BLOGMAS -Day 9- A Christmas Morning Memory

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Growing up, my brother and I lived for Christmas morning. We were always up bright and early, jumping on our parents bed to wake up so that we can start opening our presents.


My Brother & I visiting Santa in the 90’s 🙂

However it’s important to note, that even though we loved getting presents, we also grew up going to church regularly, we were raised to know the true meaning of Christmas.

Referring back to Christmas morning when I was younger, there is one story that I will never forget.

I awoke early in the morning and snuck a peek at the pile of gifts that laid beneath the tree. There were so many that they spread throughout the floor. And standing in the middle of the room was a Toy Story cardboard toy display. The kind they used to have in Burger King and McDonald’s that showcased whatever toys were featured in the happy meal. I remember being obsessed with collecting those things!



not my photo

I remember seeing this and rushing into my room, and pulling my brother awake to see. Drowsy he followed and I still remember his face of shock.

When our parents woke up, we finally got the back story of how this thing could possibly end up in our living room.

My dad asked if he could buy the whole display and well…they let him. So he did.

I remember playing with my Little Bo Peep like crazy. And it was the coolest gift ever! 

Do you have any special Christmas moments you still remember from your childhood?




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