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Henley fluffs Piper’s dress and fixes her veil as the newly married couple stand posing for pictures in the center of the ballroom. White roses kissing the corners of the room, white lily scented candles in the center of each table. Twinkling fairy lights lining the soft sweeping silk white curtains as people start to flood in taking their seats. The DJ begins to play soft background music. The whole room set a feeling like an enchanted fairy forest. Henley blows Piper a kiss as Piper mouths the words “Thank you,” she smiles brightly her way.

Henley smiles at the love between Piper and Parker. Hunter watches, his eyes always seeming to somehow find her in a crowded room.

A little while later…

“I gotta hand it to you Hen…you really out did yourself with this wedding,” Hunter says walking over to her.

“Thanks,” she says smiling, leaning against the bar. “I really wanted everything to be perfect, they deserve it. They look great out there, don’t they?” she says watching the two newlyweds dancing up a storm.

“Yea they really do…So you ready for your speech?” he asks smiling.

“Uh, yea I guess. You know I’m not super into public speaking, so I’m a little nervous, but- hey,” she says shrugging.

“Oh come on your gonna be fine. You know mostly everyone in this room, and we all love you. There’s no need to be nervous.”

“Yea I guess you’re right,” she says smiling at him as the bartender hands her a glass of water.

Just then Piper hops onto the stage. “Hello hello, I have a bit of an announcement to make, or a request rather,” she says holding the mic.

Hunter and Henley along with the room full of guests turn to face the stage.

“So as many of you know, Henley Hendrix that beautiful soul right over there,” she says pointing.

Henley looks at her as her brow furrows, “What the hell is she doing?” she whispers to Hunter, as she let’s out a laugh.

Hunter laughs, “I don’t know, but should be interesting,” he says sipping his soda.

“She is my maid of honor, and I am sure that she has an epic speech planned for tonight- BUT I don’t want to hear it.”

Henley looks taken back, as she and Hunter share a puzzled look.

“See I’ve known Henley for years, we met in college and fun fact, Henley and I actually used to be in a girl band and-“

Henley’s eyes widen, “Oh no.” she says. Hunter looks over at her, “Oh yes,” he says with a big smile on his face.

“And we used to do covers and there was one song that I always used to joke about and tell her, when I got married, she had to sing it at my wedding. Well Henley, it’s my wedding, time to call in some old favors. Ladies… leather jackets and combat boots please…” She says as Alexis, Camila, and Brooke rush on stage in their getups.

Hunter starts laughing hysterically, as Henley looks over at him.

“No,” Henley says shaking her head and waving her hands at Piper.

“Oh yes, get your ASS UP HERE!!!!” Piper screams as the crowd cheers.

“No,” Henley stays put.

Hunter smirks as he sweeps her up throwing her over his shoulder and bringing her to the stage.

“Oh my god, are you serious!” Henley says hitting his back, as she laughs, the crowd laughing at her misfortune.

“Thank you brother,” Piper says saluting Hunter, “I believe your audience awaits,” she says handing Henley her leather jacket and combat boots.

Henley rolls her eyes, “I cannot believe you!” she says laughing as she shrugs the jacket on and switches her shoes quickly.

Her friend Camila handing her a guitar.

“Oh my God, guitar too? Are you kidding? I haven’t played this song in years,” she says putting the strap over her head.

“Well a promise is a promise,” Piper says laughing.

“I hate you.” Henley says laughing, “But you’re lucky I love you,” she says glaring at Piper. “Bear with me everybody, it’s been a minute since I’ve touched a guitar or sang,” She says strumming her first cord as she lets out a laugh.

“Hey you guys we’re Imperfection!” Piper says into the mic and the crowd cheers.

Piper and Henley exchange looks as they laugh.

“I’ve been driving for an hour, just talking to the rain…” Henley sings into the mic as Hunter smiles feeling a sense of insane nostalgia.

**Flashback to Henley’s freshmen year of College…Hunter’s sophomore year.

Henley gets off the stage after performing that very same song.

Piper drags her friends over to Hunter who has undoubtedly been watching Henley the entire time, and yes she noticed.

“Hunter, this is Henley, Brooke, Camila and Alexis, my epic girl group I was telling you about,” she says smiling.

“Hey, nice to meet you,” Hunter says holding out his hand to each of them and leaving Henley for last.

“You too,” Henley says with a smile as she shakes his hand, a spark running through both of them. Alexis and the other girls taking notice.

“Oh my god, I love this song, girls let’s dance,” Piper says pulling Henley’s hand.

Henley looks back at Hunter who just so happens to be looking back at her too.

Later that night…

Hunter walks up to Henley, her eyes notice as she looks away trying to act uninterested.

“Henley right?” he says with a smirk.

Henley nods.

“You guys killed it,” he says pointing to the stage.

“Thanks,” she says playing it cool.

“So Henley…you have a last name?”

“Why, you wanna stalk me online?” she says her sassy side showing early on.

“Maybe,” he says with a smirk, challenging her.

“You’re cute,” she says smirking back.

“Cute…ouch,” he says looking away with a laugh.

Henley laughs, “I’m sorry, did I bruise your ego?” she says pouting.

“Yea a little bit,” he says leaning in closer to her.

“Aw well I mean seeing as you are my best friend’s brother I guess I can try to make it up to you, somehow,” she says smiling.

“Ah, yes, please do.”

“So…what’ll it be…a drink?” she says as they stand near the bar.

“How about a date?” he says smirking over at her, as she tries to conceal her shock and excitement.

“Hmm, maybe that can be arranged.”

“Maybe huh? I’ll take it,” he says his eyes locking onto hers.

“Friday, 7 o’clock, that work for you?” she says taking control of the situation.

“Friday it is,” he says smirking.

“You know where to find my room.” she smiles as he nods knowing she shares a room with his sister. His eyes scanning her features with awe.

“It’s Hendrix, by the way…”

Hunter looks at her with a confused expression.

“My last name. It’s Hendrix,” she says smiling.

“Wait a minute, your name is Henley Hendrix?” he asks obviously intrigued.

Henley nods.

“That’s kind of epic,” he says turning toward her, his attraction for her growing with every new piece of information.

“Don’t you forget it,” she says smirking as she turns on her heel, her hair flipping while she walks away leaving him in a pool of wonder.

Hunter is brought back to the present as Henley, Piper and the girls rock out on stage like the good old times. The crowd whistling and hollering as Piper and Henley share the mic and the other girls play piano, bass, and drums. Hunter’s eyes once again glued to Henley as she owns a stage yet again.

To be continued…

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