Find Your Home


find your home post-it-note

I often sit and wonder

Am I just severely out of the loop

Are my interests simply less important then the rest

I may not know everything

I may be bad at geography

and even worse with directions

I may be sucky in math

And even worse in science

I may not even know my true place on earth yet

But I will find it

I like to write

But hate to read

And if you ask me to tell you my favorite author or writer

I’d probably say something like Eric Carl

I love Music

But barely listen to radio

And my love of lyrics will never fade

I studied film and video in college

And found my love leaned toward screenwriting and storytelling instead

I studied film and video in college

But haven’t even seen half of the movies I probably should

In fact some may say I have the worst taste in movies ever

And if you ask me to tell you my favorite director or screenwriter

I’d probably make something up

But it wouldn’t be the truth

It wouldn’t be what truly inspires me

Note to self…

I may not know where my place is yet

But I know I will find it

Note to self…

Don’t change for anyone

Note to self…

Don’t be shy

love what you love

There is a forum and a fan-base

for everything and everyone

you just have to find them…

find where you belong,

because once you do

it’ll always feel like home

So find your home

It’s waiting for you

You just might have to crawl through a few mazes

Climb a dozen ladders

And cross a few alligator lurking swamps to find it

But it’s there

And when you see it

When you see that door

Simply, knock on it


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Find your home.


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