The Halloween Spirit…

With Halloween literally RIGHT around the corner (as in tomorrow!) I sort of compiled a little to do list  of things to do before the clock strikes 12 and the Halloween season becomes but a memory in Christmas’ dust.

Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

…. I have to admit my Halloween Spirit is seriously not the best it could be this year. I guess Halloween isn’t really my holiday, Christmas is more my game. Anyway I’ve been trying to lift my Halloween Spirits a little bit lately, and I came up with a few ideas to do just that!

#1. Go Pumpkin Picking with the fam

because these farms usually come with fun things to do! The one I went to had a pumpkin patch, a hayride, a corn maze, and a bunch of rides and games and other things, very kid friendly! And it makes for a great family outing.


Apple Cider & Apple Cider Donuts!


Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.


Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

#2. Carve your Pumpkin

I named mine Rhonda, and she’s a badass 😉


And no I am not supporting smoking… lol it’s just a joke

#3. Watch Halloween movies


Disney channel has their own Halloween specials, they gave a marathon recently of HALLOWEENTOWN and omg my Halloween spirit cannot be officially fulfilled without watching them!

AMC’s the walking dead is back Sundays at 9! For all my fellow zombie lovers out there


Totally made this cake for the walking dead premiere 😀


Don’t Open Dead Inside :0

 AMC has also been doing marathon’s of all the good old scary movies; Halloween, Friday the 13th,  and Nightmare of Elm Street

The chiller channel also does some good scary movies

And last but not least Abc family has it’s 13 nights of Halloween!

#4 Eat Candy!!!! (candy corn is still on my list this year, Halloween isn’t complete without candy corn consumption!)


#5 Listen to and watch THISSSS!

Only the greatest music video ever made!

#6 Paint your nails….

it just makes you feel more festive! I got this marble idea from Macbarbie07 on youtube, only hers came out wayyy better, but I figured I’d use more Halloweenish colors and even if they look gross it’s ok cuz Halloween is known for it’s gruesome factor lol 😉


P.S. OMG do you see that pumpkin nail polish with the little ghost on it, how cute is that, AND it’s glow in the dark! 😀

# 7 Speaking of little Ms. (Macbarbie07)

Another thing I’ve been doing to get myself into the holiday, is watching her Halloween Spookbook episodes, here she gives some ideas for last minute costumes!

#8 Pick a costume and make plans!

This year I’m going a little bit of a quieter route, I’m dressing up and going trick or treating with my goddaughter for her first Halloween. She’s going to be a sunflower!!!!! And I can’t wait to see her all adorable in her little costume!


Here she is posing with her Halloween basket I made for her!

Here she is posing with her Halloween basket I made for her!

#9 Drink dem pumpkin dranks….

I have this Sweet Harvest Pumpkin  tea in my house that I drink here and there, and I also got my first free ice coffee Monday’s worth when I got my first White Chocolate Pumpkin iced coffee ever and it was SO GOOD! Pumpkin flavored beverages just make you feel the Halloween!

wpid-IMG_20131023_122622.jpg wpid-IMG_20131028_143941.jpg

and last but not least



(well decorating should have been the first thing on this to do list, but it was something I totally missed this year) All my family managed to do this year was carve a few pumpkins (that have all been thrown away due to rotting) 😦 And my brother bought a funky decal for our bathroom toilet which I have to admit was pretty hysterical….


I mean don’t you just hate when a zombie hand grabs-ass  when you’re trying to pee… haha

So there you go, if you’re like me and you feel like your Halloween spirit isn’t all it should be this year, try some of these things and see if it improves your mood! And remember kiddies… have a fun and SAFE and Happy, Halloween. And ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CANDY before eating it. Happy Trick or Treating! (and as for the adults if you are going out be aware and never drink & drive) Stay SAFE!



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