My Weekend in Outfits-Part 1

This past weekend I went out to celebrate my best friend’s 25th birthday. We enjoyed a really great Mexican meal and danced a bit at a club filled with a fog machine, a disco ball, an electronic bull, and a whole lot of Spanish music. Sometimes I act my age. Other times, I’m 25 going on 85. #GrandmaSouls


As the summer weather begins to creep in, I wanted to create a fashion look both cute, and comfortable. Something that I would survive the heat in.

So here’s what I came up with and I have to admit, I was happy with the end result.

Here’s the look in-you guessed it-crappy cell phone pictures. ūüėÄ



How flawless is that printed set on my best friend. #FashionistaSistas

For this look I wanted to include darker, more timeless shades and pieces, and enhance it with accessories and a bold shoe and red nails. #YouGuessedIt #IAlsoRockedMyBLUEHeels #YetAgain.

[See my first post on styling them HERE]


-Gray and black checkered capri dress pants

-A simple light weight razor back black tank top

-Blue heeled sandles

-Red nails






I basically just used some products; curling mousse, curling serum, dry shampoo for volume, and hairspray and then I braided two braids on either side of my head and pinned them back. I curled the rest of my hair and pulled it to the side twisting it up into a messy side bun, with a few clear elsatics. I added the flower to dress up the simple do.


I got my inspiration for this look from a video linked below.



I just combined alot of whites, browns, reddish orange bronze colors, and golds, lined with black eyeshadow on the top and bottom water lines and¬†blended a nude lipstick and a dark brown over top. You can basically make your own adjustments to this look, but I really loved it! Especially this lip combo-Left: wet n wild’s 900B “Pink Suga.” Right: Revlon’s 665 “Choco-Liscious.” I will definately be doing this look again.

Natural Brown Makeup Tutorial- 90’s Inspired

So there is my look, I felt chic and sophiscated but funky with the blue heels, red nails, big rings and studded purse. Those little touches definately made the outfit less businessy and more me.


As part of my best friend’s present this year I got her tickets to a concert-

Here’s how I told my best friend we’re going to see Bethany Joy Lenz in concert!

Bethany Joy Lenz L.A. -by ljGUNDERSON



I got her a card and printed out the concert poster to fold up and leave in the card. On it I wrote a little riddle that read:

She’s someone we’ve always admired.

Beautiful and unique.

A”Joy” to watch on screen.

A voice, oh so sweet.

She’s finally touring- New York City.

I hope you are free.

So we can live out a childhood dream

And finally see our ultimate idol;

a girl we’ll always know as “Haley.”


We can’t wait….full blog post (and possibly vlog) coming for that- post July 28th!

*All photos (except those of Bethany Joy) are my own*


Yellow. Blue. Red. Look

You ever have an event coming up and instinctively begin planning an outfit to wear for it in your head? Sometimes it’s based on pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Sometimes it‚Äôs based on inspiration you come across. And sometimes it‚Äôs completely fictitious and you basically think of it out of thin air. And then- the hunt begins.

For me the hunt is the worst part of fashion; the worst part about being a woman. Because you hop from store to store trying to look for pieces that fit this fashion vision. A vision that doesn’t necessarily exist.

I’ve wanted to try this yellow, blue and red color scheme out in an outfit for a few years now. And I finally got the chance to play!

My vision was to wear a yellow dress, with blue heels and red accents; nails & of course lips. (You guys know I LOVE a red lip.)

The dress was a surprising find. But I gave up hope on the blue shoes for a while, until recently one day I came across a pair of ankle strapped sandals and I instantly fell in love.

The heels were actually bought and worn for an entirely different outfit and I actually wore the yellow dress once before styled differently. But as the pieces of my dream outfit slowly began piling in place, I finally took my latest invite to wear this dream outfit of mine.

Let me break it down for you. *In crappy, edited cell phone pics. :/

Full Look all pulled together:


Close-ups of my makeup:

I basically used a lot of bronze colors, golds, whites and browns, filled in my eyebrows, applied mascara, and I used a navy blue eyeshadow as eyeliner on top and bottom. Then I used a red lip pencil (with a berry undertone) and a matte bright red lipstick over top. Bronzer, Blush and highlighter were also in effect in this look.

(How flawless does my best friend look??? #BrightLipsOnPoint #BrightLipSistas)

My accessories:

I love gold accessories. I think they complemented the pale yellow color of the dress nicely. I also chose the mirrored ‚Äúdiamond‚ÄĚ rings to complement each other. And now that I think about it all the detailing in my outfit was silver; my zipper up the back of my dress, my shoe buckles and my purse zipper. So the mirrored accents on my jewelry tied all that in.

I skipped a necklace this time and went for some really cool funky peacock feathered earrings that hung down and dressed up my hair in the process. I love how the greens and blues of the feather complemented the yellow and the red.

20160522_202815 (2)

Ignore the after hours makeup mess. lol. I was just trying to get the earrings in. haha.


I also added a blue clutch to match the shoes and a taupe cardigan to match the underlying layer of the yellow eyelet dress.

20160522_203043 (2)

My clutch is actually double sided. The other side is black, which I didn’t mind too much even with such a bright outfit, because the soles of my blue heels are black. So it all tied in. And let’s be real I made sure the blue side was on display to match the blue heels.

Clutch Essentials:

I’m a big purse kind of girl. On a regular basis, I usually carry a huge purse or bag. My purse is essentially my life in a bag. So how does a girl like that downsize her sack bag, into a clutch? Here’s how I did it.


*First choose a decent sized clutch, and just take the basics.




Lip products (for touch-ups)

Hair ties

Hand sanitizer

A mirror

Pill case with Tylenol & Tums 

Packages of Pepto Bismal & Claritin

Granola bar

Emergency Pads/Liners (#girlprobs #noshame)

Oil absorbing sheets



Tissues (not pictured)

My Catholic saints, rosary and pray rock- treasures that come with me wherever I go.

*Tip: Leave the flats or flip flops and sunglasses in the car.

* I know this seems like a long list, but I fit everything and had a little wiggle room. #missionaccomplished

My Hair: 

For my hair style I went pretty simple. I washed my hair, and left it in a top knot after applying products; curling serum, curling mousse and hairspray. I let those products take and dry a bit as I did my makeup. When I was ready to start my hair, I took it down and found it dried in a scrunched formation. Which is what I wanted. Then I blow dried it and added some dry shampoo to the crown for volume along with more hairspray before curling my hair with my curling wand. After that I shook the curls loose by tipping my head over and running my fingers through my hair. Then parted my hair on the side,¬†swept my curly hair to the side and used an clear¬†elastic to put it into a side pony tail. I opted for the clear elastic, because you couldn’t see it, and my curls didn’t get squashed by a big old hair tie. After curling a few front pieces to frame my face, I secured any bumps or flyaways with some bobby bins and Voila! Done.

**I really loved how this look turned out. The dress was a pale yellow, with a unique eyelet detail and so I opted for a neutral taupe cardigan this way the bold red lips and bright¬†shoes didn’t clash. There is certainly a variety of color here, but when blocked a certain way, I really think a look like this can work.

So is there a certain look you’ve been wanting to try out, but haven’t.¬†

Three words. Go. For. It.  

*All photos are my own.*








Her Red Lips & His Wedding Ring

Ok guys I have to be honest here. I’ve been seriously lacking on the blog inspiration front. I just don’t feel like I have anything prominent I need to post. Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying writing the “On The Run” series, but I don’t want to clock up my blog by just posting that. I need to switch things up. But as I sit here a few ideas float by, but I don’t love them. I hate posting fillers, however, I feel like I haven’t been sticking to a consistent enough posting schedule and that bugs me. So I enlisted a little forced¬†inspirational help¬†for this post. Sometimes, it happens.

In my Р642 Things to Write About book, I had written a very sassy answer to this writing prompt: What a character wearing something red is thinking

She sits across from him. Her¬†RED vibrant lips curve into a seductive smile. And the only thing on her mind is leaving her mark. A red lip stain on a white collared shirt…screams… you’re cheating on your wife.

Let’s see what I can do with this little number. I actually have an idea…I recently had a conversation on the train with a friend about married men and how some women find them more desirable than single men, something about the ring. Let’s infuse these two shall we?


red lips wedding ring

Two girls stand on the train, each holding onto the center pole, as the train rides along the tracks, they sway back and forth.

“You know they say that once a man is married he becomes more desirable. Like when women see men wearing a wedding ring, it proves they can provide for someone.”

“What? That’s disgusting. That makes no sense. I always do a ring check. Always.”

“That’s because you have morals.”

“Oh my god,¬†that’s just so class-less,¬† so slutty. That’s the¬†definition of a home wrecker.¬†I don’t understand that. I mean if a man can do that to his wife,¬†then-“

“He’ll do it to her too.”

“Yes, exactly. And why would you want a man like that?”

“Beats me.”

The two women move onto their next topic of conversation. As¬†another young brunette comes into focus as she eyes a handsome man in a suit sitting across from her. She laughs to herself as she notices he’s playing with his wedding ring.

She sits across from him. Her¬†RED vibrant lips curve into a seductive smile. And the only thing on her mind is leaving her mark. A red lip stain on a white collared shirt…screams…you’re cheating on your wife.

The man looks up from his phone and meets her gaze.

He’s slightly confused, when she won’t look away.

She bites her lip, her gaze still holding, burning through him.

The man stirs in his seat, uncomfortably.

He looks behind him, to check the stop.

He stands up quickly and faces the door as he holds onto the pole, awaiting his stop impatiently.

The woman rises and walks over to stand beside him.

His gaze focuses on the door windows ahead.

“Hi,” she says her voice dripping with overly sexual tendencies.

He ignores her first attempt.

She smiles and laughs.

“Hmm, well aren’t you Mr. Rude.”

The train stops and the doors open, the man steps off with a brisk walk onto the platform, heading to the nearest staircase.

The woman wraps her trench coat tighter around her as she follows.

The man reaches the exit turn style and decides to go through the emergency door, as he’s about to push it open, the red lipped stranger swoops in.

“Allow me,” says pushing the door open for him.

He looks at her.

“Thank you,” he says rushing past her and heading to the stairs to exit the train station.

She smirks wickedly as she struts behind him.

They both exit and begin walking on the street.

The man glances behind him, he notices the red lips glisten in the light of a store front. His stomach knots, as his pace quickens.

The man passes an old auto body shop, and in the dark everything looks sinful. Everything looks hidden and secretive.

Finally the man stops short and turns to face this mysterious stalker.

“I’m married,” he says in a harsh tone.

“I can tell.”

“And?” he asks in shock.

She makes a face of confusion.

“Doesn’t that matter to you?” he says surprised.

“No.¬†Not really.¬†Does it matter to you?”¬†she asks her¬†eyes gleaming with intensity and trouble.

The man is silent for a beat.

“Yes,” he says looking her over.

“Hmm. Hesitation. Interesting.”

The man looks down, avoiding her stare.

“You look like you’d be a lot of fun,” she says walking closer.

The man steps back.

“Look I don’t know who you are. Maybe you think you know me from somewhere. But I assure you we’ve never met before.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Really? And here I thought we were spending every¬†night together, hidden in the darkness.”

He narrows his eyes at her.

“In our dreams,” she smirks.

He smirks letting out a small chuckle.

“I’m sure you could use a little spice in your routine?” she says stroking his chest.

The man looks at her and steps back again.

“Are we done yet?” she says looking at the man, her hands on her hips.

“Yea, that’s enough role play for¬†tonight” he laughs, “come here,” he says¬†grabbing her and kissing her as they hide in the shadows on the night.

“I missed you,” she says in between heated kissing.

“I missed you too.”

“When are you gonna leave her?”

“Come on baby, you know I can’t do that,” he smirks pulling her into another kiss.

She stops him and looks up at him angrily.

“What happened to your plan? You know the plan you told me about a month ago. How you were going to sit her down and ask for a divorce, so that we can be together. You keep telling me how you love me and that you’d rather be with me, but it’s always something. Some reason why you can’t. Am I just wasting my time, waiting for you?

“Hey come on, (he grabs her hand, pulling her waist in.) What are¬†you saying?¬† You know I love you.What do you think?”

She looks at him.

His phone rings.

She sighs and detaches herself from him, rolling her eyes, she folds her arms, annoyed.

“Hey baby,” he answers turning away from his current company.

“Yes I’m walking home now.”

“Sure. I’ll pick up some milk.”

“Ok. See you soon. I love you too,” he says hanging his phone up.

As he begins to turn back toward her, the light from a distanced street lamp casts a slight glimmer and she notices something on his white collar.

He faces her with a smile.

“I’m sorry. I had to-“

“Don’t,” she holds up her hand, stopping him from continuing.

“What is that on your collar?” she says pulling the collar to get a better look.

“Is that lipstick?”

“It’s yours,” he says nonchalantly.

“No. It’s not my color.”

He freezes. Busted.

“And considering that’s a fresh mark, and you’re¬†¬†just now coming back from work, that means that it isn’t your wife’s either.”

“I can explain.”

“Can you? Really? Because I think the only explanation that makes¬†sense is¬†that you are a¬†slimy, scheming, cheating piece of trash. What are two women just not enough for you?”

He laughs.

“Hunny please. I’ve been cheating on my wife of 7 years with you for the past year and a half. What did you expect? What did you think- you were different?”

She looks at him, her heart breaking as tears begin to form.

“You are disgusting,” she says her voice laced with venom.

“Hmm interesting, aren’t you the same girl who spread yourself across any surface to please an already married man.”

She looks him, her pride hindered tremendously.

“Yea that’s what I thought. Whether you like it or not, we’re the same,” he says, his true colors showing brightly in the night.

“Go to hell!” she yells as he begins to continue his walk¬†home.

“I’ll see you there,” he says turning her way¬†mid walk and smirking as he sets back to his initial route.

The tears fall freely as she turns to begin walking the opposite way, she catches her reflection in a store front window.

Sin. Despair. Disappointment. Disdain. Disgust. Anger. Heartbreak.

All evident.

She wipes her lips with the back of her hand, as red lipstick smears.

She takes out her cell phone.

“Hello, operator? Hi, I’d like a number for a Sarah Pikeman. I need to get in touch with her. It’s urgent. There’s something she needs to know.”

“Thank you, I’ll wait.”

She smiles as she continues her walk home.


There you have it, a little insight into my creative process, how things can fuse together to create a scene or a short story. Hope you enjoyed!

*I do not take credit for any images used in my edits or otherwise.*
















[Modernized] Flapper Fashion.

This past weekend, I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate my 24th Birthday. It was low key, which was nice, but as the dinner got closer it dawned on me. My usual over the top birthday party planning¬†skills weren’t being put to any use. [see my 80’s party blog] The truth is I just had a Valentine’s party and I wasn’t up for planning another so soon after. So I settled on dinner at a imagesSX96Z8YYnice restaurant with some close friends. But I wanted something to make the night a little more festive, something to make it sparkle. So as I rummaged my closet for the perfect birthday night outfit, I had a fun light bulb idea. I wanted to dress up like I lived in the 1920’s. Me and my themes. I just can’t get enough of them! I always say how I want to be able to dress and pretend to live a day in every major fashion era. So¬†after a little sifting and searching I settled on¬†some key pieces to make¬†my outfit¬†1920’s¬†flapper inspired.

The base of my outfit was a pair of black skinny dress pants, and a black lace sleeveless¬†shirt. I paired that with a black sequined shrug, for some sparkle.¬†Then added a pair of nude, low heeled¬†pumps, a long pearl necklace, some flashy gold and pearl¬†jewelry, a makeshift headband and the star of the night; a faux fur scarf. In my opinion the fur scarf and headband are what really sold the outfit . And can¬†I just say the scarf came with a hat and the whole set was found in the 99 cents store for like 7 bucks. So… bargain. Yes! And my headband was a headband I found at a clothing store in the accessories section for around 4 dollars and I had a pair of peacock feathered earrings¬†that I don’t wear much anymore so I just repurposed the feather and sewed it onto the headband and viola!

As for makeup I stuck to the traditional 20’s inspired look; dark eyes, and deep red lips. I mixed a lot of browns, blacks, and shimmery white and taupe colors to get that smokey look. And the lipstick was a mixture of first¬†outlining my lips¬†with a bright red lip liner then on¬†one lip bright red and the other dark red, then smooch, and blend, it gives you this¬†nice mix.

Moving onto my hair. First I just curled by hair completely with an Infinity Conair curling wand. This look works best on second day hair. Then I made a small pony tail and folded it under at the back of my head and got to bobby pinning away. Bobby Pins are going to be your best friend for this look. I just pinned all along the nape of my neck to secure it¬†and make it look like a¬†bob, like they¬†wore in the 20’s. I left my bangs out along with some other longer curls to frame my face and make the look more full. I also sprayed a lot of hair spray,¬†added a bit of dry shampoo to my hands and work it into the crown of my hair just to fluff it up and add some texture and volume¬†to the¬†look. It’s really just a play around with it until you get your desired length and fullness look. It was easier then I thought.

I’ve always wanted to dress like a flapper for Halloween and I’ve never liked any of the costumes I came across. So this way I still got to dress like a flapper but put my own spin on it, to¬†make it a little more wearable for this generation’s¬†fashion. I’ve always been intrigued by the fashion of The Roaring Twenties. It was a time where women began to take risks with their fashion. It was a time where they were¬†no longer¬†being restricted by corsets. The hem lines got shorter, makeup got heavier and the fabrics got more luxurious.¬†Women were taking a stand and using fashion as a way to tell their stories, a way to express themselves. Sound familiar? Not much has changed. The relationship between women and their fashion is one that remains the same. Constant.¬† No matter what the decade.

1920’s Flapper Fashion

imagesVTPQHRSB  imagesIJLZMHZ0  imagesVW91QI2E

imagesWDRKPBT1 imagesDQAE9ZWV images2DKEPQC6

imagesO1G6IWKD bobbedhair[1]

My Modernized Version


20150328_233659 20150328_233522

I have to admit I’m pretty reserved and shy. I’m not the type of person to draw attention to myself. So I¬†was a little like “oh crap people are gonna look at me like I’m crazy.” But once I got dressed I got so excited about my outfit and finally getting to dress like I¬†lived in the 20’s for a night¬†that I just ignored anything else and any weird looks. I just owned it and hey if people looked, I smiled and¬†rocked it.¬†Strangers were even saying Happy Birthday to me! I was happy and I was just being my weird unique self. So if you are dying to try on a 1920’s inspired look, you totally should! And don’t let anyone¬†sway your sparkle.

Some pictures from Dinner

The outfit in action. ūüėČ




red lip sisters

Red lips on point! And shout out to my girls for throwing in some beads and 20’s touches! ūüėÄ

Oh and this happened ;)

Oh and this happened ūüėČ

Happy Birthday to my fellow March babies!

*I do not take credit for the actual¬†1920’s fashion pictures.*

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My infatuation with RED lipstick

It feels like just yesterday I was plastering on layers and layers of unflattering frosty pink lip gloss.


Mandy Moore, get it girl. #youworkthatfrostypink

Ah the 90’s. The Best.images0SP4TY6N

But what I’ve recently been gravitating toward is the bold red lip. Now I don’t know when or why I started picking up on this timeless trend.


The haters don’t like your red lips…#shakeitoff

Maybe it is due to my graceful respect of Taylor Swift and all her gloriousness…

But wherever my infatuation came from was cause enough to be a driving force for a main source of imagery in my series Mysterious Attraction.

*^Click and read from the beginning.

lexie red lipss elena quote

But never the less red was never my color.

Which is odd considering it’s my mother’s favorite color and basically the color of CHRISTMAS!


Photo By: Robert DeSantos Jr.

But I just never gravitated toward it.

I didn’t hate it, I just never really thought about it as a favorite.

I think I own maybe a handful of red clothes at best.

But I will say that when it comes to the bold lip lately, red has been my go to.

Now I get that not everyone feels they can pull off a red lip. Sometimes I put it on, and rethink it myself. Or sometimes I’m just like ok you’ve been wearing it too much lately, Michelle. Give it a rest, and use one of the other hundreds of lip colors you own. (lip products and nail polishes are my weakness!)

And granted maybe there are people out there, who think that I can’t pull off a red lip as well as I think I can.

But I like it and that is simply all that matters.

So for any girls out there who have been wanting to try a bold red lip but are nervous to, I’d say go for it!

There are many shades of red too, you got your bright reds, your dark reds, your wine reds, your burgundy reds, your orangey reds. I can promise you, you can find at least one that suits your skin tone,MARILYN MONROE and makes you feel timeless.

Because that’s the thing about a red lip, it transports us back to the glamorous days of old Hollywood, and silent/black and white films (even in a black and white film you know that girl was wearing a red lip!), or that old Marilyn Monroe picture of her in her white dress and it blowing in the wind.

There is just something sexy and classic about wearing a red lip.

And I for one LOVE IT! Do you girls get me?

Did you think I’d let this go any further without a little soundtrack?

notice the girl’s lip color ūüėČ


Featuring my fashion queen  Demi Lovato

Black with red accents is always an A+

gorgeous demi demi girl looks good

funkydemi rockstardemii

um hellll yea demi demi_lovato_151395061

241013-demi2 - Copy

demi-lovato-plus-sexy-que-jamais-pour-les - Copy

demi-lovato-good-morning-america-interview-watch-now-01 - Copy

demi on the town

i am my hair demi at aeropastale

In these Demi looks that I chose to showcase, Demi pairs a bright red lip often with¬†an LBD (little black dress) or some form of a white and¬†black base¬†with red accents. I love black, white, and red together. I love how neutral the white and black are and then BAM RED! I love to include red nails too. And if you’ve got¬†some red jewelry or red heels include them! Gold or silver jewelry works fine too, depending on the outfit!¬†Just be careful not to overload / over accessorize! Note: You don’t have to be all decked out in a dress to rock a red lip, as you can see in the second set of Demi pictures, she is simply wearing a more grunge leather look and still chose the red lip. The leather meets red lip is fire in¬†my opinion, it’s spunky meets classy. It’s just about how you pull everything together.


Just some personal photos of how I worked in red accents to a black & white jumpsuit.

20141213_163048 20141213_163041



Another way Demi chose to embrace a red lip is to embrace red throughout her whole look!


demi_lovato_mtv_vma_2014_6[1] 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

2014-mtv-video-music-awards-red-carpet-1[1] 2014mtvvideomusicawardsarrivalsocgeaacnlogl[1]

Demi stuns that red carpet! When I saw her walk out in that dress, I was so proud of her! She’s actively spoken about her struggles with body image and to see her embracing her curves, and her body was a really inspiring thing. We Latina girls have hips, and¬†butts, it’s just the way it is. We can’t help it. So work it girls! Own your style.


Red Lip Sistas! My friend was reserved about wearing the red lip, but I told her to go for it, and she rocked it!

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red lips


* I do not take credit for any¬†images used that aren’t specified as my own. *