Dear God, it’s me, Michelle.

Dear God, it’s me, Michelle.

I know sometimes I question you.

I know sometimes I doubt you. 

I don’t always understand your ways.

I don’t always believe that everything happens for a reason.

I know sometimes I get angry with you.

Let it be known that sometimes I question myself.

Sometimes I doubt myself.

More often than not, I get angry with myself.

I over analyze, and over think everything.

I wonder why you made me this way?

So anxious, so sensitive, so empathetic.

I’m sorry God.

I know you have a greater plan for me.

But I often wonder what that is?

If you could send me some kind of sign?

It’s difficult living in this world, wondering why I was put here.

The bitterness can take a toll, when you really just want to believe in hope, in faith, and in the best in everyone.

Contemplating if every decision I make is possibly life changing.

Contemplating what my destiny is, what my purpose is.

So lord, I ask you to bless my family and friends and guide them through their struggles.

I ask you for guidance, and for the patience to get where you need me to be.

To a place where my values and beliefs are my strength and are always in tact. I think sometimes we lose sight of them, in the shuffles of life.

I ask you to help me to be the best version of myself, to find my path and follow it and to do your will the best way I know how.




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