Move- Chapter 29

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Aria and Liam fall into bed after a long busy, exciting day.

“I am beat,” Aria says.

“I bet you are,” he says flopping down next to her, he turns toward her a big smile on his face.

“What?” she says laughing as she looks at him.

“I’m so proud of you,” he says cupping her face. “You were absolutely brilliant.”

“Thank you,” she says placing her hands on his chest, “You were my inspiration,” she says smiling and looking up at him.

Liam sighs as he leans in pressing his lips against hers. “It was all you, love,” he whispers.

Aria kisses him as they snuggle together, drifting off to a quick sleep.


Aria and Liam had quite the busy next few months. Aria had a great meeting with Jennifer Lopez and was in talks to be her new back up dancer. Liam began painting more and more and meeting with new artists all over New York City. He’s been training his replacement and is planning to open his own art gallery for upcoming artists. But the social events have been plenty and the weight of their different worlds began to become really clear to Aria. And although she hasn’t said it, Liam has felt her pulling away.

Sitting on their bed staring ahead, Aria’s hands in her lap. A bag packed beside her.

She hears the door to the apartment open.

“Hey love, I’m home. I cannot tell you how beastly my day was. All I kept thinking about was how I cannot wait to come home and kick off my shoes and hold you in my arms and watch some crummy reality show with you. Aria? Sweetheart? Are you home?” he says when he is not met with his favorite smiling face.

Liam wanders throughout the house.

He stands at their bedroom doorway.

“Hey Love, Are you ok?”

Aria looks at her hands and wills herself to stand up.

Liam looks at her confused.

“Liam. I love you. I do. But-“

Liam looks down and sees her suitcase.

His eyes begin to water.

“Stop,” he says holding up his hand.


“Love, please just stop. Because I can sense where this is going and I can’t hear it. I don’t want to hear it.”

“This hurts me just as much as it hurts you, trust me.” Aria says tears building in her eyes.

“Then don’t say it,” he says shaking his head.

“Liam,” she says walking to him and grabbing his face as he tries to look away.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry, our worlds are just…too different,” she kisses him softly as her tears blend with his.

Aria turns her back to him as she walks to get her bag.

Liam’s tears spill over.


She turns as her own tears stream down her face.

“Please don’t,” she says shaking her head.

“I love you. Stay with me, please. We will figure all of this out, together. I promise you.”

“I love you too. So much. But we’re too different. I see how much strain our relationship has put on you and your mother. I know we think she’s trying but let’s be real she hates me. And I think it’s really convenient how Laura Lynn happens to be at every single social gathering.”

“Aria, she means nothing to me, love. You know that.”

“It’s not just that, I can’t be responsible for destroying what’s left of your family.”

“You are my family, Aria. I love that we’re different. That’s what makes it so exciting,” he says grabbing her waist and pulling her toward him.

“I’m sorry, Liam. It’ll never work. And I just can’t keep thinking that it will. Because it is wrecking me.” She says crying.

“Wrecking you? Aria you have consistently pledged your love to me and this relationship only minutes before telling me you can’t do this. Over and over again. So no, I’m the one who keeps getting my heart ripped out. You’re wrecking me Aria. And your right it won’t work. But not because of money or circumstance. Not because we’re too different. Not even because of my mother. But because you won’t give us half a chance. Because maybe the truth is you just don’t want to.”

“That is not true. I’ve tried…”

Liam looks at her and tugs her toward him swiftly placing a kiss on her lips

Aria’s mind is hazy as her lips are held in un-expectant pleasure.

Her lips find a rhythm against his.

Liam pulls away to catch his breath.

“Try harder,” He whispers, his tone breathy and sexy.

Aria looks up at him and pulls him into another kiss as Liam smiles against her lips, as his hands cup under her legs and lift her up and over to the bed.

Aria rips open his shirt as smiles wrapping her arms and legs around his body.

However later that night, she snuck out and left a note that read, “That was the perfect goodbye.”


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Move- Chapter 27

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Liam makes his way around the gala, glancing at the stunning visuals around him. His eyes sparkling, his hands in his pockets. As his glance falls on Aria and Gertrude chatting with some people. Aria and Gertrude share a laugh as Liam smiles, letting out a small sigh of relief.

“You always were a sucker for the abstract?” a female voice says from behind him.

Liam turns and is met with that same leggy blonde Gertrude had secretly signaled from earlier.

“Laura Lynn Jones,” Liam says slightly confused by her presence, but remaining his usual polite self.

“Hey handsome,” she says with a flirty smile. “It’s been a while.”

“Yea, it’s been a while,” he says his eyes scanning the room for Aria.

Laura Lynn notices, and grabs his hand in hers, “Liam, could we have a chat, please, I just hate the way we left things the last time we spoke.”

“Laura Lynn it’s all water under the bridge,” he says pulling his hand from hers, “now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find my date,” he says walking off to find Aria.

Laura Lynn’s eyes follow, as she huffs.

Liam strolls effortlessly over to where Aria and Gertrude stand, “Hello, good evening all,” he says extending his hand to each of the fellow high profile buyers. “Good to see you,” he says nodding, “If you’ll excuse us, I would like to just steal a dance with my date here,” he says taking Aria’s hand.

“Excuse us, so nice to meet you all,” Aria says with a smile.

Liam smiles simply as he wraps his arms around her waist.

“Hi, miss me?” she says smiling up at him, as her arms circle around his neck.

“Desperately,” he says placing a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Gertrude’s beady eyes glare at them as she stalks over to the leggy blonde who watches from the bar.

“What happened? You were supposed to get him alone, while I distracted the girl,” Gertrude says annoyed.

“He didn’t give me the time of day, someone’s still sour about our breakup,” Laura Lynn says rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

“Well do something. Quick. I will not have my son, parading around with a girl like that,” she says walking off in a huff.


Laura Lynn let’s out a sigh as she struts over to the bar where Liam stands grabbing a few drinks.

“That’s quite a girl you’ve got there,” she says whispering in his ear as her chest grazes his shoulder. Any closer and she’d be in his lap.

“Yes, her name is Aria, she’s the love of my life,” he says looking at her with clear intent as he shifts over and away from her.

Aria saunters out of the Ladies room in time to catch the exchange.

She watches and smiles as Liam puts distance between them while he waits for their drinks.

She smiles to herself as she walks over to him, she places herself in between the blonde and Liam, “Hi baby,” she says kissing him.

“Hey love,” he says smiling at her as he kisses her once more.

“Oh, hi,” Aria says pretending like she’s just now noticing Laura Lynn, “Where are my manners, I’m Aria, Liam’s girlfriend,” she says extending her hand with confidence.

“Hi, Laura Lynn, charmed,” Laura Lynn says shaking her hand gingerly. A fake smile planted on her lips.

“So uh, how do you two know each other?” Aria says smiling, her eyes challenging Laura Lynn, as she drapes an arm around Liam’s broad shoulders. His arm sliding around her waist, pulling her in closer to him.

Laura Lynn notices and decides to get even, “Oh I’m sure Liam mentioned it. We were engaged. Oh but that was years ago,” she says with a fake little laugh.

Aria freezes, as her face falls, and her body tenses against Liam’s. Her arm falling from his shoulders.

“That’s not exactly the whole truth,” Liam says with a sigh as he turns to Aria.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. I just assumed that was something a couple discussed. I’ll leave you two alone,” she says turning on her heel, and walking away, a smile of vindication on her lips.

“Aria, love, please just listen to me,” he says carefully as he reaches for her.

“I just, um,” she holds a hand up, “I just need a minute,” she says turning and walking away.

Liam sighs as he throws back his drink.


Liam stands off in the side patio of the first floor. Drink in hand as he gazes out at the green garden lands.

Aria walks up behind him.

“Hey,” she says.

Liam turns slowly and faces her, “Hey,” he says cautiously.

“I’m sorry, a lot was running through my mind and I didn’t want to do react impulsively.”

“No that’s ok, you needed a minute to process and I understand, fully. I just hope that you’ll let me tell you the full story Aria. Because baby, you really don’t know what happened.” He says nervously as he walks toward her.

“I want to hear it all. Because Liam, I have to be honest my first instinct was to storm right out of those doors. Because I couldn’t understand how you wouldn’t tell me something as big as you being engaged.”

“I know- love- but if you just-”

Aria holds up her hand, “I’m not done.” Liam stops talking.

“Look, I want to hear you out. And I will. But not here. I know this night is a big deal for you and well, from the looks of it, Laura Lynn obviously had an agenda. So I’m going to be the bigger person and not let it get to me. Let’s just enjoy the rest of the night and the amazing art, and talk when we get home.”

“When we get home, huh?” he says with a cheeky little smile.

“Yea, why are you kicking me out already?” she says placing her hands on her hips, with sass and a flirty smirk.

“Not in the slightest, love,” he says shaking his head slightly as he reaches for her hand.

“Ok, then, good,” she says smiling up at him as he pulls her toward him, her arms falling onto his biceps.

“God, I love you,” he says smirking down at her.

Aria smiles up at him, as he leans in, kissing her.

Gertrude and Laura Lynn exchange aggravated glances as they watch from across the ballroom.

Liam deepens their kiss, as he groans against her lips.

Aria laughs, “Mmm mm naughty boy, not again,” she says pushing him away.

“Ugh, but you make it so hard not to want you,” he says pulling her back toward him.

“Hey, hey,” she says laughing and pulling his hands from her butt, “Let’s go buy some art,” Aria says grabbing his hand and pulling him back toward the ballroom.

“I’m already looking at the finest piece of art here,” he says smirking at her, his eyes flickering that knowing glare.

She turns toward him, and purses her lips at him, “Nice one,” she says with a chuckle.

Liam laughs as she leads them toward the nearest art display.

“They are laughing and acting all lovey dovey. Clearly what you did, didn’t work!” Gertrude says stalking away from Laura Lynn with a sour expression.

Laura Lynn sighs in defeat.


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Move- Chapter 26

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“Are you sure you have everything?” Yolanda says looking around at Aria’s nearly empty room.

“Yea, I think so, if not…I mean, I’ll be back to visit,” She says smiling.

“No I know, I just want to make sure you have everything you need,” Yolanda says smiling.

“Thanks Yoyo, always looking out.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to just stay these last few nights before the showcase? I mean I thought the original plan was to move in with Liam after?” Yolanda says slightly worried.

“I know, but now that you and Matthew are trying to build your life together, I just figured you could use the extra room,” Aria says smiling.

“Yea, well we still have some things to iron out…” Yolanda says smiling.

“Hey, Yoyo, you ok?” Aria asks.

“Yea, no, yea. I just um, we were so impulsive with everything and now that the initial adrenaline has died down, I can’t help but feel like I should have planned things out a little better. I never thought I’d ever do something crazy like this.”

“Hey…you and Matt will figure it out,” Layla says draping an arm over her sister’s shoulders as she lays her head on her shoulder.

“I’m just worried. I mean there are so many things couples usually discuss before they get married ya know? And Matt and I just bulldozed through all those big conversations.”

“Hey, you are always so careful about everything. You weigh the positives and negatives of every situation. You do something crazy for the first time in your life and you think you’re doomed.” Aria says laughing. “Just think about it with a different filter. Instead of thinking about all the things you think can go wrong. Think about all the things that can and already have gone right. I mean you get to wake up to a sexy, smart, sweet man every morning. I would call that a win,” Aria says laughing.

“Agreed. I think you and Matt are gonna be fine,” Layla says smiling.

A knock is heard as Aria walks over to it, she opens it to find a smiling Liam.

“Hey love, you about ready?” he says waving hello to the ladies.

“Hi, yes,” she says giving him a cute peck on the lips, “Will you help me?” she asks.

“Of course, and I brought reinforcements,” he says as Matt walks in.

“Matt, Hey…hi honey.” Yolanda says her face lighting up.

“Hello gorgeous,” he says smiling as he leans in and gives her a kiss.

“I figured the least I could do was help my new cousin in law move in with her guy,” he says with a sweet smirk.

“That’s so sweet of you, Thank you Matt.” Aria says with a warm smile.

“Of course, we’re family now,” Matt says nodding.

Layla smiles at the scene in front of her.

“So uh, boxes in the bedroom?” Matt asks as Aria nods and the guys head that way.


“Ok so that was the last of it babe,” Liam says as he and Matt walk back up from bringing Aria’s boxes down to the car.

“Ok, well, um…” Aria says rubbing her hands on her thighs nervously.

“Let’s have one last celebratory toast, huh?” Layla says passing out flutes of champagne.

“To new beginnings?” Layla says raising her glass.

“To new beginnings,” they all say in unison as they clink their flutes.


Aria and Liam finish unpacking her last box.

“Welcome home, love.” He says smiling over at her.

Aria squeals as she jumps into his arms.

Liam laughs as his lips find hers.

“I can’t believe you’re actually here with me. For good.” He says smiling like a buffoon.

“Oh, be careful what you wish for boy. I can be quite annoying to live with.” She says laughing.

“Mmm mmm, there isn’t anything I don’t love about you,” he says kissing her softly and slowly, as Aria sighs against his lips.


Liam walks into their bedroom and hands Aria a cup of coffee as she sits up in bed, looking at some dance footage she took during one of her last practices.

“Mmm, thank you baby,” she says smiling as she gives him a quick peck.

“So…um can I talk to you, for just a minute?” he asks nervously.

Aria’s eyes shoot up, “Oh no, am I already driving you crazy?” she says wincing.

“No, no, love you’re perfect. I mean you are driving me crazy in different ways. But I have no complaints whatsoever,” he says smirking.

“Ah, good to hear,” Aria says wagging her eyebrows.

Liam laughs.

“What’s up?” Aria asks more casually as she sets her laptop aside.

“So…I know you aren’t into the whole rich scene, but there is this gala that I have to attend Friday night. And I was hoping that you would be able to accompany me. It’s for a really great opportunity and-”

“I’ll go,” she says smiling up at him.

“Really?” he says puzzled. “I for sure thought I’d have to do some major convincing.”

“Why?” Aria says laughing.

“Well it’s just given what happened at the last event…I thought…”

“Well, I happen to only look at the positives of that night, and at how they led us to where we are now, besides things went well at dinner,” she says with a sweet smile and a shrug.

Liam sighs, “I love you so much, you know that?”

“Yes, I do. And I love you too,” Aria whispers as she places a sweet kiss on his lips.


Liam and Aria walk up the long granite staircase. Dressed to the nines.

Aria in a long silky, fitted emerald green gown and Liam in a black crisp tux, with a black button down and black tie. He always wore some variation of the same thing, but he never failed to look hot as ever.

The minute the large golden doors open, Aria’s eyes are met with flashing lights. Photographers calling Liam’s name. “Turn this way, Mr. Whitmore!” “Over here!” “Who’s your date?” “She’s a new look for you!”

Aria instantly feels offended, her stomach twisting into a knot.

This is their first official public appearance in the lime light and Aria hadn’t realized how nervous she actually was until Liam leans over and whispers in her ear, “Hey love, everything ok?”

Aria snaps out of her day dream and back into reality, “Huh, yea I’m good, why?” she says trying to act like she isn’t internally freaking out.

“Nothing, it’s just you seem a little tense, well that and your grip on my hand is kind of intense,” he says with a sweet smirk.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she says looking down and letting go of his hand.

“Don’t be.” He says noticing her nervous tick. She’s biting her lip and fidgeting with her hands.

“Hey, just be you, that’s all I want, that’s all I need,” he says with a reassuring smile.

Aria’s face softens as her eyes melt into his. He leans in and places a slow, sweet kiss on her lips. And the cameras click, flashing desperately. The tension releasing from her body at the feel of his touch.

Liam smiles as he takes her hand leading her into the glitzy party.

“Wow,” Aria says her eyes scanning the room.

An art gala. For new and upcoming artists. Their work displayed and being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Liam’s home away from home. Unique art blending all forums, mixing shapes and colors and angles.

Gertrude’s eyes fall upon the happy couple, as she locks eyes with a certain leggy blonde, across the room, she gives her a nod of approval as she plasters on a happy grin, making her way over to Liam.

“Hello, Liam, my boy!” she says smiling brightly as she kisses him on the cheek.

“Hello mother,” he says with a simple smile.

“And Aria, my you look lovely,” she says through tight thin lips.

“Doesn’t she?” Liam says smiling over at her, as he places his hand on the small of her back.

Gertrude smiles, “Yes, please let me introduce you to some people,” she says taking Aria by the arm as she sways her away into the crowd of the rich and elite, all with money to spend.

“Oh ok,” Aria says waving at Liam who gives her a sweet little wink.


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Move- Chapter 25

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Liam and Aria stand in front of his childhood home. It’s grand. A mansion to say the least. Based on Liam’s sleek yet chill apartment you would never know he grew up here.

“Are you sure I shouldn’t have worn that other dress? I suddenly feel like my boobs are very much on display in this,” she says nervously as she looks down at her slight cleavage.

“Well love, for me they are always on display, no matter what you wear” he says wagging his eyebrows.

Aria smirks slightly as she rolls her eyes. He can tell the idea of seeing Gertrude Whitmore again is getting to her.

“You look beautiful,” he says sweetly as he places a kiss on her cheek.

Liam presses the bell.


Aria laughs at something Liam says, as he smirks, he takes her hand bringing it to his lips he places a kiss on it.

It doesn’t go unnoticed by Gertrude’s beady little black eyes.

“So Aria, I’m so happy you decided to come. It means the world to me that you’ve accepted my apology and that we can have a fresh start.”

“Well, I thought it best we bury the hatchet, you know now that things are moving forward with Liam and I. I realize first impressions aren’t everything. And I know how protective family can be,” she says with a bright smile.

Nothing could take away how happy Liam makes her, even the possible disapproval of his mother. Her nerves had subsided once the initial apology was offered up. It seemed genuine enough. Aria loves Liam and that alone is enough for her to give this dinner her very best effort.

“Moving forward?” Gertrude says curiously.

“Yes mum, Aria and I are moving in together,” he says placing his hand on her knee, as she smiles she places her hand over his and squeezes it slightly. Liam smiles as he places a quick peck on Aria’s lips.

He’s come such a long way in such a short time. Telling her. Not asking for permission. Aria’s heart was soaring. What a man. And some PDA in front of her. Whoa. Hello New Liam.

Gertrude chokes on her brandy.

“Oh, wow!” she says clearing her throat quickly. “My apologies that just went down wrong. That’s so exciting. I’m so happy for you son. For both of you. Let’s have a toast, shall we?” she says holding up a finger to her butler as he nods darting off to retrieve a bottle of Whitmore’s finest and some glasses.


Aria and Liam sit back home, her shoes tossed to the floor, his tie off and sleeves rolled up, jacket tossed over the arm chair. The fire place glistening.

“That went incredibly well,” Liam says beaming.

“Yea it kinda did, didn’t it?” she says happily.

“Thank you for that, I know that couldn’t have been easy. I know it wasn’t easy for me.”

“I told you, I’m in this for the long haul Liam,” she says caressing his cheek softly.

“So am I. And I’m never letting you go, love,” he says leaning in and kissing her passionately.

Things start to get heated as usual.

Liam presses his forehead against hers, as he stares into her chocolate caramel eyes, “When are you gonna bring all your stuff over,” he sighs into her lips as he teases her with the possibility of another kiss.

Aria groans at his mean little trick, as she catches his bottom lip between her teeth. She bites down slightly causing Liam to groan as he deepens their connection.

“I told you, after the showcase. Ok? I just want to have one last fun girl’s night in with my cousins and my friends. I need that. I want to close that chapter of my life the right way.” She whispers against his lips.

“I understand. I do. I get it. And I want that for you. I just- I have a really hard time sleeping when you’re not next to me.”

“Trust me, I know the feeling.” She says her hands gliding across his chest as she sighs “But the showcase is this weekend and it’ll fly by,” She says running her hands through his sandy brown waves.

“I have a surprise for you?” He says with a smile as he places a peck on her lips.

“Really?” she says wiggling beneath him, her curiosity peaked.

“Not that kind of surprise,” he says with a smirk as he stands up.

Aria groans with frustration as she watches him go over to his briefcase and take out two tickets.

“What is this?” she says with a smile as she looks down at the tickets.

“Sky’s hosting this wine and paint party tomorrow night at her place, if you’re interested we can go. She wants us to go. Bring all the girls, I want to spend more time with them. I want them to know how serious I am about you. That you’re in good hands.”

“You had me at wine. But all that romantic, sweet stuff was just the icing on the cake,” she says smiling brightly as she intertwines her fingers in his. “Such good hands,” she says raising an eyebrow up at him.

Liam laughs.

“So you wanna go?”

“Yea I’d love to. And I’m sure the girls will love to join too. I’ll call them. Aw, babe I’m so excited. We’re like a real couple!” she says doing a little cute dance.

Liam shakes his head with a chuckle.

“Yea. We are,” he says kissing her. “Besides I figured it’d be a good way to relax before the showcase. I know you’ve been working so hard with trying to balance work at the gym and your rehearsal time. Let alone a social life,” he says smiling.

“You are wonderful, you know that?” she says beaming.

“I try, love,” he says shrugging his shoulders.

“You don’t have to try. Really. You are just, ugh, you make me so happy!” she says cupping his face with her hands as she places a big sweet, smooch on his lips.

Liam looks at her in adoration, “If you’re happy, I’m happy,” he says simply. His love for her growing with each second he spends with her.


Aria and Liam walk into Sky’s funky SoHo apartment that she shares with her bandmates. Aria’s girl gang in tote.

“AHHHHH!” Sky screams the minute she sees Aria and Liam.

Liam laughs as Sky rushes over to them.

“Look at you two, holding hands, looking adorable! I love it!” she says clapping.

“Thank you Ev,” he says giving her a hug.

“Your place is amazing! So funky!” Aria says hugging her.

“Thanks. Just like me!” she says laughing. “Oh I’m so happy you all made it, come come pick a paint station!” she says pulling Aria by the hand.

Liam smiles as he lets the girls walk in before him.

“Yolanda, Layla,” he says stopping them both, “Aria told me how supportive you both were about everything. I just want to say thank you. I know things are moving quickly for us, but I believe when you know you just know.” He says with a smile.

Yolanda looks at him, her heart beating against her chest at the sudden realization. Something just clicks inside her.

“Yea well, it took me a minute, but we do realize how happy you make her. And she really deserves that,” Layla says with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” Yolanda says.

Liam looks at her worriedly.

“It’s not because of you, please, don’t misunderstand. I just, I have something I need to do. Tell everyone I’ll be back,” she says rushing off.

“Yoyo,” Layla calls after her.

“I’m ok, don’t worry. I’ll call you,” she says blowing her a kiss and rushing out the door.


Yolanda rushes through the silver sliding doors of the hospital. Catching her brief reflection through the glass, a woman determined. She rushes over to the surgery board scanning it for Dr. Matthew Greene’s name. Nothing. Her cute pumps digging into the backs of her ankles.

“Hey Claire, is Dr Greene on call today?” she asks urgently, ignoring her discomfort.

“Um, he was. But he just finished his shift. If you hurry you might be able to catch him in the parking lot. He just left,” she says noticing her distress.

“Thanks,” Yolanda says rushing off.

She bursts through the garage door as her eyes scan the parking lot for his toned, tall body.

She sees him, and suddenly her legs halt. What if she makes a fool of herself?

She turns on her heel and starts to walk away quickly, and then Liam’s words echo in her mind- “when you know you just know.”

She stops and turns swiftly walking toward him as he opens his car door to get in.

It’s now or never, Yolanda.

“Dr. Greene?” She says. He sees her and halts, his smile bright as always.

“Yolanda, Hi. I didn’t know you were working today,” he says.

“Hi, I’m not actually. Um…I came to talk to you. Do you have a second?”

“Of course, step into my office,” he says with a funny head tilt as he gestures toward the back of his minivan. The trunk opens creating a nice little seating area for them.

Yolanda smiles as she follows him and takes a seat.

“So what’s up?” he asks calmly.

“Ok, um, I don’t really know where to start. I-”

“If this is about the Leighton case, I read your notes. Great job.”

Yolanda shakes her head. “I like you. A lot,” she blurts out.

“Oh,” Matthew says surprised.

“Look over the past few years that we’ve been working together I feel like we’ve always had this underlying connection. We work really well together. I think you are a wonderful doctor and boss and all around just a really wonderful man. And I have felt like you’ve sort of hinted at possibly being interested maybe once or twice but I was never fully sure. And I worried what people might think, and how it could affect our professional relationship. But I-”

“Yolanda,” he says taking her hand in his. “You thought right. I have always had very deep feelings for you. I just wasn’t sure you ever noticed.”

Yolanda sighs as her heart beat slows down, and her mind becomes clearer.

“Yea?” she asks her eyes meeting his, seeing him for the first real time.

“Yea,” Matthew nods with a sweet smile as he cups her cheek with his hand, leaning in he places a sweet kiss on her lips.

Yolanda’s heart pounding against her chest and in that moment she knew, Matthew was unlike any other man that came before.


Aria and Liam sit side by side. A continuous pouring of wine into clear crystal glasses as paint brushes stroke blank canvases. Aria’s girl gang laughing amongst themselves as she smiles at the very bubbly hostess Sky.

Aria leans over to sneak a peek at Liam’s piece and it is already an image.

“Wow,” she says stunned, her jaw dropping.

“What?” he says with a sweet chuckle.

“Liam, you are seriously talented!” Aria says.

“Oh…thank you love,” he says sending her a sexy wink.

Sky walks over, “Ah so you’ve finally seen his artistic brilliance come to life?”

Liam rolls his eyes.

“Yes! I have! Liam I mean, you really should be doing this for a living, you don’t belong in a stuffy old corporate office,” Aria says her hand laying on his knee.

“I’ve been telling him that…for years,” Sky says with a knowing sister look.

Aria looks over at Liam in awe as his brush glides across the canvas.


“Sky, thank you so much, this was really great!” Aria says smiling.

“Of course I’m so glad you all came!”

“Bye Ev,” Liam says giving his sister a hug.

“Goodnight, we’ll have to plan something again soon!” she says smiling as she waves to the group as they exit.

Aria and Liam head down the city sidewalk, hand in hand.

“Hey Lay?” Aria says as she turns to Layla. “Has Yoyo called you yet?”

Layla checks her phone for the hundredth time that night, “No,” she says with a huff, “See now I’m starting to get a little worried.”

“Yea me too. This is so unlike her.” Aria says concern etched on her face.


Yolanda’s eyes flutter open as she is met with a ray of sunshine peeking through the luxurious cream lace curtains. And then she smiles remembering her night in snippets.

The hospital garage. Dr. Matthew Greene at his car. Her confession. His confession. Their kiss.

The wine. Lots of it. The local church. Rings. Vows. And sex in the most beautiful hotel room. Sex. Lots of it. Whispered I love yous. And calling him Matthew for the first few times. Screaming it a few dozen times.

Yolanda smiles as she turns toward the warm body curled up beside her. His muscular arm draped over her waist. A sweet smirk resting on his beautiful face.

Yolanda smiles as she looks at the ring on her left hand. She leans over and places a kiss on Matthew’s lips.

He starts to kiss her back, before he even opens his eyes. Fluttering open they meet hers.

He chuckles, as he pulls her closer to him.

“Good Morning Mrs. Greene?” he says smiling brightly.

Yolanda covers her face with her hands as she shakes her head in disbelief.

“Did we really get married last night?” she asks with a giggle.

“Oh we did.” He says smiling.

“It’s kind of crazy don’t you think though? I mean we haven’t even been on a first date,” Yolanda says baffled at this turn of events.

“Well maybe not,” he says lacing their fingers together, “but we’re not exactly strangers Yolanda. We’ve known each other for years. I respect you, I admire your character, and I see how caring you are and how strong you are. And I mean you are absolutely stunning. I’ve waited so long for you to accept this connection between us. Once you finally did, there was no way I was going to just date you. I’ve wanted you for so long. I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember,” he says looking into her eyes.

“You’re incredible, I’ve loved you for a long time too. I was just so scared. I haven’t exactly had the best luck with men,” she says.

“Well that’s all in the past now, I promise you and I will always be a team” he says pulling her into a kiss.

Yolanda smiles as she wraps her arms around his neck, as Matthew shifts them lower on the bed so they are laying down.

“Mmm mmm, wait,” she says pushing him gently away from her just when things were getting heated.

“More waiting?” Matthew says with a joking tone as he stops looking at her.

“What are we going to do about work…it’s not professional for me to have married my boss. Especially when no one even saw us as a couple in the first place,” she says worried

“Hey, don’t worry about that now, it’s our honeymoon,” he says smiling.

Yolanda laughs, “I’m serious Matt,” she says still worried.

Matthew looks at her, “God I love hearing you call me that.”

“Well that is your name?” Yolanda says laughing.

“Yea, but do you realize in all these years we’ve worked together, you have not once called me by my first name,” he says with a smirk.

“Well I think I certainly made up for that last night,” she says coyly.

“Oh, Mrs. Greene. You naughty thing,” he says laughing as he kisses her.

Yolanda laughs. But soon her laugh turns to gasps as Matthew works his way down her body, her mind losing all worry. Her hands gripping at sheets.


“Yolanda! I have called you like 100 times! Where are you? This is not ok! Call me back,” Layla screams into her phone as she paces her apartment floor.

Aria tries the hospital again, “Hi, sorry to bother you again, has anyone heard from Nurse Yolanda Lenz today, did she come into work?” she says her nerves bubbling as she paces alongside her cousin.

Layla looks on hopefully as Aria shakes her head no luck.

Layla sighs heavily, “that’s it I’m calling the cops!”

Liam looks on confused, “I hate to play devil’s advocate during a time like this but…”

“Then don’t Liam,” Aria says as she glares.

“Ok, hey, love, I know you’re nervous but think about it. You said she was going to find Dr. Greene and tell him how she feels right?”

“Yea?” Layla and Aria say in unison.

“So…maybe things…went well.” He says with a cheeky smirk.

“What are you getting at Liam?” Layla asks confused.

“I’m saying what if the feelings were mutual and things escalated…” Liam says insinuating.

“My sister would never just go home with some guy!” Layla says annoyed.

“But from what I’ve heard… he’s not just some guy. I mean haven’t they known each other for years? I mean Aria, love, think about us, I mean we were extremely invested really quickly and we barely knew each other. Think about years of pent up feelings, and attraction, I mean Yolanda could be…”

“Married.” Yolanda says, standing at the doorway. Dr. Greene standing beside her. Both wearing goofy grins.

Aria, Layla and Liam’s eyes all fall on the couple.

“I’m sorry, did you just say MARRIED?” Layla says in pure shock.

“Yes, I did,” Yolanda says happily as she holds up her left hand.

“I- I-I” Layla says stammering.

“What?” Aria blurts out.

“I realize this may come as a shock,” Yolanda says walking in cautiously. Matthew following suit.

“Yea, ya think?” Layla and Aria both say in unison.

Liam extends his hand, “Good to see you again, Dr. Greene.”

“Likewise, Mr. Whitmore,” Matthew says shaking his hand with a firm professional grip.

“How the hell did this happen, not judging, just so confused!” Aria says her eyes darting between the newlyweds.

“Ok, that’s understandable, why don’t we sit and Matt and I will tell you everything.”

“Well maybe not…everything Hun,” Matt says with a shy smirk.

“Oh my god, have you two already had sex?” Layla blurts out.

“Layla, I would very much appreciate your discretion,” Matt says, his cheeks turning red.

“Oh you think she’s not going to tell us all about it, oh you’re so cute!” Aria says smiling as she slaps Matt’s shoulder playfully.

“Wait…what?” Liam says worried as he turns to Aria, “Do you talk about us…” he whispers.

“Bravo, Liam,” Layla says her eyebrows wagging.

Liam blushes.

“OK!” Yolanda says standing up sternly. “Ladies, my bedroom please,” she says pointing forcefully in that direction.

Liam and Matt exchange confused glances as the girls walk off.


Yolanda closes the door behind.

“I can’t believe you’re married!” Aria whispers loudly.

“Seriously Yoyo, how was the sex?” Layla says excitedly.

“Layla!” Yolanda says her cheeks blushing.

“No come on, you have to tell us! This is huge!” Aria says excitedly.

“It was…” she rolls her eyes at the notion of sharing, “incredible,” she says laughing.

“Ah!” Aria says clapping happily.

“Oh I knew it. He looks like he’d be good in bed,” Layla says doing a little sexy dance move.

“Ew, Layla. He’s my husband.” Yolanda says annoyed.

They all halt as Yolanda smiles brightly, her hands cupping her face. “I have a husband,” she says happily.

“You do! I can’t believe it!” Aria says.

“Me neither, you have to tell us everything!” Layla says pulling the two of them to the floor as she sits cross legged.

“Well I went to the hospital to find Matt, and finally tell him how I feel. And he was in the parking lot just about to get in his car. I asked him if we could talk and I just told him. And he then said he felt the same way. And then he kissed me. And it was in that moment that I knew he was not just a guy. He was the guy. My guy. And it was like this mutual agreement that we both felt. Like just dating wasn’t enough. All these years were just such a preamble. Marriage was the only logical thing. And believe me, I know how bizarre and unlike me this all sounds. But I just, I knew it felt right when we kissed. And Liam said something that stuck with me, in fact it’s what made me leave and rush over to the hospital- he said, “when you know you just know.” And I knew.” Yolanda says shrugging.

“My Liam, said that?” Aria says emotionally grabbing her chest.

“Yea, and it was like everything just kind of clicked and I knew I had to see Matt.” Yolanda nods with a smile.

“You guys are seriously adorable!” Aria says smiling.

“So much is changing!” Layla says her eyes starting to fill with water.

“Aw Lay, don’t cry,” Yolanda says as she pulls her into a sisterly hug.

Aria rubs her cousin’s back gently, trying to soothe her.

“I can’t help it. You and Liam are moving in together, you’re married! Don’t get me started on how sad I am that I wasn’t there!” Layla says.

“I know, I’m sorry. Of course I missed having my girls by my side. But Matt and I said we wanna plan a big wedding sometime in the future and of course you both will be my maid of honors!”

“Aw, of course!” Aria says smiling and clapping.

“So much is changing. Where does that leave me? I’m going to have to move out.” Layla says moving away and sitting on the nearby bed as she wipes a few fallen tears.

“Hey, no you do not! I would never do that to you!” Yolanda says her eyes beginning to water too.

“You’re married now. I highly doubt Matthew is going to want his wife’s sister hanging around.”

“Ok, well maybe we haven’t gotten to discuss living arrangements yet, but I will never not be here for you,” Yolanda says sitting down next to her sister and taking her hand.

“Yea and same goes for me too, Liam understands how important both of you are to me, you two are truly my sisters.” Aria says as she extends a hand to each of them.

The three girls sit there, in silence, holding hands, and taking in their last few moments with just the three of them.

“You know what, how about, Aria and I tell our guys that it’s just gonna be us three girls tonight?” Yolanda says with a smile.

“I can’t ask you guys to do that. I don’t want to be rude.”

“No you’re not, I think that’s a fantastic idea. Besides my showcase is coming up and I could really use some family time,” Aria says smiling.

“Really?” Layla says looking between her sister and her cousin.

They both nod as their tears dry and their smiles widen.

Layla smiles brightly, “Aw thank you both,” she says pulling them both into a bear hug.


“Ok…so….what do we wanna do first?” Aria says coming over with a bottle of wine and three glasses and joining the girls on the floor fort full of blankets and pillows.

“Definitely order food!” Layla says as Yolanda nods along.

“Mexican, Italian, Greek, Chinese?” Aria says flipping through a bunch of menus.

“Yes,” Layla and Yolanda say in unison.

“A little bit of everything?” Aria asks with a big flirty smile, “A smorgasbord of deliciousness if you will?”

They all laugh as they clink their wine glasses.


“Oh my god, I am stuffed,” Layla says lying motionless on the floor, arms spread out at her sides.

“Ugh, me too!” Yolanda says holding her stomach.

“Oh so, I’m the only one who is going to enjoy this insane chocolate cake we ordered?” Aria says holding the cake up in front of them. “Fine, more for me.”

“How can you eat like you do, and look like that? I’m a nurse and I still don’t get how she does it.” Yolanda says shaking her head and looking toward her Layla with a smirk.

“Hey, it all just goes to my ass, and Liam loves it,” Aria says laughing as she sticks her tongue out as they each grab a fork and dig into the cake.

“I really am happy for you Ari, and you too Yoyo. I’m just gonna miss this,” Layla says smiling with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Hey, no no, do not get emotional on us again, ok? Tonight is our night!” Yolanda says.

“Yea, so what next, facials, mani/pedis, dance party, chick flick?” Aria says smiling.

“Yea let’s do it all, in that order,” Layla says smiling brightly as she claps her hands.

“Great I’ll get the spa basket,” Aria says popping up.

“I’ll scan Netflix for our favorite rom coms,” Yolanda says grabbing the remote.

“I’ve got our kickass playlist ready,” Layla says waving her cell phone.


Aria, Layla and Yolanda have what feelings like a montage of the perfect girls night in, slumber party. Checking all their plans off their list. As they snap silly green faced selfies, and take turns painting each other’s nails. They dance around their apartment as they each sway to the music, their wine glasses half full and swishing around. Ending the night with a feel good rom com. They lay together amongst the blankets and pillows as the credits roll. Yolanda shuts the TV, they sit there in silence and darkness, as the night creeps in.

“I love you guys,” Layla says sitting between them.

“Love you,” they both say in unison as they all hug each other tightly.


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Move- Chapter 23

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Liam stands up pulling on his clothes as he sits down on the edge of the bed to put his socks and shoes on. Aria wraps the sheet around her body and kneels behind him. She notices the red marks all over his back. Her finger traces a few of them.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry,” she says leaning down and kissing his back. Liam smiles, looking over his shoulder.

“I’m not,” he says wagging his eyebrows up and down.

“No, I’m serious. Do they hurt?”

Liam looks at her lovingly as he kisses her swiftly.

“It’s a very small price to pay for incredible sex,” he says smirking.

“It really was incredible,” she says smiling as she inches closer to him. Her lips touching his, just enough for a teasing taste.

“Aria…” he groans “You have to go get dressed, my love,” he says getting up and opening his closet to grab a clean shirt.

Aria flops back on the bed. “No,” she pouts.

“Come on, you’ll thank me later,” he says pulling on a plain black t-shirt.

He takes her hands and pulls her up off the bed.

“Ugh, fine. I will go. BUT- when I am done with my rehearsal, I am coming back here and we are gonna keep doing it,” she says forcefully as she starts to grab her clothes.

Liam laughs, “If we must,” he says rolling his eyes in fake frustration, a smirk growing on his lips.

Aria giggles as she leans up kissing him. Liam deepens the kiss. Aria lets the blanket fall causing Liam to moan against her lips.

“Go, just go get dressed, please,” he says laughing as she moves away. “I’m serious put some clothes on love, you are too damn sexy for me to resist,” he says smirking as he walks out of his bedroom.

Aria beams with Joy as she falls back onto his bed. Snuggled by all the sheets, she covers her face and kicks her legs about happily. She grabs her things and heads into his bathroom. She opens her cellphone and dials.


“Hey Allie, it’s me. Guess what?”


“Liam and I just had sex!”

“Yes!” Allie screams as her boyfriend stirs from his slumber by her side on the couch as a romantic comedy plays on the TV screen.

“Oh sorry babe,” she says as she gets up carefully and quietly heading over to her terrace.

“So… how was it?” Allie asks closing her terrace door behind her.

“Allie, honestly I never knew it could feel like that. I mean I thought I’d enjoyed it with other guys- but this was like next level. It was the best I have ever had,” she whispers.

“Did you…ya know?” Allie asks.

“Every. Single. Time.” Aria says smiling as she admires her post sex glow in his perfectly lit mirror.

“Wait how many times did you guys do it?” Allie says laughing.

“3…or was it 4?” Aria says pondering.

“Ah ha, oh la la,” Allie says laughing, “I am happy you’re happy girl. Liam seems wonderful.”

“He really is,” Aria says smiling as she has a flash of their prior declaration of love and commitment. “Allie…can you keep a secret?”

“Of course,” she whispers.

“I think I’m engaged.”

“What?” Allie says stunned.


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Move- Chapter 22

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Yolanda walks through the hospital emergency room entrance, with the young brunette girl on a gurney. Yolanda’s EMT friends wheeling the girl in.

“Hey take her to cubicle 3. I’ll let the nurse on call know. Thanks guys,” she says. They nod in compliance wheeling her toward the cubicle.

Dr. Greene walks in through the sliding hospital doors. His eyes land on a busy Yolanda taking lead at the nurse’s station.

“Hey there, long time no see,” he says greeting her with a handsome grin.

“Dr. Greene, hi,” Yolanda says in slight shock.

“What do we have?” he says throwing on his white coat.

“Um…I’m sorry that your night was cut short,” she says with a small smile.

“Same to you,” he says nodding.

“Yea that was quite a rushed exit,” Yolanda says with a small laugh. She hands him a patient’s chart, and her stomach tightens as their hands brush slightly.


Aria lies beneath Liam’s toned, muscular body as he hovers over her. Cupping his face, Aria pulls him into a heated kiss.

“God, I love you so much,” Liam whispers against her lips, his hands roaming the curves of her body.

“I love you,” she says her hands kneading their way through his hair.

“Are you sure, love?” Liam says looking down at her. “I don’t want to move too fast.”

“I’m positive. I can’t wait another minute Liam,” she says her voice breathy and full of want as she inches her body towards his.

“Neither can I, love,” he says as he closes the last bit of distance between the two.

Aria let’s out a heavy gasp, her head tilting back. Her hands gripping at his sheets, and clawing at his back with each movement. Their bodies finding a perfect rhythm.

The more Aria seems to vocalize her pleasure, the more groaning escapes his throat as he sighs into her lips. Their mouths meeting in urgency.

Liam’s hands sliding up her thighs, his lips finding that special nook in her neck. Dancing across her skin. Gripping her hips, he spins her on top of him. Aria gasps as she grips the headboard behind him for support, moving with his body. Their breaths quickening. Their body heat elevating. Minds hazy.

“Aria…Aria marry me?” he says his voice raspy and full of urgency as they both still. Their bodies unraveling around each other.

“Yes!” Aria says letting out a loud scream as she flops down beside him. Both of them clearly exhausted.

Liam glances over at her.

“That was um…” he says, his chest rising and falling heavily.

“Mind blowing,” Aria says glancing over at him, trying to catch her breath.

“Yes,” he says closing his eyes, as he takes a deep breath in and then lets it out.

“Are you ok?” Aria says turning on her side.

“Yea…I just… (He breathes heavily) I need a second to catch my breath,” he says with a chuckle as his eyes flutter up to the ceiling.

“Well, Mr. Whitmore, I think maybe I might have to find another lover that can keep up with me,” she says rather dramatically.

Liam’s eyes jolt over to Aria as she smiles widely, he grins and grabs her, pulling her toward him.

“Get over here,” he says climbing back on top of her as she lets out a laugh, his lips cover hers.

As Liam places kisses, making his way down her body, Aria thinks to herself- Are we not going to talk about the fact that I’m pretty sure he just proposed marriage. And I’m also pretty sure I said yes. Sure it was on the brink of orgasm, but still. Her mind begins spinning with questions. As Liam’s lips and hands continue to discover her body. She is jolted back into her body as her breath catches in her throat. She gasps. Screw the overthinking. This feels good. It feels right. Aria thinks as she wraps arms around his neck, her lips finding his as they both move with each other. Aria feeling Liam’s heart beating out of his chest, as he deepens each kiss.


Yolanda walks out of a patient’s room, removing her gloves and tossing them in the trash. Her once sexy party girl outfit now more appropriate with some nurse essentials from her locker- a cardigan to disguise any cleavage, her hair pulled pack and her plain white nurse skips replacing her heels. The night and the drinks, catching up to her. She yawns as she checks another patient chart.

“Yolanda, Hun, go home. You weren’t on duty tonight anyway,” a fellow nurse and friend says with a smile.

“No I’m good. I just need a cup of coffee,” she says waving her hand dismissively.

“You know she’s right Yolanda. You look like you could really use some sleep,” Dr. Greene says walking over with a smile. He lets out a yawn himself.

“Ah I could say the same for you, Dr.” Yolanda says with an unintended “Happy Birthday Mr. President,” sexual undertone.

Dr. Greene smirks, clearly amused. Yolanda notices.

“You know I think we are leaving these patients in good hands. What about I give you a ride home. It’s late.” He says with a gentle yet sexy grin.

Yolanda’s eyes meet his while she ponders what accepting this ride could lead to. But before she could even stop herself a, “Yes, that’d be great. Thank you,” escapes her mouth.

Dr. Greene smiles, happily caught off guard that she agreed. “Ok then great. My car is in the parking lot. Shall we?” he asks gesturing for her to exit first.

Yolanda smiles brightly as she waves to the other nurses. Her friend arching a slight eyebrow at her with extra intrigue. Yolanda glares at her, shutting it down before Dr. Greene has a chance to notice.

“Good night,” Dr. Greene says nodding to the other nurses and following Yolanda towards the exit.


Aria lays on top of Liam, as her hand strokes his sweaty chest.

“Hmm, I could lay like this all day,” Liam says his voice a sexy raspy purr. His arms tighten around her as he places a sweet kiss on top of her head.

“Mmm, I could certainly be persuaded,” she says moaning into his mouth as her lips cover his. Their tongues sliding into each other’s mouths.

Liam chuckles as Aria rolls him on top of her once more.

“Mmm,” he mumbles as his excitement begins to show. Aria’s eyes flutter open, as she moves her lower half closer to his. Her legs wrapping around his waist, pulling him into her.

“Well, someone’s ready for round 3,” she says flirtatiously.

Liam moans against her lips.

“Aria, Love…as much as I want to stay here in this bed and make love to you every minute of every hour- all day… you have a rehearsal to get to.”

“Ugh! Why did you have to remind me?” she says covering her face. “I want you…again…now,” she whispers as he sighs pulling her into a passionate kiss. His hands cupping her face lovingly.

“I want you,” he whispers back as her hands slide down his back. Her nails digging into his skin.

“But-” he says pulling away, “I promised you that I wouldn’t interfere with your rehearsal time. I know how much this showcase means to you.”

“I love you, but I hate you right now,” she says frustrated.

He laughs.

“I’m serious Liam, how do you expect me to focus on my routine, when I am feeling this…excited,” she finishes as her eyebrows raise on cue.

Liam matches her expression as a smirk plays on his lips.

“Ok one more time, but then I’m having my driver take you to rehearsal. No ifs, ands, or buts.” He says inches from her lips.

“Yes Sir,” she says smiling as she reaches up pulling him into a kiss.


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Move- Chapter 21

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Aria laughs as Liam leads her into the nearest stall of the bathroom.

“Come here,” he growls as his hands grip her waist.

Aria smiles up at him as her arms wrap around his neck, closing the distance between them. Her lips find his in the dim lighting of the bathroom stall.

Aria starts to unbutton his shirt as Liam starts to undo his pants, their lips not parting. Liam hikes Aria up against the wall, sliding his hands up her slip dress.

Aria’s hands fist into his perfectly gelled hair as her body heats up at the feel of his touch.

Liam stills, as he lets out a frustrated sigh before things go any further.

“Damn it, I don’t have protection, love,” he says setting her legs back down.

“Wha- Are you kidding me?” she says sighing as her body slides down his, her feet touching the speckled printed floor.

“I’m so sorry love. I don’t think it’d be too wise to continue without-”

“No of course not,” Aria says as Liam steps away from her. Her body still aching for him.

Liam zips up his pants as Aria fixes her dress, letting out a sigh of frustration.

They both look at each other.

“Wanna just make out like a couple, teenagers?” Aria says shrugging.

“Hell yes, love,” he says with a chuckle, grabbing Aria into a passionate kiss.

Aria laughs against his lips, her hands roaming over his toned back.

Each kiss deeper than the last.

Just then this loud sound of a fire alarm begins to blare from the speakers just above them, and Aria caught between pleasure and sudden fear looks up at the ceiling for an answer, the water spout pops open as it rains down upon them. Liam looks up.

“We should probably go,” he says grabbing her hand as Aria staggers behind him trying to manage to put one foot in front of the other and shake off the public bathroom tryst she just had in a bar named Wild Wonderland with Mr. Billionaire Bachelor Liam Whitmore.

Aria fixes herself as they rush toward the exit to find the rest of the gang. Water pouring from the ceiling, alarms blaring, people rushing out as staff try to keep things calm.

“Aria!” Yolanda says waving her arms in the air, near the exit as the rest of the girls nervously wait in the crowd trying to exit.

Aria points and pulls Liam toward the exit.

“What the hell is going on?” Aria says as they all usher out of the club, her hand firmly in Liam’s as his grip on her tightens in a protective way.

“I’m gonna go find one of my co-workers and ask them what happened, I’ll be back,” Molly says making her way through the crowd to see if she knew anyone.

Aria stands shivering, her silky, short, slip dress soaked and clinging to her, leaving even less to the imagination than before.

Liam notices as his eyes widen, he quickly takes off his button down shirt and drapes it over her shoulders, tugging it closed at the front.

Aria smiles her thanks, as she slips her arms into the armholes.

“Of course love, don’t need you to catch a cold,” he says reaching down and buttoning a few of the top buttons.

“Funny, I thought it might have been because you don’t want anyone else seeing too much of your woman,” she says looking up at him knowingly.

Liam smirks down at her, “Yea, well that too,” he says wrapping his arms around her waist as he leans down to place a kiss on her lips.

Standing there soaked, Liam Whitmore is being seen in public wearing nothing but a pair of slacks and a white muscle tank. Not something you see every day.

Molly rushes over to the gang, “Ok so there was a minor issue in the kitchen and the sprinkler system was activated.

“But is everyone ok?” Yolanda says her eyes scanning the crowd for anyone who may be injured during that stampede of an exit.

“I think so, the chef said the fire is under control.”

Yolanda’s eyes land on a young brunette girl nearby, wearing a tiara with a 21 written on it, she is limping as her friend, tries to steady her.

“Hey there,” Yolanda says walking over, “Are you hurt?”

The two girls look up at her confused at her sudden interest.

“I’m a nurse, I can help you,” she says with a kind smile, her sober side shining through.

“I think I sprained my ankle rushing out of there,” the girl replies.

“Ok let me take a look, let’s sit you down over there on that bench,” she says helping the young girl hobble over.

Yolanda kneels to examine the girl’s ankle, upon moving it slightly, the girl winces in pain, “Ow, yea, that hurts, a lot,” she says.

“Hmm, yea you definitely twisted it pretty good, I can tell it’s starting to bruise. Can you move it by yourself?”

The girl tries and is successful, “It does still hurt though.”

“Ok so I don’t think it’s broken, but I think I should send you for an x-ray just in case,” Yolanda says as an ambulance and fire truck begin to pull up, sirens blaring.

“Everyone! Hi, my name is Kathy Wilks, I am the manager here at Wild Wonderland,” she says yelling over the nervous crowd. “I am terribly sorry for all of this. We had a bit of a small fire in the kitchen but it has been put out and the fire department will check to be sure. If anyone is hurt please come speak to an EMT. And please look out for a voucher in your email to comp you for tonight. We apologize and hope this doesn’t sway you from visiting our establishment in the future.”

“Come on the EMT’s happen to be some friends of mine. I’ll walk you over,” Yolanda says as she helps the girl toward the ambulance as the EMTs wave over at her.


Aria and Liam walk into Liam’s apartment.

“Well that was…quite the night,” Liam says laughing as he grabs two fluffy charcoal colored towels from his linen closet, and hands one to Aria.

“Yes…very eventful…” Aria says drying her face.

“Let me get you some dry clothes,” he says walking toward his bedroom. Aria grabs his hand, “Hey thank you for coming out with us tonight, I know it probably wasn’t your usual scene, but it meant a lot to me to have you there.”

“Of course, I mean I know how much you love those girls and I love you, so it was a pretty easy choice for me to make,” he says smiling down at her.

Aria freezes.

“What? Do I have something on my face, love?” he says confused as he wipes each side of his face.

“No. It’s just- You just told me you love me,” Aria says her heart fluttering.

Liam looks at her and then he realizes, “Oh my god, I did. I have been holding that in for so long. And I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that. I was waiting for the right time, because I know we have been moving way too fast, and I didn’t mean to-”

“No no, shhh, it’s ok,” Aria says placing a finger on his lips as she covers his with her lips within seconds.

Liam responds rather quickly holding her tightly against his toned body.

She pulls away from him ever so slightly as her eyes look up at him through heavy lashes.

“I love you too,” she whispers.

Liam sighs as he pulls her into a kiss.

“Please tell me you have-” Aria starts to say.

“They’re in my bed room,” he says an urgency in his voice as he lifts her into his arms.

Aria squeals as Liam jets off toward his bed room.

His house phone starts to ring.

“Ignore it, please,” Aria says cupping his face into a kiss as he lowers her onto his bed.

Liam reaches for the hem of his tank top as he pulls it off, Aria runs her hands along his abs, their eyes locking in an escalated heat.

“Trust me I don’t intend to get that, love,” he says kissing her as he lowers his body onto hers, her legs wrapping around his waist.

The phone still ringing in the distance.

Liam moves to Aria’s neck, she inhales a sharp breath, he places small kisses along her jawline, making his way back towards her lips.

“Liam, get it, now” she says reaching between their torsos for his belt buckle. Liam nods in agreement. His eyes burning into hers as his hands slide up her dress.

Liam laughs against her lips as he pulls away, reaching toward his night stand.

Aria smiles leaning back as she removes his button down she had on from earlier.

Liam rips open the gold foil packet as he turns to Aria, he walks over to her. She makes her way up on her knees in front of him, as things begin to escalate, his voicemail picks up.

“Liam, its mum. Remember me?”

Liam and Aria freeze in horror.

Aria buries her face into his chest, in embarrassment.

“Oh my god,” Aria says laughing.

Liam wraps his arms around her, “Yea that’s a definite mood killer,” he says matter of factly as he places a kiss on the top of her head.

“I’m so sorry love,” he says looking at her clearly mortified.

Gertrude’s voice cutting in once again… “Liam, please. We can talk this out. I know we can. This is too long to go without speaking.”

“And she’s still going,” Liam says with a huff as he reluctantly let’s Aria go, he walks into his living space where his landline sits on the living room end table.

“Liam. I am sorry. You know I’m just protective over you. I want you to be happy. And if you tell me that Aria makes you happy, then I accept it.”

Aria follows Liam. Her heart softens.

“I’m so sorry Aria, I’m hanging up on her-” he says reaching for the button.

“Liam, no. Don’t. She’s trying to mend things. The least you can do is meet her and hear her out. She is your mother.”

“Aria, my mother can be very manipulative. This is all probably part of some scheme she’s cooked up,” he says shaking his head.

“Maybe so, but I couldn’t live with myself if I was the reason why your family broke apart,” she says walking over to him as she picks up the phone handing it to him, “Answer it,” she says with a gentle smile.

“You are extraordinary, you know that,” he says with a dumbfounded smile as he takes the phone from her hand, “but none of this is your fault.”

Aria smiles, “Answer it,” she whispers as Liam rolls his eyes, and clicks a button, “Hello mother,” holding the receiver to his ear as Aria starts to walks away, he catches her hand, pulling her into a quick, kiss. Aria smirks as she walks off, Liam taps her butt gently. Aria laughs silently as he sends her a sexy smirk and a wink.

“Oh Liam. Thank goodness you answered. My boy, I am sorry. I feel just awful.”

“Well you should mother,” he says his expression changing upon hearing her shrill voice.

“Liam my boy, I do apologize for how I reacted. I just worry for you. You are so naïve at times, you believe the best in people and you can easily be taken for a fool that way. I just worry.”

“Mother, you don’t know Aria ok? Not even in the slightest. For you to judge her from a mere glance, you not only hurt her. You hurt me.”

“Liam, I am sorry son. Please give your dear old mum, one more chance. Bring her to the house for dinner sometime. I want to apologize in person.”

“Mother, I don’t think that’s the best idea.”

“I will be on my best behavior I promise you,” she says a careful grin upon her face as she sits on the other side of the phone call lounged in a patio chair in her lavish backyard near the pool. Gertrude is wearing a large black sun hat and a light periwinkle, tailored pant suit her beady eyes, focused. Determined.

“I can’t promise you anything, I will have to discuss it with Aria,” he says making his allegiance clear.

“Okay then my son, let me know. I do hope you’ll both come.”

“Well mother, I appreciate the offer. But if Aria feels uncomfortable coming, neither of us will be there.”

“Liam. Oh Liam, please don’t say such things. You do accept my apology don’t you?”

“Only if Aria will. I must be going now mother, goodnight.” He says hanging up before she could say anything else.

Gertrude huffs as she slams her phone on the patio table nearby.

Liam tosses his phone on his coffee table and walks back into his bedroom.

He finds Aria sitting in some oversized clothes from his dresser, as she lays on his bed flipping through the many TV channels his large flat screen holds.

Liam smiles at seeing Aria make herself at home.

“Hey, how’d it go?” Aria says looking up, and shutting the TV.

“She apologized…not sure that’s worth much when it comes to her,” he says rolling his eyes.

“Well I mean it’s a start right?” Aria says moving across the dark charcoal gray sheets towards him, her hands reaching for his.

“Yea well here’s the zinger…” he says raising an eyebrow.

“Oh boy…what?” Aria says as he pauses her eyes widening with curiosity.

“She invited you and I to dinner…says she wants to apologize in person,” he says his breath catching in his throat. Worrying about her reaction.

Aria pauses, she stays silent for a beat, her gaze passing him, lingering off and away. Pondering.

“Please…say something love…” he says staring at her nervously. “We don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” he says lifting her hand and placing a sweet kiss on it. “I’m not even really sure I’d want to go,” he says.

Aria smiles simply. “Let’s do it,” she says casually.

Liam looks at her, a shocked expression flashes across his face.

“You sure?” he asks confused.

“Yes,” Aria says with a nod.

“Why would you want to?”

“Because, whether you want to admit it or not, I know that your relationship with your mom still means something to you. Family is important. She is making an effort, so I will too,” she says shrugging her shoulders slightly. “Because if there’s one thing in this world she and I have in common is that we both love you,” she says cupping his face.

Liam’s heart melts as he sighs before pulling her into a deep kiss.

“I love you too,” he whispers against her lips. Their former flame suddenly reigniting quickly. “So um…” Liam says his eyes staring into hers. He licks his lips, coughing nervously.

“Where were we?” Aria asks knowing that he’s too shy to ask.

“Oh thank god,” Liam says swiftly pulling her toward him. His lips instantly on hers like a magnetic force. His hand reaching for the open gold foil packet.

Aria’s heart beats rapidly. Her hands roam across his torso, pulling at his clothes. Liam hooks his hands behind the backs of her legs, causing her to fall back on the bed as she squeals, he laughs climbing on top of her as she wraps her arms and legs around him.


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Move- Chapter 20

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Aria stands at the back of the gym as class-goers exit, faces red, but smiles wide.

“Great class again, Aria!”

“Thanks Jill, glad you enjoyed!” she says smiling at everyone as she dries her face with a towel.

Allie and the rest of Aria’s girl gang hang out in the back waiting until the last person exits.

“Hey guys, you wanna grab a drink?” Aria says walking over to them.

“Don’t you have plans with Manhattan’s Favorite Bachelor?” Allie says holding up the Tabloid.

“Oh gosh, shut up!” Aria says swatting it away with a laugh.

“I have to say, you guys do look pretty sexy,” Yolanda says.

Aria and Layla exchange gasps.

“Look who’s joining Team Liam,” Layla says smiling as she pulls her sister into a hug.

“I’m not printing out the t-shirts just yet. But I can see how happy he makes you,” Yolanda says smiling at Aria.

“Thanks Yoyo,” Aria says smiling as she pulls her cousin into a hug.

“SO did you guys reschedule your sex date yet?” Molly asks taking a sip of her water and cutting into the sweet family bonding moment.

“No, we haven’t. But I think that’s ok. You know it shouldn’t be planned, ya know? That just puts too much pressure on it. I want it to just happen naturally.”

“So you’re really not seeing him tonight?” Layla asks surprised.

“Um, no. He had a bunch of work to do.”

“Does that guy ever take a break?” Allie asks.

“No, not often. And I can see it’s really effecting him. I feel bad, I wish there was something I could do to help him relax.”

All the ladies give her scandalous looks.

“Not that!” she says rolling her eyes. “I just mean that he works too much, he needs to just have some carefree, stupid, fun.”

“Carefree, stupid, fun…hmmm, I know just the place.” Molly says raising her eyebrows, “Ladies, let’s go get our sexy on, I have a plan.”

The girls just look around and laugh as they rush out of the gym.


Aria and her girl squad all rush around her apartment getting ready. Clothes thrown everywhere. Every mirror being occupied. Hair being curled, Makeup being done.

“I don’t know you guys, he said he’s really busy. I don’t think it’s worth asking him,” Aria says finishing her lipstick.

“That’s why you don’t ask, you just show up, looking like that, and tell him it’s time he has some real fun,” Allie says smirking.

“Ok, let’s do this,” Aria says smiling brightly as she saunters her way toward her door, being extra sassy about it as she rocks her champagne colored silky, slip dress with a scoop neck line and a low back and some gold heels, her hair in a high pony and some big gold hoop earrings.

The girls all follow as they laugh in unison.


Aria knocks on Liam’s office door, peeking her head in.

Liam looks up, a smile spreading across his tired face.

“Hey you,” he says.

“Hi,” she says walking in, as his eyes glance her over, a smirk forming on his face.

“Hi,” he says again, clearly frazzled.

“You said that already,” Aria says laughing as she sits on the edge of his desk, her tan, oiled legs right in his view.

Liam laughs, as his eyes shoot up to meet hers, he stands up.

“What are you doing here? Trying to show me, what I’ll be missing again tonight?” he asks tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“No not exactly, I came to steal you away. You work too damn hard. Come out, me and the girls have a really fun plan for tonight. I think you’ll enjoy it!” she says smiling as she takes his hands, lacing her fingers through his.

“Aria, baby, I would love to but I really am swamped here, love.” he says looking over at the pile of papers on his desk.

“Come on, baby. You stay late every night. The entire building has gone home. It’s like Zombieland out there. All of this crap will be here Monday morning. Just come on, take the weekend. Have fun with me. You deserve it. We deserve it.” She says pouting up at him.

Liam looks down at her, his eyebrow raises.

“What?” she says looking at him confused.

“Are you not wearing a bra?” he whispers in a sexy tone.

“With this dress…what do you think?” she says pushing him away as she spins to show off the back.

Liam smirks, “Well I mean you really shouldn’t be going out looking like that without me, I mean guys might get the wrong idea and think that you’re single.”

“I mean it is a possibility. It’d be better if you just came. This way I don’t have to constantly keep turning them away.”

“I mean if you think you’ll feel better having me there…” he says walking toward her.

“I would.” she says smiling as she takes his hands.

Liam smirks as she reaches up to give him a kiss.

Liam deepens the kiss, and lifts her up onto his desk as her legs wrap around him, their hands roaming around each other’s bodies.

Aria pulls away slightly, putting Liam at arm’s length, letting out a breath as Liam does the same.

“We should probably go, my friends are all waiting downstairs,” Aria says out of breath.

“Yes of course,” he says breathing heavy as she slides off the desk, their bodies gliding against each other ever so slightly.

Liam coughs nervously.

“But before we go, lose the jacket and the tie,” Aria says loosening his tie, her eyes gleaming into his. The sexual tension thick.

Liam smirks, “Yes Ma’am” he says pulling at his tie as Aria laughs and grabs his hand pulling him toward the elevators.


“Liam, you remember these are all my girls, Yolanda, Layla, Allie, and the planner of this evening, Molly.” Aria says as they all walk down the city sidewalk.

“Yes, nice to see you ladies again,” Liam says with a sweet grin.

“Hi Liam!” they all yell in unison.

Liam laughs.

“We may have pre-gamed a little while we were getting ready,” Aria whispers.

“I can see that,” he says laughing, kissing her cheek, placing a hand on her lower back as they walk toward their destination.


Aria walks into a bar with Liam’s hand in hers, and her friends close behind. The bar is not your typical bar. In fact it is colorful, and neon with strobe lights going. Music blaring loudly. A club like atmosphere but not as packed.

“Ladies and Gentleman,” Molly says with a laugh, “Welcome to my latest form of employment, Bartending at this fine establishment- Wild Wonderland,” she says holding her arms out in a very ta da like reveal.

“Girl, since when?” Allie says looking around in awe.

“I just started last weekend, and I have off tonight, so I can get a deal on drinks!”

“Yes,” Layla says with a smile as the rest of the girls look around with happy grins.

“Come on follow me, I had my coworker save me the Unicorn Booth. The furniture is literally covered in glitter. It’s amazing for pictures.”

Aria smiles as she looks over at Liam, who appears to feel very out of his element.

He smiles simply at her as she tightens her grip on his hand, leading him through the small, exclusive crowd.


Aria laughs as she and her friends dance in the cosmic colored Unicorn booth. Liam sitting off to the side, watching.

She walks over, taking his hands and pulling him up.

“Baby, come on, dance with me,” she says smiling.

“No, Aria I’m not really a dancer,” he says being pulled to his feet.

“Well that is literally what I am. I can teach you. Besides something tells me that you don’t have a problem with keeping a steady rhythm,” Aria says looking up at him, a sexy smirk forming on her lips.

Liam chokes on the drink he just sipped, as his eyes lock onto hers, “That was dirty,” he says with a cute smirk, as he laughs.

“I know,” Aria says smiling as she leans in, he sighs as their lips meet in a heated lip lock, Liam’s hand sliding to his favorite place on her backside.

Aria pulls away slightly, “Why Liam Whitmore…you are quite the butt loving guy.” she says with a little raspy giggle against his lips.

“Just yours love,” he whispers, his voice nearly a groan.

Aria’s heart flips as her body inches toward him.

Liam pulls her into a heated kiss that lasts for what feels like forever. Aria’s arms drape over his shoulders as she holds her drink in one hand and the other finds its place in his soft sandy hair.

Molly’s jaw drops as she nudges the rest of the crew to look over.

“Damn, he can really let loose when he wants to, huh?” Yolanda says her eyebrows raising.

“It’s really unfair how hot he is,” Layla says in a dreamy tone, “Aria is a goner,” she says laughing.

Aria pulls away breathlessly, as Liam looks at her confused, “I think we are gathering an audience,” she says blushing as she looks away.

Liam isn’t even phased, “I don’t even see anyone else in the room, love.” He says pulling her into another kiss.

“Mmm, quick question,” Aria says in between kisses as her eyes flutter open to meet Liam’s. “Are you totally opposed to doing it in a public restroom?” she says smirking up at him.

Liam smirks, as he takes her drink and sets his and hers on one of the glittered end tables. He grabs her hand, pulling her toward the staircase leading from the Unicorn Booth to the ground level.

Aria squeals as she turns excitedly waving bye to her friends.

They all gasp as they wave her away.

“Lucky bitch,” Layla says with a giggle.

“Cheers to Aria having countless O’s in a public restroom!” Molly says as they all raise their glasses.

“Or supply closet!” Yolanda says as they all laugh. Layla smiles proudly at her older sister, who is finally enjoying her youth.


Yolanda turns and looks up to see Dr. Greene standing behind her. In casual clothing and a drink in his hands, as two other fellow Doctors wave from the side lines.

“Dr. Greene? Hi,” Yolanda says silently praying that her boss didn’t just here her cheers-ing to the big O.

Layla’s face falls as her eyes nearly spring out of her head.

“Hi, I thought that was you,” he says with a warm, sexy smile.

“Yes, it’s me. Um Dr. Greene I’m just here with my sister Layla and our friends, Allie and Molly,” she says looking over at the ladies as they each wave.

“Nice to meet you ladies,” Dr. Greene says smiling.

“You too, a pleasure,” Layla says extending her hand quickly, he smiles and shakes it. 

“I didn’t know you came here?” He says with a smile as his eyes flutter back to Yolanda.

“Oh- it’s actually our first time here, Molly here, just started working here a short while ago.”

Molly smiles, “This place has a great vibe, doesn’t it?”

“It certainly does,” he says smiling.

Layla’s eyes dart between Yolanda and Dr. Greene. The attraction between the two evident enough to anyone with a pulse.

“Well, I won’t keep you,” he says with a small smirk.

“Ok, nice running into you Dr. Greene,” She says nodding, as she waves over at her other colleagues.

“Yolanda we’ve been working together for over 2 years now, I think you can call me Matthew,” he says.

“Um, I guess it’s a form of habit,” Yolanda says with a laugh.

“Nice seeing you Yolanda, enjoy your night,” he says smirking as he turns to join his friends.

Layla, Allie and Molly stare at Yolanda who nonchalantly takes a sip of her drink.

“YOYO, what the hell was that?” Layla says her mouth dropping.

“Ok relax, he’s my boss, he was just being polite, and saying hi,” Yolanda says trying to hide the fact that her stomach is doing somersaults and her heart is fluttering.

“Yolanda, I love you. You are the smartest woman I know, but when it comes to flirting you are seriously challenged. That man wants you.” Layla says pointing toward Dr. Greene’s long since retreated figure.

“Stop it, Layla. We just work together, that’s all.”

“I mean hey…he is gorgeous, smart and kind, you could do worse girl,” Allie says smirking as she throws back a shot of tequila.

“It’s not wise to get involved with someone you work with, especially when it’s your boss” Yolanda says.

“So you’ve thought about it?” Layla asks smiling widely.

Yolanda looks away from their intense glares as she downs the rest of her drink.

“Ah that face says it all!” Molly says laughing and pointing.

“Yes see! She has thought about taking a ride on that hot boss body,” Layla says smiling and clapping.

“Ok…fine…yes…maybe I have entertained the thought, once or twice,” Yolanda says as she smiles, a natural blush creeping onto her cheeks.

“Yes girl!” Allie yells, “I’d say go for it, he’s interested. And hot as hell.” She says raising her drink in the air.

“I will drink to that,” Yolanda says as they all click their glasses and take a sip.

Matthew stands from the ground level just on the other side of the Unicorn Booth, a smile on his face. His ears listening. His co-workers join him a few moments later handing him another drink.

“Hey Matt, here ya go. Sorry we took so long, they line at the bar was endless.”

“Don’t worry I was kept entertained,” he says smirking as he takes a sip of his drink.


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Move- Chapter 19

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Previously on Move– Read Chapter 18 HERE

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Liam steps into his office a bright smile across his face. His phone sounds a text.

Picking it up he smirks, seeing Aria sent him a picture of her Gatorade with a message that read, “Rehydrating for tonight. ;)”

Liam coughs nervously as he loosens his tie.

He types back, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

She smirks as she types back, “Tonight, my love. Your place?”

Liam smirks. “Yes. Yes. And Yes. I’ll pick you up at 8?”

Aria smiles excitedly as she answers, “Perfect, I can’t wait!”

“Me either love, you have no idea,” he replies.

“Here’s something to hold you over…”she types back as she sends him a seductive photo of her in her black lingerie.

“I’ll see you on my lunch break. ;)” he responds, laughing to himself.

Aria smirks, “Don’t mess with me! You know you’re probably planning on working through lunch.” she types back.

“Am I that predictable, love?” he types with a chuckle.

Aria laughs as she sends, a “;)”

Liam smirks as he goes to answer back but gets rudely interrupted by his office door bursting open.  Startled, Liam looks up to find his mother Gertrude standing before him, as Anne stands nearby, “My apologies, Mr. Whitmore, I tried to tell her you were busy. But-“

“That’s alright Anne, I know how persistently hostile she can be,” he says glaring at his mother as he stalks past her shutting the door. Anne sits back at her desk as she and Marco exchange worried looks.

“She! She! I am your mother. I will not be demoted to a simple pronoun. You have been ignoring my calls, my emails, and my texts….all because of THIS! HER!” she says throwing a magazine into his hands.

Liam looks down and sees the headline, “Manhattan’s Favorite Bachelor Finds Himself in a Steamy Foreign Exchange.” As two pictures of him and Aria in a heated make-out session are displayed.

He sighs, feeling violated.

“This is none of your business, mother. Aria and I are none of your business.”

“None of my business. Liam, you are a Whitmore. And Whitmores do not settle. We do not marry beneath us. You cannot be serious about this girl. You haven’t brought a girl home in years but THIS is who you end up going after. She is NOT suitable for you.”

“Not suitable for me? Mother listen to yourself. I am 32 years old, I think I have the right to make my own choices concerning my own love life.”

“You clearly need help…because you are acting like a boy! It’s time you grew up and finally take your responsibilities seriously. This company is yours! Your father’s family built it from the ground up. All with the intentions that one day you would take it on as your own.”

“And I have mother. I have taken it on for my entire adult life. But I was never asked if I wanted to. Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe this isn’t what I wanted? That maybe I have other dreams?”

“Like what? Those little drawings you used to do?”

“They were paintings. I love painting mother, and I’ve been told that I’m pretty good. Considering I’ve been around art my whole life, I kind of have a decent handle on it.”

“Liam. I appreciate your honesty. But think logically.”

“I finally am, mother. Logically speaking, I am finally realizing it doesn’t help me live a life worth living if I’m just feeding into someone else’s dream for me. Your dream for me.”

“And where has this new realization come from…this Aria girl?”

“Partly yes, but I have to be honest with you mother, it’s always been there. I was just so afraid of letting you down that I kept up this charade. Especially, after dad passed, it became like a sealed fate. I knew with you and Sky at odds, I knew I was all you had. But seeing Sky go after her dream and watching her pave her own path, I just realized she is the bravest person I’ve ever known. She shouldn’t be punished for that. For loving music, and for being good at it! And I shouldn’t be punished for loving creating art either. Our whole lives you’ve pushed us to be people we’re not. I can’t do it anymore. I’m not trying to hurt you mother. I don’t like fighting with you. I’m just finally speaking my truth.”

Gertrude’s face falls, the wrinkles in her face evident. Bags under her eyes. Her stern steady and cold. She lets out a sarcastic laugh.

“How quickly you selfish children forget.”

“Excuse me?”

“All those years your father and I spent, putting you in the best schools, giving you anything and EVERYTHING you could have possibly wanted. Expensive cars, vacations, parties with the elite and THIS is how you both repay us. Me. Your father is probably rolling in his grave right now.”

Liam stares at his mother in disbelief, “When did you get this bitter mother,” he says his tone low, dark, laced with pain and anger.

Gertrude turns on her heel and walks to the door, she turns back to hit him with one last carefully planted cruel remark, “I hope this girl is worth ruining your life over.” As she stalks out of the room, her head held high, her heels clicking against the black and white tiled office floor. Everyone around her scurrying away.

Liam let’s out a heavy breath as he slinks into his office chair.

Anne cautiously eases her way into his office as she closes the door behind her.

“Mr. Whitmore…I’m so sorry-“

“Anne, it is not even close to being your fault,” he says sighing and shaking his head.

“Are you, alright? Can I get you anything?” she asks.

“How about a bottle of whiskey,” he says with a slight chuckle.

“Bottom right draw,” Anne says with a small smile as she leaves his office, closing the door behind her.

Liam opens it, and laughs, and he grabs it, taking a swig, he makes a wincing face.


Aria finishes her routine as her song ends. She laughs with a sigh of relief.

“Finally. I’ve got a real routine. Thank you GOD!” she says throwing her hands up and doing a little dance.

She walks over to the radio to shut it off and checks her phone.


“Oh my god, I have to hurry, Liam is picking me up soon!” she says to herself as she rushes out of the rehearsal space.

Aria looks in the mirror dressed in a black lacey lingerie set. She turns checking herself out. She smiles as she sprays some perfume on her chest and steps into a pair of high black heels. Fluffing her lightly curled locks, she touches up her red lipstick. Aria grabs her trusty little black dress and pulls it on.


Aria sits in her apartment, checking her phone constantly. Nothing from Liam.

“Ok. Don’t freak out Aria. He’s probably just running late. He’ll be here,” she says trying to calm her insecurities.


“Ok now, I’m getting worried, what if something happened.” she says to herself as she grabs her phone to dial Liam’s number.

His phone goes to voicemail after a few short rings.


“This guy thinks he is standing me up! Think again” she says angrily as she stands up and storms out of her apartment.

Aria storms into Liam’s office with more fury then a woman scorned.

But her anger is brought to a crashing halt when she sees him passed out on his desk, an opened bottle of whiskey sitting on his desk.

She sighs as she walks over to him, she shakes him gently.

“Liam?” she says. Liam doesn’t move.

“Liam!” she whispers forcefully in his ear.

“Ah, no please, not too loud, my brain is pounding,” he says grabbing his head.

“Yea I bet,” she says leaning against his desk, as she folds her arms. Her glare in place.

Liam looks up once he hears her voice, “Aria, love. Oh my god! What time is it?” he says looking around, confused.

Aria takes his wrist and shows him his watch- 10:45.

“Oh love, I am so sorry.”

“Yea, me too,” she says shaking her head.

“I didn’t mean to miss our date, love…”

“Liam, what happened?” she says confused.

“My mother stopped by-“

“Wow. Ok, so this is how you deal with that. Getting wasted at work?” she says rolling her eyes, “Good to know,” she says starting to walk to the door.

“Would you just wait? You never let me explain. You just make your own conclusion and you run.”

“Quite frankly, I am tired of your explanations.”

“Ok, fine. Leave. Everybody does,” he says grabbing the bottle of whiskey and chugging it again.

Aria watches him as her face softens, she walks back over to him, taking the bottle from his hands.

Liam looks up at her, confused yet broken.

“What happened Liam?” she asks concerned.

“You don’t have to pretend to care, the door is right there love,” he says standing unsteadily.

Aria catches him as he loses his footing.

“Ok, you know what -let’s get you home.” she says grabbing his briefcase and his phone.

Aria and Liam exit the building, Liam’s sleek black car parked right outside. His driver rushes out to give her a hand.

“What happened?” he asks worried.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” she says.

“I was just about to check on him, he usually works late but not this late!” his driver says.

“So this is not a regular occurrence then?” Aria asks as they get Liam into the back seat of the car.

“No. Mr. Whitmore is more of a social drinker. Never drinks on the job.”

Aria nods.

“Can we drop you somewhere on the way?” he asks kindly.

“Um actually I think I’m going to stay with him. Just to make sure he’s ok.” Aria says climbing in after Liam.


Liam wakes up on his couch, his head pounding, his apartment dark and silent. He goes to get up, and grabs his head, wincing.

Finally his eyes adjust to the darkness as he sees Aria sleeping in his nearby love seat.

He smiles slightly and quietly walks over to her, kneeling down he strokes her legs softly with his hands, “Aria,” he whispers.

Her eyes flutter open, as she sees him kneeled before her, “Hey,” she says cupping his face.  “How are you feeling?” she says her eyes focusing on him, her face worried.

“Not great. What happened?” he says confused.

“You really don’t remember anything?” she says.

“I assume alcohol was involved, but I’m not much of a drinker so I’m kind of…yea details are a little hazy,” he says confused.

“Well…” she says getting up and taking his hand leading them to a seat on the couch as she clicks on a lamp.

“We were supposed to have our…special….sexy….night…”

“That I remember,” he says smirking.

“Well that didn’t really happen.”

“I missed it?” he says sadly.

“Oh yea,” she says her eyes widening. “You were supposed to pick me up for 8 and time just kept slipping by and you never showed. At first I just figured you were running late at work, then I was worried something happened, but then I got in my head and decided that maybe you were standing me up.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” he says taking her hand in his.

“I don’t know, I just got so mad at you and I went to your office, and there you were passed out with a bottle of whiskey.”

“Oh lord, yes, that um, that sounds vaguely familiar,” he says stroking his scruffy chin, as he winces in embarrassment.

“Do you remember why you all of the sudden decided to drink?” she asks.

“My mother stopped by.” he says rolling his eyes.

“You did mention that,” she says. “What did she want?”

“She came to discuss her disappointment in me. How I should be falling in line and doing what is expected of me.” Liam says looking away.

“Oh Liam-” she says cupping his face.

“She also came to show me…this,” he says reaching into his briefcase and pulling out the magazine.

Aria takes it and reads the headline.

“Wow!” she says her eyes wide, “we look hot,” she says smiling up at him.

Liam looks at her confused, “Wait you’re not mad? I thought you’d be offended. I know I was. And I’m used to having my picture in the papers.”

“I mean look, I’m not thrilled to have my private life plastered across the cover of a cheap tabloid. But I mean it was bound to happen. You are part of rich elite society. And the headline, at least it’s clever, right? You have to give them credit for trying.” she says shrugging and tossing the magazine on his coffee table.

Liam laughs as he lets out a sigh.

“Did you really think I would hold this against you? I mean it’s not your fault.”

“I just didn’t know how you’d take it? I didn’t know if you’d feel like it was too much to deal with and walk away.”

Aria looks down, suddenly ashamed. She exhales, annoyed.

“What?” he says worried.

“I completely understand why you felt that way. I run. A lot. When it comes to feeling anything even remotely romantic, I run. It’s sad that you already know that about me. I mean even last night after finding you like that, I just wrote the end of the story myself and decided you were an alcoholic who couldn’t be trusted and almost didn’t let you explain.”

“Wow. Ok, well I’m not an alcoholic. Just to clarify. I just had a bad day, and drank on an empty stomach. But I can see how it would look bad. But I’m glad you stuck around. Even though I don’t exactly remember how I got you to stay.” he says smirking.

“You showed me a little vulnerability,” she says shrugging.

“What does that mean?” he asks starring into her eyes, as he strokes her cheek, she leans in placing a kiss on his lips.

“In the midst of calling me out for always running off, you sort of implied that you’ve been left by a lot of people. And just the way you said it, it broke my heart. I knew I couldn’t leave you that way.”

Liam nods, clearing his throat, he looks away, his hands pulling away from her as he stands up.

“Well um, thank you again, love. I appreciate it. And I am so sorry about missing our night. I will make it up to you,” he says looking at her.

“I know you will.” she says smiling as she stands up, she kisses him.

 “You look ravishing by the way,” whispers against her lips, before kissing her again, his hands pulling her waist toward him.

Aria laughs, “You should see what I’m wearing underneath this,” she says raising an eyebrow as Liam sighs, he kisses her again.

“Trust me, if this hangover wasn’t punishment enough already, I am now mentally kicking myself for not being able to get you out of that dress,” he whispers in his husky, sexy, voice.

Aria laughs, “Aw, well don’t do that. We’ll get our night soon.” she says kissing him. “I should get going. My cousins are probably freaking out, it’s like 4 am.”

“Ok, well let me call Will, so he can give you a ride-“

“It’s ok, I’m fine-“

“Aria, love, its 4 am, shut up. You’re taking the ride,” he says placing a kiss on her shocked face.

“I’m sorry love, it’s just that you protest so much. I just want you to be safe.” he says with as sweet smirk.

“Nice save,” she says smirking as she pulls him into a kiss.

Liam laughs as he wraps his arms around her waist.

“Bye,” she says smiling up at him.

“Bye love, Thank you again,” he says smirking.

“Anytime,” she says blowing him a kiss as she leaves.


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Move- Chapter 18

MOVE poster


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Liam and Aria stand in front of her apartment building as she digs in her purse for her keys.

“I um…I’d invite you up, but-” Aria begins to say as she looks down at her keys, fiddling in her hands.

“But that may not be the best of ideas?” Liam asks smirking.

“No, probably not,” she says smiling.

“You know that’s not all it’s about for me, right? I mean I won’t deny that I want you, but I want to get to know you first. Before anything else escalates between us. I know we can get wrapped up in each other, and lose ourselves. But I will make more of an effort to keep myself in check.”

“Thank you. But I mean, it’s not just you. I know I can be rather forward. And I will work on that too.”

“I must admit I am usually far greater at exercising self-control. But being around you, I find it rather difficult.”

“I um… (clears her throat) I know what you mean,” she says with a flirtatious smile as she looks up at him.

Liam smirks at her as their eyes lock in intensity.

“Screw it,” Aria says pulling him into a kiss as they push through her building door, his hands sliding up and down her figure.


Aria and Liam crash into her apartment.

“My bedroom is back this way,” she says pulling him by his collar.

Liam kisses her passionately as he follows her lead, “Aria, love, are you trying to kill me?” he whispers as he lets out a husky laugh against her lips.

“I think it’s safe to say no,” she whispers as she kisses him with more urgency than before, wrapping her arms around his neck as he lifts her legs up around his waist.

“You really think we’re ready for this? I mean we just said-“

“I know what I said, just kiss me,” she says as his lips crash over hers. He walks them into her bedroom.

Liam places her gently on her bed, as she rips open his shirt, stroking his chest.

He leans into a kiss as he cups her face, his other hand slides the zipper of her dress down.

“Aria,” he whispers nervously as his eyes lock onto hers.

“Close the door,” she whispers.

Liam looks at her, he kisses her passionately and then walks over to the door closing it.


Aria let’s out a scream as Liam laughs lightly, the two wrapped up in each other’s arms, clothing scattered, but Aria and Liam still in their under garments.

“So you are ticklish, aren’t you love?” Liam says tickling her sides, placing a kiss on her lips as he slides his hands along her body.

“I guess a little,” she says laughing as she kisses him her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

Liam chuckles, deepening their kiss. Flipping them, as his lips work their way down to her neck.

“Liam…” she whispers, her body moving closer to him.

“Hmm?” he whispers against her skin.

“What are we doing?” she asks with a laugh as she looks down at their entangled bodies.

“If it’s not obvious, I’m seriously going to have to rethink my powers of seduction,” he says with a laugh as he kisses her.

“I’m serious? Why are we still wearing clothes, get these off,” she says reaching for the waistline of his boxers.

“Alright! Ok!” he says laughing as he stops her hands.

“What?” she says sadly.

“Aria, I want you. Trust me. I do. I am fighting everything in me right now. You are making it very hard for me to think straight. But I promised you I would.”

“We can change our minds, can’t we?” she says stroking her hands up and down his chest.

“I have to admit your kind of giving me whiplash here. One minute I’m moving too fast for you and distracting you from your dream, then the next you’re trying to take my clothes off. I don’t know what you want from me, love.”

“I’m sorry, I know! Ugh! What is wrong with me?” she says covering her face.

“Nothing,” he says cupping her face as he pouts.

“I just, when we’re alone. I just- I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be with you. It’s like logic falls out of my head and I can’t think straight. I don’t want to.”

“That’s all well and good love. I know how you feel, because I feel the same way. And the truth is we can have sex. We’re both adults, we both want to. But I want it to be the right time. I don’t want you to regret it.”

“I honestly don’t think I could ever regret being with you,” she says raising her eyebrows as her hands slide along his toned abs.

“I think that’s just your hormones talking,” he says smirking as a chuckle escapes his lips.

“Maybe. But I don’t think that has to be a bad thing,” Aria says kissing his neck.

“You know, (clears his throat) there are other things we could do,” he says lowering himself on the mattress.

“Really?” she says flirtatiously. “Do tell?” she says opening her legs as her back arches her body closer to him.

“I’d prefer to show you,” he whispers his eyes peering up at her, intensely yet sparkling blue.

Aria leans back as she grabs a poll on her headboard.

“So just to be clear, we’re going to do everything, but have sex?” Aria asks confused.

“Let’s start here, and see how much you can handle,” Liam smirks as he ducks beneath her sheets.

Aria let’s out a breathy moan as her other hand claws at the sheets.


The next morning Aria peeks out of her bed room door.

“Coast is clear, come on, hurry!” she says pulling him by the hand.

“Are you ashamed of me, love?” he asks with a chuckle as she pulls him to the front door.

“No I am saving you from having to answer to my most likely very cranky, and sleep deprived roommates,” Aria says standing up on her tippy toes, placing a kiss on his lips.

“You were quite loud, love.” he says smirking

Aria gasps as she hints him in the chest.

“We didn’t even get to the main event,” he says his eyes flickering as he reaches for the hem of her oversized t-shirt.

“Hey!” she says slapping his hands away with a laugh, “It’s not my fault you had my head spinning,” she says laughing as her cheeks begin to blush.

“Oh love, you have no idea, that was nothing,” he whispers pulling her into him as he kisses her passionately.

“Hmm,” she says smiling up at him, as she kisses him again her hands sliding down his bare chest, his white collared shirt hangs open. “Cover this sexy body up, please. I’d like to not have my man displayed for all the world to see,” she whispers against his lips as he laughs.

“Yes ma’am,” he smirks as he starts to button his shirt.

Aria smiles brightly at him as she hands him his suit jacket.

“Hmm, I like being your man. Yea. That works,” he says leaning in and placing a kiss on her lips.

“Yea?” she asks scrunching her nose, as she looks up at him.

“Yea,” he says nodding, his heart melting as he kisses her again.

“Call me?” she asks.

“Of course,” he smirks, “bye love,” he whispers kissing her once more before leaving.

Aria closes her door and leans up against it. She grabs her chest, “Oh my god!” she whispers to herself. Closing her eyes replaying last night’s events.

Opening her eyes she’s met with two very frazzled cousins.

“There better be coffee,” Yolanda says walking into the kitchen.

Layla groans in agreement as she drags her feet over to a seat at the island.

“Did I wake you…last night?” Aria says wincing.

“Ya think? I swear if you both didn’t have jobs he would have spent all afternoon here too!” Layla says.

“You’re probably right about that.” Aria says smiling coyly.

Yolanda and Layla both give her a look.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so vocal about it…” Aria says as she grabs a water from the fridge and then doubles back and switches it for a Gatorade.

“So I take it things went well with Liam. Gatorade good huh?” Layla says pointing to her drink of choice.

“Um…yes, but we uh didn’t actually have sex…”

“So then what was with all the “Oh Liam!” “Oh my god, Liam!”” Layla and Yolanda yell making fun of her.

“Hey, you know there are other things you can do…” Aria says shrugging her shoulders.

“Oh yes ok. I am aware. But really that’s all you did… And he just offered?” Yolanda asked.

“Yup,” Aria says smiling as she grabs a banana from the fruit bowl on the kitchen island.

“Wow, that’s…” Yolanda begins.

“Hot,” Layla finishes.

“Very,” Aria says raising an eyebrow. “But trust me, I definitely returned the favor,” she says smirking.

Layla and Yolanda burst out laughing.

“Oh my god! You dirty bird.” Layla says.

“I’m just really happy,” Aria says smiling brightly.

“Good,” Yolanda says smiling.

“You deserve it,” Layla agrees.


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