Move- Chapter 24

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Aria sways to the music as she practices her routine in the bright light of the rehearsal space. The mirrors reflecting her every move.

Her mind not over thinking it. Her body instinctively knowing which move is next. Each movement connected to the beat like a note to a key. Like a moth to a flame. Like a paintbrush to a canvas. Her mind filling with her recent intimate moments with Liam. Embracing her sexual and feminine sides with each swirl of her lips, body roll and so on. She closes her eyes as she moves, her heart feeling the music.

After so many years of hard work, and dreaming of this opportunity, Aria felt more ready than ever.

She finishes her routine, her final stance strong. Beads of sweat pouring down her back and chest. Her breathing heavy, her spirits lifted. In just a few short days, her dream may just become a reality.

Aria smiles to herself.

Breaking her out of her sweet, dreamy state, Allie comes rushing in, her blonde hair bouncing upon her shoulders, as she holds her fedora like hat in place, her cheeks flushed as she fights to catch her breath.

“Hey Al! What’s up?” Aria says with a slight laugh as she takes a sip of water.

“What’s up? Don’t what’s up me! I just ran all the way over here! How do you say something like “I think I’m engaged,” and then just hang up on a girl? You don’t! That’s how. You just don’t do that!” Allie says bending over, “Ah leg cramp, leg cramp,” she says rubbing her leg.

“I’m sorry, I had to rehearse.” Aria says smiling.

“Yea well still…you can’t just drop that bomb on me without an explanation.”

“I’m sorry, here sit down,” she says gesturing to the side bench at the front of the room. Aria smiles and hands Allie her water bottle.

Taking a sip, and a seat, Allie starts to return back to the present moment, “So…explain, now please.” She says waiting.

“Ok so look, it’s all a little murky.”

“What’s murky?”

“The proposal.” Aria says wincing at her anxious, frazzled friend.

“What does that mean?” Allie says her brow furrowing.

“Well see he kind of asked while we were in the middle of ya know….” Aria says her eyes widening.

“Wait he asked you during sex?” Allie says confused. “That’s so Un-Liam of him.”

“Well I mean it was just really emotional for both of us. And I think we were just both right there, feeling all sorts of connected and he asked and I said yes. I think. But I feel like…I don’t know- does it count? I mean we haven’t spoken about it sense-”

“Wow…I mean normally I would say things like that don’t count for regular guys, but Liam seems a bit different. I’m not exactly sure what it means in his case. Why don’t you just ask him?”

“Because I feel like it will ruin things. Trying to dissect things always gets me into trouble!” Aria says in a whiney huff.

“Aria you can’t walk around not knowing if you are engaged or not, just talk to him. That’s how a good relationship grows. Communication. Learn it, live it, love it.”

“Ugh, why do you always have to be so smart….and right?” Aria says in mock frustration.

“Because I’m fabulous! Now let’s get you outta here so you can talk to Liam. You wanna share a cab?”

“Yea definitely,” Aria says, picking up her dance bag.

Allie loops an arm around her shoulders, “So…how’s the routine coming….”

“Really great, it’s done. I’m ready.” She says with a big smile.

“That’s fantastic, I’m so proud of you, so excited for you!” Allie exclaims as she and Aria walk into the city hustle, both their hands flying up in the air to hail a cab.


Dr. Greene’s car comes to a halt in front of Yolanda’s apartment.

“Yup, this is me,” she says with a smile. “Thanks so much for the ride, Dr. Greene, I really appreciate it,” she says turning to open the car door.

“Yolanda, we’ve worked together for quite a while, don’t you think it’s time you called me Matthew?”

“Um…oh well, I guess I never really thought about it.”

Lies, she thinks. There were many nights where Yolanda Lenz had dreamt of calling Dr. Greene by his first name. None that she would ever admit to.

“I see, well if you wanted to, you could. I just figured we don’t always have to be so formal.”

Yolanda looks at him as his eyes flicker a slight gleam, a small nervous smirk creeps onto his face.


“I should get inside, my sister and cousin are probably waiting up for me, thanks again” she says opening the door and rushing out.

Dr. Greene looks after her longingly as he lets out a sigh.


Aria walks into Liam’s apartment, to find the lights dimmed, and candles lit everywhere.

Her heart immediately jumps to her throat. Liam walks into the living area dressed in a casual pair of black slacks and a nice open collared black dress shirt.

“Hey love,” he greets her with a 10 watt smile.

“Hi,” she smiles while he takes her hands in his, placing a kiss on her cheek.

“I was going to come pick you up,” he says pouting.

“Oh well I ran into Allie so we just shared a cab, no big deal,” she says with a smile, “What’s with all this?” she asks looking around.

“Well I figured you and I had plans to pick up where we left off, so I thought why not set the mood,” he says with a sexy smirk.

“Oh I like the way you think,” she says as she reaches up and goes to kiss him, she halts.

“What?” he asks confused yet disappointed.

“I’m disgustingly sweaty, let me go shower first,” she says making a face.

“Honestly, I think you look sexy as hell, you always do,” he smirks pulling her to him as his lips find hers.

“Hmm, well you know, I know you look all freshly cleaned already, but say we got a little dirty, maybe you’d need another shower?” Aria says looking up at him with a sexy, sly smirk.

“Hmm, I thought you’d never ask,” he says his voice showcasing a hint of a growl, as he scoops her up in his arms. Aria squeals at his un-expectant nature as he rushes them to his bathroom.


Aria let’s out a loud moan, as she moves with Liam, her hands in his hair.

Liam groans, his hand leaving prints in the steam on the glass shower door as his other holds Aria up onto him. Quickening movements and screams of passion and pleasure.

Aria looks up at him, her heart turning to mush. “My god, where have you been, my whole life?” she sighs cupping his face, as he smiles, she pulls him in and kisses him feverishly. Her hands gliding across his chest as the beads of water and sweat trail down the lines of his abs.

Liam gasps against her lips, his body aching towards hers.

“I want you, now,” she whispers.

“Again?” he says his muscles tensing up trying to stay in control of his desire for her.

“Yes,” she says biting her lip as she stares at him. “You know you don’t always have to be such a gentleman,” she says coyly as her hands slide over his back, pushing him closer to her.

“God, Aria, you leave me breathless,” he says lifting her up again.


Aria throws on one of Liam’s thin robes, as she ties it loosely in front of her. Liam, steps out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist.

Aria grabs a brush and begins to brush her hair out, as she wipes her hand across the mirror getting rid of the steam.

Liam comes up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. “That was one steamy shower,” he whispers in her ear.

Aria laughs, as he starts to kiss her neck, she let’s out a moan, as her hands reach up and slide around his neck, causing her robe to shift. Liam notices, with a playful smirk on his lips, he reaches and unties it, as it falls open.

Aria inhales sharply as a breeze glides across her body. Liam’s hands reach for her, sliding down the length of her torso.

Aria’s body falls against his, as she gasps.

“Don’t tease me, if you aren’t ready for the next round,” she laughs against his lips.

Liam laughs, “You my love, have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into,” he says smirking.

“Oh really…do tell?”

“I’d rather show you,” he says his eyes flickering that usual heat as he stares at her reflection in the mirror counter.

Aria spins around quickly, “Show me now,” she says.

“With pleasure, my love,” he says smirking as he hikes her up onto the sink countertop.

Aria loosens his towel as they fall into each other once again.

*** A few hours later-

Aria and Liam gasp as they both fall onto a side of the couch.

“Is it me, or does that just get better each time we do it?” Liam says out of breath. Sweat covering his chest.

“No yea it definitely does,” Aria says running her hand through her now sweaty hair, trying to catch her breath.

“I think I have an idea…” Liam says smirking at her.

“What’s that?” she says climbing on top of him, so that she is straddling his waist. A small throw blanket tossed across them.

“Why don’t we do a bit of a christening of my apartment,” he says.

“I’d say, bathroom check, bedroom check, living room check…we’re off to a great start.” She says laughing as Liam laughs his hands sliding up the back of his oversized t-shirt she had draped on at some point.

“Kitchen?” he says raising his eyebrows.

“Oh absolutely,” Aria says as she pulls him by the waist band of his boxers toward that direction. “Where do you want me?” Aria says in sexy tone as she does a little cha cha step.

Liam laughs, “Everywhere, love, I want you in every inch of this apartment.” He says backing her toward a corner.

Aria’s heart flips, “Yes, please,” she smiles brightly. As he lifts her up onto the counter top, his lips finding hers in urgency, he lifts the shirt off her body.


Aria hangs her head over the bottom of the bed her hands tussled in her hair, as she lets out a scream of pleasure.

Liam follows as he falls beside her, clearly exhausted.

“I think we just made up for all those times we weren’t having sex,” Aria says laughing as her chest heaves up and down, a sweet pink flush creeping upon her cheeks.

“Are you blushing, love? Liam says smiling as he covers her up with a blanket so she doesn’t catch a chill.

“Yes! I just. I feel so…”

“What?” he says his eyes turning to pure blue pools of romance, as his hand reaches up and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. I just feel so much for you. It’s almost like it’s more than love.” She says looking up at him.

Liam’s eyes start to water, as she pouts, pulling him by his chin, into a sweet kiss.

Liam pulls away to stare into her eyes, “Aria, I know exactly what you mean. I felt that way the minute we met. And this whole time, I’ve been trying to make sense of it or justify us for moving so quickly.”

“I love you. I do. But sometimes I worry that we’re both so attracted to each other that what if this is all just lust. What if it fades? How can we be sure it won’t?”

“Because Aria, my love, I have never felt like this about anyone. Lust is easy. You can lust over anyone, for anything. But what we have, God how you feel in my arms, that’s so much more.”

“You know last night when we were together for the first time, you kind of asked me something and I-” she says nervously as she looks away.

“I was wondering if that was ever going to come up.” he says with a sweet chuckle.

“So you do remember?” Aria asks

“Of course I do,” he says placing a kiss on her lips as he cups her face.

“So, was that just a sex casualty? Or…”

“Well if you’re asking me if I meant it, then yes I did. Did you mean it when you said yes, or was that just you enjoying yourself?” he says with a sexy smirk.

“Both.” She says with a wince, “Is that ok?”

“Of course it’s ok. Did I get caught up in you and your body and the way that you make me feel, yes. Absolutely. But in that moment it wasn’t just about good sex for me, it was about wanting you and I to be forever. I meant it when I asked it. But in hindsight, I’m thinking it wasn’t the most romantic proposal. It’s not exactly a proposal story you can tell people.” He says with a small laugh.

“Right,” Aria says with a laugh, “I do however disagree with you, I think it was an incredibly romantic moment. It was beautiful, and intense and made me feel things I didn’t know I could feel.”

Liam smiles as if his heart is turning to mush. He reaches over and kisses her passionately.

“I love you so much, and if I’m being honest this is all happening quicker than I was ready for.”

Liam nods in understanding, but Aria could see the flash of disappointment in his eyes.

“I’m not saying no. I’m just saying maybe not right now. You know there are so many things we are still learning about each other.”

“No I get it. I completely understand. I don’t want to scare you away. It just kind of happened in the moment and I couldn’t help it. I love you so much. But I also didn’t want to bring it up and cause you any stress right before your showcase.”

“You are so wonderful,” Aria says running her hand through his hair.

“Mmm, so are you my love,” he says leaning in and kissing her.

Aria deepens the kiss.

“Mmm, I have to go,” Aria says pulling away from him.

“Hmm, no stay!” he says reaching for her as he pulls her on top of him.

“I can’t, I’m sorry. I have some stuff to get ready before the showcase,” she says straddling him as she intertwines her fingers with his.

“Say no more, your showcase comes first,” he says kissing her cheek as he lets her hands free.

“I mean, you know that I wish I could stay though right, it’s just that all my stuff is there and you know…”

“It’s ok love, I get it. It’s just too bad, all your stuff wasn’t here,” he says with a little chuckle. As their eyes lock.

Liam sits up as he just realizes what he said, Aria’s eyes widen with intrigue, as she slides off his lap.

“I um, couldn’t ask you to…I mean it’d be too soon….right?” he says slowly and unsurely, trying to feel her out.

“Absolutely too soon. I mean we would be crazy to do that…” Aria says her voice trailing off.

“Right of course,” he says starting to get dressed.

Aria shrugs on her clothes too.

“I should really get going,” she says frazzled as she grabs her dance bag and purse. “I will call you tomorrow,” she says placing a quick peck on his lips because anything else would get them into trouble.

“Bye, love” he says with an awkward wave as she rushes out of his bedroom holding her shoes in her hand.

Liam sighs as he covers his face, in frustration, “What did you just do?” he says scolding himself. He starts to rush after her, as Aria rushes back through the apartment door.

“Liam” “Aria” they both say in unison.

“I’m sorry, love. I’m not trying to pressure you. God I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut.”

“Liam. Is it weird that I don’t wanna leave? Like the actual thought of not having you next to me in bed tonight is literally breaking my heart. And I know that’s not normal, but we’re not normal. Nothing has been normal about our relationship. So really why should be start trying to be normal now?” she says with a shrug.

“Are you saying what I think your saying? Are you saying yes?” he says holding his breath in.

“If you are asking me to move in with you…than yes, I’m saying yes.”

“Oh my god, Aria,” he says breathlessly, as he rushes to wrap her in his arms, placing a kiss on her lips.

Aria laughs as he swings her around.

“I love you, and I never wanted you to leave either,” he says with a big grin.

“Well now I won’t have to,” she says shrugging.

“You’re really gonna move in?” he asks his eyes watering again.

“If you’ll have me?” she says shrugging as she places a hand gently on his cheek.

“Always, always my love,” he says pulling her into a passionate kiss, as he walks her toward his bedroom.

Aria stops them, “You know where we haven’t done it yet?” she says her voice a whisper.

Liam’s eyebrows raise, “the balcony?” he asks confused.

“Ding Ding Ding,” she says with a smile.

“Aria…babe…really…out in the open like that?” he says with a smirk.

“Liam Whitmore, you are way less conservative than everyone thinks…wayyyyy, less,” she says sliding her hands down his chest. Liam growls, as he lifts her up and walks them toward the balcony doors. Aria let’s out a laugh.


“I’m sorry… what did you just say?” Allie says sitting across from her best friend as they sip lattes in their favorite coffee shop.

Aria winces. Out of all people who could understand the power of being in love, she would think Allie would get it.

“You think I’m crazy?” Aria asks her eyebrows raising, expectantly.

“I do. I mean it’s all very quick. But you look so happy. Are you happy?”

“I am. Happier than I’ve ever been. I just…I um, I just keep waiting for something to ruin it. Like he’s just too good to be true.”

“Ah, well don’t go down that road girl. You’ve been there before. Do you want the universe to prove you right?” Allie asks with a slick tilt of her head.

“Ok in all fairness, Liam just needed a little push in the right direction the first time. I won’t hold him wanting to keep his family together, against him. He really is a good man, and he loves me.”

“As long as you’re happy?” Allie says

“I am.”

“Ok then, I support that,” Allie says with a smile as she raises her coffee up in a cheers to Aria.

“Thank you, because I really need you to help me figure out how the hell I’m going to tell Yolanda and Layla.”

“Oh you’re on your own there,” Allie says with a smirk and a wink.

Aria laughs as she rolls her eyes.


Yolanda walks into the kitchen, a big yawn on her lips. As Layla sits at the kitchen nook, studying for her criminal justice exam and sipping on some tea.

Aria places a plate of food in front of her as Layla smiles her thanks, still absorbed in her books and scribbling down notes.

“Good morning sleepy head. You must have hand a busy few days, I feel like you never sleep this late?” Aria says.

“Yea. It’s been crazy at the hospital lately.” She says as she scans the kitchen countertops in awe. “This is some spread,” Yolanda says. Aria set out plates of mini muffins, pancakes, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice.

“Yea I just figured I’d do something nice for my two favorite roommates,” Aria says with a smile.

“Hmm well that’s sweet of you, Thank you” Yolanda says as Aria hands her a plate with everything on it.

Aria makes her own plate and joins her cousins.

Aria watches as Yolanda and Layla take their last few bites of breakfast. Fists resting under her chin, waiting for her moment to break the news.

Yolanda notices her direct focus on them, “What’s up?” she asks.

“Yea, you look like you have something you’re dying to say?” Layla says suddenly catching on and looking up from her notes.

“Ok, so there is something that I have to tell you both…” she says her voice trailing off as she tries to find the perfect words.

She and her cousins have grown so close in a matter of a few years. They are the only family she has left. As much as she loves Liam and wants to start this new chapter with him, a part of her can’t help but mourn the ending of an incredible chapter with two of her favorite girls.

“Are you pregnant?” Layla blurts out. Yolanda’s eyes widen as they dart from Layla back to Aria.

“No!” Aria says taken aback by her sudden accusation and commentary on her possible lack of responsible action. She and Liam are always careful.

“Oh thank god,” Yolanda says clutching her chest, “I mean look obviously if you were, we would support you and we would have made it work, but this apartment is small.” She says with a laugh.

“Um…actually it’s about to get a little bigger,” Aria says fidgeting with her hands awkwardly.

Yolanda and Layla exchange glances.

“Wait…are you trying to tell us that you’re moving out?” Layla asks shocked.

“Yes, and in with Liam.” Aria says cautiously her eyes trying to get a read on them.

“That’s insane!” Layla says as she stands up angrily.

“I know that this is all happening really quick. And I am so sorry to spring this on you. But I really want this. Ok? Liam and I are in love and I’m really happy. I just can’t explain it, I know this is right. I really think this is it for me. I mean we’ve even spoken about getting married in the future,” she says cleaning up the actual story a bit for her family’s sake.

“You don’t even know him that long, and here you are talking about love, and marriage and moving in with him?” Layla says judgmentally.

“Layla like I said I know it’s quick, and I’m sorry but I want this. I hope you can find some way to be supportive.”

Layla crosses her arms and huffs, “I can’t believe you.”

“That’s not fair Lay. You and all the girls were constantly telling me to give Liam a chance and have sex and enjoy myself and now that I am…”

“Yea enjoy yourself, have a fling, don’t suddenly jump into moving in and marrying the guy!” Layla says.

“I said we’ve spoken about it. I’m not marrying him tomorrow,” Aria says rolling her eyes.

“Oh please, he’s probably already proposed,” Layla says.

Aria winces and looks away.

“He has hasn’t he? Oh my god, what were you just never gonna tell us?” she says getting more worked up.

Aria then realizes Yolanda hasn’t said a word. In fact it would have been easier to predict that she would be the one giving Aria hell. But no, she’s just standing there looking off into space.

“Yolanda…what do you think?” Aria asks, her nerves building in the pit of her stomach.

Yolanda’s eyes float toward her, calmly, coolly and collectively she answers, “If this is what you want to do, then I support you.”

Aria’s jaw drops and so does Layla’s.

“What? Since when are you this cool about things? I would swear you would be having my exact reaction,” Layla says in protest.

“Honestly same here,” Aria says, confused as ever.

“Look, do I 100% agree with your choice? No. But I have seen how happy you’ve been with Liam. I think he’s good for you. And you deserve to be with someone who doesn’t fear his feelings. We all deserve that.” Yolanda says looking down at her nearly empty plate as she pushes around a few muffin crumbs with her finger.

“Oh I get it…so this has more to do with you projecting your personal regrets of not being honest with Dr. Hottie onto Aria and her relationship with Liam? You do know they are not the same thing right?” Layla asks obviously annoyed.

Aria looks at Layla and then at Yolanda, “Is that true Yoyo? Is that what you’re doing?”

“I’m not trying to project. I just understand what you’re going through. Having all these unexplainable feelings that you don’t know what to do with and being afraid to act on them, or worse not act on them. I just wish I was that brave,” Yolanda says getting up and clearing her dish.

“Yolanda you are incredibly brave. You’re a nurse! Why are you always selling yourself so short?” Aria says softly.

“Yes, I’m a nurse. When it comes to medical cases I’m golden, when it comes to love. I cower in fear of feeling something real. But like I said this is not about me,” she says turning back toward her cousin, “I am happy for you and Liam, I want this to work out for you, honest. And by some chance if it doesn’t, which I hope is not the case, you know you are always welcome here. This will always be your home.”

Layla wipes away a fallen tear, “Damn it, Yoyo, you had to just go and make me cry!”

“Ugh, me too,” Aria fans herself, wiping at her own tears, “I love you guys,” Aria says waving them both over, “Group hug.” She says as they all hold onto each other for what seems like forever.


Aria lays on her bed in a thin silk, mauve lingerie gown. Twisting her damp hair around her finger, phone to her ear waiting.

“Hello?” Liam’s voice sounds, instantly making her heart flutter.

“Hey you,” she says her smile widening.

“Hey gorgeous…so how’d it go with your cousins? Did you tell them yet?” he asks a smile of his own creeping onto his lips.

“I did.”

“And?” he says trying to contain himself.

“They were surprisingly supportive. Layla was a little angry at first but she came around.”

“Layla, that’s your younger cousin right? The law student?” he asks confused.

“Yea. I’m guessing from your knowledge of Yolanda you thought she’d be the one to freak out right?”

“Well…yea, I’m sorry, love.” He says sheepishly.

“No it’s ok, honestly we all felt the same way when we spoke about it. Yolanda is turning over a new leave. She’s really happy for us.”

“Well that’s amazing. I’m so glad, love.”

“So…what are you doing?” she asks her eyes reflecting a certain sexy look.

“Nothing much, just watching a movie,” he says lying as he sits in front of his half painted canvas in his hidden art corner, brush in hand.

“Hmm. I miss you. I wish we were watching a movie together right now.”

“If you were here right now Love, we wouldn’t be watching a movie,” he says his voice husky, a smirk on his lips.

Aria smirks, knowing she’s got him right where she wants him, “Really? What would we be doing?”

Liam chuckles, “you know exactly what we’d be doing.”

“What room would we be gracing our presence with this time?”

“The bedroom, that’s where I do my best work,” he says letting out a laugh.

“Oh honey, trust me, it’s all your best work.” She says in a sexy tone.

“What are you doing?” he says laughing as he starts to paint.

“Nothing much, just laying on my bed, I just got out of the shower,” she says seductively, as she wiggles her body in anticipation.

Liam’s eyes shoot up from his painting, even more intrigued now.

“Really? (He clears his throat) What are you wearing?” he asks putting his brush down and sitting back on the stool behind him.

“Not much. Something thin, silk, and short.” She says teasing him.

“I’m cursing the miles between us love,” he says his eyes flickering a sensual want.

“Hmm me too,” she says her voice breathy.

“You know what I’d do to you if I were there?”

“Tell me…” she says her legs sliding along each other as she waits to hear all the dirty things he’d do to her.

“Well first, I’d kiss those perfect lips of yours for a few dozen minutes…”

“That’s a good start,” Aria says stroking her bottom lip.

“Well love, that’s just it, it would be just the start. Once we were done, you wouldn’t be able to breathe much, let alone move.”

A moan escapes Aria’s lips. Liam smirks.

“How does that sound?” He asks walking into his bedroom and laying back on the bed.

“It sounds like you should keep talking, tell me everything, in detail. And don’t leave anything out,” Aria says her blood boiling.

Liam chuckles as he continues their sexy conversation.


Later that night Aria is on her way back from getting a drink of water, she walks back toward Yolanda’s room, she knocks on the door and peeks her head in.

“Hey,” Yolanda says as she sits up reading a book.

“Hey, are you ok? You seemed a little sad earlier. What happened between you and Dr. Greene?”

“Not much, and that’s my fault. I’m so fearful of how getting involved with him might interfere with my work, and how people will talk that I’ve lost all chances of telling him how I really feel. I’m sure he’s over it by now, and moved on. I mean a guy like him…he won’t stay single for long.”

“Yoyo, from what you’ve told us, he obviously likes you. You just have to show him that you’re interested. Guys need some encouragement too sometimes. It’s hard for them to put themselves out there too. Just talk to him. Otherwise you’ll always regret it. And if anyone deserves true love…it’s you.”

“Thank you, I love you,” Yolanda says hugging her.

“I love you more,” Aria says hugging her tightly as a tear springs to her eye.

Yolanda pulls away as she notices, “Ugh stop it, don’t start.”

“I can’t help it. I’m gonna miss you!” Aria says.

“I’m gonna miss you too!” she says her eyes tearing up.

“Ugh damn it,” Aria says letting the tears fall, pulling her cousin into another hug.

“Ok, stop crying. Go!” she says lightheartedly pushing her toward the door.

Aria laughs, “Yes ma’am,” she says wiping her tears and standing up.

She blows Yolanda a kiss, Yolanda blows one back in return.

“Good night,” Aria says in a sing song voice and with a cute little shuffle.

“Night,” Yolanda says with a laugh.


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Move- Chapter 23

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Previously on Move– Read Chapter 22 HERE

Catch up from the beginning HERE

Liam stands up pulling on his clothes as he sits down on the edge of the bed to put his socks and shoes on. Aria wraps the sheet around her body and kneels behind him. She notices the red marks all over his back. Her finger traces a few of them.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry,” she says leaning down and kissing his back. Liam smiles, looking over his shoulder.

“I’m not,” he says wagging his eyebrows up and down.

“No, I’m serious. Do they hurt?”

Liam looks at her lovingly as he kisses her swiftly.

“It’s a very small price to pay for incredible sex,” he says smirking.

“It really was incredible,” she says smiling as she inches closer to him. Her lips touching his, just enough for a teasing taste.

“Aria…” he groans “You have to go get dressed, my love,” he says getting up and opening his closet to grab a clean shirt.

Aria flops back on the bed. “No,” she pouts.

“Come on, you’ll thank me later,” he says pulling on a plain black t-shirt.

He takes her hands and pulls her up off the bed.

“Ugh, fine. I will go. BUT- when I am done with my rehearsal, I am coming back here and we are gonna keep doing it,” she says forcefully as she starts to grab her clothes.

Liam laughs, “If we must,” he says rolling his eyes in fake frustration, a smirk growing on his lips.

Aria giggles as she leans up kissing him. Liam deepens the kiss. Aria lets the blanket fall causing Liam to moan against her lips.

“Go, just go get dressed, please,” he says laughing as she moves away. “I’m serious put some clothes on love, you are too damn sexy for me to resist,” he says smirking as he walks out of his bedroom.

Aria beams with Joy as she falls back onto his bed. Snuggled by all the sheets, she covers her face and kicks her legs about happily. She grabs her things and heads into his bathroom. She opens her cellphone and dials.


“Hey Allie, it’s me. Guess what?”


“Liam and I just had sex!”

“Yes!” Allie screams as her boyfriend stirs from his slumber by her side on the couch as a romantic comedy plays on the TV screen.

“Oh sorry babe,” she says as she gets up carefully and quietly heading over to her terrace.

“So… how was it?” Allie asks closing her terrace door behind her.

“Allie, honestly I never knew it could feel like that. I mean I thought I’d enjoyed it with other guys- but this was like next level. It was the best I have ever had,” she whispers.

“Did you…ya know?” Allie asks.

“Every. Single. Time.” Aria says smiling as she admires her post sex glow in his perfectly lit mirror.

“Wait how many times did you guys do it?” Allie says laughing.

“3…or was it 4?” Aria says pondering.

“Ah ha, oh la la,” Allie says laughing, “I am happy you’re happy girl. Liam seems wonderful.”

“He really is,” Aria says smiling as she has a flash of their prior declaration of love and commitment. “Allie…can you keep a secret?”

“Of course,” she whispers.

“I think I’m engaged.”

“What?” Allie says stunned.


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Move- Chapter 21

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Previously on Move– Read Chapter 20 HERE

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Aria laughs as Liam leads her into the nearest stall of the bathroom.

“Come here,” he growls as his hands grip her waist.

Aria smiles up at him as her arms wrap around his neck, closing the distance between them. Her lips find his in the dim lighting of the bathroom stall.

Aria starts to unbutton his shirt as Liam starts to undo his pants, their lips not parting. Liam hikes Aria up against the wall, sliding his hands up her slip dress.

Aria’s hands fist into his perfectly gelled hair as her body heats up at the feel of his touch.

Liam stills, as he lets out a frustrated sigh before things go any further.

“Damn it, I don’t have protection, love,” he says setting her legs back down.

“Wha- Are you kidding me?” she says sighing as her body slides down his, her feet touching the speckled printed floor.

“I’m so sorry love. I don’t think it’d be too wise to continue without-”

“No of course not,” Aria says as Liam steps away from her. Her body still aching for him.

Liam zips up his pants as Aria fixes her dress, letting out a sigh of frustration.

They both look at each other.

“Wanna just make out like a couple, teenagers?” Aria says shrugging.

“Hell yes, love,” he says with a chuckle, grabbing Aria into a passionate kiss.

Aria laughs against his lips, her hands roaming over his toned back.

Each kiss deeper than the last.

Just then this loud sound of a fire alarm begins to blare from the speakers just above them, and Aria caught between pleasure and sudden fear looks up at the ceiling for an answer, the water spout pops open as it rains down upon them. Liam looks up.

“We should probably go,” he says grabbing her hand as Aria staggers behind him trying to manage to put one foot in front of the other and shake off the public bathroom tryst she just had in a bar named Wild Wonderland with Mr. Billionaire Bachelor Liam Whitmore.

Aria fixes herself as they rush toward the exit to find the rest of the gang. Water pouring from the ceiling, alarms blaring, people rushing out as staff try to keep things calm.

“Aria!” Yolanda says waving her arms in the air, near the exit as the rest of the girls nervously wait in the crowd trying to exit.

Aria points and pulls Liam toward the exit.

“What the hell is going on?” Aria says as they all usher out of the club, her hand firmly in Liam’s as his grip on her tightens in a protective way.

“I’m gonna go find one of my co-workers and ask them what happened, I’ll be back,” Molly says making her way through the crowd to see if she knew anyone.

Aria stands shivering, her silky, short, slip dress soaked and clinging to her, leaving even less to the imagination than before.

Liam notices as his eyes widen, he quickly takes off his button down shirt and drapes it over her shoulders, tugging it closed at the front.

Aria smiles her thanks, as she slips her arms into the armholes.

“Of course love, don’t need you to catch a cold,” he says reaching down and buttoning a few of the top buttons.

“Funny, I thought it might have been because you don’t want anyone else seeing too much of your woman,” she says looking up at him knowingly.

Liam smirks down at her, “Yea, well that too,” he says wrapping his arms around her waist as he leans down to place a kiss on her lips.

Standing there soaked, Liam Whitmore is being seen in public wearing nothing but a pair of slacks and a white muscle tank. Not something you see every day.

Molly rushes over to the gang, “Ok so there was a minor issue in the kitchen and the sprinkler system was activated.

“But is everyone ok?” Yolanda says her eyes scanning the crowd for anyone who may be injured during that stampede of an exit.

“I think so, the chef said the fire is under control.”

Yolanda’s eyes land on a young brunette girl nearby, wearing a tiara with a 21 written on it, she is limping as her friend, tries to steady her.

“Hey there,” Yolanda says walking over, “Are you hurt?”

The two girls look up at her confused at her sudden interest.

“I’m a nurse, I can help you,” she says with a kind smile, her sober side shining through.

“I think I sprained my ankle rushing out of there,” the girl replies.

“Ok let me take a look, let’s sit you down over there on that bench,” she says helping the young girl hobble over.

Yolanda kneels to examine the girl’s ankle, upon moving it slightly, the girl winces in pain, “Ow, yea, that hurts, a lot,” she says.

“Hmm, yea you definitely twisted it pretty good, I can tell it’s starting to bruise. Can you move it by yourself?”

The girl tries and is successful, “It does still hurt though.”

“Ok so I don’t think it’s broken, but I think I should send you for an x-ray just in case,” Yolanda says as an ambulance and fire truck begin to pull up, sirens blaring.

“Everyone! Hi, my name is Kathy Wilks, I am the manager here at Wild Wonderland,” she says yelling over the nervous crowd. “I am terribly sorry for all of this. We had a bit of a small fire in the kitchen but it has been put out and the fire department will check to be sure. If anyone is hurt please come speak to an EMT. And please look out for a voucher in your email to comp you for tonight. We apologize and hope this doesn’t sway you from visiting our establishment in the future.”

“Come on the EMT’s happen to be some friends of mine. I’ll walk you over,” Yolanda says as she helps the girl toward the ambulance as the EMTs wave over at her.


Aria and Liam walk into Liam’s apartment.

“Well that was…quite the night,” Liam says laughing as he grabs two fluffy charcoal colored towels from his linen closet, and hands one to Aria.

“Yes…very eventful…” Aria says drying her face.

“Let me get you some dry clothes,” he says walking toward his bedroom. Aria grabs his hand, “Hey thank you for coming out with us tonight, I know it probably wasn’t your usual scene, but it meant a lot to me to have you there.”

“Of course, I mean I know how much you love those girls and I love you, so it was a pretty easy choice for me to make,” he says smiling down at her.

Aria freezes.

“What? Do I have something on my face, love?” he says confused as he wipes each side of his face.

“No. It’s just- You just told me you love me,” Aria says her heart fluttering.

Liam looks at her and then he realizes, “Oh my god, I did. I have been holding that in for so long. And I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that. I was waiting for the right time, because I know we have been moving way too fast, and I didn’t mean to-”

“No no, shhh, it’s ok,” Aria says placing a finger on his lips as she covers his with her lips within seconds.

Liam responds rather quickly holding her tightly against his toned body.

She pulls away from him ever so slightly as her eyes look up at him through heavy lashes.

“I love you too,” she whispers.

Liam sighs as he pulls her into a kiss.

“Please tell me you have-” Aria starts to say.

“They’re in my bed room,” he says an urgency in his voice as he lifts her into his arms.

Aria squeals as Liam jets off toward his bed room.

His house phone starts to ring.

“Ignore it, please,” Aria says cupping his face into a kiss as he lowers her onto his bed.

Liam reaches for the hem of his tank top as he pulls it off, Aria runs her hands along his abs, their eyes locking in an escalated heat.

“Trust me I don’t intend to get that, love,” he says kissing her as he lowers his body onto hers, her legs wrapping around his waist.

The phone still ringing in the distance.

Liam moves to Aria’s neck, she inhales a sharp breath, he places small kisses along her jawline, making his way back towards her lips.

“Liam, get it, now” she says reaching between their torsos for his belt buckle. Liam nods in agreement. His eyes burning into hers as his hands slide up her dress.

Liam laughs against her lips as he pulls away, reaching toward his night stand.

Aria smiles leaning back as she removes his button down she had on from earlier.

Liam rips open the gold foil packet as he turns to Aria, he walks over to her. She makes her way up on her knees in front of him, as things begin to escalate, his voicemail picks up.

“Liam, its mum. Remember me?”

Liam and Aria freeze in horror.

Aria buries her face into his chest, in embarrassment.

“Oh my god,” Aria says laughing.

Liam wraps his arms around her, “Yea that’s a definite mood killer,” he says matter of factly as he places a kiss on the top of her head.

“I’m so sorry love,” he says looking at her clearly mortified.

Gertrude’s voice cutting in once again… “Liam, please. We can talk this out. I know we can. This is too long to go without speaking.”

“And she’s still going,” Liam says with a huff as he reluctantly let’s Aria go, he walks into his living space where his landline sits on the living room end table.

“Liam. I am sorry. You know I’m just protective over you. I want you to be happy. And if you tell me that Aria makes you happy, then I accept it.”

Aria follows Liam. Her heart softens.

“I’m so sorry Aria, I’m hanging up on her-” he says reaching for the button.

“Liam, no. Don’t. She’s trying to mend things. The least you can do is meet her and hear her out. She is your mother.”

“Aria, my mother can be very manipulative. This is all probably part of some scheme she’s cooked up,” he says shaking his head.

“Maybe so, but I couldn’t live with myself if I was the reason why your family broke apart,” she says walking over to him as she picks up the phone handing it to him, “Answer it,” she says with a gentle smile.

“You are extraordinary, you know that,” he says with a dumbfounded smile as he takes the phone from her hand, “but none of this is your fault.”

Aria smiles, “Answer it,” she whispers as Liam rolls his eyes, and clicks a button, “Hello mother,” holding the receiver to his ear as Aria starts to walks away, he catches her hand, pulling her into a quick, kiss. Aria smirks as she walks off, Liam taps her butt gently. Aria laughs silently as he sends her a sexy smirk and a wink.

“Oh Liam. Thank goodness you answered. My boy, I am sorry. I feel just awful.”

“Well you should mother,” he says his expression changing upon hearing her shrill voice.

“Liam my boy, I do apologize for how I reacted. I just worry for you. You are so naïve at times, you believe the best in people and you can easily be taken for a fool that way. I just worry.”

“Mother, you don’t know Aria ok? Not even in the slightest. For you to judge her from a mere glance, you not only hurt her. You hurt me.”

“Liam, I am sorry son. Please give your dear old mum, one more chance. Bring her to the house for dinner sometime. I want to apologize in person.”

“Mother, I don’t think that’s the best idea.”

“I will be on my best behavior I promise you,” she says a careful grin upon her face as she sits on the other side of the phone call lounged in a patio chair in her lavish backyard near the pool. Gertrude is wearing a large black sun hat and a light periwinkle, tailored pant suit her beady eyes, focused. Determined.

“I can’t promise you anything, I will have to discuss it with Aria,” he says making his allegiance clear.

“Okay then my son, let me know. I do hope you’ll both come.”

“Well mother, I appreciate the offer. But if Aria feels uncomfortable coming, neither of us will be there.”

“Liam. Oh Liam, please don’t say such things. You do accept my apology don’t you?”

“Only if Aria will. I must be going now mother, goodnight.” He says hanging up before she could say anything else.

Gertrude huffs as she slams her phone on the patio table nearby.

Liam tosses his phone on his coffee table and walks back into his bedroom.

He finds Aria sitting in some oversized clothes from his dresser, as she lays on his bed flipping through the many TV channels his large flat screen holds.

Liam smiles at seeing Aria make herself at home.

“Hey, how’d it go?” Aria says looking up, and shutting the TV.

“She apologized…not sure that’s worth much when it comes to her,” he says rolling his eyes.

“Well I mean it’s a start right?” Aria says moving across the dark charcoal gray sheets towards him, her hands reaching for his.

“Yea well here’s the zinger…” he says raising an eyebrow.

“Oh boy…what?” Aria says as he pauses her eyes widening with curiosity.

“She invited you and I to dinner…says she wants to apologize in person,” he says his breath catching in his throat. Worrying about her reaction.

Aria pauses, she stays silent for a beat, her gaze passing him, lingering off and away. Pondering.

“Please…say something love…” he says staring at her nervously. “We don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” he says lifting her hand and placing a sweet kiss on it. “I’m not even really sure I’d want to go,” he says.

Aria smiles simply. “Let’s do it,” she says casually.

Liam looks at her, a shocked expression flashes across his face.

“You sure?” he asks confused.

“Yes,” Aria says with a nod.

“Why would you want to?”

“Because, whether you want to admit it or not, I know that your relationship with your mom still means something to you. Family is important. She is making an effort, so I will too,” she says shrugging her shoulders slightly. “Because if there’s one thing in this world she and I have in common is that we both love you,” she says cupping his face.

Liam’s heart melts as he sighs before pulling her into a deep kiss.

“I love you too,” he whispers against her lips. Their former flame suddenly reigniting quickly. “So um…” Liam says his eyes staring into hers. He licks his lips, coughing nervously.

“Where were we?” Aria asks knowing that he’s too shy to ask.

“Oh thank god,” Liam says swiftly pulling her toward him. His lips instantly on hers like a magnetic force. His hand reaching for the open gold foil packet.

Aria’s heart beats rapidly. Her hands roam across his torso, pulling at his clothes. Liam hooks his hands behind the backs of her legs, causing her to fall back on the bed as she squeals, he laughs climbing on top of her as she wraps her arms and legs around him.


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Move- Chapter 20

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Previously on Move– Read Chapter 19 HERE

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Aria stands at the back of the gym as class-goers exit, faces red, but smiles wide.

“Great class again, Aria!”

“Thanks Jill, glad you enjoyed!” she says smiling at everyone as she dries her face with a towel.

Allie and the rest of Aria’s girl gang hang out in the back waiting until the last person exits.

“Hey guys, you wanna grab a drink?” Aria says walking over to them.

“Don’t you have plans with Manhattan’s Favorite Bachelor?” Allie says holding up the Tabloid.

“Oh gosh, shut up!” Aria says swatting it away with a laugh.

“I have to say, you guys do look pretty sexy,” Yolanda says.

Aria and Layla exchange gasps.

“Look who’s joining Team Liam,” Layla says smiling as she pulls her sister into a hug.

“I’m not printing out the t-shirts just yet. But I can see how happy he makes you,” Yolanda says smiling at Aria.

“Thanks Yoyo,” Aria says smiling as she pulls her cousin into a hug.

“SO did you guys reschedule your sex date yet?” Molly asks taking a sip of her water and cutting into the sweet family bonding moment.

“No, we haven’t. But I think that’s ok. You know it shouldn’t be planned, ya know? That just puts too much pressure on it. I want it to just happen naturally.”

“So you’re really not seeing him tonight?” Layla asks surprised.

“Um, no. He had a bunch of work to do.”

“Does that guy ever take a break?” Allie asks.

“No, not often. And I can see it’s really effecting him. I feel bad, I wish there was something I could do to help him relax.”

All the ladies give her scandalous looks.

“Not that!” she says rolling her eyes. “I just mean that he works too much, he needs to just have some carefree, stupid, fun.”

“Carefree, stupid, fun…hmmm, I know just the place.” Molly says raising her eyebrows, “Ladies, let’s go get our sexy on, I have a plan.”

The girls just look around and laugh as they rush out of the gym.


Aria and her girl squad all rush around her apartment getting ready. Clothes thrown everywhere. Every mirror being occupied. Hair being curled, Makeup being done.

“I don’t know you guys, he said he’s really busy. I don’t think it’s worth asking him,” Aria says finishing her lipstick.

“That’s why you don’t ask, you just show up, looking like that, and tell him it’s time he has some real fun,” Allie says smirking.

“Ok, let’s do this,” Aria says smiling brightly as she saunters her way toward her door, being extra sassy about it as she rocks her champagne colored silky, slip dress with a scoop neck line and a low back and some gold heels, her hair in a high pony and some big gold hoop earrings.

The girls all follow as they laugh in unison.


Aria knocks on Liam’s office door, peeking her head in.

Liam looks up, a smile spreading across his tired face.

“Hey you,” he says.

“Hi,” she says walking in, as his eyes glance her over, a smirk forming on his face.

“Hi,” he says again, clearly frazzled.

“You said that already,” Aria says laughing as she sits on the edge of his desk, her tan, oiled legs right in his view.

Liam laughs, as his eyes shoot up to meet hers, he stands up.

“What are you doing here? Trying to show me, what I’ll be missing again tonight?” he asks tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“No not exactly, I came to steal you away. You work too damn hard. Come out, me and the girls have a really fun plan for tonight. I think you’ll enjoy it!” she says smiling as she takes his hands, lacing her fingers through his.

“Aria, baby, I would love to but I really am swamped here, love.” he says looking over at the pile of papers on his desk.

“Come on, baby. You stay late every night. The entire building has gone home. It’s like Zombieland out there. All of this crap will be here Monday morning. Just come on, take the weekend. Have fun with me. You deserve it. We deserve it.” She says pouting up at him.

Liam looks down at her, his eyebrow raises.

“What?” she says looking at him confused.

“Are you not wearing a bra?” he whispers in a sexy tone.

“With this dress…what do you think?” she says pushing him away as she spins to show off the back.

Liam smirks, “Well I mean you really shouldn’t be going out looking like that without me, I mean guys might get the wrong idea and think that you’re single.”

“I mean it is a possibility. It’d be better if you just came. This way I don’t have to constantly keep turning them away.”

“I mean if you think you’ll feel better having me there…” he says walking toward her.

“I would.” she says smiling as she takes his hands.

Liam smirks as she reaches up to give him a kiss.

Liam deepens the kiss, and lifts her up onto his desk as her legs wrap around him, their hands roaming around each other’s bodies.

Aria pulls away slightly, putting Liam at arm’s length, letting out a breath as Liam does the same.

“We should probably go, my friends are all waiting downstairs,” Aria says out of breath.

“Yes of course,” he says breathing heavy as she slides off the desk, their bodies gliding against each other ever so slightly.

Liam coughs nervously.

“But before we go, lose the jacket and the tie,” Aria says loosening his tie, her eyes gleaming into his. The sexual tension thick.

Liam smirks, “Yes Ma’am” he says pulling at his tie as Aria laughs and grabs his hand pulling him toward the elevators.


“Liam, you remember these are all my girls, Yolanda, Layla, Allie, and the planner of this evening, Molly.” Aria says as they all walk down the city sidewalk.

“Yes, nice to see you ladies again,” Liam says with a sweet grin.

“Hi Liam!” they all yell in unison.

Liam laughs.

“We may have pre-gamed a little while we were getting ready,” Aria whispers.

“I can see that,” he says laughing, kissing her cheek, placing a hand on her lower back as they walk toward their destination.


Aria walks into a bar with Liam’s hand in hers, and her friends close behind. The bar is not your typical bar. In fact it is colorful, and neon with strobe lights going. Music blaring loudly. A club like atmosphere but not as packed.

“Ladies and Gentleman,” Molly says with a laugh, “Welcome to my latest form of employment, Bartending at this fine establishment- Wild Wonderland,” she says holding her arms out in a very ta da like reveal.

“Girl, since when?” Allie says looking around in awe.

“I just started last weekend, and I have off tonight, so I can get a deal on drinks!”

“Yes,” Layla says with a smile as the rest of the girls look around with happy grins.

“Come on follow me, I had my coworker save me the Unicorn Booth. The furniture is literally covered in glitter. It’s amazing for pictures.”

Aria smiles as she looks over at Liam, who appears to feel very out of his element.

He smiles simply at her as she tightens her grip on his hand, leading him through the small, exclusive crowd.


Aria laughs as she and her friends dance in the cosmic colored Unicorn booth. Liam sitting off to the side, watching.

She walks over, taking his hands and pulling him up.

“Baby, come on, dance with me,” she says smiling.

“No, Aria I’m not really a dancer,” he says being pulled to his feet.

“Well that is literally what I am. I can teach you. Besides something tells me that you don’t have a problem with keeping a steady rhythm,” Aria says looking up at him, a sexy smirk forming on her lips.

Liam chokes on the drink he just sipped, as his eyes lock onto hers, “That was dirty,” he says with a cute smirk, as he laughs.

“I know,” Aria says smiling as she leans in, he sighs as their lips meet in a heated lip lock, Liam’s hand sliding to his favorite place on her backside.

Aria pulls away slightly, “Why Liam Whitmore…you are quite the butt loving guy.” she says with a little raspy giggle against his lips.

“Just yours love,” he whispers, his voice nearly a groan.

Aria’s heart flips as her body inches toward him.

Liam pulls her into a heated kiss that lasts for what feels like forever. Aria’s arms drape over his shoulders as she holds her drink in one hand and the other finds its place in his soft sandy hair.

Molly’s jaw drops as she nudges the rest of the crew to look over.

“Damn, he can really let loose when he wants to, huh?” Yolanda says her eyebrows raising.

“It’s really unfair how hot he is,” Layla says in a dreamy tone, “Aria is a goner,” she says laughing.

Aria pulls away breathlessly, as Liam looks at her confused, “I think we are gathering an audience,” she says blushing as she looks away.

Liam isn’t even phased, “I don’t even see anyone else in the room, love.” He says pulling her into another kiss.

“Mmm, quick question,” Aria says in between kisses as her eyes flutter open to meet Liam’s. “Are you totally opposed to doing it in a public restroom?” she says smirking up at him.

Liam smirks, as he takes her drink and sets his and hers on one of the glittered end tables. He grabs her hand, pulling her toward the staircase leading from the Unicorn Booth to the ground level.

Aria squeals as she turns excitedly waving bye to her friends.

They all gasp as they wave her away.

“Lucky bitch,” Layla says with a giggle.

“Cheers to Aria having countless O’s in a public restroom!” Molly says as they all raise their glasses.

“Or supply closet!” Yolanda says as they all laugh. Layla smiles proudly at her older sister, who is finally enjoying her youth.


Yolanda turns and looks up to see Dr. Greene standing behind her. In casual clothing and a drink in his hands, as two other fellow Doctors wave from the side lines.

“Dr. Greene? Hi,” Yolanda says silently praying that her boss didn’t just here her cheers-ing to the big O.

Layla’s face falls as her eyes nearly spring out of her head.

“Hi, I thought that was you,” he says with a warm, sexy smile.

“Yes, it’s me. Um Dr. Greene I’m just here with my sister Layla and our friends, Allie and Molly,” she says looking over at the ladies as they each wave.

“Nice to meet you ladies,” Dr. Greene says smiling.

“You too, a pleasure,” Layla says extending her hand quickly, he smiles and shakes it. 

“I didn’t know you came here?” He says with a smile as his eyes flutter back to Yolanda.

“Oh- it’s actually our first time here, Molly here, just started working here a short while ago.”

Molly smiles, “This place has a great vibe, doesn’t it?”

“It certainly does,” he says smiling.

Layla’s eyes dart between Yolanda and Dr. Greene. The attraction between the two evident enough to anyone with a pulse.

“Well, I won’t keep you,” he says with a small smirk.

“Ok, nice running into you Dr. Greene,” She says nodding, as she waves over at her other colleagues.

“Yolanda we’ve been working together for over 2 years now, I think you can call me Matthew,” he says.

“Um, I guess it’s a form of habit,” Yolanda says with a laugh.

“Nice seeing you Yolanda, enjoy your night,” he says smirking as he turns to join his friends.

Layla, Allie and Molly stare at Yolanda who nonchalantly takes a sip of her drink.

“YOYO, what the hell was that?” Layla says her mouth dropping.

“Ok relax, he’s my boss, he was just being polite, and saying hi,” Yolanda says trying to hide the fact that her stomach is doing somersaults and her heart is fluttering.

“Yolanda, I love you. You are the smartest woman I know, but when it comes to flirting you are seriously challenged. That man wants you.” Layla says pointing toward Dr. Greene’s long since retreated figure.

“Stop it, Layla. We just work together, that’s all.”

“I mean hey…he is gorgeous, smart and kind, you could do worse girl,” Allie says smirking as she throws back a shot of tequila.

“It’s not wise to get involved with someone you work with, especially when it’s your boss” Yolanda says.

“So you’ve thought about it?” Layla asks smiling widely.

Yolanda looks away from their intense glares as she downs the rest of her drink.

“Ah that face says it all!” Molly says laughing and pointing.

“Yes see! She has thought about taking a ride on that hot boss body,” Layla says smiling and clapping.

“Ok…fine…yes…maybe I have entertained the thought, once or twice,” Yolanda says as she smiles, a natural blush creeping onto her cheeks.

“Yes girl!” Allie yells, “I’d say go for it, he’s interested. And hot as hell.” She says raising her drink in the air.

“I will drink to that,” Yolanda says as they all click their glasses and take a sip.

Matthew stands from the ground level just on the other side of the Unicorn Booth, a smile on his face. His ears listening. His co-workers join him a few moments later handing him another drink.

“Hey Matt, here ya go. Sorry we took so long, they line at the bar was endless.”

“Don’t worry I was kept entertained,” he says smirking as he takes a sip of his drink.


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Move- Chapter 15 (FINALLY!!!)

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Previously on Move– Read Chapter 14 HERE

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Aria bursts through the large golden doors as Yolanda follows closely behind, dragging Layla along.

“Ari, Ari wait!” Yolanda yells after her.

“Are you happy, you were right?” Aria says swinging around, tears filling in her eyes.

“Of course I’m not happy. I can’t be happy if you’re not happy.” Yolanda says.

“Ok, I’m lost, what’s going on?” Layla says confused.

“Liam’s mother just basically called me a gold digging whore, and he did nothing to defend me.”

“What!” Layla yells dumbfounded.

Just then the gold doors swing open, and Liam rushes through them, his eyes locking on Aria’s.

“Aria!” he calls.

“I need to get out of here.” Aria says turning away from him and rushing off.

“Aria, Aria please wait,” he says as Yolanda steps in front of his path, halting him.

“No,” she says holding her hand up.

Layla stands beside her sister, crossing her arms.

“I just wanna say, even though I just met you, well sort of- I really don’t like you.” Layla says walking off to find Aria.

Liam sighs, “Look, my mum is old fashioned, she believes in social status and…”

“And what, you don’t?” Yolanda says challenging him, “Nice, tux, by the way. Must have set you back quite a few thousands,” she says sarcastically.

“Yolanda, I realize that this was not a good first impression. But my family’s hang ups are not my own. I adore Aria. She is the first woman who has ever made me feel alive. Who didn’t buy into the whole wealthy equals worth machine. It’s all bluster and bullshit. She knows what my family still has yet to learn. But I promise you, I’m already there. Please just let me talk to her,” he says his eyes glancing in the direction of where she ran off to.

“Why should I? She clearly doesn’t want to talk to you. Hence her running away the minute she saw your face.”

“Please, I know she’s hurt, I just need a chance to explain…”

“Yea, that’s still a no.” Yolanda says crossing her arms over her chest. “Do you have any idea how much Aria has fought through to get where she is today?”

“She told me a bit about her parents and how she just found you two, just a few years ago,” Liam says his eyes gentle. His voice cautious.

“Yea, but I’m sure you don’t know it all, I mean how could you?”

“I suppose your right.” Liam says sullenly. “But I’d like the chance to.”

“You say that now, but what happens the next time, you’re seen in public with her. What excuse will you have to come up with? We’re Latinas. We’re curvy. We’re loud. But we’re also fighters, we struggle just to make ends meet every day. Me, I’m a nurse I save lives every day. Just because people like you have the money to help, doesn’t mean that you’ve bought my brains, my skill for knowledge. Layla… she goes to Harvard, top in her class, and she’s on her way to being the most kick-ass lawyer. And Aria. Well Aria’s too damn good for you. She is beautiful, and funny and smart. She is also talented as hell. She has a dream and I will not let you, or anyone else-least of all your cruel witch of a mother- get in her way. Especially when it’s very clear that she is just a way for you to sow your oats. Nail the Latina beauty for one steamy affair just before you settle down with the leggy blonde mommy set you up with from birth. Keep that legacy safe.”

“You’re right,” Liam says in a straight forward tone.

Yolanda nods, a knowing sense of odd satisfaction in having her point proven.

“Aria is too good for me,” Liam says challenging Yolanda’s obligations.

“Good, glad we’re on the same page. So why don’t you go tell mommy that,” she says not wanting to give him any hope that her walls are breaking down.

“Forgive me, thank you for your time,” he says rather reserved as he turns and heads back toward the ballroom, straightening his tie and his tux jacket in an attempt to shake off his heartache.

Yolanda exhales heavily as she turns and walks off to find Aria and Layla. She turns the corner, and gets startled by both girls standing close by, within earshot.

“Hey, there you are. I figured you headed home.”

“I wanted to, but I just wanted to hear what he had to say. Surprise surprise it wasn’t much.” Aria says defeated as she sits on a nearby cement step. Her black gown puddling around her.

“Hey don’t you do that.” Layla says sitting next to her cousin.

“He didn’t even fight for me,” Aria says confused. “I know we haven’t been seeing each other long, and it doesn’t make sense to you. But if you guys could just feel even the slightest bit of what it felt like between he and I, you’d get it. Every time we kissed it was like…electric. I just thought there was something there. Something real.”

“In his defense…” Layla begins.

Both Aria and Yolanda give her a look.

“No,” Yolanda says sternly.

“What… I’m just saying, it’s not exactly like Yoyo gave him much of a chance to defend his feelings for you.”

“True.” Aria says with a laugh.

“Hey, he hurt you, I’m not interested in making him feel better.”

Aria laughs.

“Besides, if he really wanted to talk to you, and straighten this all out, nothing I said or did would have stopped him.”

“Also True.” Aria says nodding, “You really do have this whole mama bear thing down.”

Yolanda rolls her eyes.

“And I love you for it.” Aria says pulling Yolanda down onto the step beside her as she hugs her, Layla joins in too.

“This is all I need. You guys are my family and you are amazing. Besides, I have the dance showcase of my career in less than a month so, it’s really probably for the best. He was distracting me. It’s just such a shame we had to leave the party early, there was so much free alcohol.”

“Well… I managed to steal a bottle of champagne, courtesy of my sexy waiter boy,” Layla says pulling the bottle out of her big sack purse that one normally wouldn’t pair with a ball gown.

“Oh!” Aria says happily clapping.

“Yes. Brava,” Yolanda says with a slow cap, “Momma raised you right” Yolanda says grabbing her sister’s hand and fake crying.

Aria and Layla laugh as they all stand, Layla pops the cork. The girls scream in unison as the champagne spills over the brim of the bottle, making their way back out towards the front of the hall leading to the valet lot.

“Woo!” Aria screams throwing her hands up in the air. Layla hands her the bottle as she chugs a bit, she laughs handing it to Yolanda, as they all link arms and walk off laughing.

Liam watches from afar, standing in front of the golden doors, separating him from the life he was raised into and the life he desperately wants. As a photographer exits the doors, he asks for a picture of him, Liam nods, forcing a smile. “Excuse me,” he says walking away once the flash goes off. The light blinding his eyes. He takes out his phone, he goes to dial Aria, but instead dials his sister Evelyn “Sky.”

“Hello, bugga!” she screams.

“Hi, where are you?” he says covering one ear.

“What? I can’t hear you!” she says standing in the back of a packed club.

“Where are you?” he yells.

“Oh, my band is playing at this cheeky little pub in Brooklyn, oh bugga you’d absolutely love it. It smells of cigars and scotch. Just like–“

“Dad,” Liam says his eyes casting down.

“Dad,” Sky says sullenly.

A silence deep. Siblings know.

“Oh let’s not go there huh, bugga. How are things? How is my future sister in law, Aria?” she says with a laugh.

Liam sighs heavily.

“Oh no, trouble in paradise?” she says walking toward the door, waving to a bandmate and holding up 5 fingers, mouthing “5 minutes,” as he nods, she exits the club.

“I messed up Ev-“

“I find that hard to believe. You are quite charming. And the last time I saw you two, you could barely keep your hands off each other.”

“Yea, we were doing quite well, really well. She is…phenomenal. It was perfect actually and then we mixed our worlds and-“

“And good OLD mum happened?”

“She called her a gold digger, not even to her face, which was somehow so much worse. Aria over heard, told her off and stormed out. Nothing phased mum of course. She just expected me to move along with our evening of picture taking and painful fake grinning.”

“Well I mean I have to admit, I’m not surprised. But I am terribly sorry bugga. What happened with Aria when you went after her? What’d you say to her?”

“Not enough, it was a very public event, and there were cameras everywhere. So it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I never actually got to speak to her.”

“Oh, Liam. That’s just awful. You really did mess this one up,” she says using his real name to amplify her seriousness.

“Thank you. Very much.” he says laughing at his sister’s well known blunt bone.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to kick you when you’re down. But if you really feel strongly for this girl, you need to do more than just the bare minimum. You have to fight for her. You can’t just sit back and sulk.”

“I do not sulk.”

“Oh bugga, yes you do.”

“I just- I don’t know how to make this right. She won’t talk to me, and I don’t want to be disrespectful to her wishes.”

“You already were, when you didn’t stand up for her in that moment. It needs to be a public declaration. A separation. You don’t want to work for the family business, don’t. You want Aria, go get her. You need to stop making excuses and live your own life. It’s time, bugga. Make the break. I’ll be here, just like you were for me.”

“I’m not as brave as you Ev-“

“Yes you are. But you know its fine, just wait, sitting on the sidelines, as some new guy swoops in and sweeps her off her feet. Because then she really will be off limits. Girls like her, don’t stay unattached for long.  I’ve seen how guys look at her. You definitely have a world of competition. Didn’t you even say that Marco from the office was looking…”

“Ok! Thank you for that, Ev!” he says annoyed

“Tough love bugga! Figured you needed a little fire under your bum. Go get your girl. I love you, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!” she says hanging up and rushing back into the club.



*I do not take credit for the images used in my edits or otherwise.*


2020 Plan With Me & Happy 7th Birthaversary MLW!

Hey there friends! I’m baaaack! 😉


It has been a minute!

But it’s a new year. A new decade. A decade of roaring twenties,

magical 2020 vision and a sparkling new opportunity for growth.

Happy New Year!


Today also happens to also be MLW’s 7th Birth-a-versary! That’s a combination of Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary if you were wondering. That’s right 7 years of creating content from the heart here on michelle leigh writes! It’s kind of a big deal for me, since it took me years just to warm up to the idea of someone reading my writing.
And yes there have been lost posts and months of inactivity. But like I always say, I always come back. In my heart I know I have so many stories to tell, poems to craft and party planning ideas to share. And I’m grateful for this space where I can be truly me and speak freely. It will always be my “Safe place for the written word.”

In honor of my 7th blog year, LUCKY #7!

I baked some white chocolate, sprinkle, cake cookies!


So today, I thought I’d kick off this new post with a little 2020 planning for you. It’s in my bones to plan. I feel like every year I do the same thing. I plan and plan and then all plans get shot to hell when life flies into chaos. So I almost stopped myself from getting to much of the planning bug this year. But then I decided, maybe I can take a different approach this year. After all it is a new decade.

I rang the New Year in at my best friend’s house. Her and her husband hosted and it was a great time. We had champagne, wine and great food. We played this really fun game Telestrations After Dark. Warning: Not a kid friendly game. LOL. Then I spent New Year’s Day just being lazy in PJ’s, but being super productive in planning, straightening up my bedroom (which had become a mess because of the holidays,) and prepping for the work week. Thankfully, it was a short one to ease back into the swing of things! Because, we all know how hard it can be to get rid of that vacation brain. Your girl is still struggling! 😉


Buy a new Planner, Calendar, and Notebook. A must for me. Every year. Shout out to my Aunt Linda who gets tons of free calendars every year, so she always gives me one! This year I got a really pretty floral inspirational quotes one.


I got some cool new pens for Christmas!

Make a list of 2019 highlights. Every year I think “what did I really do this year? Not much.” It’s easy to get down on yourself and feel bad if you didn’t go on some lavish vacation, or fall in love and get engaged, or buy that house, or get that dream job. But I guarantee if you look back on your social media (if you’re a social media posting person) then you will see that you created so many countless, beautiful memories. My list was so long, I couldn’t even share it here if I wanted to! LOL.

Make a list of things you learned in 2019. Every year is full of ups and downs. But in those moments, there is always something to learn. Personal growth is an amazing thing.

Make a list of 2020 goals (re-evaluate your 2019 goals and how much you accomplished.) Sometimes this can be a daunting task. If you’re like me, sometimes you feel like every year you have the same goals. So evaluating the past year’s goals can make you feel unaccomplished. But that’s why I also like to make a list of highlights so you can see how much you actually did accomplish! It’s all about perspective people! Although it can fly by, a year is a significant amount of time, and you can really do so much. You do so much. You just don’t realize it. And sometimes, the little things are the big things.

Check in on Work In Progress projects. So this is referring to my long list of projects I started this year and old projects that I haven’t finished over the past decade! So I just sort of took stock of their status and prioritized the few that I want to tackle this month.

Create an inspirational playlist of songs to set the mood for your 2020. I did this last year too, and it was super fun. I’ve been listening to mine and it’s full of fun vibes. I have some New Year’s songs on there, some slow jams, some old jams, some new jams, some 1920’s music. I’m actually still adding, every time I hear or think of a new song that resonates with my vibe this year.

Create a YouTube playlist of inspirational videos you want to watch. So I’m a big YouTube fan, and everyone is posting New Year content, which is really inspirational. So much so that it was getting overwhelming seeing the videos roll in. So I decided the best way to help myself was to create a playlist of all the videos I wanted to watch, and that way I can watch them at my leisure. Some of my favorite YouTubers include, Rachel Talbott, Kalyn Nicholson, Carrie Rad, Marisa Mohi, Kristen Martin, and Niki DeMar.

Start getting back to routine. Work, exercise, eating right, meditation, prayer. I find that when I have this kind of routine, I feel more centered, more focused, less anxious and more like myself.

Make a “Stress Away” basket full of things that you can pick from, to calm those stressful nerves. In mine I included, an adult coloring book, a stress ball, two small note pads and some pens, a gratitude journal, a FRIENDS quiz book, puzzles, t-shirt designing stuff (because yes I sometimes like to make my own t-shirts), a painting kit, and a word search book. I also plan to add a few more things as I go. You can really customize this to whichever you wish.


Order some fun products online to add to your New Year vibe. I have been into trying to clear up my skin, and also find fun ways to exercise. So I recently ordered a humidifier, a facial cleansing brush, a lap desk for my lap top, writing gloves, a dry brush, a white head tool for acne, an exercise hula hoop, an energy lamp, and YouTuber Kalyn Nicolson’s poetry book Dancing with elephants.

Practice Gratitude. So I have a gratitude journal that I sometimes write in, where you write down 3 things you are grateful for that day. But lately I’ve just been saying Thank You to God at moments, in my prayers, out loud, to myself. Just a simple thank you. It’s peaceful and it feels good. Because even if your day sucks, there is something, even the smallest thing, that could make you feel grateful. Every day may not be good, but there is something good, in every day.

Do a tarot card reading for 2020, AND/OR Read your horoscope. I get that this isn’t for everyone. And I don’t buy into it as strong as some people do. But I do think it can be really fun. I have an Animal Spirit Deck and A Fairy Deck. Yes ya girl loves fairies. Have since I was a kid and saw a movie about fairies and then saw one flying around in my room in the middle of the night. #MAGIC. Inspired by Kalyn Nicholson’s 2020 reading, I decided to do my own, and man oh man was it eye opening. It gave my 2020 some seriously good vibes and a cool direction. I also looked up my Aries info for 2020.

This was my reading.


Reach out to family and friends and start to book plans in for the month or the next. If you’re like me, you have a ton of people you love and value in life. But when life gets so crazy, it can be sometimes really hard to make time for everything. So I decided to just start early and check in with all my various friend groups and start to make plans to hangout. Life is just more joyful when you have great friends to chill and talk with. Sometimes you just need a night with your girls! My calendar is already slowly filling up! I can’t wait to see everyone!

Go food shopping. I don’t know about you guys but after the hustle and bustle and traveling of the holidays, I had been eating like total crap, and my body was definitely feeling it. And so my mom and I took a trip to the supermarket and stocked up on healthier food options. My body is very happy now! 🙂

Balance your check book. (Maybe do this one before ordering a bunch of stuff on amazon!) 🙂

Give back and make the world just a little bit better. I recently donated to Givit for the wildfires happening in Australia. I’ve been seeing these devastating images all over social media. And I just wanted to do something. Even though it was small. It was something and every little bit counts. I also donated to the National Autism Association and I always donate to the Alzheimer’s Association during the walk which I did in 2019. Like I said it may not be much, but I give what I can afford and I hope and pray it helps.

Create a mood board or an inspiration board. This is where that 2019 Highlights list comes into play. You can look at that and see how much you’ve actually done over the last year and then pull a few things from it, and print out some pictures to symbolize those things. I personally just scroll through my instagram and see what I posted throughout the year or years. I chose a lot of inspirational quotes too, and pictures of family and friends, and then I also used pictures of myself in memories that instilled feelings in me that I want to recreate or feel again this year. Things I’ve done to step out of my comfort zone. Things I’m proud of. Things I want to work on. Things that were just fun. ALL THE INSPRING THINGS! I’m so used to putting pictures of OTHER people- mostly celebrities- on these boards, that when I look at them they don’t FEEL like me. So this year I thought, why not inspire MYSELF, by highlighting things I actually did in the past that I can try to implement again this year. Because we get in ruts, and we fear change and every New Year is a chance to fight that and try harder to accept change. After all there is peace in acceptance, if you look closely enough!

Write a list of important dates. For me this included writing a few subscription dates. I know I have some ending in the next few months so I want to be aware of that and be sure I renew them or cancel them. This can also be for any doctor appointments or adult things you need to do. Write them down!

Reflect on the past decade. This one might take some serious thinking!

Look up a list of New Year’s Eve movies. I just googled and found a list HERE. I guess I tend to live in theme. LOL. I have been craving a NYE film, I basically watched Sex and the City all New Year’s Eve. But I actually didn’t get my “New Year’s Eve” fill. I kind of love that movie!


You may notice there’s a lot of writing involved. What can I say, I’m a writer. 😉 And a lover of a good list. Now you see what that notebook purchase was for! Make use of it! Keep in mind you obviously do not have to do all these steps in the first month. You do have a whole year. You don’t even have to do all these steps at all. This is just what I did. And it’s just helping me take stock and see what I wish to work on this year. I just feel extra motivated and I’m going to go with this soul flow. Good Vibes.

So there you have it. My tips and tricks to rock 2020. I know this is not a full proof method. And there will be hard times that deter me. But I feel inspired and I just thought I’d share this with you on this special day.

Thanks for reading! XO

Feels good to be back.

Happy 7th Birthaversary Michelle Leigh Writes!

IMG_20200108_223158_521 (1)

To celebrate I think I’m going to grab a glass of Champagne Rose,

a few White Chocolate Chip cake cookies, and pop on one of those New Year’s movies! 😉

Update: I watched Freeform’s new version of Party of Five and Chicago PD instead. 🙂


*All images are my own.*





Keri Allen Inspired Fashion Look #Pearson

USA network released it’s new show, Pearson this Summer. My girl Bethany Joy Lenz plays Keri Allen- city attorney and right hand woman to Chicago’s mayor Bobby Novak.

In the show she is not only feisty and sarcastic, but she borders the line between right and wrong both in her professional and in her personal life. As we soon find out that she is THAT girl who is sleeping with her boss.

HOWEVER, she is an intelligent, hard working, diligent  woman who has gotten to where she is by her own merit. And her fear is that being with Bobby (Mayor Novak) is not only hurting her reputation but also breaking up a marriage and a family.

Although you can see the pain that has been created due to this affair, we do find out that Bobby pursued her when he and his wife were separated. Yea yea same old story, different characters. So many #Scandal vibes up. in. here. I love it.

Keri is a badass, she doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she is somehow unapologetic for her actions. I mean personally I don’t LOVE that she’s the other woman. I think it is very black and white, separated or not, he has a ring on his finger girl. AND let’s be VERY clear here, she may have slept with a married man and continued to fall into some twisted relationship with him, but HE is the married man who kept pursuing her. Just as much as it is her responsibility to check for a ring, it’s his to know he wears it and that ring is attached to a another woman he made promises to, a woman he had children with. Bobby is being sleazy. No doubt about it. But you can tell the affair wasn’t something Keri planned. And she let it go on for so long because falling in love with her boss was just kind of something that happened along the way and something she felt she couldn’t help.

Needless to say things get juicy and shit GOES DOWN as the season is coming to a close. And Keri is always trying to as Novak likes to say, “Keep her hands clean.” He doesn’t want her involved in all his behind the scenes, illegal drama. Enter- Jessica Pearson, the woman, the myth, the legend.


In order to get shit done, Keri has to be comfortable to do that. And from looking over some of her fashion in the show. I realized there are some things she seems to be drawn to.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Simple, classic, timeless pieces- such as high waisted trousers, turtlenecks, blazers, button down shirts, and trench coats.

A lot of business attire.

Neutral colors-blacks, grays, whites, browns, navy, light blues, etc.

In her down time I’ve seen her rock jeans and a button up or a simple LBD (Little Black Dress).



Pearson - Season 1

Not many. At all.

I’ve noticed she mostly wears simple studs and a watch.

IF she happens to wear a necklace it is often something simple and delicate.

Her nails are usually a very natural color too. 


Pearson - Season 1Pearson - Season 1victoria-beckham-fitted-trench-coat-keri-pearson[1] (2)Pearson_104_01[1]

Keri keeps it very natural. She almost has that No Makeup, Makeup look.

I feel like she sticks to colors that just kind of enhance the natural colors in her features.

However, every so often she may throw on a red lip, and it adds that extra pop.

As for her hair she keeps that classic too. Just some simple twists or power pony’s. Or some soft curls.

My Keri Allen Inspired Look:

Based off this look.


remote[1] (2)

I like how even though this a classic, black and white combo- she still adds the red lip. And her blazer has a touch of leopard peaking out at the rolled cuff. I SEE YOU KERI! A red lip and some animal print at the office? YES! MY FAV!

I pulled this black blazer from my closet, that has some striped print when you roll the sleeves, I thought it was similar to Keri’s style. Black dress pants that have a higher waist line, and a white button down shirt. 

full outfit layout


Please ignore my missing button, LOL!

makeup and nail polish ideas

I already had a manicure, but I pulled some neutral Essie nail colors to show you that could work for Keri’s Look- Ladylike, Clothing Optional, Mamba, and Au Natural.


makeup and nails

For makeup I mostly used the Naked basics palette. And I went with a red lip- in Revlon’s Red Lacquer. For a more neutral lip, I’d go with this Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in the shade-Forever. 


I pulled some simple jewelry options that could work. Simple studs, delicate necklaces, and something that resembles a watch but it’s actually an oil diffuser bracelet.

no watch

It was either that or this groovy watch I had as a kid! LOL. I remember I saw this watch in CVS and I HAD TO HAVE IT, on account of the bright colors! I’m not a watch person at all now! So I figured the bracelet worked. 


I just chose to rock a pair of studs and the “watch” for accessories.



Obviously I have much shorter hair then Keri, but I tried to still style it similarly.

I couldn’t really see her shoes in any of the shots, but I feel like you can’t go wrong with a trusty black pump.

I work in a much more relaxed environment so I can wear jeans and sneakers. But after dressing in Keri’s style for a minute, I kind of liked the classic look. It was fun, put me in an office! Actually no, I’d never want an office job, I feel like an office style would be too restricting for me. I like to dress comfortable, and funky at times, Lol.

The Comparison…How did I do?



Do you like Keri Allen’s classic style? Visit this site and shop her clothes!


The Pearson Season 1 finale airs this Wednesday @ 10 PM on the USA Network.

Check your local listings!


*I do not take credit for the Keri/Jessica/Pearson stills/gifs/ video clips used.*

*All other images are my own.*


Ladies Lounge Party Planning


I celebrated my birthday in March (Fashion Stylings coming soon!) I went to dinner with a few close friends and then had them come back to the “Ladies Lounge” for dessert. I love to create my own vibes. And I think lounges are super cool and laid back and just the perfect place to hang out, chat with your girls and have a few snacks and drinks. 

The Entry Way


The entry way is the first impression guests see. For the Ladies Lounge I chose to set the scene with an information board filled with inspirational and informative flyers about “local” events. A bowl of candies, candles, signs, and a disco ball. I also included a bathroom sign on the door. 😉 


The Bathroom


Every time I have gone out to a nice place, the bathrooms always have cute little decor pieces or inspirational quotes on the wall. This one pictured here, is one of my favs. I also laid out some festive guest napkins by the sink. 

The Coffee/Tea Station



Of course I didn’t actually make my guests pay for their drinks and desserts! Lol. It was just for show.


The Happy Hour Bar Station



In honor of my fav girl from FRIENDS, this is a Racheltini…(basically just pink lemonade with a cherry on a fancy pearled toothpick lol)


The Dessert/Snacks (we went out to dinner before hand, so I kept it simple with a few sweet and savory snacks)


I added a lace tablecloth, a color changing candle, and a mason chair filled with fresh flowers. I also set the treats on some fancier dishes.

Setting the vibe/Lounge area 


I had my crystal salt rock lamp on, and my essential oil diffuser on as well. I like to use a blend of Lavender & Eucalyptus



I replaced the lamp on the left’s bulb with a yellow bulb to create a fun lighting vibe. Added a throw and some extra pillows to the couch for a cozier look. Some Lanterns and décor fans to add some lounge feels. 



I put on the spa music channel to set the vibe along with more candles a lantern and some drapery. I used my fuzzy chair with another throw to the mix for extra comfy seating. 


I transformed my living room desk into a little coffee table. I placed two LARGE coffee cups on the funky table cloth. Just like the ones on the show. I also added a small vase of flowers and a real candle. For a few more FRIENDS related Easter eggs I added a fake version of “Be Your Own Wind Keeper” and a Trivia book. 


I added another lantern above, a few balloons around, another chair with a drapery and extra pillow, and strung some sunflower lights by my windows, which I closed to keep the light vibe low. 

Movie Vibes


Ladies Lounge Viewing Board Announcement. ^



Every screening needs its snacks! 😉


FRIENDS chillin at the Ladies Lounge! 

Are you looking for a fun place to hang with your friends, but you can’t find one in your local area, CREATE YOUR OWN!




Tori Kelly Concert Review & Outfit

I know it’s been a minute, and I’m not going to bore you with excuses. Who knows, how many people out there are even out there reading this. Lol. But for those who are, no matter how long I may be MIA for, know, I always come back! 😀

Back in April I got to check another artist off my concert list, when I saw Tori Kelly live.

TK Acoustic Sessions

Set List:

(To the best of my recollection)


Nobody Love


Never Alone

Pretty Fades


I Was Made For Loving You

Take Back Home Girl

Two Places

Keep on Singing My Song (Christina Aguilera cover)

Only Exception (Paramore cover)

Bring Me Home

Thinkin’ Bout You

Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake cover)

^It’s like she knew I was coming^


All In My Head

Paper Hearts

Dear No One

Unbreakable Smile

Kid I Used to Know


Your Words

Psalm 42

Sorry Would Go a Long Way


Should’ve Been Us

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Change Your Mind

* Her guitarist- Mateus Asato was INSANE. His solo was out of this world. And at one point she and her guitarist had this like voice/guitar off. Tori would sing and Mateus would match it with his guitar cords. And then they switched and Mateus would play his guitar and Tori would have to match it with her vocals. INSANITY! Such an amazing duo.


The Tori Kelly Acoustic Sessions concert was held at a theater so it was a very intimate setting. Our seats were great and the price was so reasonable. Tori took the stage with just her acoustic guitar and her voice, with the help of another electric guitarist. The stage held only a few lamps, and a couch, while the back drop was ruffled theater curtains, the lighting changed coloring with each song.


It was so incredibly simple, but amazingly profound. Her talent is extraordinary and she is such a sweet soul. As she performed a mashup of old, new, some covers and unreleased music, she also walked us through the story of her journey with music. There was even a moment where she was singing a new unreleased song, about her grandfather (I believe it was “Your Words”) and it was so silent in that theater, you could hear a pin drop. I had goosebumps on and off throughout that whole night! I love when artists chat with you, it just makes you feel like they are your best friend chatting with you in their living room.




What an insane talent. It was an incredible show. She is even more incredible live. I am thrilled to be able to check her off my dream concert list. I can’t wait to see her again. Now I have a friend who I made a fan, who I will certainly be taking with me to future shows! I know Tori just wrapped this tour a little bit ago, but with all the unreleased music she was playing, I imagine she’s going to be releasing more, and who knows maybe she will be touring again sometime soon. Catch her whenever you can!



My Tori Kelly Inspired Look

Leather Jacket

Flannel Shirt

Glitter T-shirt

Black highwaisted skinny jeans

Black booties

Big Curly  hair (cuz Tori Kelly vibes!)

Black nail polish

Hoop earrings

Some fun rings

Cuff bracelet

Medallion Necklace




I was inspired by Tori’s earlier fashion style. It seems she’s experimenting with more high fashion pieces, sporting more heeled boots and suit ensembles. She’s amazing either way!


Visit for more information!

*All images are my own.*

(except the Tori Kelly concert poster)



*NSYNC takes Coachella/*NSYNC Update


For festival goers it’s a time to douse yourself in buckets of glitter.
Body jewelry, funky fashion and stellar Instagram pics.

But for those on the other side of Instagram, well, let’s just say for me, there’s always a bit of fomo. (Fear of missing out.)

In many ways, I feel like I’m a hippie that would fit right in there. Not in the sense that I’m overly impulsive or that I love the outdoors. But in the sense that I’ve always been attracted to flower crowns, tie dye, and peace signs. Deep down, I have a bohemian soul. 

Which is basically Coachella vibes.

I also really love music.

It’s more so the heat and the desert that I don’t think I could vibe with. But I do love the funky fashion. I’d definitely go all out if I ever were to attend.

Needless to say, this past weekend was Coachella weekend 1. And the rumors began.

baby ari

Ariana posted a video of *NSYNC in concert, as she stands in the crowd held by her mother as a little girl.

hint hint

Soon after she posted this clip of herself singing and bopping along to “Tearin’ up My Heart” 

As many of you know. I am a COMPLETE and TOTAL *NSYNC Fangirl. This 90s boy band was and still is my jam. And so when I heard Arianna Grande’s new song “Break up with your girlfriend I’m bored”…I instantly recognized her sampling of *NSYNC’s “It Makes Me Ill.” A song off their 2nd album- No Strings Attached. Man that album was epic. I saw them in concert for that album. My first and last *NSYNC concert. Well hopefully not my last. 😉 

Rumors of NSYNC coming to join Grande during her Sunday Night Coachella set started with a few slick tweets.

twitter teaseAriana Tweet

And I knew it was happening. It was very flashbacky to when they were rumored to join Justin Timberlake at the 2013 VMAS. SPOLER ALERT-they did. But I kind of like to block it out, because I was so sad, they were only given a few short minutes. My feels were hit hard. 

So I knew something was going to go down. And conveniently enough YouTube was streaming the event live. So I got to partake in #Couchella.


Grande took the stage opening with “God is a Woman” and “Bad Idea.” Then early in her set, she brought 4/5ths of *NSYNC out to join her yelling,  “I’ve been rehearsing my whole f*ckin life for this.” JC, Lance, Joey, and Chris took the stage. I figured Justin wouldn’t show, considering he just wrapped his 115 show Man of the Woods tour the day before. Part of me wants to call him a brat. But the other part knows homeboy needs a damn break! 115 shows bro! 115! According to TMZ (super credible I KNOW! 😉 He was just unable to align his schedule with them to rehearse.

The guys joined Ariana singing their “It Makes Me Ill” portion of her song and then they performed “It’s Tearin’ Up My Heart” complete with synchronized dance moves! THAT CHOREOGRAPHY!

2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3

Ariana, I have to give you props girl, you held your own! And it was epic! Those guys still got it. And in typical *NSYNC fashion they all had matching pants and color schemes. MY HEART! I TELL YOU! THESE BOYS HAVE MY LITTLE FANGIRL HEART! I just realized I never really blogged about the recent *NSYNC news within the past few years…I guess this is kind of turning into an all around *NSYNC update. But you bet your bottom dollar, my socials hear all about it on the regular. So please follow me on instagram and twitter for more regular interactions and updates! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In typical JC fashion he waved to the crowd as they all started to leave, and he said, “Thank you Coachella this has been a dream of ours.” Or something to that affect. I can’t find a DAMN VIDEO to rewatch. And I was an overly tired (it was like 2am on the east coast!) and frazzled fangirl last night. Not to mention the picture/audio/lighting was kind of a hot mess via Live stream. 

As the exited the stage, Joey shouted, “thank you see you next time.” NEXT TIME! GUYS…he said next time! 

Ariana laid on the stage, as she said, “ok I can die now.” LOLOL. We feel you though. 

Grande went on to perform a 90 minute set including more guest appearances by Nicki Minaj, and Diddy. Now I’m not like her biggest fan or anything, but she seriously threw a damn good 90s throwback party. She even played of her old jams from her earlier albums, which I loved! 

Hats off, Grande. From one fan girl to the next, thanks for reuniting the band for a night.

Also that night gave us these…these pics are slaying me…

[All images are collectively from Ariana, JC, Lance, Joey, and Chris’ social media accounts. I do not take credit!]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyone catch that “One more time?” comment Lance left on Ariana’s Instagram. Could it be they guys are returning to perform again with her this weekend at Coachella. Probably Not. Lol. Cuz well, it’s Easter. Time for Fam time! 😉 

And low and behold he noticed! My heart got so happy seeing him acknowledge the performance! And seeing all the guys seeing he acknowledged it and chatting in the comments!

JT insta

jt insta 2

Love seeing these guys together and supporting each other, it’s my favorite thing.

Lance Bass talks how the performance collaboration came to be…

Last time we had our boys together was around this time last year; (April 30th- “It’s gonna be may” day to be exact) to receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And it was a freakin’ magical time. I watched the entire livestream like a giddy little school girl! 


NSYNC star

One Year Anniversary Coming Up!

nsync on ellen

Oh yea THIS happened too! JT brought the guys with him!

Not to mention the guys kept releasing new capsule *NSYNC merch last year. I totally bought t-shirts! They even had a pop up shop in LA…Man if I lived in the area, I would have moved mountains to get there. Lance also just produced a documentary called The Boy Band Con- The Lou Pearlman Story. I haven’t seen it yet, but I know JC, Chris, and Joey are all featured in it. All of this gives a fangirl some hope. Yup…still waiting on that official reunion album/tour announcement. Don’t they know the universe is just waiting for it. I mean even Lance Bass recently said-

They really do seem like they genuinely love each other and wish the best for each other, but I also think the are just waiting for the perfect time to come back. I blame JT, maybe now that he’s back from a crazy hectic tour, he could hang out (in the studio) with some old friends. 

Ok ok, sorry. I know I rag on JT for being the reason *NSYNC hasn’t reunited, but make no mistake that dude is my homie. I love him. I support him. I’ve seen every show, bought every record. I’m in it. I’m his fangirl just as much as the band’s. Much love for all 5 guys!  

Holding out for hope, guys. 

Until next time.


*NSYNC Fangirl ❤


*I do not take credit for any images, videos, music, clips, used.*