…aren’t you?

The man looks at her, unsure of what to say.

tumblr_n1vi73F5d11rjqfn9o8_500[1]Lily: (smiles flirtatiously) Your silence speaks volumes.

Even when she’s being bossy, Lily had this way of being sexy. The man remains tightlipped, which only frustrates Lily more. She huffs, opens the car door and gets in the passenger seat. The man looks at her in even more shock than when she first called him out.

car talk 2Lily: Let’s pretend I actually believe you. If you are this Ian person, that means you know what actually happened to Ricky. And in all honesty just the fact that little old me was enough to rattle your cage and throw you off your game, speaks for itself. If you ask me, I think there’s more to this story.

“With all due respect but I didn’t ask you,” He says.

Lily: (smiles) Minor Detail. (She shrugs) If you think I’m going to let you off the hook, without sharing, you are seriously mistaken handsome. But don’t worry I know how to keep a secret.

He looks at her…dumbfounded…yet again. This girl has some guts. I could be a psycho, He thinks.

Ian: (sighs heavily) My name is Ian. I work with Ricky. And I really am just trying to keep an eye on Maggie. There are a lot of unresolved things going on right now, and while you’re sitting here distracting me, she could be in danger.

Lily: (narrows her gaze) Fine, get back to work then. Maybe be a little more stealth about it, huh? Don’t need you drawing any extra attention, to an already delicate situation. But remember I’m onto you. And if you think I’m leaving Maggie alone tonight, you’ve got another thing coming. I don’t trust you for shit.

Ian: I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re smart not to.

Lily steps out of the car and turns to walk away, but stops.

Lily: (bends down to peer through the window again) Do you work or did you work with Ricky? Because you said and I quote “I work with Ricky,” as in present tense.

Ian: An oversight. I guess it’s been hard adapting. I’m sure your friend Maggie has made mistakes like that over the past week.

Lily: Hmmm? Interesting. Men in the CIA are always so keen, so on their game, their attention to detail can be astounding.

Ian is shocked at her knowledge. Lily was the only friend who knew about Ricky’s secret life. Lily was also the only one who got to truly witness how in love Ricky and Maggie really were. The rest of the world thought they were just casual acquaintances. It took work, but they both gave it their all, because they knew it was worth it, just to be together.

Ian: Can being the operative word. Loss will affect anybody, anytime, anywhere.

Lily: Maybe.

normal_Revenge416-2431[1]Ian: Besides, information like that in the wrong hands (he shrugs, looking her over) can be dangerous. You know a little too much, bright eyes.

Lily: Are you threatening me? Or flirting with me?

Ian: Neither. Or maybe both. Or maybe just the latter. (He smirks) I’ll leave it up to your interpretation. But don’t worry, I’ll keep my eye on you too, just in case.

Lily: (laughs sarcastically) Oh I bet you will. But I’d rather take my chances defending myself, you’retumblr_inline_mw9wffWYW51qfmnua[1] not exactly doing the best job. And in case you haven’t noticed I can handle myself pretty well.

Ian: Oh I’ve noticed. I guess I just wasn’t trained to deal with beautiful distractions.

Lily: Hmm, I guess not. Word of advice never underestimate the best friend, she’s always the one you need to get through first.

Ian: (smirking) I wouldn’t think of it.

Lily walks away back toward Maggie’s apartment and Ian’s eyes wander after her. His phone rings.

Ian: Hello?…Yea we may have a problem. I just met the blonde, she’s feisty that’s for sure….and did I mention that I can’t believe you’re making me do this…

tumblr_ne2ikuxL1a1tjodfqo1_500[1]In a darkened motel somewhere unnoticeable, sits a shadowy figure in a chair. A hand reaches for a nearby lamp, turning it on, Ricky’s face comes into view.

tumblr_mwq04o7S6O1qax2xho1_250[1]Ricky: I see you’ve met Lily. She’s a good friend. Don’t worry about her. Just a little while longer, and it’ll all be over…but until then, keep my girl safe. I’m trusting you. She means everything to me. (he says looking at a picture of he and Maggie from his wallet.)

tumblr_nk78h6LEta1tkuq2lo1_500[1] micky pic 3

To be continued…

 Did you think I’d actually leave you hanging?

Of course Ricky’s ALIVE!





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Nick Wechsler is my #dreamcast “Ian”

lily and ian

Ian & Lily


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Love Conflicted-Chapter 4

Previously on Love Conflicted…

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The apartment is dark. To the naked eye, you cannot be sure what time of day it really is. The curtains are drawn. The lights are off. There is a silence unlike any other. Oddly enough the only sound that can be heard is the ticking of her wall clock in the kitchen, and the beeping of the landline signally she has a voice message.

Maggie lays on her bed staring up at the ceiling fan spinning slowly above her.

Losing herself in time as it ticks by; minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day.

It’s been a week since she heard the news about Ricky and digesting that reality still hasn’t happened for her. She feels it never will.

Riddling her mind with what if’s and happy memories. Last moments and conversations.

“What was the last thing I ever said to him?” She thinks.

Maggie sits up. She makes her way, begrudgingly into the kitchen. Her movements are sluggish at best, and she seems to be in a fog. The only literal comparison to such behavior would be the acts of a zombie.

The kitchen comes into view, as Maggie finally reaches into her fridge and sets to eating her first meal in days.

It’s as if in all the heartbreak, she’s withdrawn from life.

Maggie’s house phone begins to ring….and ring…and ring.

She pays no mind to it as she continues to eat her bowl of cereal. The only thing she could muster up “making.”

Her voice mail cuts into the silence.

“Hi it’s Maggie, leave me a message, if you want, or if you don’t, that’s cool too, bye.”


“Hi Mags, it’s Lily again. I haven’t heard from you for quite a bit and you’re not one to disappear on us. The boss has been asking why you haven’t been to work. I assume you’re sick or something. That stomach flu thing has been going around. Anyway I’m worried about you, please just give me a call back.”

Maggie’s job and her friends have been leaving countless messages, wondering where she’s been.

Maggie finishes up her cereal and throws her bowl in the sink, she then slinks back to her bed. And curls up into a ball, drowning herself in her comforter, much like the drowning her heart feels since losing Ricky so suddenly.

Maggie’s cellphone buzzes for the millionth time, it seems. She glances over to it, as it sits on her bedside table.

Maggie reaches for it and goes to her picture gallery, instinctually.

As she scrolls through her pictures, memories of Ricky overpower her. But she doesn’t care; she needed to see him, see them together. She needed to feel close to him.

maggie and ricky pic

micky 4

micky 5

micky 7

micky 8

micky 9

micky 10

micky 11

micky 12

micky 13

micky kiss 2

micky kiss

micky pic 2

micky pic 3

bed micky

She tears up and then comes across a video. She hits play.

camera vid


Ricky comes into Maggie’s living room, shirtless, and holding a cup of coffee.

Maggie: Sleeping beauty is finally up! Good morning my love.maggie bed

It’s evident that Ricky feels at home there, with Maggie.

It’s evident that their relationship was a very serious one.

Ricky: What are you doing? Are you video-ing me?

Maggie is off screen, just the voice behind the camera phone.


Maggie: (laughs) Yes.

Ricky: Aww man, why?

Maggie: Because you’re cute.

Ricky: Oh really? You think I’m cute?

Maggie: Yup.

Ricky: Well I think you’re cuter.

Maggie: Oh. Just cute?

Ricky: (pretends to think about it as he walks closer to her.) I think you’re sexy. How bout that? Does that work for you?

Maggie: Maybe.

Ricky: (flirtatiously) Shut that thing off and come here.

Maggie: (giggles) No.

Ricky: (glares at her) Yes. Come here.

Ricky starts walking toward the cameratumblr_mzzbxdb3Yc1qc2poho3_250[1]

Maggie: You’re gonna have to catch me first.

Maggie laughs backing away.

Ricky laughs following her.

Ricky: Girl, you know I will chase you, come here!

She shrieks, trying to run but he grabs her.

The camera phone knocks onto the couch and it’s angled to the ceiling.

You hear him kiss her as she laughs.

The video cuts there.

Maggie stares at the video, tears streaming down her face.

She gets up out of bed and walks into her living room.

“He was just here. He was so young and full of life. He was so loving. He was the love of my life. And I miss him terribly.” She thinks.

Maggie sits on her couch and hugs a pillow close to her, looking around, remembering the events after that video cut off.

She cries until her eyes run dry. Lately that’s nothing new for her.

Her house phone rings again…straight to voicemail, as usual.

“Hey it’s Lily,… for the hundredth…probably millionth time, are you as sick of receiving these messages as I am of leaving them. I’m coming over.”

Maggie covers herself with a blanket and drifts off to sleep.

It seems like these days, sleep is her only escape. And even then Ricky finds his way into her dreams.

A little while later, a knock is heard at her door.

Maggie huffs and drags herself over to it.

She opens the door to find her best friend and co-worker; Lily.tumblr_m06ua6dNoW1r8un78o1_250[1]

Lily: Oh my god, so you are alive! Where the hell have you been? I have been worried sick!

Lily takes one look at a puffy eyed, raggedly dressed Maggie and knows something is wrong.

tumblr_noboa0kmJj1sikj1co7_500[1]Lily: Oh no. What happened?

Maggie: Ricky’s dead. And I thought I was pregnant with his child, but turns out, I’m not.

Lily looks dumbfounded.

To be continued…

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Love Conflicted- Chapter 3

Previously on Love ConflictedLC poster

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Maggie paces her apartment in worry. It’s midnight and she hasn’t heard from Ricky since he left her earlier that morning for a job assignment. It’s been hours.

Maggie looks at her phone for the hundredth time. She dials his number yet again.

Maggie: Hi. Me again. Look I realize you are probably used to me not answering my phone and I get it. Maybe you are just trying to give me a piece of my own medicine. But here’s the thing. I’m kind of freaking out here, Ricky. This isn’t like you. It’s been hours since I last saw you, or heard from you. And you said you’d be over later. And I know you left to take care of something and I’m just, I’m really worried. Please call me back. I need to know you’re okay. I love you.

Maggie hangs up and rushes to the bathroom. She vomits into the toilet. Maggie sinks back onto the bathroom floor, leaning against the tub. Her eyes wonder over to the trashcan. She leans over to it and pulls it to her. Reaching into it, Maggie pulls out her pregnancy test. She takes a deep breath and flips it over.

-One bar- is clearly shown on the pregnancy test.

Maggie: It’s negative? she says confused

Before she has time to process her new revelation, Maggie’s phone begins to ring. She hurries to answer it.

The number is unknown.

“This has to be him,” she thinks.Haley-haley-james-scott-30606865-245-169[1]

Maggie: Hello? Ricky? Where are you?

Ian: Hello, is this Maggie?

Maggie: (heart stops) Who is this?

Ian: Ma’am, my name is Ian. I work with Ricky.

Maggie: Ok… well where is he? Is he okay?

At this point a million things are running through Maggie’s mind. Her stomach is in knots. Her heart is pounding. A nervous chill sweeps over her entire body. Something isn’t right, she could feel it. When it comes to Ricky, she could always feel if he was in some kind of trouble.

Ian: Ma’am I’m incredibly sorry to have to tell you this, but-

Maggie: But what? (she begins to shake)

Ian: Ricky was in the middle of an assignment and he was in an accident.

Maggie: What kind of accident?

Ian: I’m not in liberty to disclose that information.

Maggie: What the hell does that mean? You called me. I need to know what happened to my boyfriend!

Ian: All I can tell you is that he didn’t make it. I am sorry.

Maggie: What- no. No. You can’t tell me that. You can’t just say he had some sort of accident. An accident implies that it wasn’t intentional. Something tells me in your line of work everything is intentional. So you tell me what happened right now! Where is he?

Ian: I’m sorry. I just can’t. My sincere apologies for your loss. Ricky was one hell of a partner.

Ian hangs up.

Maggie is speechless.

She sits there in silent sobs as she crawls into a ball on her bathroom floor, her heart breaking into millions of tiny pieces.


To be continued…


I know this was a short one, but don’t fear, we’re building up here. 😉

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