Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?


The metaphor we use to decide if we are optimistic or pessimistic.

Do you view your “glass” as half full or as half empty?

Because let’s face it when we say glass we really mean LIFE, right?

So what’s your take on this?

When you literally pour yourself a glass of water, or soda, or wine…or whatever it is you like to drink… what is your desired amount?

For me personally I find that I usually pour myself a medium to full glass. I assume I’m going to drink it all, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Then there’s the whole losing my cup deal I go through, where I forget I had a cup full and pour a new one. (symbolizes scatter brain I suppose.)

In fact I’ve noticed I rarely let my cup go empty at all. I’m constantly refilling it.

So let’s dissect this, shall we?

I’m going to get all psychological on you guys for a second, bear with me?

This was a discussion my priest had in church last Sunday.

Now even if you don’t go to church or you share different beliefs, this metaphor and this topic can really apply to anyone.

The priest went on to explain how we all have those “Woe is me?” moments, where we think “Why me?” “Why do I have to go through this?” Moment where we deal with self-doubt and disbelief in ourselves. Where we feel we can’t do something, or overcome our greatest struggles, or achieve our greatest dreams.

It’s something everyone deals with. It’s something that is universal. No one is perfect. No one wakes up everyday feeling 100% amazing. Everyone struggles. It’s normal to question life.

Which brings me to the metaphor at hand. I remember the priest tying this into his homily. We sometimes dwell on all the things we don’t have, or the things we feel we can’t do.

But we neglect to appreciate all the things we do have, we neglect to give ourselves credit for the things we have accomplished.

We forget to count our blessings.

On the car ride later that day, my mom and I started to talk about the homily and this glass half full/ half empty metaphor.

My mom asked me what I consider my glass; half empty or half full.

I laughed and said, I think I’d say half empty. Because to me that’s just how it looks to the naked eye, no deeper thought applied.

Although internally I thought that was kind of sad.

I never want to feel like I’m a pessimistic person. Even though that at times may be true.

I want to believe that I can have a positive, optimistic view too; on myself, on others, on life as a whole.

Talking it out loud with my mom, I was confused again. Half empty? Half full?

I mentioned my habits when pouring myself a glass, and constantly refilling my glass before it gets empty. My mom seems to think that means I’m ambitious, that I keep striving, never settle.

That was actually quite amazing to hear. It was comforting and gave me an uplifting feeling.

So thanks mom. ❤

And now I digress.

Even though it may seem like I’ve rambled on with a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I think you on some level see my point.

And in case you don’t here’s the abridged version.

Everyone has bad days.

No one is perfect.

And no one can be optimistic 24/7.

We all struggle.

We all lose sight of the important things we do have, and the gifts we bring to the table.

We just need time to regroup and gain inspiration and new perspective.

So chuck the metaphors if they don’t suit you, and just be yourself.

Life can be both FULL and feel EMPTY at times.

Weather you consider your glass half full or half empty, remember, glasses can overflow (and overwhelm you) and glasses can be refilled (there’s always another bottle of whatever you’re drinking, go buy it! In other words you may fall on your face, dust yourself off and get back up!) Find what works for you and do your thing!


Thanks for reading my ramblings.

*Cheers* to Life (and living it!)

*Cheers* to Life (and living it!)

Share your views in the comments below, I’d love to hear what you guys think!

*I do not take credit for the image or gifs used.*


2 thoughts on “Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

  1. I love this post. It really makes u think about what life’s really about even if you aren’t or are going through things it’s hard to just sit back and really say ahh life’s good.

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