[Modernized] Flapper Fashion.

This past weekend, I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate my 24th Birthday. It was low key, which was nice, but as the dinner got closer it dawned on me. My usual over the top birthday party planning skills weren’t being put to any use. [see my 80’s party blog] The truth is I just had a Valentine’s party and I wasn’t up for planning another so soon after. So I settled on dinner at a imagesSX96Z8YYnice restaurant with some close friends. But I wanted something to make the night a little more festive, something to make it sparkle. So as I rummaged my closet for the perfect birthday night outfit, I had a fun light bulb idea. I wanted to dress up like I lived in the 1920’s. Me and my themes. I just can’t get enough of them! I always say how I want to be able to dress and pretend to live a day in every major fashion era. So after a little sifting and searching I settled on some key pieces to make my outfit 1920’s flapper inspired.

The base of my outfit was a pair of black skinny dress pants, and a black lace sleeveless shirt. I paired that with a black sequined shrug, for some sparkle. Then added a pair of nude, low heeled pumps, a long pearl necklace, some flashy gold and pearl jewelry, a makeshift headband and the star of the night; a faux fur scarf. In my opinion the fur scarf and headband are what really sold the outfit . And can I just say the scarf came with a hat and the whole set was found in the 99 cents store for like 7 bucks. So… bargain. Yes! And my headband was a headband I found at a clothing store in the accessories section for around 4 dollars and I had a pair of peacock feathered earrings that I don’t wear much anymore so I just repurposed the feather and sewed it onto the headband and viola!

As for makeup I stuck to the traditional 20’s inspired look; dark eyes, and deep red lips. I mixed a lot of browns, blacks, and shimmery white and taupe colors to get that smokey look. And the lipstick was a mixture of first outlining my lips with a bright red lip liner then on one lip bright red and the other dark red, then smooch, and blend, it gives you this nice mix.

Moving onto my hair. First I just curled by hair completely with an Infinity Conair curling wand. This look works best on second day hair. Then I made a small pony tail and folded it under at the back of my head and got to bobby pinning away. Bobby Pins are going to be your best friend for this look. I just pinned all along the nape of my neck to secure it and make it look like a bob, like they wore in the 20’s. I left my bangs out along with some other longer curls to frame my face and make the look more full. I also sprayed a lot of hair spray, added a bit of dry shampoo to my hands and work it into the crown of my hair just to fluff it up and add some texture and volume to the look. It’s really just a play around with it until you get your desired length and fullness look. It was easier then I thought.

I’ve always wanted to dress like a flapper for Halloween and I’ve never liked any of the costumes I came across. So this way I still got to dress like a flapper but put my own spin on it, to make it a little more wearable for this generation’s fashion. I’ve always been intrigued by the fashion of The Roaring Twenties. It was a time where women began to take risks with their fashion. It was a time where they were no longer being restricted by corsets. The hem lines got shorter, makeup got heavier and the fabrics got more luxurious. Women were taking a stand and using fashion as a way to tell their stories, a way to express themselves. Sound familiar? Not much has changed. The relationship between women and their fashion is one that remains the same. Constant.  No matter what the decade.

1920’s Flapper Fashion

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imagesO1G6IWKD bobbedhair[1]

My Modernized Version


20150328_233659 20150328_233522

I have to admit I’m pretty reserved and shy. I’m not the type of person to draw attention to myself. So I was a little like “oh crap people are gonna look at me like I’m crazy.” But once I got dressed I got so excited about my outfit and finally getting to dress like I lived in the 20’s for a night that I just ignored anything else and any weird looks. I just owned it and hey if people looked, I smiled and rocked it. Strangers were even saying Happy Birthday to me! I was happy and I was just being my weird unique self. So if you are dying to try on a 1920’s inspired look, you totally should! And don’t let anyone sway your sparkle.

Some pictures from Dinner

The outfit in action. 😉




red lip sisters

Red lips on point! And shout out to my girls for throwing in some beads and 20’s touches! 😀

Oh and this happened ;)

Oh and this happened 😉

Happy Birthday to my fellow March babies!

*I do not take credit for the actual 1920’s fashion pictures.*

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