My Top 10 TV Proposals

So I recently saw this kick-ass video of a guy proposing to his girlfriend and it was epic, its gone viral and I am sure you have all seen it by now. So with that being said and the fact that I’m such a sucker for a proposal story, I thought I’d countdown my top 10 (as of now) favorite tv proposals!

My Top 10 TV Proposals (in no particular order)

*Robin & Patrick* (General Hospital)

wedding photo

This is the official final engagement, they went through their many proposals before it finally stuck, between him asking her and her refusing and her asking him and him refusing…it just took a little bit of jail time to make these two figure it out lol!

“I want it all, the love, the marriage, the 3 am feedings, school supplies & soccer practice. I wanna watch our little girl grow up, I wanna look to you on our 25th wedding anniversary and tell you I love you more now then I did on our wedding say. So I am going to ask you one more time…”


*Haley & Nathan* (One Tree Hill)


Nathan re-proposes to Haley, since they got back together. This scene is gorgeous because of the location! I swear I must have watched this episode a hundred times, because the gang goes away for the weekend to a cabin and  I have like this massive obsession with wanting to vacation at a cabin, haha.

“Over the past year I’ve learned so much about life and love and even if I could I wouldn’t take back all the bad stuff that happened between us, because it brought us here…”


*Brooke & Julian* (One Tree Hill)


“Everyone says the next thing I do, the next choice I make is going to define me, well the next thing I wanna do is ask you to be my wife…”

Her reaction is beautiful! And once again this was a cabin and ski lodge episode (not the same as the Nathan and Haley ep) but yea I just think it’s so perfect with the snow and how she just looks at the ring, in shock. It was so beautiful to finally see Brooke Davis get the guy that actually deserved her love.


 *Klaus & Caroline* (The Vampire Diaries)


“He’s your first love, I intend to be your last…however long it takes”

So technically speaking this isn’t really a proposal, and they’ve actually never been an actual couple, and probably won’t be for a while now since Klaus has his own storyline on a spinoff show, but I just saw this scene and died! Because in his own way it was kind of a proposal. And I think that if a man feels he can propose to a woman he hasn’t even been with, just goes to show there really is something there, and that eventually they will have a future. I LOVE THEM!


*Monica & Chandler* (Friends)


“there’s a reason why girls don’t do  this!” haha

This scene was beautiful and the fact that Monica proposed first (or at least tried to) just made it all the more special, #girlpower


*Quinn & Clay* (One Tree Hill)

clay-quinn-3-clay-and-quinn-19665090-500-333_187377055_large    1155452514_1_15_I6Qp8A7K

“Our Family… I like the way that sounds…we should get married, want to?”

OK so yes this is like the 3rd OTH proposal but whatever, shit’s good! I just truly love them, she and he were once married before, his wife died before he met Quinn and Quinn was going through a divorce when she starting having feelings for Clay. The fact that he had a son with his wife and that she was able to take that on and act as a motherly figure for him was just so beautiful and they are really just the cutest family! I wish this couple was introduced earlier on One Tree Hill, they quickly became a favorite of mine, way more entertaining than the whole melodrama that was Peyton and Lucas! haha


*Lulu & Dante* (General Hospital)


“Shut up and marry me?”

this one was a two parter (cuz you know how soaps be cliffhanging!)

This couple was my obsession for quite sometime and they probably still would be if the girl who played Lulu didn’t leaveeeee general hospital. They replaced her but I’m just not feelin’ the new girl yet. It’s gonna take some serious time. I just felt like this Lulu was so perfect. The thing about Lulu is she was more of a glass half empty kind of girl and throughout her life she’s went through a lot, and so when she fell in love with Dante I think she just became sheltered and worried about losing him because he’s a cop. This was the first of several proposes between these two, gosh these dang shows!!! can’t these people ever get it right the first time! haha


*Maggie & Glen* (The Walking Dead)


I truly love this proposal, he doesn’t even really ask he just puts the ring in her hand she just says yes. Normally I would hate this type of proposal, he didn’t kneel, didn’t ask the actual words, but you can tell how much he loves her just by the fact that he did this during this zombie infested world. He may not be able to guarantee her the life she wanted for herself but he can guarantee to love her for this life and for the time they do have. Plus that ring was pretty dang good for some zombie apocalypse shopping. Bravo Glenn, Bravo. 😉


*Lexie & Mark* (Grey’s Anatomy)


“Mark I have a boyfriend” “I know I’m saying you could have a husband”

OMG ok so this couple is just… i can’t even… He was like the all around self proclaimed bachelor and he ended up falling in love with Lexie, but she is younger and she and he were just at different places in their life, so they broke up, because Mark found out he had a daughter he never knew about. And Lexie wasn’t ready to take on that role. But now as Lexie moves on, Mark realizes he still loves her. Btw, this couple’s end story is why I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy, they killed both characters in a plan crash, well Lexie died because she got pinned under the wing and Mark had to watch her die, then Mark died a few days later in the hospital, which was most likely due to heartbreak. I swear that was the worst mistake in Shonda Rhimes’ career, like why the hell destroy a couple’s story, especially a couple with such a big following. AND they never even got to get back together, they just let her tell him she loved him and had him stand there dumbfounded and so he never got to say it back, until she was dying he confessed how he loved her and always loved her. It was awful, I can’t tell you how pissed I was.


*Blaine & Kurt* (Glee)

“I think that my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn’t know yet…”

Ok ok, so I love my glee gays, I swear I just love Glee, and what it represents. Granted I will never understand how in their life they just burst out into song at any given moment, but this love story is just so beautiful. I love the idea that love is universal, in this show. It goes to show that love can come in any form and that no matter how that is, it’s all the same, it’s all love. And it’s beautiful. And hell this proposal is gorgeous! (P.S. did you catch the Justin Timberlake bit in the beginning haha I want a JT pinata! lol)



*Ross’ proposal idea for Rachel* (Friends)


WHY DID THIS NEVER HAPPEN?????? Can I just say that Ross is the cutest thing ever, I can’t explain how much this love story means to me. I mean the writers of this show really created something magical. The way they created such a back-story through the usage of flashbacks, (hysterical flashbacksss) and I LOVE me some flashbacks. I love how Ross and Rachel had such a history, and I love how he’s always been in love with her. I mean I just think that concept is so amazing.

A lot of  One Tree Hill, Friends, and General Hospital, huh? Can you guess my fav shows? lol. So these are just a few of my favorite couples and favorite proposals, I definitely missed a few, but if I were to get them all in, I would be here forever. What can I say I love the idea of love. I think it is amazing and true and the greatest thing in the world. I’m a girl and I love that romantic crap…sue me.

Happy Monday!


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