Inspiration Board…

So I had this cool idea to make an inspiration board for my room, kind of like a Pinterest type thing, but more tangible. I’m not fully into the whole Pinterest thing yet. So I wanted to make my own so I can have it in my room all the time, something that I can see everyday and be reminded to be inspired! So here’s my board full of just a few quotes, lyrics, photos and people that I find inspiring.


This is just a small sized cork board, really inexpensive, I got mine for like $2 in a 99 cent store. And just used some push pins to pin all my favorites!


Ok so these are lyrics from The Fray’s “You Found Me,” and I love them. They are my favorite band, and I love this song, it’s got this spiritual religious heir to it, and it’s just so beautiful. The Fray produces the kind of music that, if you are having a bad day or dealing with something, they can be instantly relatable. Their new single “Love Don’t Die” is out and their new album is due in mid January 2014!

LISTEN to “You Found Me” 

Quote about Music-

“Some people only like the kind of music they hear on the radio or at parties. What about classical? What about jazz? What about the sound of leaves blowing across the road? Music is everywhere. But hey, that’s me.”

I found this in a box of random stuff. I must have kept it because it resonated with me, and it still does.  I truly believe that music is everywhere, it’s all around us. It’s the rain that trickles down a windowpane outside your home, it’s the sound wine makes when it’s being poured from a wine bottle into a glass ( i can totally say that because I’m of age! 😉 ), it’s the sound of a child’s laugh. It’s all around us, everyday. And I love my music, no matter how it comes along!


I love this I just think we all go through those moments where we just feel like we want to crawl into a hole and be left alone, and not do anything. And this is just telling you to keep on going…


Demi Lovato…oh Demi, if you follow this blog, or if you know me personally, you know how I love my girl Demi! She is such an inspiration, with everything that she’s had to go through in her life, dealing with more in her young life, then most people older then her have had to go through. And she still managed to come out on top, and has done so with such grace. And let’s not forget how obsessed I am with how she dresses, I mean come on, look at her outfit, she looks like a total rockstar! and the blue hair OMG! I love it, every time she changes her hair, I’m just like ahhhhhhh love love love it! (still i don’t know how her hair hasn’t fallen out by now though, lol) But she’s so courageous and so amazing and she is on my board to resemble staying strong in the face of obstacles and to be courageous.


Gotta have my T-swift…. “Feeling 22”, I saw this caricature and just had to include it. I loveee that video and the song, and I’m actually 22 now, and all my friends are 22 or turning 22 and it’s just been like our anthem! It’s here to remind me to love life and enjoy my 20’s!     Watch the video HERE


“Sometimes I wish I could stand out without really standing out. You know what I mean?”

Again, I found this randomly in some of my old things, and I loved it. I must have kept it for so long because it fit me. I think we can all agree with this quote, at times. Sometimes you want to be noticed for something you’ve done, you want to be noticed on your own merit, but at the same time you want to still remain humble, and an underdog. I’m not one to want to be made a fuss over, I don’t love the idea of attention falling on me.  But it is nice every once in a while to be recognized for a job well done, or just noticed for being a kind heart-ed person. Getting that validation, isn’t about the validation itself it’s just nice to know that what you do matters to people, and affects them in a positive way.

Lea Michele Quote-

“Believing in who I am and not changing myself got me to where I am now”


I love this quote. This just reminds me that in life a lot of people will try to tell you to be a certain way and act a certain way, and they will try and change you to fit a certain mold. And if you listen to those people, then it is really easy to lose yourself, and who you are, and what makes you, you. Lea has been such a beacon of grace and beauty, in light of losing her boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith, she has dealt with it in such a strong way. Which makes me think that no matter what the situation, no matter how tragic, there will be a time where the sun will shine again. It may not shine as bright, and it may take some time, but you can and will get there.  And although this quote was released long before Cory’s recent passing, I still hold her words up high, because I think she’s someone we all can really learn from.

Fortune Quote-

“Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time”


I love fortune cookies, and I really believe in them! This one I got recently and I just really liked it. It rings true if you think about it. I am no stranger to feeling like I wish things would just come to me, without working for them. I think the lazy in us all goes through that from time to time. But when I think back on being in school all those years, I realize that I always worked to the best of my ability and I earned every grade….good or bad. Thankfully, for the most part my abilities were enough to mostly gain the good. But I think that what this fortune is trying to say is that you get what you put into it. And to use your time wisely and put all you can into everything you do, this way if it doesn’t go as planned, you know you can say you tried, that you did all you could. And right now this needs to be a part of my inspiration board, because being out of school for good, has left me feeling a little aimless.

More Music… The Civil Wars


The Civil Wars are made up of Joy Williams & John-Paul White. They are an amazingly harmonious duo. Their voices are just made to sing with each other’s. I fell in love with them, when they opened up for Adele, and their song Poison & Wine got stuck in my head, and wouldn’t let me rest until I knew more about them. I just recently found out that even through the current release of their latest self titled album…the duo have broken up. It pains my heart actually. Because the album is a work of art and needs to be toured! So here’s to a peaceful and sooner (rather than later) reunion for these two song birds. They are on my board because the mixture of talent and emotion within the blend of their voices can make any one feel inspired on cue! (actually listening to their new album as I write!)


This image is on my board, to encourage me to “Think Positive.” It is very easy for me to think negatively, and worry about irrational things. And so I chose this image, because I feel like it’s of this little shy kitten and it’s reflection is of this big bold majestic creature. And I think if I am daily seeing this image, maybe it can transfer over into my life. And show me that maybe the shy ones can morph into a force to be reckoned with, that no struggle is too big for me to overcome.


This is up there for one reason and one reason only…let’s face it girls are CRAZY and Beautiful. Every girl, no matter what your shape, your size, your skin color, your eye color, your hair color, your background, your ethnicity, your race, your imperfections, no matter what… beauty lies within. It’s a lot like life…life has it’s craziness, but within those crazy moments, lies beautiful ones.


Ok so these lyrics are from a Lady Antebellum song called “I Was Here.” And write now I just feel like this really resonates with my current situation and I can really relate to them. The song is about wanting to make a mark on the world, and prove that you were here, that you’re presence made a difference.

LISTEN to “I Was Here”


Here we have Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook,” one of my favorite movies! I just love this photo, because it was the scene where they go to the movies when he is trying to “woo” her. And look at him just staring at her. I just can’t! I love the idea of love, I think it is the most amazing thing and worth fighting for, it’s what living life is all about. What can I say I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy, or just a romantic film in general. And love is depicted right there in this photo, and they were a couple in real life, so boom!


I love this, I am a catholic and I believe in the idea that God has a plan for each of us. I think when we rush things, we end up not getting out of it what we expect, so I think it’s important to know that you should go about life at your own pace and leave the major things up to God, because he will lead you through to your destiny in a timely fashion.


I love this quote, because as a writer you really are putting your heart on the line for others to read and I think sometimes that can be pretty scary. But at the same time, I feel if you feel the urge to write then what you’re writing must have meaning to you, and if it has meaning to you maybe if will have meaning to someone else too.

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x

While we’re on a writer’s kick, I also included this quote too. This quote rings extremely true in my life. I feel like for the longest time I would hide my writing, because I didn’t want others reading it. But it’s gotten a lot better, I started this blog to share my writing on a greater scale, and I’ve been encouraged by several professors to continue writing, because they’ve read some of my scripts and poetry and it resonated with them. But I just think this quote is so true, because even if you write and you never let anyone read it, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy. It just means you aren’t ready to share yet. I don’t think good writing can be judged upon the amount of attention it gets. Because as long as you believe in your writing that’s all that matters. If writing makes you happy, write! And when you’re ready to share, you’ll know it.


I really love this. See I’m the type of person who likes to see all her cards laid out before making her next move in the card game of life. But I’m waiting for myself to understand the idea of taking a leap even if it is by taking it one step at a time. Giving yourself a goal, each day or even each week, and accomplishing it, no matter how big or small, should be enough to make you proud of yourself. Self doubt and hate can be paralyzing and encouraging yourself to just focus on the now, the task at hand, the first step , may help to guide you through and know that you can do it, no matter what obstacles that staircase may entail.


This is the Rosie the Riveter poster…and this is just up there because I support feminism. I think woman are just as capable as men. And anyone who thinks otherwise is just ignorant. Now I have spoken about class and chivalry not being dead. And when it comes to feminism, I don’t think that supporting the movement, or being a feminist is excluding these ideas of class and chivalry. Those things are still relevant, and respected, I just think that a woman should be seen as independent and her own person, and not just some man’s wife. That doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t be courted!


Speaking of feminism… haha I loveeee this comic. I think it puts a humorous spin on a serious issue. I am SO SICK of cooking and cleaning and overall house work being deemed as a woman’s work. Yes, that is how it was back in the day, but wake up, we’re in the 21st century assholes! Women can work and be a mom and a wife! If they choose to. Pick up the bread yourself! Woman have come a long way, and they deserve to be treated as equals. Just think about your future daughter, would you want some guy telling her, her place? No, so remember that next time you ask a woman to make you a sandwich…

Erica Dasher in “Jane by Design”


So this is Erica Dasher depicted as Jane, from abc family’s Jane by Design. It sadly got cancelled after it’s first season, but it has stuck with me. The show is about a young high school girl who due to an office mix up is given her dream job (with a hefty paycheck) at a fashion empire. So as she needs the job to help pay bills, she lies about her age and forges documents to maintain the job. She tries to balance her double life as a regular high school student with life in the fashion fast lane. It just shows her being a kick-ass, independent, determined young woman going after what she wants, and not being afraid of it! The term “Work Bitch” comes to mind. 😉

My Girl Power Cluster

limber on the set

This is Kimberly McCullough, best known for her acting role as Dr. Robin Scorpio on soap opera, General Hospital. I love my soaps! She had left for about a year and a half, to further her directing (and writing) career. She is such a powerhouse, I love that she’s going for her dream to become a director! She actually had a short film entitled “Nice Guys Finish Last” in the Coney Island Film Festival and so I went to see it and got to meet her. It was brief but I did get a picture!



sophia filming

Next up is Sophia Bush, best known for her acting role as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. She’s directed several episodes of One Tree Hill as well. And is also known for being an activist. It is really inspiring to see someone so dedicated to helping others. During a One Tree Hill meet and greet, I got to meet her too!



joy directs

And last but not least we have Bethany Joy Lenz, probably my #1 inspiration. She is best known for her acting role as Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill. She too directed an episode as well. She is also a fellow soap opera star, and a songwriter and singer. Her music is so spiritual and full of heart. She is also in talks to make the notebook into a musical! She has a blog entitled “Wish you were here” which inspired this blog of mine! I only wish she would update more! She also released the following online rotating novel “Diamond Gothic,” on It was so mysterious and I was so hooked and now it’s on a hiatus so I hope she decides to finish it!


*So I’ve met 2/3 of these powerful women of writing and film! Next up Bethany…we need to meet!

That’s all for my inspiration board, hope you guys get encouraged to make your own!


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