Move- Chapter 27

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Liam makes his way around the gala, glancing at the stunning visuals around him. His eyes sparkling, his hands in his pockets. As his glance falls on Aria and Gertrude chatting with some people. Aria and Gertrude share a laugh as Liam smiles, letting out a small sigh of relief.

“You always were a sucker for the abstract?” a female voice says from behind him.

Liam turns and is met with that same leggy blonde Gertrude had secretly signaled from earlier.

“Laura Lynn Jones,” Liam says slightly confused by her presence, but remaining his usual polite self.

“Hey handsome,” she says with a flirty smile. “It’s been a while.”

“Yea, it’s been a while,” he says his eyes scanning the room for Aria.

Laura Lynn notices, and grabs his hand in hers, “Liam, could we have a chat, please, I just hate the way we left things the last time we spoke.”

“Laura Lynn it’s all water under the bridge,” he says pulling his hand from hers, “now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find my date,” he says walking off to find Aria.

Laura Lynn’s eyes follow, as she huffs.

Liam strolls effortlessly over to where Aria and Gertrude stand, “Hello, good evening all,” he says extending his hand to each of the fellow high profile buyers. “Good to see you,” he says nodding, “If you’ll excuse us, I would like to just steal a dance with my date here,” he says taking Aria’s hand.

“Excuse us, so nice to meet you all,” Aria says with a smile.

Liam smiles simply as he wraps his arms around her waist.

“Hi, miss me?” she says smiling up at him, as her arms circle around his neck.

“Desperately,” he says placing a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Gertrude’s beady eyes glare at them as she stalks over to the leggy blonde who watches from the bar.

“What happened? You were supposed to get him alone, while I distracted the girl,” Gertrude says annoyed.

“He didn’t give me the time of day, someone’s still sour about our breakup,” Laura Lynn says rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

“Well do something. Quick. I will not have my son, parading around with a girl like that,” she says walking off in a huff.


Laura Lynn let’s out a sigh as she struts over to the bar where Liam stands grabbing a few drinks.

“That’s quite a girl you’ve got there,” she says whispering in his ear as her chest grazes his shoulder. Any closer and she’d be in his lap.

“Yes, her name is Aria, she’s the love of my life,” he says looking at her with clear intent as he shifts over and away from her.

Aria saunters out of the Ladies room in time to catch the exchange.

She watches and smiles as Liam puts distance between them while he waits for their drinks.

She smiles to herself as she walks over to him, she places herself in between the blonde and Liam, “Hi baby,” she says kissing him.

“Hey love,” he says smiling at her as he kisses her once more.

“Oh, hi,” Aria says pretending like she’s just now noticing Laura Lynn, “Where are my manners, I’m Aria, Liam’s girlfriend,” she says extending her hand with confidence.

“Hi, Laura Lynn, charmed,” Laura Lynn says shaking her hand gingerly. A fake smile planted on her lips.

“So uh, how do you two know each other?” Aria says smiling, her eyes challenging Laura Lynn, as she drapes an arm around Liam’s broad shoulders. His arm sliding around her waist, pulling her in closer to him.

Laura Lynn notices and decides to get even, “Oh I’m sure Liam mentioned it. We were engaged. Oh but that was years ago,” she says with a fake little laugh.

Aria freezes, as her face falls, and her body tenses against Liam’s. Her arm falling from his shoulders.

“That’s not exactly the whole truth,” Liam says with a sigh as he turns to Aria.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. I just assumed that was something a couple discussed. I’ll leave you two alone,” she says turning on her heel, and walking away, a smile of vindication on her lips.

“Aria, love, please just listen to me,” he says carefully as he reaches for her.

“I just, um,” she holds a hand up, “I just need a minute,” she says turning and walking away.

Liam sighs as he throws back his drink.


Liam stands off in the side patio of the first floor. Drink in hand as he gazes out at the green garden lands.

Aria walks up behind him.

“Hey,” she says.

Liam turns slowly and faces her, “Hey,” he says cautiously.

“I’m sorry, a lot was running through my mind and I didn’t want to do react impulsively.”

“No that’s ok, you needed a minute to process and I understand, fully. I just hope that you’ll let me tell you the full story Aria. Because baby, you really don’t know what happened.” He says nervously as he walks toward her.

“I want to hear it all. Because Liam, I have to be honest my first instinct was to storm right out of those doors. Because I couldn’t understand how you wouldn’t tell me something as big as you being engaged.”

“I know- love- but if you just-”

Aria holds up her hand, “I’m not done.” Liam stops talking.

“Look, I want to hear you out. And I will. But not here. I know this night is a big deal for you and well, from the looks of it, Laura Lynn obviously had an agenda. So I’m going to be the bigger person and not let it get to me. Let’s just enjoy the rest of the night and the amazing art, and talk when we get home.”

“When we get home, huh?” he says with a cheeky little smile.

“Yea, why are you kicking me out already?” she says placing her hands on her hips, with sass and a flirty smirk.

“Not in the slightest, love,” he says shaking his head slightly as he reaches for her hand.

“Ok, then, good,” she says smiling up at him as he pulls her toward him, her arms falling onto his biceps.

“God, I love you,” he says smirking down at her.

Aria smiles up at him, as he leans in, kissing her.

Gertrude and Laura Lynn exchange aggravated glances as they watch from across the ballroom.

Liam deepens their kiss, as he groans against her lips.

Aria laughs, “Mmm mm naughty boy, not again,” she says pushing him away.

“Ugh, but you make it so hard not to want you,” he says pulling her back toward him.

“Hey, hey,” she says laughing and pulling his hands from her butt, “Let’s go buy some art,” Aria says grabbing his hand and pulling him back toward the ballroom.

“I’m already looking at the finest piece of art here,” he says smirking at her, his eyes flickering that knowing glare.

She turns toward him, and purses her lips at him, “Nice one,” she says with a chuckle.

Liam laughs as she leads them toward the nearest art display.

“They are laughing and acting all lovey dovey. Clearly what you did, didn’t work!” Gertrude says stalking away from Laura Lynn with a sour expression.

Laura Lynn sighs in defeat.


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