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Hunter stands over Blake his gaze enough to burn a hole through his skull.

“I’d wipe that stupid smirk off your face, if I were you,” he says slamming a file folder full of evidence on the table in front of Blake. The interrogation room dim, cold, gray.

“You think you know her so well.” Blake says with a devilish grin.

Hunter laughs, “And you think you know her. Just because you’ve stalked her for a year doesn’t mean you know her.”

“Actually we know her in very similar ways,” Blake says leaning back, his cocky smirk still in place. “The moans she makes, they’re a real turn on, huh?” he asks glaring up at Hunter.

Hunter narrows his eyes at him.

“And that little tattoo on her right hip, mmm, drives me wild.” Blake says biting his lip.

“Ok enough,” Leo says. “You don’t have a leg to stand on here Miller. We’ve got you. Taking shots here, is only going to piss him off even more.”

“How do you know if that’s not what I’ve wanted all along?” he says staring up at Hunter.

“So you don’t care about Henley, then? I’ll be sure to tell her that.” Hunter says.

“No. I love Henley. And she loves me. But you, you always got in the way.”

“Really now? And how is that?” Hunter says crossing his arms staring Blake down.

“Every time I thought I had a clear to make a move, there you were always swooping in.”

“I’ve known and loved Henley for over a decade. You’ve known her 5 months at best. Just because you were stalking her for longer doesn’t mean a thing. It doesn’t give you a claim on her in any way. What did you plant herself at that bar that night. Schedule a little run in- so you could weasel your way into her life.”

“You really don’t remember, do you?” Blake says with a chuckle as he leans back in his chair, the sound of it squeaking loudly.

Hunter laughs. “Take him in, I don’t have any more patience for his bull shit stories,” Hunter says gesturing to a nearby officer holding hand cuffs.

To be continued…

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