Her Red Lips & His Wedding Ring

Ok guys I have to be honest here. I’ve been seriously lacking on the blog inspiration front. I just don’t feel like I have anything prominent I need to post. Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying writing the “On The Run” series, but I don’t want to clock up my blog by just posting that. I need to switch things up. But as I sit here a few ideas float by, but I don’t love them. I hate posting fillers, however, I feel like I haven’t been sticking to a consistent enough posting schedule and that bugs me. So I enlisted a little forced inspirational help for this post. Sometimes, it happens.

In my – 642 Things to Write About book, I had written a very sassy answer to this writing prompt: What a character wearing something red is thinking

She sits across from him. Her RED vibrant lips curve into a seductive smile. And the only thing on her mind is leaving her mark. A red lip stain on a white collared shirt…screams… you’re cheating on your wife.

Let’s see what I can do with this little number. I actually have an idea…I recently had a conversation on the train with a friend about married men and how some women find them more desirable than single men, something about the ring. Let’s infuse these two shall we?


red lips wedding ring

Two girls stand on the train, each holding onto the center pole, as the train rides along the tracks, they sway back and forth.

“You know they say that once a man is married he becomes more desirable. Like when women see men wearing a wedding ring, it proves they can provide for someone.”

“What? That’s disgusting. That makes no sense. I always do a ring check. Always.”

“That’s because you have morals.”

“Oh my god, that’s just so class-less,  so slutty. That’s the definition of a home wrecker. I don’t understand that. I mean if a man can do that to his wife, then-“

“He’ll do it to her too.”

“Yes, exactly. And why would you want a man like that?”

“Beats me.”

The two women move onto their next topic of conversation. As another young brunette comes into focus as she eyes a handsome man in a suit sitting across from her. She laughs to herself as she notices he’s playing with his wedding ring.

She sits across from him. Her RED vibrant lips curve into a seductive smile. And the only thing on her mind is leaving her mark. A red lip stain on a white collared shirt…screams…you’re cheating on your wife.

The man looks up from his phone and meets her gaze.

He’s slightly confused, when she won’t look away.

She bites her lip, her gaze still holding, burning through him.

The man stirs in his seat, uncomfortably.

He looks behind him, to check the stop.

He stands up quickly and faces the door as he holds onto the pole, awaiting his stop impatiently.

The woman rises and walks over to stand beside him.

His gaze focuses on the door windows ahead.

“Hi,” she says her voice dripping with overly sexual tendencies.

He ignores her first attempt.

She smiles and laughs.

“Hmm, well aren’t you Mr. Rude.”

The train stops and the doors open, the man steps off with a brisk walk onto the platform, heading to the nearest staircase.

The woman wraps her trench coat tighter around her as she follows.

The man reaches the exit turn style and decides to go through the emergency door, as he’s about to push it open, the red lipped stranger swoops in.

“Allow me,” says pushing the door open for him.

He looks at her.

“Thank you,” he says rushing past her and heading to the stairs to exit the train station.

She smirks wickedly as she struts behind him.

They both exit and begin walking on the street.

The man glances behind him, he notices the red lips glisten in the light of a store front. His stomach knots, as his pace quickens.

The man passes an old auto body shop, and in the dark everything looks sinful. Everything looks hidden and secretive.

Finally the man stops short and turns to face this mysterious stalker.

“I’m married,” he says in a harsh tone.

“I can tell.”

“And?” he asks in shock.

She makes a face of confusion.

“Doesn’t that matter to you?” he says surprised.

“No. Not really. Does it matter to you?” she asks her eyes gleaming with intensity and trouble.

The man is silent for a beat.

“Yes,” he says looking her over.

“Hmm. Hesitation. Interesting.”

The man looks down, avoiding her stare.

“You look like you’d be a lot of fun,” she says walking closer.

The man steps back.

“Look I don’t know who you are. Maybe you think you know me from somewhere. But I assure you we’ve never met before.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Really? And here I thought we were spending every night together, hidden in the darkness.”

He narrows his eyes at her.

“In our dreams,” she smirks.

He smirks letting out a small chuckle.

“I’m sure you could use a little spice in your routine?” she says stroking his chest.

The man looks at her and steps back again.

“Are we done yet?” she says looking at the man, her hands on her hips.

“Yea, that’s enough role play for tonight” he laughs, “come here,” he says grabbing her and kissing her as they hide in the shadows on the night.

“I missed you,” she says in between heated kissing.

“I missed you too.”

“When are you gonna leave her?”

“Come on baby, you know I can’t do that,” he smirks pulling her into another kiss.

She stops him and looks up at him angrily.

“What happened to your plan? You know the plan you told me about a month ago. How you were going to sit her down and ask for a divorce, so that we can be together. You keep telling me how you love me and that you’d rather be with me, but it’s always something. Some reason why you can’t. Am I just wasting my time, waiting for you?

“Hey come on, (he grabs her hand, pulling her waist in.) What are you saying?  You know I love you.What do you think?”

She looks at him.

His phone rings.

She sighs and detaches herself from him, rolling her eyes, she folds her arms, annoyed.

“Hey baby,” he answers turning away from his current company.

“Yes I’m walking home now.”

“Sure. I’ll pick up some milk.”

“Ok. See you soon. I love you too,” he says hanging his phone up.

As he begins to turn back toward her, the light from a distanced street lamp casts a slight glimmer and she notices something on his white collar.

He faces her with a smile.

“I’m sorry. I had to-“

“Don’t,” she holds up her hand, stopping him from continuing.

“What is that on your collar?” she says pulling the collar to get a better look.

“Is that lipstick?”

“It’s yours,” he says nonchalantly.

“No. It’s not my color.”

He freezes. Busted.

“And considering that’s a fresh mark, and you’re  just now coming back from work, that means that it isn’t your wife’s either.”

“I can explain.”

“Can you? Really? Because I think the only explanation that makes sense is that you are a slimy, scheming, cheating piece of trash. What are two women just not enough for you?”

He laughs.

“Hunny please. I’ve been cheating on my wife of 7 years with you for the past year and a half. What did you expect? What did you think- you were different?”

She looks at him, her heart breaking as tears begin to form.

“You are disgusting,” she says her voice laced with venom.

“Hmm interesting, aren’t you the same girl who spread yourself across any surface to please an already married man.”

She looks him, her pride hindered tremendously.

“Yea that’s what I thought. Whether you like it or not, we’re the same,” he says, his true colors showing brightly in the night.

“Go to hell!” she yells as he begins to continue his walk home.

“I’ll see you there,” he says turning her way mid walk and smirking as he sets back to his initial route.

The tears fall freely as she turns to begin walking the opposite way, she catches her reflection in a store front window.

Sin. Despair. Disappointment. Disdain. Disgust. Anger. Heartbreak.

All evident.

She wipes her lips with the back of her hand, as red lipstick smears.

She takes out her cell phone.

“Hello, operator? Hi, I’d like a number for a Sarah Pikeman. I need to get in touch with her. It’s urgent. There’s something she needs to know.”

“Thank you, I’ll wait.”

She smiles as she continues her walk home.


There you have it, a little insight into my creative process, how things can fuse together to create a scene or a short story. Hope you enjoyed!

*I do not take credit for any images used in my edits or otherwise.*
















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