15 Times Daryl Dixon Gave Us Butterflies While Being A BADASS!

imagesICHCF4QDSo the past few Sundays, AMC has been replaying each of the seasons of The Walking Dead. This past Sunday was a Season 2 marathon. Which I have to admit, is probably my favorite season. As I watched these old episodes, I am reminded of how much I love Mr. Daryl Dixon. If you follow my blog you know this, hence I was Mrs. Daryl Dixon for Halloween this past year. I did a tutorial on my costume and I even made his angel vest. It dawns on me every time I catch an episode on in the summer, that I miss this show so damn much. October 11, isn’t too far away, right?


My Daryl Vest

15 Times Daryl Dixon Gave Us Butterflies While Being A BADASS!

**WARNING! Spoilers ahead, if you are currently behind, DO NOT read on.**

*I apologize for some of the videos, but these scenes were super hard to find. I did my best.*

15. The Transformation of his character, he’s come a long way… *shout out to whoever made this!

14. Bromance; Rick & Daryl. “You’re my brother.”

13. Killing Dale, so Rick wouldn’t have to; “Sorry Brother.”

12. The epic “Morgue room” fight scene.

*clips of the scene @4:04 (this video is hysterical, whoever made this got the reactions down!)

11. Gives Beth her first drink.

*Spoiler Alert…He gives her Moonshine later…

10. Shooting the cop that shot Beth, and carrying Beth’s body out.

9. Motorcycles, Crossbows and Road Kill for breakfast-lunch- & dinner. (we’ve seen him kill/eat snakes, squirrels, rabbits, possums…the list goes on and on.)

“Brought Dinner.” haha

*And you can’t forget about the poncho…(because any guy who can rock an Indian printed poncho in the zombie apocalypse like a badass, is someone I wanna be friends with.)


8. His country boy slang/epic quotes.

7. Coming back to the prison just in time to save Rick.

6. Reuniting with Carol after the group was separated.

5. Saving Carol from walkers and the overrun burning barn.

*scene @ 2:52

4. Crying over the death of his brother Merle.

3. Flower for Carol, in honor of Sophia.

2. Searching for Sophia, and his intense determination to find her.

1. Feeding Baby Judith- whom he coined; Little Ass Kicker.

So if you watch the show, you know how well loved Daryl has become. He started off as a loud mouth, trigger happy, quick to act “redneck.” He didn’t care how he came off, and didn’t try to please anyone. But as you get to know him, even as early as season 1, we see his true heart. We see he cares about people. He continuously risks his life to keep others safe. He searched for Sophia, he saved lives over and over again. He forms friendship with Carol, Rick, and Beth. We see him take care of kids and women, especially. We see him resort to his anger and pushing people away when he feels he didn’t do all he could to protect his group. We see him become a leader, and Rick’s leading partner. We see him grow into a vital member of the group. Daryl’s transformation is outstanding. He is also funny as hell, his country boy lingo will crack you up. The things he comes out with. He’s definitely got some light funny moments in over the past 5 seasons. Daryl is a survivor, he has instinct and keen sense of what’s right. He’s always got some kind of plan. Knowing his childhood was an abusive one, only strengthens his character. He knows he is not without flaws, but at the same time, you can see he wants to do better than his father did. He wants to help people, and cares about people. Now I know there are a million other reasons why we all love Daryl Dixon, but I just thought I’d shed a light on a few. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this season. Hopefully a girlfriend, maybe? Because he deserves some love!

Hey AMC, I still have my Mrs. Dixon costume…I’m just saying 😉


The Walking Dead Marathon continues this Sunday with Season 3.

All in preparation for their new sister show; Fear The Walking Dead.

Premiering Sunday August 23, at 9pm on AMC.

I’m thinking of doing a First Impressions Review of the Pilot episode.

New Episodes of The Walking Dead return Sunday October 11, at 9pm on AMC.

*I do not take credit for any of The Walking Dead videos, images, or gifs used.*


[Bohemian] Mermaid Inspiration <3

Ariel-staring-at-Pocahontas-disney-princess-37168034-500-254[1]When I was a kid, I wasn’t too much into Disney or the abundance of Disney princesses. Don’t get me wrong I watched the movies, but I wasn’t a fanatic. However, there were two princesses I found I favored; Pocahontas, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Putting a fantasy into reality, I transformed myself into a mermaid this weekend for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

I have only been one other time before, and I just The-Little-Mermaid-Ariel[1]remember thinking this would be so much more satisfying if I were to join in the dressing up festivities. Because that’s all you see there. An array of colors, and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is crowded and you need to either have patience, be really outgoing/carefree or be drunk. 😉 I was none of those and I survived so, you can too! (shout out to my anxiety keeping cool! #claustrophiacity) And did I mention, someone stepped on my shoe causing it to break…yea that wasn’t fun. But thankfully it was a cool day, a little sun would have been nice, but I wasn’t complaining, because no one wants to stand for hours, standing in a crowd of people, in the heat.

The parade is funky, it’s definitely eccentric and anything goes. It never fails, you will see boobs, it’s just a given. But I will say that what I realized was that the parade has a message far greater than just what you see at it’s surface. It’s about acceptance. About having an open mind, appreciating everyone, and everything they are. Being proud of your weirdness, or uniqueness. There is no shame in being who you are. That’s what I got from my second experience there. And I think that in itself is a beautiful thing.

So here’s me transforming myself into a mermaid esque character. With the help of makeup, some glitter, a few accessories and a quick little DIY.

You didn’t think I’d leave you without some crappy cellphone pics did you? 😉 One of these days I’ll get my act together.

Ariel listen to Sebastian, “the human world is a mess…”

Listen as you read…




20150620_125245 20150620_125352 20150620_125402

20150620_125417 (2)

Michelle *The Mermaid

My eye makeup was made up of a mixture of purples, greens, blues, and pinks. Then using purples and blues I contoured my forehead, cheeks, and jaw line. A little bronzer and coral colored blush were a nice touch too. I used jewels and glitter to add some “scale” affects to the sides of my face. Then I put some glitter along my collar bone too.

20150620_125600 20150620_125629

Ariel knows best.

Ariel knows best.

For my hair, I washed it the night before and braided it before going to bed. It dried while in the braid, and I left it that way as I did my makeup, then I took it out and it left me with these really cool crimped waves. Very beachy, very mermaid-y. So I didn’t have to do too much, I just added some mousse, and dry shampoo for extra volume and curl.  I sparingly curled a few pieces too with my curling wand, mostly just my bangs to frame my face more. Then a bunch of hair spray, before finally having a reason to use the teal colored hair chalk I bought a few years ago. (my hair is dark so it doesn’t last too long, but it gives it this gray blue textured look, so its worth it) I also clipped in a teal hair extension, that matched the chalk, a little more hairspray and the added touch of my starfish hairclip and my hair was mermaid ready.

20150620_125959 20150620_130002

20150620_130021 (2)


As for my outfit, I just went with some flowy/bohemian, blue pieces. A very free spirited, comfortable look. And with my hair and makeup and accessories, I think it came together nicely. I didn’t have anything too mermaid-y, so I worked with what I had. This is if you want an understated mermaid look. (although not much is understated at that parade, but I still felt like I did my part) 😉

20150620_133437 (3) 20150620_133603 (3)


Blue’s your color girl


20150620_181859 (2)

Glitter, Jewels, Hair chalk, Nail Polish, Pearls, Oceanic colored bracelets and rings. And a DIY starfish hair clip.

20150620_125700 20150620_125717

OPI Nicole’s “Mer-maid for each other” is a shiny metallic green,

perfect for mermaid inspired nails.

Walgreens actually sells a Little Mermaid nail line, that I wish I would have known about before buying my other nail color. But either way it worked out.


Where I got some of my ideas from…

Gotta love YouTube, you wouldn’t believe how many people want to be mermaids! 😉

DIY starfish hairclip




This was the last piece of the puzzle, I wanted a starfish for my hair so bad, and after searching and searching, my mom was the one who found a package of starfish for like a dollar in a 99 cent store. I was super excited. So then I found some other hair clips to work into my hair piece. The cream colored net was attached to a bow hair clip, so I just removed it and then the actual hair clip used to clip it into my hair was from a big flower clip. So I just hot glued all the necessary pieces and voila! I think the net really made the difference, it made it look very ocean inspired. The starfish had a bit of a weight to it so I just used two extra bobby pins to fasten it into my hair, for a better hold.

Some pics from the parade…

20150620_141501 (2)

20150620_142409 (2)

20150620_143003 (2)

20150620_145736 (2)

20150620_145746 (2) 20150620_143536 (2)

Oh and I ran into some friends of mine…


Princesses Unite 😉


Mermaid Michelle swimming off…(see what I did there…) Got my lemonade, shishkabob and corndog. I really enjoyed my time on dry land and getting to be a part of your world. Now time to get back to my sea friends.

“Legs are meant for jumping, dancing…”

You are so right Ariel!

There you have it, my quick, crappy pictured Mermaid inspired look. Try it out! It’s super fun, except be prepared to be covered in glitter and hair chalk. But it’s all in good fun!

So Ariel has Flounder, and Sebastian.


If you were a mermaid, what sea creature would you want as your sidekick?

I’m thinking like a seahorse that could drive/swim me around or something…you know when I get tired of swimming myself. 😉 His name would be Skylar.

Ariel's Seahorse Herald

Ariel’s Seahorse Herald

*I do not take credit for any videos/songs, gifs, or Little Mermaid pics

All others are my own.*


Part 10 of Love Conflicted coming your way…Thursday!

Catch up HERE

LC poster

Becoming Mrs. Daryl Dixon

In my last post I showed you how I DIY’d my leather vest to look like Daryl Dixon’s from The Walking Dead. Click HERE to view that.IMG_0552

But now I’m going to show you how I pulled the whole look together to become MRS. Daryl Dixon.


Create a bloody/dirty/worn out shirt…

to make it look like you’ve been slaying zombies left and right.


What you will need…A light colored shirt, paper bags, fake blood, cotton balls, a bowl, some bronzer, red food coloring, and a paintbrush.


First lay your plastic bags down before working.

Spread out your shirt.

Pour some of the bronzer powder into a bowl (I used bare minerals warmth).

Take your cotton ball and dip it into the bronzer and sparingly make your “dirt” marks all over your shirt.

My shirt was very sheer and actually had a shredded back to it so it looked really warn as is, and because it was sheer the markings went through to the back as well, which saved me some time.

Focus on the armpit areas and the neck to convey a worn sweaty/dirty affect. You’ve been traveling through a zombie apocalypse. This is not the time to be a fashionista.


Next… bloody it up.

I didn’t go too crazy. I’m not the zombie…

541454_10200325946452480_358554082_n 544676_10100618626070467_1501873936_n


I’m the slayer.

So I was going for a more splattered blood #IJustKilledAFewWalkers look.

The fake blood I bought was a bit too thick to create a splattered affect so I used red food color and dipped a paint brush into it and shook it onto the shirt sparingly.

The more noticeable blood drips were achieved with the fake blood, and a paintbrush.

My brother took care of that part.

So once you get the right bloody/dirty look you hang the shirt up to dry over night. The thinner your shirt the quicker the dry time.

Now that you’ve made both your angel wings vest and your bloody shirt…you can pull from your own wardrobe for the rest of this look.



Leather Jacket

Sleeveless plaid button down

Bloody Shirt

Black jeggings

Black combat boots

The Full Look:

IMG_0544 IMG_0540 20141031_201428 20141031_201302

(A closer look at ) The Make Up & Hair:



I went for a really natural (grungy) look.

[Because let’s be real ain’t nobody got time for smokey eyes and bold red lips in the apocalypse.]

I did a basic face

bb cream

under eye concealer

curled lashes

very small amount of mascara

pinkish blush (flushed cheeks…run girl run save your ammo)

Fill in the eyebrows (no time for tweezing either haha)

Using bronzer to deepen all your features…basically highlight every crease in your face, cheek bones, nose, under eyes, etc. Basically darkening your features to make yourself look like you’ve been on the go weathering the struggle just trying to survive. Imperfections are okay.

For the lips I used a combination of a concealer stick and some darker burgundy lipstick, to create a flushed look.

For my hair (worked best on second day hair)

[ain’t nobody got time to wash their hair luxuriously when your tryna stay alive]

First I curled lightly with a straightener/curler

Then I went over with a curling iron

Hairspray in between as usual

Adding products as you see fit

Then once you get a wavy curl flip your head over shake it out

Comb out to loosen and give a more messy natural wave.

I ended up tying it into a side pony tail and leaving some pieces out


I look pissed…haha #stayingincharacter


Handkerchief (I tied it to my belt hoop)

Some leather rope bracelets

A silver chain with a saint on it (because you still need to keep your faith in the zombie apocalypse)

fake tattoos (Daryl has a few)

I did start the night with a pair of lace “biker” gloves but eventually those came off, (Daryl wears leather ones sometimes and I had the lace pair so I made it work)


I chose to put this one on my fore arm…


Daryl’s tattoo

And if you really wanna commit to the role of Mrs. Daryl Dixon…throw in some fake bling 😉


Hey if Maggie got a ring…Daryl’s girl can have one too…didn’t cost a thing 😉 P.S. I didn’t actually wear these out! haha

I stuck to clear nail polish because I wanted to stay as close to character as possible.

And can’t forget… a weapon of choice #fakeofcourse

I went with a fake bloody knife


Oh well I guess she was bitten…

So there you have it…how to transform into Daryl Dixon’s wife.

It was fun playing the part, after all that’s what Halloween is about right….immersing yourself into a new character for a night and owning it.

AMC give me a call…Daryl deserves some love too!

Who’s ready for tonight’s episode…we finally get to see what happened to Beth!

Happy Watching!


So now that I’ve been a zombie and a zombie killer…who’s next…maybe I’ll take on Michonne next year… What do you think?


DIY Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Vest

It’s no secret that I’m a Walking Dead fan, and it’s even less of a secret that I love Daryl Dixon. So imagesVS5URDH9 when Halloween costumes began rolling around in my brain I was considering being either Michonne or Daryl. However I didn’t like the quality of the Michonne wig they were selling and I knew I wouldn’t keep it on the whole night so I opted for Daryl. But Michelle you’re a girl….yes I’m well aware of that. But it’s Halloween and I can do and be what or whomever I want. You make your own rules. So I am [Female] Daryl Dixon….or Mrs. Daryl Dixon if you will. I even have the vest to prove. I’ll show you how I transformed into character…come along!


Phase 1: Materials & Creating the Wings


What you will need…A leather vest (not too cheap in quality), some light colored fabric (preferably a beige color) that can be easily manipulated and cut, some white computer paper, and some tracing paper.

The fabric I bought was actually flexible/easier to cut and durable and glued nicely because it had a felt type back…keep that in mind when choosing your fabric.

The faux leather vest I used was from spirit Halloween…I found it in the “biker” section.

CLICK HERE for link.



Here is the evolution of Daryl’s signature wings…

First I found a printable template of his wings online. CLICK HERE for link.

Then I had my brother draw them out to scale.

***BE SUPER CAREFUL CUTTING THESE WINGS OUT, it’s a pain in the ass because it’s so intricate.***

Then I traced them onto the tracing paper and was able to rub that out onto the fabric giving me an outline to work with.

Don't mind my cookie monster shirt/my niece's book haha

Don’t mind my cookie monster shirt/my niece’s book haha


Next the bro came in and traced over the stencil markings with a fine tip black sharpie marker and free handed the shading and details….thanks dude,


Should look a little something like this…our tip for the opposite wing…turn over and trace the opposite side of wing and repeat process.

Phase 2: Gluing the Wings to the Vest


What you will need…Hot glue gun, glue sticks, ruler, white crayon, and cardboard to put between the vest, to protect the other side when gluing.


First place the cardboard between the vest.

Lay your wings onto the back of the vest and center them…using a ruler you can measure the distances from the sides, the top, the bottom, to make sure it’s all even.

When you’re all set, mark key points of where the wings go with the white crayon, this will help guide you if the wings shift during the gluing process.

Last but not least start gluing!

I recommend putting a dot of glue in the middle of each wing somewhere as to keep them in place while you glue the edges down and remember to be quick and careful. The clue dries quick and it’s hot as hell! [you will burn yourself about 5,000 times but it’s the price of wanting to look like a badass zombie killing genius]

Glue and stick, Glue and stick. Don’t try and glue too much at once, because the glue will dry before you get to do so. Seems like common sense but I just wanna cover my bases here.

cropped vest on

And when it’s all said and done it should look a little like this…

Phase 3: Distressing the vest…

to ya know make it look like you’ve been through the zombie apocalypse

I got some of my ideas from HERE


You will need…A wire brush, sand paper, and that cardboard again.

Start will the sandpaper first making sure to scrap gently...too much will create more damage then you are looking for

Start will the sandpaper first making sure to scrape gently…too much will create more damage then you are looking for

Next use the wire brush...when using both tools focus more so on the seems...by the neck, the armpits the bottom...

Next use the wire brush…when using both tools focus more so on the seems…by the neck, the armpits the bottom…this is where it would be most worn out

There’s really no precise method I went back and forth between using these two tools and I was pretty satisfied with my distressed look…

#16 #17

It’s a little bit difficult to tell in these photos…but the vest did get distressed and the texture is rather nice now…and there’s definitely less shine. ALSO I left he wings alone….too much effort went into those suckers!



The Daryl Vest in Spirit Halloween (too big on me anyway, it just looked silly) is cheaply made, and the wings aren’t that detailed and it’s $29.99

The Spirit Halloween biker vest was $16.99 and the fabric I used for the wings  was $7 in a local fabric store (for a yard of material) putting me at around $24…so I saved a few bucks and even though it was more work, I still think mine looks better and a hell of a lot more realistic I enjoyed doing it and creating something I can use and be proud of … 😀

So there you have it…my Daryl Dixon Vest DIY tutorial.

Shout out to my bro for helping me with the wings….it was definitely a team effort! 😀

What do you think?

I will be rocking this on Sundays!

I will be rocking this on Sundays!

Stay Tuned for my FULL outfit as I transform into Mrs. Daryl Dixon for Halloween.

Got my Cross Bow...

Got my Cross Bow…

Mom…I’m married for the night! 😉


My Top 5 Candy Preferances

In honor of Halloween…The main thing that pops into my head when I think of it is…CANDY….and being a 23 year old and way past my trick or treating days I think it’s only fair we adults get to Halloween-candy-1[1]indulge in the candy festivities ourselves. When I want candy it’s usually, if not always…CHOCOLATE!giphy[1]

To narrow it down, here’s…

MY TOP 5 Candy Favs

5. NutRageous

This was my favorite as a kid… and it still holds up.


4. Snickers

Cuz…what’s not to love?


3. Twix

There’s two of them!


2. Kit Kat

There’s 4 of them!


1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

My kryptonite…end of story.


Um can we just talk about this…..for 5 seconds, real quick…

Like what? two favs combined!

Like what? two favs combined!

*Bonus– just for Halloween…Candy Corn…because even though it’s not earth shattering, it’s a staple and must be consumed just a bit during the Halloween season.



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*I give you a list of things you can do to help boost your Halloween spirit…I’m talking movies, candy, activities…enjoy! I’m proud to say this year I may have just about knocked them all off my list! Self Five!



*And word to all you Walking Dead fans out there

Stay Tuned for a special DIY inspired by Daryl Dixon!*


Can you guess what it is?

Happy Halloween!

Be Safe and eat lots of candy…today you are justified!

*I take no credit for any images used*