Fall 2015 Bucket List

Fall is here. It is here, it is HERE! Yesterday marked the first day of fall or Autumn as my calendar so eloquently states. I love fall so much so here are just a few things I’m hoping to accomplish this year during this lovely time of oranges and browns, Halloween candy, and pumpkin spice everythang in yo face every 5 seconds. So I thought I’d share my list with you, and this way it’s in print and it’ll give me incentive to really strive to complete it. 😉


My Fall 2015 Bucket List (in no particular order)

  1. Go Apple Picking– this is something I haven’t done in YEARS. And it’s something that seasonally is over pretty quickly. So I am going to make an extra effort this year to see if we can get this done.

2. Bake pies– I usually do this around Thanksgiving time. But it may be fun to bake a pumpkin pie for Halloween! I’ve actually never made a pumpkin pie before, so I’m excited to give it a try. I love pie, because it just reminds me of country life and fall breezes and just all around cozy-ness.

3. Drink them pumpkin dranks– sorry but I think at this point it’s just obligatory.

4. Go to a haunted house– this can probably tie into a few things later on in the list, which is going to a pumpkin patch outing or a fright fest outing. Pumpkin Patches sometimes have a bunch of attractions included. But I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to these things. I don’t know if I’ll have the guts to do this. We shall see.

5. Have a scary/Halloween movie marathon– Ok so I do love scary movies, they stay in the screen and don’t bother me so that I can handle. This year it has occurred to me, that I need to watch Hocus Pocus, because I don’t think I’ve ever sat through that whole movie, and yes you can yell at me. But what can I say I’m more of a Halloweentown fan!

6. Plan a kickass Halloween costume– currently I’m hoping to be Pocahontas. Every year I come up with a million ideas and then I settle on something totally random and simple. And every year Pocahontas is a contender. She is my favorite Disney princess and I would love to play her for a night. So this year, I think I’m gonna try my best to pull that off. My runner up is a biker chick, because I can totally reuse my Daryl Dixon vest from last year. We shall see.

7. Make fun plans for Halloween– someone please THROW A PARTY! I am so sick of feeling like if I don’t have fun crazy plans my Halloween is less cool. Damn you social media. 😉 Truth be told I’m a total grandma. I hate going out late and braving the crazy city on a night like Halloween. The city is nuts on that night. I prefer to attend house parties. It’s just so much simpler. You don’t have to worry about traveling in the cold, so you can dress up as whatever you want and not worry that it’s going to get covered by a jacket. You don’t have to worry about paying for overpriced drinks or searching for a un-crowded place to eat at 2am because you’re starving. I just like to go have fun, have a drink or two, enjoy some good food, and good company. Take some fun pics and then come home at a decent time, change into my pjs and watch some Halloween movies with some left over Halloween candy. That to me, is a epic Halloween. Is that too much to ask? And I know what you are going to say…if you want a Halloween party, throw one yourself. To be honest I would love to, but I’ve done it, and it is a lot of work, and it actually costs more money than you think. So I’m gonna give myself a pass this year and hold out hope that someone else will consider throwing one.

8. Go pumpkin picking– this is a big deal in my family, we usually get a big group together and pick a fun patch to go to. There’s a bunch of kids and they all have a great time. Also Apple Cider donuts are involved and that is just good living in the making.

9. Decorate/Carve pumpkins– usually I carve my pumpkins but last year I decorated mine and made her a spunky old lady named Juanita Cromwell. (yes in relation to The Halloweentown Cromwells) The year before that I carved mine and made her a badass chick named Rhonda. This year I’m not quite sure what I will want to do. When I carve them, they don’t last too long, and barely make it to Halloween, but when I don’t carve them they nearly outlasted my Christmas decorations. So maybe I’ll be an over achiever and do one of each. 😉

10. Corn Maze*

11. Hayride*

(10 & 11) -these things usually go hand in hand with pumpkin picking, so we’ll see if we can knock these off the list too.

12. Fright Fest– I’m not sure this will actually happen because it cost money and it’s pretty far. I went one year and I was pretty scared, they sense it and don’t leave you alone. I remember getting aggravated by the actors, because one guy was all dressed up and scary and he had a shovel, and he was shoveling at people’s feet. So when he kept doing it to me, I got so pissed and was like “um are you trying to trip me?” That in turn lessened my fear. Haha.

13. Experiment with Fun Fall Fashion [See: my last post]

14. Shoot a Horror short and release it in time for Halloween– The script is written and hopefully *fingers crossed* I can pull this off. Because I think it’d be really fun!

15. Consume a good amount of Halloween Candy– Candy Corn is a must.

16. Have a bonfire and make s’mores– This is a little difficult to do in the city, but I’ll see if we can swing it. If not, I did visit some family in the country and we got to have a fire pit and make s’mores and roast some hotdogs. That seriously gives me life. #THEOC

17. Fall crafts with my goddaughter– I’m thinking maybe some leaf art, or some Apple stamps. You know when you cut an apple in half, paint it on the inside and then stamp it onto a piece of paper. I think those will be fun, and she loves to paint! So I think she’ll enjoy those.

18. Decorate my house for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving– having the house decorated for the season is something that just sprinkles some joy around. And I love decorating, and getting into the spirit of things. It’s a reminder to stop and enjoy the time of year.

19. Hot Apple Cider– I usually just buy a bottle of this at whichever pumpkin patch we end up going to. I buy it cold, which tastes good. But when I’m home at night, I’ll pop a cup of it in the microwave and it is even better hot!

20. Oktoberfest– I always hear about this, but I’ve never attended. Pretty sure it’s all about drinking beer and such, so it may not be my thing. But I would like to look into it.

21. Applefest– I’ve gone every year for the past 3 years I think. It’s seriously a great time. It’s basically like this big town fair upstate and I have family up there so we go and look through town at all the venders. And then we spend time with family. It’s seriously one of my favorite things about fall. My staple purchases usually include; my favorite wine, some apple butter and jams, some unique piece of jewelry, a freshly made Belgium waffle, a fresh flower crown that I wear throughout the town, and maybe some other bits and bops I come across. I’m hoping I can continue the tradition and make it there this year.

22. Make chicken and waffles– I recently went to visit some family and I remember my Aunt telling me about how she makes chicken and waffles for dinner sometimes. And I freaked out, because those are two of my favorite things. It never occurred to me to make them together. My brother bought me a waffle maker for my birthday in March, and I still haven’t used it. So I think it’s about time I bust that baby out.

23. Attend a super bowl party– I’m not a football fan, nor am I even a sports fan. I mean I can sit and follow a baseball game, but that’s about it. Football I am lost on. But I think super bowl parties are mainly about food, and sharing good company. So I am hoping to attend one this year. Also I do love to watch the half time show. I’m hearing it may be Bruno Mars this year again, or I’m hearing rumors that it may be Taylor Swift. And OMG yes. T-swift is my girl.

24. Fall TV show premieres– #THEWALKINGDEAD #TGIT TV is my favorite past time, and I can not wait for all my favorite shows to come back! [I’ll post my fall tv schedule soon, so you can see what I watch.]

25. Roast Pumpkin Seeds– I have never done this, but I hear that they taste really good, so I thought I’d give it a try.

26. Host some kind of fun low-key fall event for me and my friends– I love throwing parties, I love playing hostess. It’s a lot of work, but it’s nice to create a theme and have people over to share and enjoy good food, good conversation and good memories. As I get older I realize how hectic life can get, and how it gets harder and harder to keep up with people. So when I plan things with friends, it’s nice to catch up and spend time with them in a fun environment. I’m thinking of doing something maybe like a “pumpkin party” where everyone brings something pumpkin flavored and we watch a fun Halloween movie or something.

So there you have it my Fall 2015 Bucket List. Wish me luck!

P.S. What are you planning to do this fall…did I miss any fall activities?

*I do not take credit for the images used.*



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