Have you prayed today?


LISTEN: Where is the Love?

LISTEN: All you need is Love.

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why people do terrible things.

I don’t understand how violence has become the norm.

I hate that the quality of life and living have been tainted.

We ask why?

We try to understand.

Is nowhere safe?

You risk your life everyday by leaving your house.

You risk your life by taking public transportation.

…by going to the movies.

…by going to a concert.

…by going to a nightclub.

All things that are normal.

Things that are part of making life worth wild.

Experiences. Memories.

All viciously tainted.

We now live in a world where you can’t trust the stranger sitting next to you.

A world where you are weary and guarded.

Because you have to be.

Because this world has taught you that you need to be.

The violence must stop.

The world is in turmoil.

Security must enhance EVERYWHERE.

It’s sad. But it’s true.

You can’t walk around carelessly anymore.

You can’t trust in humanity.

In strangers or in sense of self and good hearts.

It’s sad. But it’s true.

You never know.

Anyone allowed to carry a weapon should have to undergo a psychiatric test before walking out with one.

People who have such anger in them that they would take the life of others just because they want to, just because they feel like it. They need help. The rage, the hate, the anger, the violence. It needs to stop.

We live in a world where you question bringing new life into it.

You question traveling at night alone.

…dropping your kids off at school.

The world is in turmoil and in these times are law and government going to step up and do something to change things? Can they change things? Will they even try?

Underground illegal actions constantly go untracked.

There is so much we don’t know.

I’m not one for politics, because quite honestly it feels like a popularity contest and they don’t end up doing what they say or are limited as to what they can actually do. If you ask me it’s probably not really even up to us.

But people in positions of power should use it for good. Awareness. Awakening. The time is now. No time like the present. The next president, needs to be the face of change.

The media only makes it worse. The constant reports, I have to turn it off after a while, because my anxiety spikes and if I continue to bury myself in that negativity, I’d never want to leave my house.

We shouldn’t have to fear living life.

In times like this we all turn our heads upwards and ask why?

Even those who don’t always believe.

We may even get angry as to why God let this happen.

There’s free will, and sometimes people abuse that.

While others soar and inspire, some are filled with evil and sin.

And one day their judgement day will come.

God Bless.

Stay Safe.

Hold your loved ones tight.


Leave it to God.

And Pray, pray harder than you ever have.

Pray for the world, pray for peace.

Pray for souls to connect with God again and fill their minds and hearts, with his will and to do the best they can, and be the best they can be to better this world for this generation and many generations to come.

Because this world, this isn’t the world God gave us.

The anger, the hate, the violence, he never instilled that into souls.

We’ve damaged our world, and now we need to fix it.

Have you prayed yet?


I understand not all people identify with a religion but if you believe there is a greater power out there, then you know what it means to have a connection to something greater than yourself. I only hope you let that energy inspire you to always do good. Your soul deserves nothing less.

*I do not take credit for the image used.*




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