Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 4

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…


MEANWHILE…on the road…

Kelly: Um excuse me but are we almost at this hotel?6a00d83451b72b69e201116893afbf970c-pi

Driver: Yes ma’am, just about a few minutes away.

Kelly: Um would you happen to have a phone that I could use?

Driver: Sure do ma’am  (hands her a cell phone)

Kelly dials Carter’s number

Carter is sitting in a car trying to hot wire it, looking back to see if Joe and Brice have caught up.

Carter gets the car startedRyan-Gosling-as-Driver

Carter: Yes! (pulls out and starts driving,  his phone begins to ring, pulls it out)… Lexie?

Kelly: …Carter?

Carter: Kelly?

Kelly: Yea!

Carter: Kelly, oh my god, are you ok? Where are you?

Kelly: I’m ok, I’m in a black car service. I’m on my way to some hotel…Your friend Lexie found me, she told me to have the driver take me to a hotel.

Carter stops his car and sighs

Kelly: Baby?

Carter: Yes I’m here.

Kelly: Where are you?

Carter: …Kelly are you in New York?

Kelly: Yea I never made it to Chicago, I was on my way to the airport and then I got this email saying to meet at a warehouse in New York instead. I thought it was a bit odd that they’d change locations so late, so I was all set to blow it off, when two big guys came out of nowhere and grabbed me and put me in the back of some huge van!

Carter: Jesus Christ! Kelly… Are you ok?

Kelly: Yes.6a00d83451b72b69e201116893afbf970c-pi

Carter: Did they hurt you?

Kelly: No.

Carter: Kelly don’t lie to me!

Kelly: Carter I’m not, they didn’t hurt me, I swear.

Carter: (exhales) Thank god, well the driver’s taking you to me. I’m outside the hotel. I’ll see you soon.

Kelly: Ok. Carter?

lack-of-driving-in-ryan-gosling-starring-driv-L-bKm48kCarter: Yea…

Kelly: I love you.

Carter covers his face in shame

Carter: I love you too. So much.

Meanwhile…CUT TO-

If Tomorrow Never ComesBrice: Hello boss?

Lexie: Carter’s wife is on her way to you. How’s everything going?

Brice: We kind of lost him.

Will Lexie believe her father or will her feelings for Carter cloud her judgement?Lexie: You what?

Brice: Joe and Carter got into it, and when I turned my back to try and talk some sense into Joe… well Carter took off.

Lexie: Find him.

Brice: Already on it boss. (hanging up with Lexie, stops in relief seeing Carter step out of the car.)

Brice: Dude, really?

Carter: I’m sorry but I couldn’t just sit there. I had to at least try.

wilson-bethel-and-scott-porterJoe: Well you didn’t get very far.

Carter: I would have, if I didn’t get the call that my wife was already on her way here.

Brice: Yes, and so is Ms. Lexie (gives Carter a look of concern)

Joe: (smiling sarcastically) Ahh the tangled web.

Brice: That’s enough Joe… Look I know Ms. Lexie is going to want to see with her own eyes that you are ok, but you having your wife around… it’s going to be awkward…

Carter: I’ll deal with it, don’t worry.

A black car pulls up and Kelly rushes out

She runs into Carter’s armsdante-lulu-hug

He hugs her tightly

Carter: Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re ok.

Kelly hugs him back tightly

Carter looks at her

Carter: You sure you’re ok?

Kelly nods

Kelly: Yea I’m ok (smiles)

Carter: Where were you? Who took you? (cups her face)

Another car passes by

Lexie sits in the back seat, watching the reunion


The driver begins to slow down

Lexie: Keep driving, and go around back.

Kelly: I don’t know. Alls I know is your friend- Lexie, Was it? She saved my life.

Joe: How about that. (smiles) Dean-dean-winchester-33251099-499-281

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchCarter glares at him

Carter: So these people did they hurt you?

Kelly: No, I told you Carter, they never hurt me, (strokes his face lovingly). It actually felt more like I was a pawn. I don’t know… but I feel horrible I left your friend there, but she kept telling me to go. She said that she had some unfinished business with whoever took me.

Carter: Yea Lexie’s got a complicated life.

Joe: I’ll say.

Carter: Can you just shut up…this doesn’t concern you.

Joe smiles and holds his hands up in mock surrender

Brice’s Phone rings

Brice: Hello?

Lexie: I’m here. Report to my office please, we need to discuss a few things.

Brice: Mr. Carter and his wife are still here boss, am I to bring them up as well.

Carter glances over at him

Lexie: No, Just have one of the driver’s take them home.tumblr_me6nebgABc1rb0pjco1_500

Brice: Ok, you got it boss… (hangs up) The boss says you are welcome to take one of the cars home.

Kelly: I’m so confused who are you?5f242edfc194fb5212afd5cb5f7b4a4d

Brice: The name’s Brice ma’am. (holds his hand out to her)

Kelly shakes it

Carter: Brice and I work together

Joe leans against the building watchingjensen-as-dean-winchester-jensen-ackles-2054149-1280-720

Kelly: And he is?

Carter: You don’t need to know him, we’re not friends.

Kelly: Ok, well then…. So who’s your boss…

Brice: Why Ms. Lexie is…

Kelly: Lexie is here?

Brice: Yes.

Kelly: Oh my god, Carter… Lexie is your boss, how have I never known this. Why haven’t you ever told me?

Carter: She’s a pretty private person, (shrugs, trying to dodge any questions about Lexie).

Kelly: Well, I have to go and see her, she saved my life…

Carter: No baby… we’ll handle that another day ok, you’ve had a really crazy week; you should just go home and rest…

Kelly: Ok, well then maybe tomorrow?

Carter: Maybe.

Carter turns to Brice

Carter: Thanks for everything man. (Brice nods and waves to Kelly.)

Carter opens the car door for Kelly and they both get in and drive off

Carter’s eyes linger toward Lexie’s office window, and Kelly cuddles into him

Brice and Joe turn and walk toward the entrance to the office building

Joe: (laughing) This is going to blow up in his face so bad, and I can’t wait to watch.

Brice: You do realize that Ms. Lexie’s in love with him right?

Joe just stares at him

Brice: I mean you wishing for this thing to blow up, means her getting her heart ripped out. For a guy who claims to love her, you’d think you’d want to wish her happiness.

Joe: He’s married. That’s a fact. She can never be happy with him.

Brice: I don’t know…I wouldn’t rule Mr. Carter out just yet.

Joe: What? Is that the reaction of a guy that looks like he’s leaving his wife… did you see him hug her…

Brice: Yea, but I also saw how worried he was about Ms. Lexie…You know it isn’t impossible that he may just leave his wife for her. I mean not every guy is stupid enough to let Ms. Lexie go. (walks away and into the building entrance)

Joe stares after him, his expression one of pure guilt



Lexie sits in her office. She is looking at a photo of Carter on her cell phone


Lexie has a flashback of her and Carter…

Lexie’s Flashback…

Lexie watches Carter from afar…realizing she’s falling in love

An unknowing Carter sits quietly awaiting her return

Lexie’s Voice Over:

I remember that night. It was early on in our arrangement if that’s what you’d call it. It sure as hell isn’t a relationship, even though I know that’s secretly what I’ve always wanted it to be, what I’ve always thought of it as. I remember it was the first night we actually had a meaningful conversation, and it wasn’t just about the sex, or the attraction. But there was actually substance to he and I. We talked about our families and our likes and dislikes, it was really sweet. It was one of those moments that I treasured, but it was fleeting because I knew that we couldn’t go anywhere. I remember getting up to use the bathroom and thinking that I actually missed him. Just a few feet away, a room away, and I missed him. What sense did that even make? And then I realized it, the thing I had been avoiding from the first moment we were together…I was falling in love with him. And it was something that scared me and made me feel safe at the same time. I thought I had known love before, but this was just different. And it was a feeling that I really wanted to hold onto, for the rest of my life. So on my way back from the bathroom, I took a moment to myself, and I just watched him, and I remember just involuntarily reaching for my phone and snapping the picture. As if I wanted a token of the moment I knew I had fallen in love with Carter. He never knew I took it. And when I came back to the room, I just acted like everything was fine and we just parted ways, while he left me to head home to his wife.


The memory has Lexie crumbling…will she be strong enough to stand up to Carter…

Lexie wipes away a small tear, she scrolls to the left of her phone gallery and a picture of her and Joe pops up.  Lexie presses delete and the image dissolves.tumblr_lyh9iwYhpd1ro2ypeo5_400Lexie sighs and then A knock is heard…

Who’s at the door?

Lexie seems to be feeling a lot emotionally…betrayed by the man she loves…


The Carter/Lexie face-off  is coming up!

Happy Weekend!

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