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Hunter walks into the church to find Elena there still in her wedding dress.

He inwardly sighs, not wanting to hurt her.

“Hey you,” he says with a small smile.

“Hey, oh my god, I was so worried. Are you okay?” She says kissing him.

“I’m ok. I’m so sorry about today.”

“No no it’s ok. Is Henley safe, is she ok?”

“Yes, we found her. Her stalker is no longer an issue.”

“Oh thank God, I’m so glad to hear that everything is okay,” she says breathing a sigh of relief.

“Listen Elena…” Hunter says looking into her eyes.

“We’re not getting married are we?” she says simply looking into his eyes just the same.

“I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you,” Hunter says looking down.

“I know that. In fact, to be honest, I’m surprised we made it to the church at all,” she says with a sad little smile.

“What?” Hunter says confused.

“The way you talk about her, the way your eyes always seem to find her when she’s in the room. I can tell how much you still love her. She’s always been your one that got away. I’ve always had my suspicions, but tonight I think it was just really confirmed by the way you raced out of here, when you found out Henley was in trouble. I just had a feeling we’d be having this conversation.”

“I’m so sorry. I tried so hard to move on from her. I want you to know that you weren’t a game to me. I do care for you. I do love you. I just wish I could have been a little more honest with myself about still loving her. I’m sorry to do this, I hate hurting you, because you truly are amazing.”

“Oh I know. And it’s ok. Everyone has their person, I’m just not yours. I’m happy for you.”

“Who are you? You should hate me.”

“I can’t hate you for finding the love of your life. I just can’t. I only wish that I’m that lucky one day too.”

“Oh you will be, I just know it.” He says pulling her into a hug, as he kisses her forehead.

“I believe this belongs to you,” Elena says with a sweet smile as she hands him her engagement ring.

“No, that was a gift,” he says shaking his head.

“It’s ok, take it. I wouldn’t feel right about keeping it,” she says placing it in his hand.

“Thank you for being so amazing. I don’t deserve it at all.”

“Maybe not,” she says laughing, “but I know you have a good heart. Good bye Hunter,” she says placing a kiss on his cheek and walking out of the church.

***Later that night***

Hunter takes Henley home.

Henley walks up to her apartment door, as she notices the yellow police tape covering her door.

“Oh let me get that,” Hunter says pulling it all down and crumpling it up.

Henley smiles her thanks as she pushes her door open.

“I am exhausted,” Henley says rolling her neck as she tries to work out a kink.

“I imagine so, you’ve had a hard day,” he says placing his hands on her shoulders as he massages them slightly.

“Ugh thank you,” she says letting his hands work.

Henley turns in his arms, she places her forehead against his, breathing in deeply.

“You saved my life, I don’t know what would have happened had you not been there.”

“You don’t ever have to find out,” he says cupping her face, starring into her eyes.

“You know when I saw Leo first, I almost thought you really didn’t come after me. Part of me was mad. And the other part of me was scolding myself for thinking so insensitively. It was your wedding day, after all.”

“There was nothing in this world that was going to keep me from getting to you. Your safety is always my number one priority. No matter what.”

Henley smiles as a tear streams down her cheek, Hunter places a kiss on her lips.

Henley moans into his lips as he grips her hips, pulling her toward him, he deepens the kiss, needing her closer to him.

“I need a shower…” she says pulling back and looking up at him through heavy eyelids. “Care to join me?” she says her voice a sexy winded whisper.

“Absolutely,” Hunter says smirking as he grabs her hand and pulls her toward the bathroom.

The water falls upon their bodies, beading up and rolling down, as Hunter places kisses all over her face, neck, and chest, Henley’s hands sliding down his toned, muscular back.


Hunter lies on top of Henley, their bodies wrapped in silver satin sheets.

 “I missed you,” she says moaning. “Oh,” she smiles with a small laugh, “I see you’ve missed me too.” she says as Hunter lowers himself onto her. He cups her face with one hand as he plants a kiss on her lips, moaning into them, “You have no idea,” he whispers. His voice raspy as they move in rhythm as one. Henley’s legs wrapping tightly around his waist, the sheets slip exposing her skin. Hunter’s other hand gripping at her upper thigh, his nails scraping down her skin. Henley’s hands sliding down his back and under the sheet. She presses him closer into her. Their kisses deepening each time. Their urgency and need for each other evident.

“You know Hunter, about what Blake or George or whatever his name is…about what he said…”

“None of that matters Henley. He lied to you, manipulated you…”

“I know but, I can’t imagine how you must have felt when he was saying all that disgusting stuff and then the video he had I just want you to know that…”

“I didn’t watch any of the video,” Hunter says looking at her with love in his eyes.

“Oh thank god, Thank you,” she says kissing him.

“Look he played on the fact that you have a trusting heart. I don’t blame you for any of this.”

“You have no idea how happy that makes me, I love you so much,” she says pulling him into a kiss.

Hunter smiles against her lips, as he whispers, “I love you too.”

“And just so you know, Blake…he had nothing, and I mean nothing on you,” Henley says staring up at Hunter.

“Yea?” Hunter says staring into her eyes as he pulls her in close, his body leaning into hers.

“You are the only man that can make my toes curl. You’re the only man I want, forever,” she says kissing him.

Hunter moans into her mouth, as his hands slide along her now sweaty body.


That night Henley wakes up out of a deep sleep, Hunter’s arm draped across her waist.

Henley jolts up, moving his arm, she rushes into the bathroom as she throws up. Her body sluggish.

She slinks on to floor, exhausted as she holds her stomach.

She gets up slowly as she splashes water on her face and rinses her mouth with a small cup of evergreen mouth wash. Spitting it out after a bit, she dries her mouth with a small hand towel.

As she opens the door, she finds Hunter sitting up in bed, looking her way.

“Hey, baby…did you just get sick, are you ok?” he says rubbing his eyes, trying to wake himself up.

“Yea, must have been just all the craziness, it was a long day.” she says smiling slightly.

“Yea you could say that,” he says chuckling, “Come back to bed,” he says reaching for her.

“Yea, I will, I just um, I’m going to get some ginger ale to settle my stomach first.”

“I’ll get that for you, here lay down,” he says getting out of bed.

“No, Hunter… really it’s ok, I can do it,” she says.

“Would you just let me take care of you, for once,” he says cupping her cheek, and placing a swift kiss on her lips.

Henley chuckles, “Thank you, babe,” she says climbing back into bed.


***The next afternoon, while Hunter runs to grab some groceries.***

Henley walks into her bathroom. She looks at the pregnancy test in her hand. Positive.

“How did I get here?” she whispers as tears flow down her cheeks. Her cell phone rings several times. Hunter’s name flashing across the screen. She ignores it not knowing how to face him.

Hunter knocks on the door loudly with urgency, “Henley? Hen,” he yells as he let’s himself in with his key.

“Henley,” Hunter says rushing in and seeing her sitting on the floor in the bathroom.

“God, Henley…you scared me to death, why didn’t you pick up your phone,” he says walking into the bathroom. But upon seeing her tear ridden face, he softens, slinking beside her, “Henley, what’s wrong?”

“Hunter, I’m pregnant,” she says holding out the test.

Hunter freezes as he looks at her, he smiles brightly as he reaches for her.

“Look before you get too excited, you should know there’s a big possibility that it could be…Blake’s.” Henley says searching his face for some sign of emotion.

“Wow, I hadn’t thought of that” Hunter says casting his eyes down to the floor.

“Hunter, I’m so sorry. I know this is the worst thing…”

“No, no it’s not. Don’t say that,” he says shaking his head as he cups her face in his hands, his thumbs wiping away her tears as they fall freely.

“Hunter, I pray that it’s yours,” she says through sobs.

“Hey, baby. Henley it is mine,” he says simply as he shrugs his shoulders.

Henley looks up at him, puzzled, “We can’t be sure, not without a paternity test. I mean as much as I hate admitting it, Blake and I had sex, and then there was that overlap, where you and I were together. So I don’t know.”

“Henley, if I’ve learned anything by being a cop, it’s that families are created in all different forms. A biological claim on a child does not make a man a dad. It’s the love and the support that a man gives to a child that makes him their dad. And no matter what a piece of paper says, I will love this child no matter what. And it will be mine. Mine and yours.”

“I could never ask you to do that,” she says crying.

“Where do you think I’m going?” he asks looking at her as he laughs. “You think I fought through all this just to live life without you? This baby is a part of you, and that’s all I need to know in order to love it.”

“You deserve so much better,” Henley says looking up at him through tear strained eyes.

“Hmm, funny, I could easily say the same thing to you. But how about we just accept the fact that maybe we just deserve to be with each other?” he says wrapping his arms around her.

Henley nods, as she pulls him into a kiss.

“Now before we get too ahead of ourselves, why don’t we just go get you checked out and make sure everything is ok?” he says.

Henley nods as she takes his hand.


Henley sits in the doctor’s room, as Hunter stands beside her, he laces his fingers through hers as he looks into her eyes. He can tell she’s internally freaking out.

“Hey, I’m here, ok? Just take a deep breath in, and then out,” he says as he breathes with her.

“Hello, Ms. Hendrix, welcome back.”

“Hi, Doctor Ross,” she says forcing a smile.

“So I heard that you would like us to confirm if you are pregnant?”

Henley nods nervously.

“I am just going to have our nurse here run that blood work she took, to check on everything, and we should know more information soon, okay?” Doctor Ross says kindly.


The nurse comes into the room, and hands Dr. Ross the blood work results.

“Thank you,” she says flipping open the folder. Her eyes scanning and she scrunches her eyebrows for a moment.

“What? What’s wrong?” Henley says nervously.

“Hey, hey Henley. Baby, you really need to calm down. The stress is no good for the baby, or for you.” He says cupping her face.

“Um, nothing is wrong, I just think there might have been an error in your pregnancy test. Your blood shows no sign of you being pregnant.”

Henley’s head shoots up, “Wait could that mean that I already miscarried so early? You know my history Doctor.” Both she and Hunter look at Dr. Ross nervously.

“No, I highly doubt that. It was probably just a false positive. But let’s do a sonogram to be sure.”

The nurse wheels over the machine as the Doctor takes the wand, and the gel. Henley lifts her shirt as Doctor Ross rubs the wand along her stomach. “False positives aren’t the norm. But they can happen. And that seems to have been the case here. Everything looks normal,” Dr. Ross says as she looks over the monitor.

“Oh my god, I don’t know whether to feel sad or relieved,” Henley says confused.

“I’m going to give you two a minute,” Dr. Ross says leaving the room.

“Wow, I have to say, I’m a little thrown. I was convinced you were pregnant,” Hunter says shocked.

“Me too.”

“Even with the weight of the paternity looming over our heads, I was still excited.”

“Me too.” Henley says with a faint smile, “But only because I knew I would have you.”

“You still do,” he says kissing her. “You know while we’re here, we could get some information. Get to know our options and everything. You know for when we do have our kids.”

“Absolutely, I think that’s a great idea.” Henley says smiling as she lets out the breath she’s been holding in since they got there.


“You know I’ve been thinking a lot lately.” She says sitting down next to him on the couch.

“Hmm?” he says tucking her hair behind her ear.

“I was so terrified that I could have been pregnant with that psycho’s baby, but so incredibly happy that I could have been pregnant with your baby. And even though I’m not pregnant, I never wanna be in the position to have to question whether or not it’s yours. The fact that you stuck by me through all this, the fact that you were willing to be my baby’s father no matter what, it just reminded me how amazing of a man you really are. And I realized how much I love you. So if your offer still stands, I’d really love to be your wife,” Henley says looking deep into his eyes.

“Oh I don’t know. I mean I just have so much going on. I mean like tomorrow, I was going to get a haircut and-“

Henley gives him a glare, as her eyebrow raises.

Hunter laughs, “Get over here,” he says smiling as she leans into him, he kisses her wrapping her in his arms. “You know for me, it’s always been you Hen. You know that. You’re the love of my life. And if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right,” he says reaching into his sweat pants pocket as he takes out a ring.

“Do you just carry that around with you?” She says laughing, as her eyes begin to fill.

“Yea,” he says smiling, “Now I want you to know that this is your ring, the ring I’ve had waiting for you forever, it’s not the same ring that Elena wore…”

“I know baby, I know,” Henley says softly as she cups his face.

Kneeling on one knee, Hunter takes Henley’s hand, “Henley you are the love of my life. And when I think about who I want next to me through it all, I see your face. Will you finally… finally, be my wife, will you marry me?”

“Yea sure, why not?” she says shrugging as she smiles brightly.

Hunter rolls his eyes as he slides the ring on her finger, he stands to meet her in a kiss.

“I love you so much,” she says giggling as she kisses him, happily.

“I love you, so much,” he says kissing her, “so much,” as he kisses her again wrapping her tightly in his arms.

Henley pulls him on top of her as they fall back onto the couch.

“Hey, you wanna try and make a baby?” He says looking at her.

“Really? Now?” Henley says smiling.

“Yea? I mean unless you wanted to get married first, because then that’s fine too, I just thought-”

“No, let’s do it,” she says pulling him into a kiss. Hunter laughs kissing her back as they both start to undress the other.


Hunter lies in bed, an arm around a sleeping Henley. He smiles down at her, as he lets out a peaceful sigh, placing a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Henley starts to stir, as she starts moaning, and yelling in her sleep, “No, No, stop!” she yells as she starts to kick and punch.

Hunter jolts as he gently grabs her arms. “Hey, hey Hen, baby,” he says staring at her with worry as he shakes her shoulders trying to wake her from her nightmare.

Henley’s eyes open as she looks around nervously.

“Henley, baby, hey it’s just me, you’re safe,” he says cupping her face.

“Hunter?” she says disoriented.

“Yea, I’m here, I’m here,” he says pulling her into him, hugging her closer to him.

Henley calms down once she feels Hunter’s arms around her.

She buries her face in his chest as she breathes in his scent.

“Are you ok?” Hunter whispers resting his chin on her, as he places a kiss on top of her head.

“Yes. Oh gosh, I’m sorry. I guess I just had a nightmare,” Henley says covering her face.

“Hey you don’t have to apologize. Do you wanna talk about it?” he asks hugging her tighter.

“No,” Henley says smiling simply.

“Do you need anything?” he says looking at her with love and concern in his eyes.

“Just stay here holding me,” she says tightening her arms around him.

“Of course,” he says, smiling simply. Henley leans up and places a kiss on his lips.

“Thank you,” she whispers snuggling into Hunter.

“Anytime,” he whispers.


Henley sits on the couch in yet another one of Hunter’s t-shirts as he walks over handing her a cup of tea.

“Thank you babe,” she says taking it, as Hunter sits across from her on the coffee table.

“Are you feeling any better,” he asks.

“Yea. Much. Thanks to my sexy fiancé,” she says smiling as she sips her tea and admires her engagement ring.

Hunter smirks, “Hen-I’m worried about you,” he says his voice soft.

“Hey,” she says placing her tea down and scooting to the edge of her seat as she takes his hands in her, “I’m ok, really. It was just a nightmare,” she says shrugging.

“Henley, do you not trust me, to talk to me about it?” he says looking up at her.

“What? Baby, of course I trust you,” she says her heart breaking as she gets up, sitting in his lap, she cups his face. “I love you so much, and I meant what I said when I said yes to your proposal. You’re my forever.”

A tear falls down Hunter’s cheek, as she wipes it.

“I love you,” he says cupping her face and kissing her passionately.

“Hey, I don’t want you questioning us anymore. I’m in this for the long haul, ok? Marriage, House, Babies, all of it,” she says looking at him.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring it up…” he says shaking his head.

“Don’t be, if something is bothering you, I want to know,” she says cupping his face in her hands and staring into his eyes.

“You know that goes both ways,” he says softly, looking up at her.

Henley sighs as she gets up and sits back on the couch.

“Henley I’m not trying to push you,” he says sitting next to her, “I just want you to know that I’m here. I mean everything that you went through, it’s no wonder you’re having nightmares. And I feel like we haven’t taken a beat, we just hoped right into a serious relationship and talking about the future. And I feel like that’s my fault. I don’t want you to think you can’t have time to feel and process all this. We can slow things down. I’m not going anywhere. So please don’t shut me out.”

“I’m not. I just- It has been such a heavy past few days, and you are my one light. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to have you staying with me. I just don’t want to keep bringing this negative energy into this. You know, we deserve to celebrate us and to just be happy.”

“I agree. And I am all for celebrating us. But I do think that what you went through, it doesn’t just disappear no matter how much you want it to. Henley you were kidnapped and held hostage by a crazy person. A person you thought you could trust at one point. And then everything with the almost pregnancy and all that stress and fear. I just want you to let me help you face that. It’s the only way you’re going to truly be able to move on.”

Henley looks at him, as she starts to cry, Hunter places his hands on her thighs, as he stroked them in a calming manner.

“I was so scared. It was like this switch turned on in him, and he became this totally unpredictable person. And I really thought he was going to kill me.”

“I can only imagine how scared you were,” Hunter says looking at Henley as he cups her face. “Henley I have to ask you…did he…did he do anything else… to hurt you…” Hunter says his expression pained as he struggles to get out the words.

“No, he didn’t get the chance to, thanks to you and Leo,” she says pulling him to her as she places a kiss on his lips, their tears mixing together.

 “After everything he put you through, I’m just glad he can’t hurt you anymore,” Hunter says.

“I’m safe because of you. And I don’t want him to be the cause of any more lost time between us.”

“You’re right, I don’t want that either. I love you.” He whispers, leaning into a kiss as Henley pulls him toward her.

“I love you,” she says hugging him tightly.

“I want you to know though, if at any point that fear sets in and you start feeling like those memories come rushing back, please just come talk to me. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to deal with it alone. I know some great therapists who deal with trauma, there’s no shame in needing a little extra help.”

“Thank you, I will let you know if I need anything,” Henley says nodding.

“You promise?” Hunter says staring into her eyes lovingly.

“I promise you, I will come to you, always. You are my forever.” Henley says kissing him again.

To be continued…

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