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His picture pops up on the screen as both Piper and Hunter’s heads spring up to watch.
“Oh my god!” Piper says.
“Henley!” Hunter rushes toward the door as Leo rushes in. “I just got a call…” he says
“We saw. Let’s go!” Hunter says rushing toward the doors of the church. As Elena walks out of the bridal sweet.
“What’s going on, is everything ok?” she asks worry making its way onto her once perfectly smiling face.
“Baby…I’m sorry I have to go, I’ll explain later ok…You look beautiful by the way,” he says kissing her and then rushing off with Leo.
“Ok…what the hell just happened?” she says nervously yet angered.
“Um…they have a work situation.” Piper says uncomfortably.
“And there was no other police officers on duty that could handle that…it’s our wedding day?”
“We think it has something to do with Henley. The guy that was stalking her…he escaped. It’s all over the news. And no one has heard from Henley today. At all,” Piper says battling her own nerves.
“Oh my God. Oh…my God. I’m so sorry. I had no idea,” Elena says her eyes wide with confusion and concern.
“It’s ok, it’s not your fault. None of this is.” Piper says smiling small as she walks away. Parker followers close behind.
“Hey…hey hey hey, you ok?” he asks grabbing her by the waist and pulling her toward him.
“What if he hurts her?”
“Don’t go there okay? You don’t even know what’s happening yet. Besides your brother and Leo are on their way. They’ll find her and they’ll bring her home.”
“I’m so scared.” She says as her eyes begin to water.
“I know you are, I am too. But we just gotta have faith, okay? Come here, I’ve got you,” he says pulling her into a hug as he places a kiss on her forehead.
“Ugh god, I think I’m gonna be sick,” Piper says rushing to the bathroom, as Parker rushes after her.

Hunter whips a quick turn as their car blasts through another red light, siren blaring.
“Hunter, slow down man, we can’t save her if we’re dead.”
“I knew something was wrong. I felt it in my gut. I just didn’t wanna admit it. My sister’s right I’ve been avoiding this thing with Henley. If I hadn’t been such an asshole, Henley would be safe right now.”
“Don’t go there. It’s not gonna help you or Henley. This isn’t your fault. Just focus on finding her.”
A voice comes over the radio.
“This is Halstead, we’re at Henley’s apartment, everything looks vaguely normal but there’s no sign of her. And it looks like she was getting ready to leave, clothes laid out on her bed, purse by the door. Wherever she is, I’m sure she didn’t plan on leaving these things. Her phone is here as well.”
“What about her car?” Hunter asks not taking his eyes off the road as he speeds through an intersection.
“It’s parked in front. We’re gonna ask around and see if the neighbors saw anything out of the ordinary.”
“Where would this son of a bitch take her?”
“Profiling a stalker…I’d say some place secluded.” Leo says
Cops are combing Henley’s apartment.
Hunter rushes in.
He looks around for something anything.
Leo walks over, “Detective Stone…this is Henley’s neighbor Mrs. Greenwood.”
“Mrs. Greenwood, hi.”
“I know you. Your Henley’s boyfriend.”
Leo glances over at a pained Hunter who just nods with a small smile.
“You two always looked so happy. Such a beautiful couple. Oh she loves you so much,” says the gray haired woman with a sweet spoken voice and smile.
“Mrs. Greenwood, Can you please tell Detective Stone, what you told me?” Leo says trying to break the emotional tension brewing in Hunter.
“Yes of course. Henley as you know is an incredibly sweet soul. A fire cracker too, but so sweet.” She says with a sweet little laugh. “She always stops by every morning to bring me my mail and a little sweet gift. And this morning she never came. I thought it was just an oversight but I heard scuffling next door about 4 hours ago. And then the door opened and it sounded like someone had left. I tried to make it to the peep hole in time to see, I’m a nosy old woman. You know it passes the time. But all I saw was the back of a man. He was wearing dark clothes, maybe a baseball cap. And I haven’t heard Henley at all today. She usually always has music playing as she gets ready. I didn’t think much of it, because I didn’t hear any alarming sounds, but now that you’re here, I wonder…well I just fear something terrible might have happened. Henley is such a sweet girl. I just pray that she’s alright.”
“We all do, Mrs. Greenwood, thank you.” Leo says as she nods and walks slowly away escorted by a female police officer.
Hunter stands, hands on his hips, his glare distant.
“Hey…we’re gonna find her.” Leo says looking at his partner, concerned. Hunter looks around the room.
His eyes land on the photo of he, Piper, and Henley from college graduation.

He walks over and picks up the photo and feeling behind it, he notices there is a small speaker taped behind it.

Hunter pulls it off and holds it up for Leo to see.

“Son of a bitch,” Hunter says.

Leo picks up his radio, “Halstead, check all files on Finley’s computer in evidence we found a speaker in Henley’s apartment. We know he was listening in on her for a while, so maybe there’s a clue as to where he was planning to take her.”

“You got it Dixon,” Halstead says over the radio.

Hunter looks around Henley’s apartment trying to find some kind of clue as to where Blake could have taken her. Any clue.

Hunter looks back at the picture.

“Gregory Miller,” Hunter says thinking, “What’s this guy’s angle?” he says as he thinks back to the moment the three of them took the photo.

Henley and Piper are taking photo after photo together. As Hunter smiles from the sidelines.

“Babe, get in,” Henley says waving him over.

“No, its okay,” he says shaking his head.

“What! Get in here, it’s your graduation day too,” Henley says smiling as she pulls him over.

“Yea bro, you should be very proud of yourself. You worked your ass off to catch up,” Piper says smiling at him.

“Ok big smiles,” Henley’s dad says as he snaps the picture.

“Say, we did it!” Henley’s mom says smiling joyfully.

“We Did It!” they all say in unison with big cheesy smiles as they all pose in their caps and gowns.

Hunter removes the back of the frame, taking out the photo, he looks at it. He unfolds an end that had been folded back in order to fit the frame. In the blurry background lies a familiar face. Lurking. Staring. Glaring. Plotting.

“Gregory Miller. Shit. He was in our graduating class at Thompson Tech.”

“How did you and Henley not recognize him?” Leo asks confused.

“It’s been over a decade. And he wasn’t exactly in our circle of friends. He definitely had some facial work done, but this is him. The school.”
“What?” Leo says trying to follow his thought process.
“Where he met her, where his obsession started. Maybe he took her to the school.” Hunter says rushing out of Henley’s apartment.
“Hunter, slow down man, you’re just going off of instinct here.”
“Yea, well wouldn’t you, if the love of your life was missing?”
Leo looks at him, and Hunter knowingly sighs.
“I’ll drive” Leo says as Hunter tosses him the keys they both jump into the car.
“You honestly think he’d take her to such a well-known public place?”
“It’s not open, they shut it down for the past year for renovations. But a pipe broke during construction and it’s been vacant for months. The school hasn’t had the funds to repair it.”
“Hunter we have no guns, no back up, what do you suppose we do here exactly?”
“We are enroute to Thompson Tech College, plain clothes off duty officers requesting back up and side arms.”
“Back up on its way,” the voice crackles through the speaker.

Henley’s eyes flutter open as she is met by blackness.
Her mind hazy.
Her hands tied behind her back, mouth gagged.
She feels her body shift as she gets bumped around.
She starts to scream and kick the top of the trunk as she soon realizes where she is.

Leo circles the school.
“Ok how do you wanna play this? Do you wanna wait for back up?”
Hunter looks at Leo, “What do you think?” he says sarcastically.
“I’ll drive a few blocks back, we need to hide the car,” Leo says knowingly.
Leo parks the car as Hunter hops out before the car is even off.

Hunter looks at the school building, trying to access the best way to get in without causing attention.

“Ok, look,” Hunter says with laser focus as he grips Leo’s shoulder to feed him the plan. “If memory serves correctly. There is a special entrance to the pool off the side. I think if we get in through there, we can still hold onto the element of surprise.”

“Ok you lead, I’ll follow.” Leo says nodding as Hunter starts walking swiftly to the pool entrance.

Hunter and Leo duck through the shadows as they stay close to the building.

Hunter tugs on the side door and it opens.

The two of them look at each other.

“That was too easy,” Hunter says.

“Way too easy,” Leo agrees.

“He wants to be found,” Hunter says his stare cold.

“Look this guy seems to not only be invested in Henley, but also in you.”

“If you go in there without a gun, this won’t end well,” Leo says pleading with Hunter.

“It doesn’t really matter if I have a gun or not Leo, Henley’s in there.”

“Ok, Look. Let me go. He obviously expects you, he wants you to find them. So let’s throw him off,” Leo says.

“I can’t ask you to do that,” Hunter says.

“You didn’t. Let me be the one he sees coming. You…find another way in,” Leo says nodding.

Hunter nods as he holds his fist out. Leo fist bumps Hunter, “Good luck, man,” he says.

“You too,” Hunter says rushing off to find another way in.

Leo opens the door and walks in.

The trunk door opens as Henley squirms toward the back of the trunk.

Blake huffs and pulls her out as she kicks and attempts to scream.

“Stop screaming, no one is going to hear you,” he says carrying her into the abandoned school.

Leo rounds the corner of a hallway carefully, as he hears scuffling and muffled screaming.

He peers and sees Blake and Henley, he ducks behind some crates, out of sight.

Blake sits Henley on a wooden chair in the center of the school basement.

“Henley,” he says kneeling in front of her, his hands gliding up her thighs.

She winces turning her head away, as her chest rises and falls quickly, her panic setting in.

“Baby, baby, hey…I’m not going to hurt you,” he says cupping her face and pulling her gag out, he places a kiss on her lips.

Henley moves away quickly, spitting and wincing at the contact.

“Don’t touch me,” she says angrily.

“Your upset with me.” He says sadly.

Leo steps in the background as Henley notices.

He nods motioning for her to keep Blake talking.

Henley looks up at Blake, as she notices the gun holstered at his hip.

“Yes. Yes I’m upset with you. You kidnapped me Blake. You chloroformed me, tied me up, and threw me in your trunk!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It was the only way I knew I could get his attention.”

“Who’s attention?” Henley says wanting to drag as much information out of him as possible.


“Hunter? What does Hunter have to do with any of this?” she asks as her eyes follow Leo, and Blake paces the dusty tiled floor.

“Hunter Stone has everything to do with this.” He says his eyes darkening, glaring at her.

“Blake. I don’t understand. You and I were doing so well. You were so amazing.”

“I couldn’t have been that amazing. I mean you kept going back to that drug addict, alcoholic, shit show of a man.” He says his tone menacing. “He doesn’t deserve you!” He screams whipping around, as his eyes glare an evil Henley has never seen before.

“Look Blake. You knew that Hunter and I had a history. I was very clear on that. You can’t fault me for having a past. But you and I- we….we were building something special. Something of our very own, and then you started to do things, that weren’t exactly right,” she says exercising all her knowledge of survival tactics. Act like you care about this psycho piece of shit and maybe he won’t kill you, she thinks.

“I would never hold your past against you, I would never,” Blake says sounding so heart broken. From menacing to compassionate in 3 seconds flat. It was eerie for Henley to see the switch flip so quickly. “But Hunter never knew how to STAY in your past. And you let him climb between those legs far too many times while you and I were SUPPOSED to be together.” He says yelling, whatever composure or resolve he once had withering away. Quickly. Henley’s panic level increasing as she scans the room for any sign of Leo. None.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Henley says trying to buy time.

“I saw you outside the precinct, holding hands, kissing, and then that night in your apartment.”

“You’ve been spying on me?” Henley says angrily.

“You gave me reason to,” he says angrily, “I thought you and I were finally really starting something special. But no, Hunter Stone had to once again come in and make it all about him.”

“Blake, what does that mean? You’re not really making any sense.”

“It’s Gregory. Gregory Miller. And I sat behind you in freshmen year Economics at good ole Thompson Tech College,” he says holding his hands out gesturing to the room.

Henley looks around as she starts to connect the dots.

“And you drove me crazy for 4 years. Playing with me. Taunting me with your perfect body,” he says sliding his hands up and down her thighs as he kneels right before her.

Henley freezes and then jolts away from him.

Blake gets within inches of her face and inhales her scent deeply.

Henley swallows hard, fearing what could come next.

“And for years I had to watch Hunter Stone chew you up and spit you out like a piece of meat. I never understood why you gave him countless chances.”

“Blake…I mean Greg…Hunter and I were complicated. I was young and I made mistakes. But when I met you that night I was so happy to finally be in a stress free, fun relationship.”

“Then why did you continue to screw Hunter Stone???”

“It was just one slip. Ok, it was just an old habit. I promise it’ll never happen again. Please, just untie me and we can just get back to us, get back to building our relationship,” she says pleading with him.

Blake looks at her, his eyes softening.

“Is that what you really want?” he says with hopeful hysteria lurking in his eyes.

Henley, sees Leo peek his head out, and Blake follows her gaze and he raises his gun and shoots, hitting Leo in the shoulder as he goes down.

Henley screams, as she hops up and crouching down quickly swings her leg knocking Blake flat of his back, as Henley kicks the gun out of his hand, Blake catches her foot as he trips her causing her to fall next to him. Blake pounces on top of her, as his hands wrap around her neck choking her.

Henley gasps for breath as she kicks her legs, trying to free her hands.

Hunter emerges from the roof entrance, as he hears shuffling and the echo of a shot being fired. His heart stops in his chest, as he runs out onto the second level floor seeing Henley pinned down by Blake.

Hunter hops over the railing and onto the next level rushing down the stairs as he rushes over to Blake, ripping him off Henley. Henley gasping air, as Blake lunges at Hunter, Hunter ducks as he hits Blake with a punch to the face.

Blake chuckles as he spits out blood, his glare flickering a hatred like no other.

“Is that all you got,” he says smirking.

“This is the fight, you’ve wanted all along…isn’t it Greg?” Hunter says his stance ready, staring him down as he guards Henley.

“Oh, you have no idea, all the pain you’ve caused over the years. You weren’t even there for her when everything happened with the baby, some man you are.” Blake says reaching behind his back as he whips out a knife, lunging toward Hunter, as Henley screams in her state of confusion, fear and shock. She grabs the gun off the floor and shoots, as Blake falls.

Henley stands there, in shock, as tears fall down her face, her body shaking.

“I- I-I…I shot him, I -” she stammers her head spinning as Blake lays there lifeless.

“It’s ok, hey, here, give me that,” Hunter says taking the gun from her and putting it in his back pocket. Hunter grabs her, pulling her close to him.

Officers swarm the school, as Hunter holds up his hands, “We got him,”

“Henley, did you see Leo?,” he says cupping her face.

“Yes, he was here, but then Blake saw him and he shot, I- think he got hit in the shoulder, I- I’m sorry, I-”

“It’s ok, hey, it’s ok, it’s not your fault,” Hunter says as he gives a nod to the rest of his team to take a look around.

“Detective Stone, he’s over here, he’s alive, but he looks like he caught one to the shoulder and then hit his head on a pipe or something. Must have knocked him out.”

Hunter takes Henley by the hand and rushes over.

“Radio?” Hunter says holding out his hand as an officer hands him one.

“This is Detective Stone, Thompson Tech College, Officer down, suspect deceased, roll an ambo,” he says as he leans down to Leo.

“Leo, Leo, can you hear me,” he says shaking him, he feels for a pulse.

Leo’s eyes flutter open, as he grabs his head.

“Son of a bitch,” Leo says.

“Ah, welcome back, brother,” he says smirking as he helps Leo sit up.

“Gregory…Is he…” he begins to say jolting up in his seat on the dusty floor, nervously.

“He’s not a problem anymore,” Hunter says as Leo nods, the officers begin to tape off the scene and take pictures and start to log evidence.

To be continued…

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