Mysterious Attraction Ch 2- Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…


Mysterious Attraction Character Point of Views

-He Exits-

“Her” P.O.V

You‚Äôve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In ItI didn’t actually think he’d leave…

Well my head didBrooke-Julian-One-Tree-Hill

but my heart hoped it was wrong

sitting here in this office is toxic

What we’ve done…

the images flash through my mind

image after image

I’m beginning to feel like I can’t breathe

What if he never looks back

And I’m just left here…

ME being left…

I’ve never had this happen to metumblr_mba5chES6N1qbnhuno1_500_large

although I suppose I can’t blame him

he is married

But I felt it, I know it’s there

there’s a pull

an urgency between the two of us

how can being with someone you love seem so wrong

but feel so right

I guess that’s the wrath of mysterious attraction…

and I guess if he doesn’t walk through that door again

I guess I’ll never know


“His” P.O.V


I can’t believe I made it out of there in one piece

I felt myself slipping though

it’s her power over me

If i hesitate too long to respond…

she knows she’s got me

I have to learn how to control thattumblr_lxr2mjUo1Z1qg18zoo1_500

although my self restraint is pretty minimal when it comes to her

If only things were different

If only she actually knew what love meant

I’m not certain of many things

all I know is…

she’s impossible

but I find it impossible to let her goryan-gosling

keep walking, keep walking

if you turn back now

you’ll regret it

she’s not for you…

god, why is leaving her so hard

I know it’s wrong

But being with her, in some strange way…

has always felt right

Is that just the attraction talking…

or could it really be love?

Am I still in love with her?



sometimes it’s just a mysterious attraction…

Happy Weekend!


***I do not take credit for any of the images or gif used***

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