Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Nomination

sisterhood1[1]Shout-out to my girl Marielli (A Thing Called Life -here on WordPress) for nominating me for this award. I didn’t even know this was a thing…lol. But it’s super sweet and super cool! I know I’m supposed to pass the baton- so to speak, and nominate 10 more people. But to be honest, I just don’t feel qualified enough to do so, I spend most of my time just trying to get my own blog out of the shambles, so I feel I haven’t been active enough to make nominations. I will however share my answers to the questions I was asked. And I will try harder to be a more interactive participant in the blogging world. After all we as writers and creative minds, all need to support each other, right? I’ll do better. And good luck to everyone! 😀

May you Taylor Swift it, my fellow nominees ;)

May you Taylor Swift it, my fellow nominees 😉

10 questions I was asked…

1. What is your dream career?

I want to be a writer. Which kind of writer is to still be determined. I think I have a lot of interests when it comes to writing. I enjoy many forms of it. But if I had a chance to snap my fingers and magically have a job writing for television, I would consider myself a happy camper. I really happy camper. I love television. I love that you get to spend time with the same characters for a long period of time. You really get to know them, and care about what happens to them. Writing, running, directing, creating a television show, yea that’s the dream. Shonda Rhimes has that crap down! #TGIT

2. What are your favorite makeup trends?

I’m not an everyday makeup kind of girl. But I will say that when I do wear makeup, there are certain things that just complete your look; for me it’s a little bit of bronzer for glow, a natural shade of blush, brighten up the eye area with some whites and golds, add some mascara, and fill in your brows. Brows make all the difference. I really like the “no makeup makeup look.” It’s natural…haha…kind of. Also, I like to put a lip balm on before any lipstick, or gloss.

3. Do you have children ? If so boy or girl?

I do not. But I am a godmother to a very sweet, very spunky little girl. 🙂

4. What is your nationality?

I’m kind of a mutt. Irish (hello freckles! I’ve embraced you.) Puerto Rican, Portuguese, and Brazilian.

5. What do you like about the blogging world?

Truth be told, I’ve wanted to start a blog since high school, but didn’t until I was well into college. (I’m sure my ancient and unused tumblr is still floating around somewhere, but that wasn’t cutting it for me.) I love that it’s a way to share my writing, and get it out of my journals, because no one gets to read it there. I like that it’s a creative space for writers to tell their stories, and share their thoughts.

6. Do you have a favorite TV show you watch?

DO I! I have many. But being that it’s summer hiatus, there aren’t many I watch now. But I will say that in the fall time some of my favorites are Chicago PD, How To Get Away With Murder, and The Walking Dead. Although I’m kind of obsessed with anything they put on abcfamily. Baby Daddy cracks me up, and all the guys are gorgeous so there’s that! And this summer they started replaying old 90’s throwback shows like Dawson’s Creek (um you guys know how in love I am with Pacey Witter) and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (Angel is sexier then I remember…um probably because I was like only 8 when it was actually on…haha)

7. Do you have a special talent?

If I do I haven’t figured it out yet.

8. If you had super powers what would they be?

To teleport, and get somewhere instantly. I hate traffic, and I hate public transportation.

9. Are you in school or working?

Neither. Job hunting is a job.

10. Do you have a favorite food?

I love food. In general. All kinds food. But more specifically, I love chicken. Any kind of chicken.

*Marielli, thanks again girl for the nomination. Great questions, fun to answer!

*Check out my girl’s blog; A Things Called Life, tell her she’s awesome! 😉

*I do not take credit for any images or gifs used.*



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