Mysterious Attraction Ch2- Part 3

Previously on “Mysterious Attraction…”



                 “Her”- Lexie                                         “Him”- Carter


**Hopefully this will make it a easier to follow now! 🙂

Lexie’s P.O.V


Lexie lonely awaits the future of her relationship with Carter

It’s been a week and a half and I’m starting to think maybe I was wrong. Maybe he’s not coming back maybe he really is over me, over this. But then again, there’s still a few days…where there’s a will there’s a way. And if he even feels a shred for me what I feel for him, then he’ll be back, he has to, otherwise I just don’t know what I’ll do.

She gets a phone call…




Carter appears in her office doorway

-Carter enters Lexie’s office-

Carter: You never were one to take your lunch break.

Lexie: You know me well.

Carter: That I do.


Lexie is shocked, but tries to play it cool…

Lexie: So…to what do I owe this pleasure?

Carter: Working for another company isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Lexie: Ah. So you’re here strictly on a professional level.

Carter: Maybe.

Lexie: I see. And what exactly are you hoping for? I mean you’re position’s already been filled.

Carter: That’s not surprising. Although if you were so sure I’d be back, why’d you give my job away?

Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Is Lexie really too ruthless, to make it work with Carter?

Lexie: You know me, I’ve always gotta be prepared, you know on the off chance I don’t get what I want.


Even so, Carter seems like a man in love…

Carter: See right there…. That’s it…that’s the reason why loving you is so damn hard!

Lexie: I can’t help that, Ok? It’s how I was raised. Besides if I were a man, no one would have an issue with me being strong and determined, and a little ruthless here and there. In fact they’d just worship me for grabbing life by the horns. It’s all sexist bull shit if you ask me.


Carter: Ok, can we not get all feminist right now? I love that you’re strong, that you’re determined…it’s what makes me fall for you every time. But the ruthless part that’s where I draw the line. I don’t mind loving you. When you give me something to love, it’s easy; it’s the easiest thing in the world… to love you. When you’re not working and you let your hair down and kick your feet up and drink a beer. When you wear those yoga pants you know I like. (he smiles at her) That’s who I fell in love with. I fell in love with you as a person, not your ego. And if you can tell me that she is still in there somewhere, then maybe we have a fighting chance.

Lexie: What about your wife?


She got what she wanted, he came back..Carter puts his heart on the line

Carter: She’s out of town, but that’s beside the point. I’m not talking about my wife right now. I’m talking about you and me. Forget everything else. Forget the pile of work on your desk you are itching to finish, forget the fact that your dad has been hammering you to maintain his criminal legacy, forget the burning feeling in the pit of your stomach that’s telling you to run out that door and away from this conversation. Forget that I am married. Forget all the bullshit that could stop us from being together. If this was a perfect world and I asked you to give this all up, and run away with me, would you?


Lexie pushes him away

Lexie: That’s asking a lot…


Carter: In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be…

Lexie: In a perfect world, the girl you love would still exist…. But look the hell around, we don’t live in a perfect world, in fact far from it. As for this world, being ruthless gets you far, being 12 steps ahead of your enemies gets you far… so this is me, take it or leave it.


Carter remembers Lexie’s Smile…

Carter: I refuse to believe that. I refuse to believe that I cheated on my loving wife with someone who can be so ruthless. Because I’ve seen you when you’re at your best, I’ve seen how beautiful you are when you actually smile. And I mean a genuine smile, not that fake ass bull shit you flaunt for your clients. That smile’s evil and condescending. No, I’m talking about the kind of smile you reserve just for me.


Lexie: I haven’t smiled like that in a long time.

Carter: Well, maybe you can start, maybe I can help.

Lexie: (dismisses his attempt) You said you refuse to believe you cheated on your loving wife, with someone like me… well a man, who can cheat at all, in any form, is a man who knows there’s something wrong, something missing. For you, I was just a little fire, a spark you needed in your life. Other than that…

Carter: I was making reference to only the ruthless side of you! And really, that’s what you choose to hear… out of everything I’ve been saying! Why are you doing  this? (he shakes his head) You know there’s more to this then just some spark!

Lexie: I just think its best we go our separate ways…

Carter: And you’ve completely changed your mind in less then two weeks? I mean I would think you’d be happy to have gotten your way. I’m here. I came back. I came back for you, not some stupid criminal job. I came back because I love you. You know love… as in a severe feeling of affection and in our specific case, attraction…

Lexie remembers it well…

Lexie: I think you should go.

Carter: So all of this between us, was what, a joke to you? Did you just say you loved me to make a fool of me? To get me to crawl back just so you could get a good laugh, just so you can once again prove your power over someone.

Lexie: I’m sorry it had to end this way. But I have my reasons.

Carter: Oh, you have your reasons! I am risking everything by being here. My Job, my marriage, my sanity, just because I actually believed there was something greater here. And your just gonna let me walk away…again.

Lexie: No… see the first time, you walked away all on your own… I told you to stay-

Lexie and Carter tell a lot with just a look...

Lexie and Carter tell a lot with just a look…

Carter: Exactly, you told me to stay, you didn’t ask me.

Lexie: Would it have mattered if I did?

(there’s a silent break and eye exchange between the two)Ryan Gosling in Drive

Lexie: Like I said I have my reasons.

Carter: What are you not telling me?

Lexie: Please just go.

Carter: Why are you doing this?

Lexie: Carter-

Carter: I know you, I know this wasn’t just a fling to you, you told me so yourself. Hell, you flat out told me to leave my wife! What changed between then and now?

tumblr_lvrxv9Q4341qiij99o1_500Lexie: Either you go, or I’ll have you removed, your choice.

Carter: Fine, but if you think this is over, you are seriously mistaken. Because I have a little ruthless in me too… ruthless you haven’t even seen yet.

-He exits-

She sits in her office, nervously staring at her phone.

Nobody Taught Us To Quit

She worries what the next phone call will bring...

Lexie worries what the next phone call will bring…

Phone Rings

Hello? ……Yes I have your money….but I need to know that the consequences have been removed. I need to know that once you get your money… that you will leave him alone. This isn’t his fight. Do we have a deal?


What is Lexie hiding from Carter?

She hangs up her phone.


Stay Tuned, until next Friday!

Chapter 3 is up next!


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