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10-Years-DVDHave you ever had that random moment where you are just bored, flipping through channels and you come across an interesting movie…maybe just a few minutes in, one that you’ve never seen before. And so you set yourself in for the moment and you become immersed in a new storyline, new characters, new love, new loss, and for that moment in time the possibilities are endless, because you just don’t know how it’s all going to end? This happens to me endlessly and I LOVE it!

Over the summer I caught “10 years,” it’s initial appeal… it’s endless cast list of stars. I saw

That's a serious cast list

That’s a serious cast list

Channing Tatum AND Jenna Dewan Tatum’s names and I was just like hmmm, well this may just be my kinda movie, lol. Meanwhile, I hadn’t even heard of it before, was it even advertised? It’s about a 10 year high school reunion, where friends gather and see how many people have changed and how they’ve succeeded or how they’ve stumbled along. As new comers are introduced as wives, husbands, future fiances, etc, we see the relationships evolve between the string of friends, and we see that high school was just a time of the past, with some fun (and some not so fun) memories.

The movie is light, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable. You don’t have to see their whole high school experience to indulge in who these friends were, and who they are now. The fact that they make references to the past throughout the film through reminiscing, and through a gallery of old photos, gives a decent depiction of their high school experience. There’s a sea of many; you have the prom king and queen (who missed the prom), the hot popular party girl, the not so geeky party girl’s lackeys, the pre-emptive frat boys, the wanna be black kid, the well known douche bag, the geeks, the small town boy turned hit musician, and the loner girl in her yellow designer shoes who thinks anyone barely remembers her.Downloads1_16

Throughout the film you realize these friends all have their individual relationships within this inner circle we call high school, we see some moved away, some got married, some had children, some are still grasping for greatness, some made it big, and some stayed close to home. But what stroke me most about this film was the love story within. There are several that I can peg, (Channing and the Mrs. are super cute in this film!) some that should belong in high school and some that should have or a least could have extended past the adolescent time. The love story I want to talk about is the inevitable chemistry between Elise and Reeves.


Hello Handsome ;)

Hello Handsome 😉

ten_years_welcome_homeWe first see Reeves when he meets up with his two old high school friends who have gotten married and had kids. He hitches a ride with them and here is where we find out Reeves is a musician. When his friend offers to play his cd during the car ride. Reeves denies the offer saying “c’mon I don’t wanna listen to that shit.” He mentions how he wasn’t even going to come. Meanwhile, he seems to take a liking to his friend’s kids as he jokes with them crammed in between two car seats. Yes what a rockstar! Did I mention he also took a cab, and is now hitching a ride with friends…you’d think he’d hirer a private town car or something? And this was just the start of my love affair for  the Reeves character.

Photo Op...

Photo Op…

Next we see the impact his arrival has on the reunion as fellow classmates ask for autographs and pictures. In one of the smallest moments, we instantly see Reeves’ whole reason for coming in the first place. When Elise walks in, after everyone has already taken their complimentary pictures and entered the party. Elise waltzes in and Reeves in thrown off his game as he sees her from above.

reeves sees elise

Elise walks in After the party is under way, Reeves then comes over to Elise and asks to take a seat alongside of her, the table of fans (I mean classmates) instantly agree, as Reeves hands Elise $3. Elise is confused, and Reeves responds that he owed her the money when she lent it to him all those years ago during  a physics class trip to the planetarium. She says thank you, but laughs because she doesn’t remember. Not long into their conversation, another fan comes along to pay compliments to Reeves’ hit song “Never Had” claiming it’s her favorite song ever. Reeves thanks her, but rushes off with 20169041Elise. He also boldly confesses that maybe you date who you’re  supposed to like in high school, not who you actually like, as he makes mention to how she had a boyfriend back in high school who moved to Austin, Elise is surprised he even remembered that.

Outside Elise and Reeves reminisce, they talk about where they are now in their lives. Elise mentions she has a boyfriend. We then see Reeves kick into a kind of subtle “jealous” mode where he tries to divulge some answers as to who this man is. But it’s done in a kind of sexy, joking, non evasive way, one in which Elise, seems like she wants to run from.  Here we learn that Elise has never heard Reeves’ song, that she only recently found out he was a rockstar. In which Reeves replies “I’m not a rockstar, I’m just a musician.” Which seems fitting since Elise seems to be the only one ntumblr_mia3tvM56P1qc1tplo7_250ot phased by his fame, even looking with him about possibly having several “baby mamas” due to fame, to which he laughs. Between that, and the fact that she is completely unaware of how he feels about her all these years, and how out of touch she is with his rock star status, makes her a genuinely likeable character. It makes for a greater dynamic.  Good 582643_411933082189145_545579681_nfor you Elise my girl, all nonchalant and then boom, she soon gets her shining moment… (you’ll understand what I’m talking about in a few paragraphs!). It’s clear that even in the small moments, these two have chemistry, it’s in the small glances, and the smirks and smiles. It’s in the way they are dancing around the fact that they came here for each other.

Later on back at the reunion party, Elise and Reeves are looking around at the gallery of photos displayed.  Elise pokes fun at an old picture of Reeves and his crew, and then makes10-years-oscar-isaacs-and-kate-mara_rgb mention to the fact that she doesn’t even feel like she went to this school. That there probably isn’t even one photo of her up there. Reeves says there has to be one, and he searches. He asks her why would she come to the reunion if she felt that way…she says “I don’t know” and he just looks at her. Then he finds a photo of her as she stands in the background in her bright yellow shoes. She instantly laughs at herself saying she forgot all about them, while Reeves says “I didn’t.” Elise goes on to admit  they were the only designer things she owned and she always wore them.

Elise's famous yellow shoes...

Elise’s famous yellow shoes…

Later on their attraction is followed to another location as the reunion gets moved to the gang’s high school hangout. Reeves’ friends tease him how it’s his only night home and they’ve barely seen him. One friend doesn’t even remember Elise, but Reeves quickly corrects him stating she was in their Physics class Junior Year. Which once again makes me love him more!  I mean after all this time he still remembers her!

As Reeves and Elise sit closely in a booth, an obnoxiously drunk friend hits to the karaoke machine, screaming to Reeves that his song is one of the choices. The crowd urges Reeves to sing. Elise agrees saying she’d love it if he’d sing his song. Reeves is a little hqdefaultreluctant, saying “You’re really gonna make me do this?” As she replies “Well I’m not gonna make you, but I would really love it.” He in turn says “You should have just lied and said that you heard it and that you liked it, cuz then I wouldn’t have to do this” As he chugs a drink and heads to the stage, the crowd of friends cheer. He jokes saying he’s never Karaoke’d himself before, and as he starts, he stops, saying that he needs to do this right. With a quick guitar loan from the bartender, we are driven into a beautiful heartfelt ballet, as Reeves sings of new found fame but also not forgetting the girl he never had, and how she made an impact on him. It isn’t quite clear who that girl is, until the famous lines…

Watch the scene HERE


“In this motel
Well passed midnight
When I’m bluer than a bruise
You come drifting in through the half light
In your funny yellow shoes
And I hope that’s you standing at my doorway
That’s the scratching of your key
And I hope this song I’m singing
Someday finds you…Where ever you may be”


And Elise realizes it’s about her. When Reeves comes to sit back down beside her she asks “So that’s your big hit song?” In which he replies “That’s my big hit song.” And she shockingly says “I didn’t know you remembered anything about me, let alone could write a song about me?” Reeves responds “Really?” It’s evident that these two meant more to each other then they’ve let on both in the past, and in the present. They discuss how back in high school they shared a fleeting moment in a parking lot, but Elise confesses how she got scared. When tension gets too high for her, she chooses to say she needs to go, in which causes Reeves to ask “Getting scared again?” To which she replies “Yes.” Reeves offers to walk her out.

tumblr_mia3tvM56P1qc1tplo8_250In yet another parking lot, Elise and Reeves talk. She asks him where he lives, to which he explains he doesn’t really live anywhere, he lives out of a suitcase. She asks how often he comes home, he says “Almost never.” From this point on we realize there isn’t much of a future for these two. But that didn’t stop me from rooting for them! She reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his cell phone, and gives him her number in case he’s ever back in town and wants to call her. He makes moves to kiss her, and she admits that it would probably be a bad idea, since he is never home. He replies “I’m here now,” and history repeats itself! Parking lot moment #2! Their story ends with them basically having sex in the back of a van, how romantic, LOL.

I loved this couple, because I felt like even through a short storyline there was so much depth. Or at least there could have been. They did a great job with the set up.  I felt like I didn’t have to see their past, to want to root for their future. But it did suck to see that they didn’t really get much of a future at all. Like I wanted more from them, from their storyline. Has that ever happened to you, where like you love a movie because you’ve fallen in love with a certain couple? Well it happens to me all the time, and I just felt like 2 hours was not long enough to tell their story. I mean if this guy has been holding onto her for this long, long enough for him to write a song about her, long enough for him to remember small encounters, and minor details, then why the hell would he just let her go? I mean they both came to the reunion looking for answers, looking for a second chance, looking for each other. And yet they’re ok with just having yet another fleeting moment and going about their regular business. For her I get it, I mean she never even knew how he felt, and he’s a rockstar, with a rockstar life, he’s never home! And I bet it’s probably like a whirlwind hearing that there is a song about you out there written by a guy you had a crush on in high school, and she’s got that boyfriend. But I mean what the hell is his excuse? I mean yea you’re a musician, and you say you’re not a rockstar, so… you can be a musician anywhere, fight for her! I just felt like this story lacked the big gesture, it’s like I’m sure his performance of the song and her realizing it’s about her was meant to be the big gesture, but if you ask me that was more like the big reveal; the climax. The big gesture would of been for him to actually stay. It isn’t up to her to make that decision, if he wanted her, he probably could have had her. Then again, he wouldn’t have written a kick ass song, so hey! lol.

Regardless of it all I love the movie. And I love the chemistry between these two characters. I just really enjoyed how their attraction for each other was shown through simplistic moments, and glances, and body language. That’s when you know someone’s a good actor when they can get an emotion across to the viewers through a slight glance. Oscar Isaac (Reeves) and Kate Mara (Elise) depicted their characters very well, they were really believable.  And I love how she wasn’t afraid to play the nervous, insecure side, and he wasn’t afraid to be a bit subtly seductive in his attempts. He was never disrespectful or overbearing, he was just perfect! But like I said, even though I loved their story, I only felt like it was just their foundation, their ending left much to be desired. See that’s the problem when you have those crazy big cast movies, where there’s so many storylines going on at once, they all manage to suffer at the expense of the other. I for one would have been completely fine, with a movie just about Elise and Reeves! Hey Jamie Linden….get on that! 😉

Elise & Reeves <3 #onlyinthemovies

Elise & Reeves ❤

Catch the Trailer for “10 YEARS” HERE

And listen to Reeves’ “Never Had” HERE

The full real version of the song  is linked above and places these lyrics

“In this motel
Well passed midnight
When I’m bluer than a bruise
You come drifting in through the half light
In your funny yellow shoes
And I hope that’s you standing at my doorway
That’s the scratching of your key
And I hope this song I’m singing
Someday finds you
My letter to Elise”

*Like what? why did they change the lyrics in the movie?…this was gorgeous! although the more stripped down version made total sense for the movie and the atmosphere in which the scene was set, and we all know acoustics make more of an emotional impact, but those lyrics were spot on! Or they may have just cut the song short :/

(in fact fun side note; Oscar Isaac (Reeves) is a real musician, and actually wrote that song himself, for the movie!)

So if you haven’t seen it already, and you’re into some drama, some comedy, some love, and some overly long crushing out…

give it a shot, like I said, it was an easy watch, and definitely worth a movie night!




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