Move- Chapter 22

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Yolanda walks through the hospital emergency room entrance, with the young brunette girl on a gurney. Yolanda’s EMT friends wheeling the girl in.

“Hey take her to cubicle 3. I’ll let the nurse on call know. Thanks guys,” she says. They nod in compliance wheeling her toward the cubicle.

Dr. Greene walks in through the sliding hospital doors. His eyes land on a busy Yolanda taking lead at the nurse’s station.

“Hey there, long time no see,” he says greeting her with a handsome grin.

“Dr. Greene, hi,” Yolanda says in slight shock.

“What do we have?” he says throwing on his white coat.

“Um…I’m sorry that your night was cut short,” she says with a small smile.

“Same to you,” he says nodding.

“Yea that was quite a rushed exit,” Yolanda says with a small laugh. She hands him a patient’s chart, and her stomach tightens as their hands brush slightly.


Aria lies beneath Liam’s toned, muscular body as he hovers over her. Cupping his face, Aria pulls him into a heated kiss.

“God, I love you so much,” Liam whispers against her lips, his hands roaming the curves of her body.

“I love you,” she says her hands kneading their way through his hair.

“Are you sure, love?” Liam says looking down at her. “I don’t want to move too fast.”

“I’m positive. I can’t wait another minute Liam,” she says her voice breathy and full of want as she inches her body towards his.

“Neither can I, love,” he says as he closes the last bit of distance between the two.

Aria let’s out a heavy gasp, her head tilting back. Her hands gripping at his sheets, and clawing at his back with each movement. Their bodies finding a perfect rhythm.

The more Aria seems to vocalize her pleasure, the more groaning escapes his throat as he sighs into her lips. Their mouths meeting in urgency.

Liam’s hands sliding up her thighs, his lips finding that special nook in her neck. Dancing across her skin. Gripping her hips, he spins her on top of him. Aria gasps as she grips the headboard behind him for support, moving with his body. Their breaths quickening. Their body heat elevating. Minds hazy.

“Aria…Aria marry me?” he says his voice raspy and full of urgency as they both still. Their bodies unraveling around each other.

“Yes!” Aria says letting out a loud scream as she flops down beside him. Both of them clearly exhausted.

Liam glances over at her.

“That was um…” he says, his chest rising and falling heavily.

“Mind blowing,” Aria says glancing over at him, trying to catch her breath.

“Yes,” he says closing his eyes, as he takes a deep breath in and then lets it out.

“Are you ok?” Aria says turning on her side.

“Yea…I just… (He breathes heavily) I need a second to catch my breath,” he says with a chuckle as his eyes flutter up to the ceiling.

“Well, Mr. Whitmore, I think maybe I might have to find another lover that can keep up with me,” she says rather dramatically.

Liam’s eyes jolt over to Aria as she smiles widely, he grins and grabs her, pulling her toward him.

“Get over here,” he says climbing back on top of her as she lets out a laugh, his lips cover hers.

As Liam places kisses, making his way down her body, Aria thinks to herself- Are we not going to talk about the fact that I’m pretty sure he just proposed marriage. And I’m also pretty sure I said yes. Sure it was on the brink of orgasm, but still. Her mind begins spinning with questions. As Liam’s lips and hands continue to discover her body. She is jolted back into her body as her breath catches in her throat. She gasps. Screw the overthinking. This feels good. It feels right. Aria thinks as she wraps arms around his neck, her lips finding his as they both move with each other. Aria feeling Liam’s heart beating out of his chest, as he deepens each kiss.


Yolanda walks out of a patient’s room, removing her gloves and tossing them in the trash. Her once sexy party girl outfit now more appropriate with some nurse essentials from her locker- a cardigan to disguise any cleavage, her hair pulled pack and her plain white nurse skips replacing her heels. The night and the drinks, catching up to her. She yawns as she checks another patient chart.

“Yolanda, Hun, go home. You weren’t on duty tonight anyway,” a fellow nurse and friend says with a smile.

“No I’m good. I just need a cup of coffee,” she says waving her hand dismissively.

“You know she’s right Yolanda. You look like you could really use some sleep,” Dr. Greene says walking over with a smile. He lets out a yawn himself.

“Ah I could say the same for you, Dr.” Yolanda says with an unintended “Happy Birthday Mr. President,” sexual undertone.

Dr. Greene smirks, clearly amused. Yolanda notices.

“You know I think we are leaving these patients in good hands. What about I give you a ride home. It’s late.” He says with a gentle yet sexy grin.

Yolanda’s eyes meet his while she ponders what accepting this ride could lead to. But before she could even stop herself a, “Yes, that’d be great. Thank you,” escapes her mouth.

Dr. Greene smiles, happily caught off guard that she agreed. “Ok then great. My car is in the parking lot. Shall we?” he asks gesturing for her to exit first.

Yolanda smiles brightly as she waves to the other nurses. Her friend arching a slight eyebrow at her with extra intrigue. Yolanda glares at her, shutting it down before Dr. Greene has a chance to notice.

“Good night,” Dr. Greene says nodding to the other nurses and following Yolanda towards the exit.


Aria lays on top of Liam, as her hand strokes his sweaty chest.

“Hmm, I could lay like this all day,” Liam says his voice a sexy raspy purr. His arms tighten around her as he places a sweet kiss on top of her head.

“Mmm, I could certainly be persuaded,” she says moaning into his mouth as her lips cover his. Their tongues sliding into each other’s mouths.

Liam chuckles as Aria rolls him on top of her once more.

“Mmm,” he mumbles as his excitement begins to show. Aria’s eyes flutter open, as she moves her lower half closer to his. Her legs wrapping around his waist, pulling him into her.

“Well, someone’s ready for round 3,” she says flirtatiously.

Liam moans against her lips.

“Aria, Love…as much as I want to stay here in this bed and make love to you every minute of every hour- all day… you have a rehearsal to get to.”

“Ugh! Why did you have to remind me?” she says covering her face. “I want you…again…now,” she whispers as he sighs pulling her into a passionate kiss. His hands cupping her face lovingly.

“I want you,” he whispers back as her hands slide down his back. Her nails digging into his skin.

“But-” he says pulling away, “I promised you that I wouldn’t interfere with your rehearsal time. I know how much this showcase means to you.”

“I love you, but I hate you right now,” she says frustrated.

He laughs.

“I’m serious Liam, how do you expect me to focus on my routine, when I am feeling this…excited,” she finishes as her eyebrows raise on cue.

Liam matches her expression as a smirk plays on his lips.

“Ok one more time, but then I’m having my driver take you to rehearsal. No ifs, ands, or buts.” He says inches from her lips.

“Yes Sir,” she says smiling as she reaches up pulling him into a kiss.


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