Drive Me Crazy.

drive me crazy

“You love me, I love you. Let’s just do this thing,”  he says.

“Do you really think we can do that?” she says with hesitance.

“We won’t know unless we try,” he says with puppy dog eyes.

“But we’ve been here before, and it never worked. What makes you think we would last this time?”  she says nervous to hear his answer.

He thinks, pondering. “Because this time, we won’t be able to walk away,” he says smiling.

She looks at him confused. “I don’t understand, no matter how much we love each other one of us has always managed to walk away and hurt the other. I can’t go through that again, I won’t be able to survive.”

“This time it’ll stick, because this time, I’ll be your husband. If you’ll have me?” he says taking her hands in his.

“What? Are you…Did you just…” she says baffled.

“Propose? Yea sort of,” he laughs.

“You wanna marry me?” she crosses her arms and leans to one side sticking out her hip.

“Yea,”  he smiles. “Don’t you think it’s about time, we stop messing around?”

“But I drive you crazy…I know I do, you know I do. I’m controlling, I’m super clumsy, and riddled with anxiety. I overthink us, me, you… everything. And I know that I snore when I’m really tired, which is probably a complete turnoff…and I…” she rattles off in a nervous and slightly frustrated tone.

“Shut up…(he grabs her face and kisses her) Marry me? Because I love you and yes you do drive me crazy 99% of the time, but I wouldn’t love you any other way.”



She nods smiling as he kisses her, and then hugging her, he lifts her spinning her around in pure joy of a bright future, together, finally.

-The End-


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