My Best Friend


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People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul

I guess that’s why I like to wear sunglasses

It’s a way for me to escape, to stay hidden

Like when your a kid and you think that if you


your eyes the world can’t see you…or if you were

scared of the dark and you covered your head with a

blanket…it somehow made you feel safer…

I’m wearing a “mask” and nobody can see me…or at least they only get to see what I want

them to6294_1206218996816_8162029_n

It’s almost as if I become invisible

and sometimes that’s a comfortable


and sometimes it isn’t.

*P.S. they’re really good for disguising where your eyes may wander…*cough (cute boys) cough* šŸ˜‰

Seemed Like an appropriate song choice Enjoy!

And Happy Thursday! Smile it’s almost Friday!


Full lyrics HERE!

Favorite Lyrics to “Blindfolded” by Kris Allen

If I was blindfolded
If my memory was erased
If every sign pointed to another place
I’d still find you
I will still find you
I’d still find you

You’re the gravity that’s taken hold of me
every time I lose my way
it’s the chemistry
more than eyes can see
and no matter where I am
I will still find you
I will still find you

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