Only Human

I’m only human

made up of flesh and bones

My best may not always be done

try as I might

mistakes are bound to be made

sometimes life gets in the way

I’m only human

I feel without explanations

Or explanations that run short of validation

We all do

We all are

We are only human

Lost in confusion

And not knowing where we go next

perfection is just an illusion we place in our minds

So take a breath

just breathe



Take your time

Count to ten if you have to

If that works for you


Life is not a race

Understand even when you may not

there’s a plan in motion

maybe not one of your own

maybe not one you can control

But a larger one

Be kind to your imperfections

life knows what it’s doing

even if you don’t

Just hold on tight

hold on with all your might

And enjoy the ride

the ride of life


let yourself be surprised

and if those surprises are filled with despair

know that you can fight until the storm lays still

The clouds will soften

the rain will stop

the sun will shine bright


give it all you’ve got

Make your memories

tell your stories

And know that someone always holds your hand

We are only human

Be the best YOU, you can be

Life will take care of the rest



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