Thanksgiving exists too ya know…


On the heels of Halloween there seems to be a fast forward straight to Christmas, stores all over and commercials on tv are already advertising…and poor Thanksgiving gets overshadowed BIG time. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but Thanksgiving has slowly crept up on me, and has really become a holiday I love.


It’s a day where I get to spend it with some amazing people, whom I love so much. AND I get to eat some of the most amazing food; a lot of it (and not feel bad about it). AND I get to maintain family traditions that have been around since I was a child. My family likes to wake up and watch either The Macy’s Day parade, or the old classic “March of the Wooden Soldiers,” which just so happens to be this creepy bizarre film about a big real life toyland that deals with it’s own interpretations of several fairytales.

My Thanksgiving fun musts


Ah the beautiful feast...

Ah the beautiful feast…

Contribute to the Thanksgiving Meal, if you  and your family are not hosting Thanksgiving yourself, then bring something where Pumpkin-Pieever you are going. It’s always in good taste to offer a helping hand. I’ve even been a part of the whole cooking process a few years, I’d go over and help my aunt cook. Granted I’m not a cook, but I would just do and make what she told  me to and how she told me to! haha. Hey it’s always good to have an extra set of hands. If you’re not a cook at all, then bring something store bought, it’s the thought that counts! In my family we eat in stages, there are the appetizer type foods, then the turkey and all that jazz for the main meal, and then tadaaaa dessert!!!! So there is always room for contribution. I haven’t decided what I want to make, but I’m more of a baking girl, so maybe I’ll bake something, OMG maybe I’ll bake a pie, I just feel like Thanksgiving is the time for pie! And I LOVE me some pie! Which to choose, which to choose??? And my mom always makes sweet potatoes, it’s basically just like the canned yams with marshmallows on top, and it is just THE BOMB! I seriously can’t wait for that, it’s not thanksgiving without mom’s sweet potatoes! Another fav of mine is these little appetizers my Aunt makes, it’s like celery filled with cream cheese and topped with a slice of a green olive, and you just cut them into little bite sizes, SO amazing, I could eat like 50 cause they’re so tiny! Those two things are a thanksgiving must for me!



As I’ve grown older it’s been more about sleeping, rather then waking up super early to watch the parade or “March of the Wooden Soldiers,” lol, but I do try my best to at least catch a glimpse here and there of both. This year I think I’ll lobby to wake up early, but we may be busy preparing anyway, so I may have to resort to a later showing via watching it on DVD, lol. As for the parade well it’s on for quite a while, so I’m sure I’ll catch that.



Bethany Mota's  Outfit Ideas

Bethany Mota’s
Outfit Ideas

Now when it comes to holidays I always like to get a little dressed up, you’re going to be seeing lots of people and enjoying a nice family gathering, so it’s nice to dress up. However, when it comes to my family, we usually end up traveling and let’s face it Thanksgiving is NOT the time to wear fitted clothing anyway! So keeping that in mind, find something that is both cute and comfortable. I actually just bought my outfit recently. I got this above the knee caramel colored corduroy skirt and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear it, so I think it would be perfect for Thanksgiving. And I plan to pair it with this sheer cream colored collared blouse with gold studs on the collar. I’ll also most likely wear some brown or cream colored tights and these brown short tie up snake skin boots I have. I would have loved to wear a big old fluffy sweater, I saw so many cute ones…but something tells me if I end up helping with the cooking, the kitchen may just sweat me out! lol.

Beauty guru Bethany Mota… gave some gorgeous ideas for your thanksgiving wardrobe, some more dressy, some more laid back; for those who may just be hanging home…really cute stuff! Check it out!


Make a list of all your blessings, to bring out the true meaning of the holiday ❤


I’m thankful for…

My life, that god gave me

My parents

My brother

My family

My goddaughter

My friends

All my other loved ones


Good Health for myself and my family

My religion and faith

My home

My upbringing

Food on the table and clothes on my back

My education

My abilities

The talents I’ve been blessed with, even though I’m still figuring them out for myself

water, air, oxygen


The little things in life


What are you thankful for?

And remember Christmas will come, it will have it’s time…

Let this month be about Thanksgiving

Let it have it’s time!


And if you guys are like me and tend to travel around during the holidays; for instance I just found out I’m splitting the holiday so half the day I’ll be with my dad’s side and the other half I’ll spend with my mom’s side! Here’s some incentive on how to cope with double the food haha….

Ahhh Gilmore Girls, the one with the 4 thanksgivings!

“Let’s go and eat, and eat and eat and eat” 😛

So friends… I know it’s a little early but…


Eat a lot of good food and enjoy!


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