It’s December Folks!


Happy December!….as the majority of the world knows December is a Christmas inspired month. And as I patiently waited for both Halloween AND Thanksgiving to pass, before starting on my Christmas cheer, now that December is here, the spirit is hitting me! And I am VERY excited! In fact, back when I was a kid, I would be playing Christmas music as early as October! Guess the fact that I was able to wait it out, means I’m growing up, (slowly but surely) haha 😉

So as I mentioned, one of my favorite things about the Christmas season, is the music. The first thing I did on the day after Thanksgiving was listen to my favorite Christmas album. And if you know me personally or have read this blog before you know that I am a SERIOUS Justin Timberlake fan, so what other Christmas CD do you expect me to play other than *NSYNC’s “Home for Christmas.”


I can pretty much listen  to the entire album without skipping a single song! But I will flag a few of my favorites for you! (and let me be honest I’m trying to pick my absolute favorites and I’m just ready to pick alllll of them, this is really hard!) But some of my favorites include, “Home for Christmas,” “All I Want Is You This Christmas,” “The First Noel,” “It’s Christmas,” and “Kiss Me At Midnight.” What I love most about this album is the fact that they didn’t just do the typical Christmas songs, there are some originals in there as well, which is fun! I also really love how the boys sound, their voices blend really well, and JC and Justin’s vocals really do stand out! And they were so young! Ahh boy bands, I swear the 90’s treated me right! 😀 See I always knew both *NSYNC and Justin were destined for greatness! But anyhow hopefully this will give you the incentive to listen to the whole album (link below, thanks YouTube!)

And for your viewing pleasure….

Oh C’mon don’t sit and act like you don’t wanna jam out to this!  P.S. Is it wrong that I still find Justin Timberlake incredibly attractive with his 15 year old baby face and frosted bleach blonde curls! hahaha 😉

Enjoy the Season, it comes and goes far too fast!



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