New Year Themed Short Story Collection

While I work on a new short story series coming your way soon, (currently titled Crazy Stalker Love). I really wanted to share some oldies that resonate for this time of year. Enjoy! 

Crazy Stalker Love



Kiss Me At Midnight…A Short Story [2014]

kiss me at midnightSummary: Aiden has always had deep feelings for his best friend Chloe. But Chloe has always had another guy in her life, which made it impossible for Aiden to tell her. As kids they made a pact that if ever one New Year’s Eve they were both single, that they would be each other’s midnight kiss. Tonight. Chloe is single. And Aiden may just make his move? Will they take their relationship further than friendship? Will Aiden chicken out? Will Chloe even feel the same way? Read and see! 

What are you doing New Year’s Eve? [2015]

what are you doing new year's eve





Summary: One Year Later…we check in on Aiden and Chloe. Are they together or not? Did they take the leap and make it work or not? Read and see!

For Old Times’ Sake [2015]for old times' sake
Summary: Lennox has convinced herself that the pop culture phenomenon that has become the New Year’s Clean slate isn’t for her. She stays in and keeps to herself often. However, what will happen one night when her sister drags her to a swanky exclusive Manhattan Party, where she meets a very charming bartender named Brady. Will he be able to change her mind? Will this pessimist find her prince or is she destined to stay in one New Year’s Eve every year? 


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What is “Sexy”?

SEXY. It’s a term we all use. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret catalogs it’s a term we’re slapped in the face with…during the commercial breaks for our favorite tv shows. Often times used to describe someone’s physical appearance. You see someone walk by and they catch your attention and it’s like word vomit if you’re into cat calling and such (gag), for the rest of us it’s an inner thought encased in our own mind and possibly conversed to a friend walking beside us.

“He’s Sexy.” “She’s Sexy.”

But when you really think about it, what is sexy? What about that person, makes them sexy? Beyond that first glance.

singingggI remember back in 2006 when Justin Timberlake released his very controversial yet highly praised and danced to; mega hit “SexyBack.” As the lyric states Justin claimed he was “bringing sexy back.” Because you know clearly it had left on vacation in the time span between his first and second solo albums. It did. Music is just sexier when Justin Timberlake’s on the charts. #Truestory.

Anyhow, moving on. I remember him doing the whole press round up during that time. Being interviewed time and time again, being asked the same questions over and over again. I wonder how they just don’t pull their hair out! Anyway, I can’t remember if he was on Ellen or Oprah or some other talk show and I’ve tried to find the clip continuously but have come up empty handed. But allow me to explain it for you. When asked what “SexyBack” was about and how he defined the word sexy, Justin simply stated;

“Sexy is a walk, it’s a talk, it’s a state of mind.”

And I have always remembered that quote because to me it was beautiful and profound on some level.

I think what he said is so true. Sexy is not defined solely by a person’s physical appearance. Sure it obviously contributes to your initial attraction. But that can all change once you get to know a person. Sexy is about how one carries themselves, it’s about personality. For me sexy is tied to class. Class is tied to confidence. Confidence is often rooted in the fashion you wear, in the profile you hold with the list of checks you embody on your life’s to do list. Confidence in one’s self is important but over confidence or cockiness is usually a turn off. You have to understand that no one is perfect, and you have to be willing to except opinions that may not coincide with your own. Everyone is different.

As a young woman I speak on behalf of us all, when our hair comes out right and our outfit is something we’re excited about, our nails are done and we (and by we I mean me) feel like actually taking the time to do our makeup, it’s an instant confidence booster. And it makes us feel good. The same way I’m sure guys feel untouchable when they put on a suit and tie or a tux. Ughhhh guys have it so easy….suit, tie, shoes, gel the hair, shave a little (or don’t…scruff is nice) and boom, done. But hidden secret; girls don’t dress for guys, we dress for other girls like us. I mean come on. Chances are your boyfriend doesn’t know a crop top from a regular top. He doesn’t get it, and it’s not his fault, it’s in the genes. So when I dress up I do it because I feel like doing it, and because it’s an instant conversation starter for me and my girls. Where’d you get your top? I love your lip-gloss. That’s basically what dinner with my friends sounds like.


Sexy is about what you wear, but it’s also about how you wear it. Sexy is about making them work for it. Sexy is about your laugh, your smile, the way you talk to people. Are you polite? Do you hold doors open? Do you pull out chairs? Are you respectful of your elders? Do you value a person’s opinion and thoughts? Are you a family person? Are you a good listener? What kind of music speaks to you? What dreams does your heart hold? Do you look past the exterior and take a deeper look? Sometimes when you do, you find the truth. Maybe it’s something that attracts you more, maybe it’s not. But that deeper look is important. Otherwise why are you wasting your time?

It’s easy to say sexy is defined by muscles, a six pack, cleavage, racy outfits, or arrogance. It’s easy to fall for someone because they have a cool car, or are able to buy you fancy things. But all of that changes perspective when you push pass the physical and materialistic items. Add class. Sexy is not without imperfections it’s about how you accept them and own them and make them work in you favor.

Sexy is about being who you are. And being ok with that. Sexy is about everything that makes up who you are. Your likes and dislikes, your quirky habits, your favorite television shows, whether you’re a wine or beer drinker. Or if you don’t drink at all.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan. It’s no secret that I think he’s sexy. But granted, baby singingyea that includes his looks, but it’s more about the whole package. And no I am not referencing his “D in a B” skit. So get your minds out of the gutter. I am merely stating that his sexiness is tied to more. Like his class, his gentleman side, his talent, his voice, his ability to make people laugh, his personality. Fame is a tricky business. We only see what they want us to see. So until I meet him for myself let’s just say he seems like a real nice guy. I just think Sexy needs to be grounded in who are person truly is. Because that’s where their heart lies.

Classy ladies, who always get it right…


Sophia Bush; Actress, Feminist, Activist. Avid live tweeter with Chicago PD fans! BADASS.


Bethany Joy Lenz; Mother, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Writer, Feminist. BADASS.

Demi Lovato performs live

Demi Lovato; Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Social Environmentalist BADASS.


Taylor Swift….that pretty much says it all. BADASS.


Jennifer Lopez; Mother, Singer, Actress, Executive Producer, Business Woman, Best Booty in Hollywood, Proud Latina! BADASS.


Selena Gomez; Singer, Actress. BADASS.


Emma Stone; America’s Sweetheart and all around goofball. Actress, Activist. BADASS.


Lauren Cohan; Actress. Slaying Zombies every Sunday night like a BADASS, (and looking flawless while doing it) That deserves a second BADASS.


Lucy Hale; Actress, Country Singer. This little liar may look like Selena Gomez, but she’s just as sweet too!


Tamera Mowry- Housley; Mother, Wife, Twin, Actress, Talk Show Host, Reality TV Star, Business Woman. BADASS.


Jessica Biel….I know I know. She picked Justin’s wife? I thought she hated her? Well I don’t. I think she is gorgeous (next to JLo I think she’s in the running for best Hollywood booty.)  However, she also seems incredibly sweet and humbled. And I think that as annoying as it is to be a fan of Justin’s and never see him and his wife act like a couple, I completely respect why. Fame is scary and the more you let people in, the harder it is to take back your privacy. So I get it. Some things are sacred. Jessica Biel; Actress, Wife, Soon to be mother? BADASS. Did I mention I used to be obsessed with her movie Summer Catch?

justin-timberlake-300[1] 120513-lotd-jessica-biel-350[1]


When I sat down and tried to think of all the beautiful women in Hollywood that I actually admire, these are the first few that popped into my head. Not only are they gorgeous physically, but they are gorgeous on the inside too. These women are mostly singers and actresses, but also have a mind for business. The singers share their melodic voices and the songwriters write the lyrics that pull on your heart strings or make you wanna shake yo booty. (tally on how many times I’ve used the word booty?) The actresses help you connect to characters and embrace storytelling. They are serious, they are lighthearted, they are strong, they can make us laugh, make us cry, make us feel through their art. They can make us feel like someone out there gets it, gets us. The media will try to put them on a pedestal and lift them up making you think their beauty is untouchable but you know better. They are like us, like me, like you. They are women, and we relate to each other for that simple fact. Women are funny, and funny is sexy. There was once a time when women were cast on the side lines of comedy. But now we have Melissa McCarthy and Tina Fey and many more. Sexy is quirky. These women can go from posing on a red carpet looking flawless to sticking their tongues out or blowing a kiss to the paparazzi.  Each of these women put out something into the world that paves the way for the next woman. Each of these women make me proud to be a woman. They carry themselves with poise and class, and they strive for their goals. They know when it’s the right time to show a little leg or a little cleavage and when it’s time to dress a little bit more conservatively. They know the difference between classy vs. trashy or sexy vs. slutty. They utilize their talents and voice, they share their gifts with us. They realize that as a celebrity they have a way of changing the world and making it a better place. They bring awareness to worldly issues. They believe in love and motherhood. “Sexy is a walk, it’s a talk, it’s a state of mind.” Sexy is beauty and brains, talent, heart. Sexy is you.


So….What makes YOU sexy?


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Kiss Me At Midnight…A Short Story

“Kiss Me At Midnight”

A short story

Soundtrack: LISTEN as you read 😉

Follow Aidan & Chloe’s New Year’s Eve  journey.

kiss me at midnight


The party is in full swing the minute Aidan walks into the room.

Balloons, streamers and confetti are literally everywhere.

The music is loud and Aidan knows he’s walking away with a headache tonight and not the kind you get from getting drunk and hung-over.

People are either dancing or making out, there’s no in between, well except for a few loners here and there.

They are my bread and butter Aidan thinks, nodding along through the crowd.

As he looks around searching for the one familiar face he cares about, the crowd parts and there she is.

chloe and aidanAiden’s gaze finally lands.

He gulps nervously and hopes she doesn’t notice.


As Chloe walks towards him in her sparkly gold dress and high heels, her spicy red lips circle into a big smile.

She glides across the room like she owns it.

In the most modest of ways.

Without even knowing it she has been charming him forever.

And he wondered if he’d finally get the chance to tell her.

She stops in front of him.

“Hey you made it.” She says, pulling him into a hug.

He is speechless for a few seconds melting in her arms like a love sick puppy.

Much like every time he talks to her, looks at her, or is even in the same room as her.

It’s easy to admire her.

Although no one is without flaw.

To him she is perfect.

It was always like that.

Ever since they were young kids growing up together.

Ever since he thought she had “cooties.”

There was always something about her that stood out from all the rest.

In a sea full of normal, she was his extraordinary.

But of course he could never tell her that, right?

After years of conversations about their futures, and what they wanna be when they grow up, brooding over stressful school years, enjoying hysterical inside jokes, and being the shoulder she’d use to cry on while he had to painfully watch countless asshole boyfriends hurt her. Hurt her.

I swear even the idea of causing her any pain, doesn’t even make the tiniest bit of sense to me. Seeing her smile is my favorite thing in the entire world. And knowing I put a smile on her face, makes it even more worth it. Making her happy is what it’s all about.

But as Aidan’s mind begins racing, it occurred to him.

That maybe this was something bigger than the both of them…Bigger than he imagined.

It’s easy to call it love.

It’s easy to say that I do in fact love her.

But the truth is it’s on a different level.

A level that even Aidan himself can’t quite understand enough to even try to explain.

So I stood there across from her, staring intently I’m sure.

Contemplating will tonight be my night?

There was too much at stake…too much to lose.

I’ve been here before. There will always be excuses.

Excuses that stop us from going after what we want, or who we want.

But yet the wonder will always be there…so why not just go for it right?

I know I know, grow a pair, is what you all say…

But that’s easier said than done, trust me.

What would she say if she knew?

How would she feel?

It’s something I’ve always dreamed of.

But I guess in this case telling your best friend you’ve been harboring feelings for her all these years may not always have the outcome you want.

I have to prepare myself for rejection.

Although if I’m being honest; I think if that rejection does happen…it’ll stay with me forever…

It’ll haunt me and it’ll be impossible for me to get over.

So what do I do?

Do I tell her I love her and risk losing her friendship if she doesn’t feel the same way?

Do I not tell her and have it slowly bring me to the point of insanity…Zac, Chris, Malcolm, Ian…who’s next?

OR door number three; best case scenario I tell her and she feels the same and we ride off into the sunset like in those cheesy old movies.

I have to admit my cowboy standards aren’t up to snuff.

I guess no matter what I choose there’s a risk in everything.

But tonight she is mine. Not in the derogatory, cave-man kinda way…allow me to explain.

Back when we were teenagers we made a pact that if we were ever dateless on New Year’s Eve, we would kiss each other at midnight…her idea not mine.

Could you imagine my excitement?

But low and behold, to my dismay, (but not much of a surprise) she had been in some way, shape or form “taken“ every New Year’s Eve since we were teenagers.

But this year she is not.

Thanks to douchey boyfriend Zac….man I hated that guy, I wanted to punch him in the face every time I saw him.

You ever meet someone you just want to punch in the face? They don’t even have to speak, you just know they’re an asshole. Well that was Zac. When I met him, I knew I’d be picking up the pieces a few weeks later.

Nevertheless, she is free. Chloe is a single woman tonight for the first time in what has felt like forever.

And tonight, she is mine.

I know what you’re thinking….What if she doesn’t even remember our pact?

Oh don’t worry I am well aware of that and I have obsessed over and over it.tumblr_nfx034UiZQ1s9lptno1_250[1]

But she’s my best friend and she will remember.

I can feel it.

It’s my chance…It’s my chance to give her a glimpse of what we could be.

Of the magic she and I could create together.

Sappy I know…

Over the years she’s made me watch way too many chick flicks for my own good.

So with everything in me here goes nothing.

As I walk over to where she stands, smiling at me…

It’s as if she knows what’s about to happen.

I knew she’d remember.tumblr_m7ebvdD2k21rab293o1_250[1]

The crowd begins to count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

And before I know it… my longest running dream is a reality.

So I have to wonder…

Will 2015 be a year of new beginnings?

It kinda feels like it already is.

Cheers to hoping so.


*I do not take any credit for any gifs or images used*

*Happy & Healthy New Year!*

“Pretty Little Liars” circa 1940’s

So I’ve mentioned my abcfamily obsession on this blog before and upon my favs are Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, Twisted, The Fosters, and the recently claimed “most tweeted show on television” Pretty Little Liars. Judging by this show list alone, I could be mistaken for a 13 year old girl. But, I’m not. I am 22 and I love teen dramas, and I am damn proud of it. It reminds me of my infatuation with the likes of One Tree Hill and The OC.


***Spoilers ahead***

Anyway, I digress. The reason I’m talking about Pretty Little Liars is because last night was it’s highly anticipated black and white noir episode. Now I have to admit for a while I’ve been getting pretty frustrated with this show. I just feel like the whole A thing is getting really old, and I hate how their making Ezra creepier by the second, (I’m sorry I just don’t believe it!). And of course Allison’s alive, like what a shocker, blah blah blah…But this Black and White episode renewed my faith.

The description reads as follows:

Pretty Little Liars; “Shadow Play” (S4 E19)

Spencer’s sleepless nights and use of prescription medication transforms her reality to that of a black-and-white, film-noir world.

Trailer below:

I had been seeing previews, and promos, behind the scenes fashion and amazing episode stills from as far back as last week and I have to say I was extremely excited to see how they would play out the show’s current storyline in a 1940’s world. I love when shows do time period episodes, I think it makes for a fun alternative.

So I sat down and got my pen and pad ready, because I knew I’d want to take notes, because I felt a blog inspiration coming on.

***If you haven’t watched yet….spoiler alerts coming your way, so stop reading, lol***

The episode starts with the girls sneaking into school to retrieve Allie’s journal, from, get ready for it…Ezra Fitz’s desk draw….(it starts off in color)

And they do, pretty easy right?

Ah so as they set up “spying on A camp” at Spencer’s they realize that as they sift through the pages, they are still missing a few puzzle pieces, and are still unsure of whether or not Ezra is A and if Aria should be clued in.

1902956_10151914567890233_1309931941_nAnd as Spencer ends her night home alone with the company of her pills (she’s been taking pills to help stay awake and focus on solving this mystery…and has since become addicted in the viewers eyes, [and also looks like a zombie]). She pops a bill as an old black and white film plays in the background. Spencer turns to watch and upon hearing a gun shot she looks away sheltering her eyes, and when she looks up she’s staring at her reflection and starring in her very own black and white tale.

Even the show’s artful beginning was transformed into Black and White, as  “Got a secret, can you keep it…” sang through my living room I uttered a “that’s pretty freakin’ cool,” definitely kept with the theme.

Toby soon comes on screen and is pressing Spencer for information about Allison, as we instantly 1604923_10151914567515233_523012725_nsee that these two have taken the lead in this episode. Keegan Allen (Toby) seems made for the genre. As he serves his 1940’s enhanced phrases like “Trust you? You’re spread so thin, I can see right through you,” with clear understanding of the travel back in time and the delivery of a line with calm conviction.

I instantly was impressed, and saw that he was going to own this episode, with Troian Bellisario (Spencer) as the leading lady. As each character graced the screen, they each got their moment and they all had screen time, tying in this black and white storyline into what has currently been playing out on Pretty Little Liars regularly. The girls still trying to figure out who A is and if it is indeed Ezra (Ian Harding). Mona (Janel Parrish) and Ezra’s creepy connection. Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra’s on going romance. Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige’s (Lindsey Shaw) on going romance. Hanna (Ashley Benson) well being Hanna with her quirky anecdotes and one liners that make you laugh… even in the 1940’s she can still pull off a line like “Men.” with a huff and frustrating look away, as she watches Ezra and Mona enjoy a mysterious nightcap on his fire escape.

As for the cinematic aspects I have to say this episode was beautifully shot. It can be kind of difficult telling a modern story in an old fashioned styled setting, and it can easily be perceived as corny or a waste of an episode. But if you ask me I think Pretty Little Liars did their thing, stepped out of their comfort zone and did it well.

The lighting was impeccable, the way it frames each characters face lends a helping hand to the mysterious tone set for the episode and for the show alone. As each character appears almost half in light and half in shadow. It’s as if it signifies a battle between two faces, between evil and innocence. The beginning scene mentioned above between Bellisario and Allen was beautifully blocked and the lighting complimented the tone with the help of a flickering fireplace as well. With the presence of the fire light, you can sense that their is a kind of romance between the two. Even though it doesn’t necessarily play out in this episode, we know Spencer and Toby are a couple in real time PLL. However, you see hints in his demeanor towards her throughout the episode. There is an old styled flirtation there, where she says something and he contradicts it, the tension is there. In fact in one scene he pressures her for information during an interrogation, basically accusing her of murdering Allison, but in a later scene he checks in on her and saves her from her hysteria when she drops her last pill down the sink, becoming her source of comfort. It is clear that Toby is set to play the hero, as we notice he is Rosewood’s newest and most determined detective.

Whereas Ezra gets creepier and more suspicious by the second, he is placed as the villain.


Not only did the show up the lighting techniques for this episode, but they also played around with some interesting angles, above shots, delicate pans and silhouette shots, all which keep in the theme of mystery. There’s a crazy awesome silhouette shot of Toby, and one of Ezra, that blew my mind, it’s near the end, but you have to watch to understand, I won’t reveal that!

1779056_10151914116885233_555318625_nAs Rosewood was transformed into a world of 15 cent coffee, old fashioned cars, and fur coats. It is clear that the last mentioned was possibly the biggest transformation of all. Each character’s wardrobe was changed to fit the times. As the girls strapped on elegant dresses, glamorous jewels, extravagant furs and effortless looking/yet fully in tact curls. While the guys pulled out all the stops fulfilling every girl’s fantasy (ok maybe just mine) and looked old Hollywood mysterious in a suit, tie, suspenders, trench coat and fedora hat. Check out a behind the scenes look HERE at the fashion designed by costume designer Mandi Line.

Some Fashion Pics…





1796638_10151924111660233_845978450_nWhile we’re on the topic of fashion, I just need to say that Aria played by Lucy Hale happens to be my favorite on the show. I loved her from the beginning and I love her style, loved that she’s 1044209_10151924111705233_358964332_na writer and I’ve loved her storyline. And quite frankly I was (and still am) rooting for “Ezria”…maybe I’m in denial, but whatever! But seeing her in this light, was so interesting. I felt like even though Keegan Allen stole the show as Toby, and all the others definitely pulled their weight, Lucy Hale shined when it came to the style and the graceful old Hollywood glam of the black and white world. She acted with such grace, and utilized little small eye moments that showed off Aria’s concern and vulnerability. Her actions were just spot on and enhanced in this type of setting. I guess an elaborate sound affect really does enhance a small look, doesn’t it? (yes I’m talking about the scene where Ezra and Aria are drinking champagne on the couch and we get that beautiful close-up of him whispering in her ear and her eyes just struck with fear). tumblr_n0lbykdNpe1r640kko1_500Her look  in this episode created a sense of timelessness. I loved her description of love and her relationship with Ezra as she says to Spencer “it’s been sexy and dangerous, and wonderful and awful, it’s like a story. It was perfect.” and Spencer says “Was? you said it in past tense.”  Aria replies “I think the story’s changing.” Definitely an ode to her and Ezra’s character as they bonded over literature and their love of writing. However seeing as how I felt Toby and Aria stole the spotlight for me in this episode, I say throw Hale and Allen in a black and white movie asap and watch sparks fly!

Another storyline they kept true to the show’s storyline was the whole Emily and Paige lesbianpaige-and-emily-black-and-white romance. And it was refreshing to see them still play that out, even though the episode was set in the 40’s, and back then it would have been considered “taboo” for people of the same sex to be in a relationship with each other. However, we saw that they had to sneak around, and meet up in secret, in fear of being found out. It kept with the story but also with the time period. A clever script maneuver.

Moving onto another important part of setting the scene for a 1940’s vibe. Music. The music in this episode is also fitting for this kind of film esque setting. It is solely instrumental, and bears resemblance to that of a soothing jazz club. However, their is a definite change and pick up in the score as the little liars clan gets themselves into some trouble. And need to run. Or even if it’s as simple as an eerie laced sentence that reveals more about A’s whereabouts, the music picks up as the action does.


Allison (Sasha Pieterse) is also a big part of the episode, as the liars find out she is alive (yet again) but this time in the black and white world. They hunt her down and let’s just say the claws come out. Is it me or is she even more of a bitch in black and white! Never the less, Pieterse’s portrayal of 1940’s Allie lends a female villain of sorts to this mysteriously clad drama. Which can be kind of refreshing. Women are fierce too!

All in all I thought this episode was pretty cool, it was well done, and I enjoyed it! I think every dramatized show should dip their toes in other time periods. It’s fun to see how each character would fit and be portrayed.

Now I hit up Pretty Little Liars facebook page (also where all the photo credits are given) just to see what others thought, and I noticed this episode is getting quite the bit of hate. Not the performances per say, in fact like myself, many on twitter are digging Toby circa 1940’s (hey guess I’m not alone in my mystery man fantasy, haha). But storyline wise, facebook fans “be hatin’.” Many people seem to think this was a waste of an episode, some think it didn’t tie into the show’s regular storyline, others say why put an already confusing show in a new time period, for only a dream based episode, seeing as none of this was actually real. And some simply didn’t dig the colorless flow.

And what I have to say to all of those people is this…

I understand where you’re coming from. I’m a color lover, I like watching the modern drama based films and tv shows, it’s more relatable for me as a 90’s kid. In fact teen drama is my bread and butter. As an aspiring screenwriter, it’s what I basically write. But at the same time, I love mystery and I’ve noticed that I enjoy stepping into a different way of speech and a different way of life for my characters to live in. [check out my blog’s current “screen play” Mysterious Attraction. (click it in the categories for all it’s posts so far)] It kind of fuses both modern romance/old Hollywood mystery/romance into one. It’s current in time, but sometimes the way the two lead characters Lexie & Carter talk to each other, could be reminiscent of an old black and white film’s tension filled dialogue. So understand that fusing the two genres is possible. Learn to appreciate the cinematic beauty behind it, and behind old style acting and behind black and white film. Sometimes a storyline is better told in black and white.

In fact, I think Pretty Little Liars made a really good transition from current PLL, to 1940’s PLL. They set the stage with showing where all the characters lay now. The girls searching for Allie’s stolen journal and finding it in Ezra’s Desk. Mona later showing up as the girls spot her sneaking some files from Ezra’s classroom. Spencer’s on going battle with stress and how she copes by abusing prescription pills. Aria and Ezra driving back home to Rosewood from their weekend getaway.

All of this puts you in the now. But also uses Spencer’s drug addiction as a segway for the world that your about to experience. The black and white film playing in Spencer’s kitchen as she takes her pill, is emulated in scenes throughout the episode. These were both outlets to throwing the characters back to the 40’s. I don’t see how confusing it could be? (haven’t you guys ever fallen asleep during a movie and had a dream where you’re in the movie, or elements of that movie are now apart of your life… and then you wake up confused, it’s all the power of the mind.) I mean everything that happened in the black and white episode was enforced by real time PLL. There was nothing in this episode that will confuse where the characters will be next week. In fact, if  anything it led Spencer to yet another piece of the Allison/Ezra/A puzzle. Think about it, it was basically a [day] dream episode. If you notice the line Spencer quotes from the movie before she’s thrown into black and white, Toby says later on to her in the 1940’s sequence. She was day dreaming, and infused the 1940’s mystery into her own life. She’s been on drugs and is sleep deprived and stressed over this whole situation. It’s only natural she’d have a crazy/almost realistic dream. In fact, as dream Spencer said “I am the smart one.” Even in her dreams she’s still looking for answers (answers that she probably would have gotten to on her own but her dream just helped put them in perspective), and Toby gives them to her…”Don’t look at the book, look at the pages…” Her dream serves as a realization, and upon jolting out of her day dream (and back into color and real time), the girls find new clues in Allie’s diary, clues that can lead them to the ultimate answer. As we see Aria and Ezra discuss literature and her creative writing assignment she mentions he’s going to like her recent story and says “I started off with a hero…but heroes aren’t who they used to be anymore, so I got fascinated with a villain.” Ezra then asks “does the villain win?” She replies “I don’t know, sometimes they do.” Basically paving the way for future heartbreak…and in next week’s promo we see just how heartbreaking that is…

take a look!

Often times a show will take you on an unexpected journey, and will throw it’s characters (and the characters your so used to) into a new time period just to watch them squirm. I’ve seen it done many times, going as far back (for a 90’s kid) as Boy Meets World. Even One Tree Hill did a 1940’s episode, (which was in color, and I have to say it was ok, but I thought PLL did it better). And these episodes usually end with one of the main characters waking up from a dream. So that’s usually the tactic. But what I loved about how PLL did it was that you got a beginning and an end that set you up for what’s currently been happening and what is to come in regular Pretty Little Liars time, and that the dream sequence was just a way for Spencer to get to the answer she’s been so desperately searching for. Hell it’s probably the only one place, A isn’t able to keep tabs on her. Dream what you dream Spencer…it’s the smoking gun that’s gonna blow this “case” wide open!

(if you haven’t watched it, check your tv’s abc family  free on demand, or for full episodes, I definitely think it’s worth the watch! [my only complaint; I miss caleb!])

Until next week little liars…Hope you enjoyed my in-depth review… 😀