Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 3 Part 3

Previously on Mysterious Attraction


**New Character Alert**

Kelly...The Wife

Kelly…The Wife

Reeves- The Mob Boss

Reeves- The Mob Boss

Lexie sits in the back seat of a private car service


Lexie’s Voice Over:

They never tell you what it’s going to be like. When I was a little girl, all I knew was I idolized my father. I thought he was so cool walking around in his fancy suits, giving those who worked for him just a look, and they’d be at his beck and call. He didn’t even have to say a word, they just did what he wanted. I always thought he was so powerful. It was a side of him that I was fascinated by, but a side of him that also made me fear him in a way I’d never feared him before. After all this was the same man who would give me cookies and milk when I’d come home school, who would tuck me in for bed but never before reading me my favorite bed time story, the same man who would be front row and center at every single one of my dance recitals cheering the loudest out of everyone. Growing up he was my hero. And because of this, I thought it best to follow in his footsteps and work for the family business. Back then, that’s all I knew of it. That we were a family and that you fight for the ones you love. But like I said before, they never tell you what it’s going to be like. And as I grew older, I began to see that same fearful side of my father in myself. The more and more I became invested in this so called business, the more I felt obligated to use my ability to instantly instill fear in someone. That’s when I knew I had to change it. And that change came in the face of one man. And although I may not be able to truly have him, I know that he’s worth fighting for, and so with everything in me I vow to protect him, and I vow to save her.All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7746822-1024-576

Lexie leans forward to the driver

Lexie: Remember if I’m not out in 15 minutes…

The driver nods, and Lexie takes a deep breathe before getting out of the car. She grabs her briefcase and holds her gun in front of her and walks slowly further around the back of the warehouse


Lexie peers around the corner and through the darkness sees a small window below as if it’s a basement window and through the 1174630_187583834758315_811786148_ndarkness she sees her tied to a chair, blindfolded.kelly blindfolded

Lexie’s Voice Over:

She isn’t how I pictured her, at all. Blonde, thin build, but very beautiful, and scared. The only thing I could see was Carter’s face. And in that moment I knew I wouldn’t be the one to tell him that his wife couldn’t be saved.

Lexie scans the perimeter. She peers through the window Carter’s wife seems to be alone at the moment.

Lexie puts her gun in her pants and reaches into her brief case; she removes a small blade looking object and a glass circular object. Placing the glass object against the window she traces it with the blade; allowing part of the window to pop out. Lexie reaches her hand in and unlocks the window, opening it all the way, she uses a nearby piece of wood to hold it open. She slowly and cautiously proceeds to make her way into the basement. Once her feet hit the crowd. Carter’s wife straightens up hearing the sound.

Lexie slowly walks over, making sure to keep hidden in the shadows, scanning the room once more.

Lexie approaches Kelly, covering her mouth with one hand, she removes her blindfold with the other.

Kelly fights it and then sees her20091230_JBerman_GHSneakPeek_463x300

???????????????????????????????????????Lexie: (whispers) Shhh, I’m here to help you. You’re Carter’s wife right?

Kelly nods her head

Lexie: Don’t worry ok, I’m gonna get you out of here.

She starts to untie her

Kelly: Who are you?

Lexie: (Smiling) Let’s just worry about getting you out of here first ok.

Lexie fully unties Kelly and the two make their way to the window.

Lexie: Listen to me, When you get up there, you’ll be at the back of the building, there’s a brief case on the floor with a gun in it, take it, and then walk a ways down the road, you’ll see a black car. Get in the back seat, and tell the driver to take you to the hotel.

7886_2725751Kelly: What hotel?

Lexie: Don’t worry he knows which hotel. Now go.

Kelly: What about you?

Lexie: I have some unfinished business here.

Kelly: I don’t understand…

Lexie: You shouldn’t, now go…gh-02-02-12-2

Kelly: Hey thanks uh…what’s you’re name?

Lexie: Lexie.

Kelly: Thank you Lexie, you saved my life.

Lexie: Don’t thank me yet, just go while you still can.Brooke-Davis-7x16-Screencap-brooke-davis-12935170-1280-720

Lexie gives her a boost and she makes it out of the window.

Lexie looks around the basement… she sees a door at the far end and makes her way to it.

Lexie slowly tests if it’s open, it’s not. She reaches into her jacket pocket and removes a lock picking tool. The door budges open as she makes her way through it quietly. Her gun poised in front of her.

Lexie scans her surroundings.

She makes her way up the nearest staircase quietly. At the top of the stairs she pauses by a door. She presses her ear up against it. She hears two voices.3x11

“But Sir, I thought you said that Ms. Lexie would have figured it out by now, we’re running out of time, the police may be onto us…”

“Give it just a while longer, my daughter’s very smart, she’ll put it together soon enough, and don’t you worry about the police… have I ever gotten caught before,” (small chuckle).

Lexie’s Voice Over:

Everything I’ve ever known, everything I’ve ever felt towards my father came crashing down, and I knew what my gut had been telling me all along, that my father had done this. My next move had to be smart. Because there are just some things a family can’t come back from.

Lexie knocks on the door slightly.

A guard opens the door, with a look of shock.

Lexie: I need to speak to my father.All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7747761-1024-576

Guard: Ms. Lexie?  (looks back at his boss.)

Reeves nods

Lexie storms in

Lexie: I’m glad I have your approval, you know to enter my own father’s office, (sitting across from him.)

GH_240x320_0Reeves: Princess, how good it is to see you. How’s everything going?

Lexie: Don’t even try it. I hear you’ve been expecting me, (glaring at him.)

Reeves: I understand you may be upset with me…

Lexie: How could you? After everything that happened here, how could you make me come here!

Reeves: The location was just a matter of convenience. It wasn’t the point I was trying to make. I wasn’t trying to hurt you, princess.

Lexie: And what was the point you were trying to make daddy? (that last word sounds like a curse and Reeves doubles back like he’s been hit)

Reeves: He isn’t for you.

Lexie: Oh my god! Are you kidding me? You went through all of this just to keep me away from Carter! Are you insane?

Reeves: You wouldn’t listen to reason so I had to dramatize things a bit.All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7747578-1024-576

Lexie: A bit? You kidnapped his wife!

Reeves: Kidnapped is a bit much…

Lexie: You held her against her will,  kept her in a dark basement, tied to a chair and blindfolded for over a week.

Reeves: Ok fine, but she was fed, allowed to use the bathroom, she was never hurt, never. The ropes and blindfold were just so she would quit trying to escape. We just needed to hold her long enough to lure you here. I knew Carter would come to you once he hadn’t heard from his beloved, dutiful wife. And I knew you’d wanna play the hero. And I knew he’d let you.

Lexie: (ignoring those hurtful words) You could have just called me. Jesus, I have been making myself sick over this! I didn’t know if this was you, or if this was Skully playing one of his sick games!

Reeves: I didn’t mean to make you scared, or worried. I just wanted you to listen. It was the only way I thought of to get you here and to maybe get through to you.

Lexie: Fine, well I’m here, so talk… (crossing her arms.)

Reeves: Carter isn’t the guy for you.

Lexie: So you’ve said…

Reeves: Not only is he married, which should be reason enough to stay away…but he’s also got quite an interesting history.

Lexie: (laughs sarcastically) You’re kidding me right? This all coming from a man who is just completely sin free.

Reeves: Lexie, please, look I know that I haven’t set the best example for you. But I am begging you don’t make the same mistakes I did, don’t let your heart cloud your reason. Because you’ll only end up hurting. Carter isn’t who you think he is.

Lexie: Wha- what does that even mean…We all have interesting histories. I mean really with our family background, we have no room to judge.

Reeves: No Lexie you don’t understand. Carter hasn’t been completely honest with you.

Lexie: What are you talking about?Maurice_Bernard_as_Sonny_Corinthos

Reeves: Lexie… Carter is Skully’s son.

Lexie’s face drops

hqdefaultLexie: Why would you say that?

Reeves: Princess…

Lexie: NO…you’re lying…

Reeves: Lexie…I wouldn’t lie to you about this.

Lexie: Yes…yes you would. Just like you lie about everything else. You lie dad, that’s what you do, and you just do it so that everything and everyone can be around to serve you, and do as you see fit. Well you know what, I’m done. (stands up angrily)

Reeves: Lexie, I’m just trying to protect you.

Lexie: Ok fine. Say you’re telling the truth. Then why the hell would you kidnap his wife! I mean are you fishing for a retaliation. Because I don’t know if you remember, but the last time we went to war with Skully it didn’t end too well.angry lexiesonny

Reeves: I understand Skully is a sensitive subject for you, for us. But I just thought if I orchestrated this whole thing, that maybe it’d scare some sense into Carter, and let him know to back off. Let him know that we’re onto his little schemes.

Lexie: So you think that he’s been infiltrating our business this whole time? You think that he’s been using me…

Reeves: I do, and I think that getting close to you was his way to keep Skully one step ahead of us.

Lexie: I don’t believe that, I can’t, it just doesn’t feel right.

Reeves: Here you are saving  the wife of the man you love… and he probably doesn’t even care that you’d risk your life just to make him happy.

Lexie: That’s not true. You don’t know Carter.

Reeves: Maybe you don’t either.

Lexie looks away about to cry

Reeves: Lexie, I’m trying to prevent you from getting your heart broken, or worse…You know what that family is capable of.

Lexie: Thanks for the heads up  (leaves the room slamming the door shut.)

She stalks past the guard and rushes out the front door.

As Lexie leaves the building she makes her way to the garage, walks over to one of the cars, leaning down she removes the keys from the tail pipe, opens the door and hopes in. She drives away. As she’s driving she dials Brice.

Will Lexie believe her father or will her feelings for Carter cloud her judgement?

Will Lexie believe her father or will her feelings for Carter cloud her judgement?

STAY TUNED!… As we start Chapter 4… Will Lexie confront Carter?

And how will Carter react to Lexie rescuing his wife?

Still to come, Much More on Lexie’s  past with Joe


Lexie & Joe

Lexie & Joe

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