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Henley rushes out of the party, the cold air hitting her in the face as she inhales sharply.

Piper shows up a moment later, as she rushes over to her.


“I’m sorry. I just I had to get out of there,” she says clutching her chest.

“It’s ok. I understand. I know this is probably so hard on you. What can I do?”

“Nothing. This isn’t your fault,” she says sitting on a nearby bench.

“Then why do I somehow, feel responsible?” Piper says sitting down next to her.

“Maybe because I always drag you into my messes. Even when I shouldn’t. Even when you ask me not to. I’m really sorry about all this Piper. Trust me, if I could do things differently I would,” she says her eyes watering.

“Hey…look…life is never perfect. But we can’t live in the past. All you can do, is do better next time.”

“Yea, except he’s getting married. So for us, there really is no next time. I guess that’s what happens when you think someone will be there, waiting forever. I mean I was stupid to think he wouldn’t eventually find someone new. But you know what I will pick myself back up and just deal. I’ve been doing it for years,” Henley says wiping a few fallen tears from her face.

“Have you ever thought about just going to him, and telling him how you feel?”

“And ruin his chance at happiness. No. Never. He deserves a clean slate. And Elena, she seems wonderful.”

“God, she really does right? I kinda hate how nice she is,” Piper says rolling her eyes in frustration.

Henley laughs slightly and she nudges Piper. “You know, it’s ok to like her Pipe.”

Piper looks at Henley as her eyes water.

“Hey….come here,” Henley says pulling her friend into a side hug.

“I just…you know that no matter what…she can never take your place right?”

“Oh hell no,” Henley says smirking as they hug again, tears streaming down both of their faces.

“I love you,” Piper says laughing.

“I love you too,” Henley says with a laugh as they sit there.

Parker walks up behind them, “Hey, everything ok out here?”

The girls turn to see him standing there, as they both laugh, swiping their tears away.

“Yes, we’re just having a…” Piper begins to say

“Best friend moment?” Parker says finishing his wife’s sentence.

Henley laughs.

“Henley you left your shawl and purse behind. Thought you mind need it,” he says handing her them.

“Thanks, you know you picked a good one, Pipe.” she says smiling at the two of them.

“Don’t I know it,” Piper says smiling over at her husband.

“You need a ride home, Hen?” Parker asks “I think the party is kind of dying down.”

“No, no I have my car. But thank you, both of you,” she says smiling as Piper hugs her goodbye and walks over taking Parker’s hand.

“Good night,” Parker says with a small smile as he gives her a hug.

“Good night,” she says waving to them as they walk off.

Henley lets out a long sigh, wipes the last of her tears and straightens out her dress as she walks off toward the parking lot.

“So how is she really?” Parker asks looking down at Piper as they walk back towards the building hand in hand.

“She’s a mess. I mean how could she not be. But she’ll be ok. I just have to go yell at my ass of a brother. Honestly what the hell was he thinking pulling something like this? This is not him. This big whole show.”

“Stay out of it babe.”

Piper halts and looks at him.

“Are you serious? He’s making a huge mistake. You and I both know Henley is the love of his life.”

“Look I know. But sometimes, you don’t always get to be with the love of your life.”

Piper looks at him suspiciously. “Oh, Okay?” she says obviously offended.

“I’m not referring to us. I’m just saying sometimes, it doesn’t always work out for people. Even if they love each other. Besides I kind of already let Hunter have it and he didn’t want to hear it. He claims to be in love with Elena and committed to marrying her.”

“Aw, babe, you meddled for me?” Piper says smiling up at him, as she wraps her arms around him.

“I figured, you could use a break.” he smirks placing a sweet kiss on her lips.

“Mmm, I love these lips,” She says squeezing his face in her hand as she places another kiss on his lips.

“Well, they love you too,” Parker says laughing as he pulls her in closer.

“What do you say we say our goodbyes and head home? I have some new lingerie I’ve been waiting to show you.” she says smiling.

Parker’s eyebrows raise.

“Hell yes.” he says nodding as Piper laughs she pulls him by the hand toward the hall doors.

To be continued…

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