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“Love is all you need.”

So we’ve all seen it. We’ve all watched two characters come together after endless episodes of waiting and small flirtations that drive us crazy.

Yea I’m talking about Love on screen.

This is something that I think makes a show.


The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the rollercoaster ride of emotions.

I love tv, I love on screen love.

I love watching it blossom.

There’s always that one couple that kind of shines brighter then the rest.

A crowd favorite.

Come on fangirls, you know what I’m talking about.

The couple that you chronicle, in your mind.

This was the first time they met.

The first time, he looked at her the way a guy looks at a girl he knows isn’t “just a friend.”

The first time she blushed over a compliment or a come on.

The first date.

The first kiss.

I’m talking about those epic romances, the two characters that just fit together.

The two characters that you can’t see being with anyone else but each other.

I’m talking about the Ross & Rachel.

The Pacey & Joey.

The Luke & Lorelei.

The Cory & Topanga.

The list is endless.

Each of these couples have a unique story. Different reasons for bringing them together. Different love stories to tell.

Some love stories are brought to life out of mutual hatred, or pure friendship, some are accidental yet happy coincidences. Love is what makes tv shows soar. It’s what sells the angst and goes beyond the coined phrase “sex sells.” Those sweet moments and emotional connections and conversations between two characters meant to fall in love, are just as important as the love scenes they may share.


I speak on behalf of many fangirls when I say, squealing over tv couples is a favorite past time.  I live for onscreen romances. You know when the guy makes the girl feel like the only girl in the world. #RihannaReference #Circa2010 #EwHowWasThat5YearsAgo Anyway I digress.

As a writer I have a new found appreciation for tv show couples. I can only hope to be able to pen such brilliant love stories. Stories that give young girls hope and happiness, and let’s face it butterflies and dreams of finding love of their own one day. I want to be able to create a show that makes people feel like they can relate to it. And being honest I want to create a show where fans have reasons to make OTP lists and ship names. #Thatsthedream

The key to a good tv story is…love…challenge me and I will find a way to prove you wrong 😉

With that being said I leave you with one of the most breathtaking scenes in 90’s television.

“I remember everything.”

Oh my god. This scene, the chemistry, the song, the dance, the looks, the moments. Gosh it’s brilliant. #ItWasPACEYSCREEK

*I do not take credit for any images or gifs used.*


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