Be Yourself…everyone else is taken

ONE TREE HILLIts so hard growing up in today’s world. Even though I’m technically an adult I still feel like I have a lot of growing up to still do. As my final semester of college is underway I’m starting to look back at my past 4 years and cant help but become a little paranoid. Am I really ready for the real world…am I the only one who wishes I could crawl back into a hole where time travel could bring me back to a place where I felt safe. Kindergarten perhaps? Where my biggest worry was spelling tests, and reading Eric Carl books. I look around at my peers and suddenly I feel incredibly disconnected and almost inadequate. Why don’t I know what they know? Am I not smart enough? Am I not good enough? Or are we just different? Do I just have different interests?  The questions in mind about ones-self can be mind crippling. I guess its natural to doubt yourself but when society confirms those doubts  that can be quite a big pill to swallow. I think at the end of the day you have to stop worrying about what others do and worry about yourself…life is a balancing act…finding what makes you happy and who makes you happy is the most important of all isn’t it?

I came into college with a vague understanding of what I wanted for my future. As a kid I went through my many stages of “I wanna be’s… when I grow up,” they ranged from a ballet dancer (haha got over that one quick), to a singer (my shower thinks I’m fantastic haha), to a teacher (I have no authority when it comes to the little ones). And now most currently I’m in my last year studying to (hopefully) make a career as a writing-13931299342873AvD[1]screenwriter/director. I’ve realized that the more time passes, the more I’ve made a heartfelt connection to the screenwriting portion. Most people gravitate toward the fancy media and  movie making business and I’m definitely interested in that myself, but give me a pen and a paper and a few hours and I’ll give you a story. Characters, hardships, love, much like your life. A story that you more than likely will be able to relate to. In my humble opinion it all starts with a script.  A great movie production can’t be made, unless, it’s foundation is a great script. Because no matter what the storyline, no matter the genre; drama, science fiction, mystery, action…every story has to be made human, it has to have heart, after-all that’s how we as an audience relate to it. So it’s not to say that I have to be predominantly a screenwriter, I would love to explore the possibilities of directing as well, but writing is just where my heart lies. And that is when you know, no one can tell you, you can’t do it, if you feel that pull…well then you’re unstoppable. So let others do what they do, and focus on what you do, and what you want to do, and rock it!….(here’s hoping one day I’ll take my own advice…. #foodforthought) be-yourself

You had to see this comin’… 😉 Enjoy & Believe


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